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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Chuck Todd Challenged Congressman Jeffries; What Happened With Brokaw?

Yesterday one of MSNBC's resident conservatives and his production team hosted a segment replete with what some thought would be a balanced discussion of politics. As is the case with all things conservative, the segment ended with a dud comment from a Paleozoic Era NBC Nightly News host. A host who really should relegate himself to the role of a quiet conservative. Before we comment on Tom Brokaw's comments, let's digress some to make a point about Todd's production and the reality of a conservative show host flapping around like a fish out of water seeking to support Trump.

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries D-NY. last week
“These are challenging times in the United States of America — we have a hater in the White House, a birther in chief, the grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” Jeffries said at an event hosted by the National Action Network in Harlem. “One of the things that we’ve learned is that while Jim Crow may be dead, he still got some nieces and nephews that are alive and well.”
As we consider the United States since July 2015, it is impossible to avoid recognition of significant changes in national leadership. Leadership which reaches to the very top of federal governance: The 45th US President. In addition, to an overwhelming increase in nation's spending, as the Trump economy added $2 Trillion to the US deficit since January 2009, social regression in many forms has reached back to the days of the 1940s.

We are writing about matters related to Trump.

In the late summer of 2017, white supremacists and Jew-hating white men (and some women) held a well-planned protest against the removal of a confederates general statute in Charleston, SC. 

After the dust settled Trump and his staff worked to clean up his support for the white supremacists via perfunctory remarks which made little to no sense.  A year later Trump was reported to have stated his efforts to minimize his support for "both sides" was a  mistake. According to Bob Woodward via his book, Trump privately stated he regretted the efforts to clean up his "both sides" comments.

Let's visit a bit of data regarding growing racist hatred since Trump took office. Growth which he has yet to directly challenge. 
Image result for hate crime since trump  Image result for hate crime since trump

Related image

And, not a word of caution or condemnation from Trump. How could or why would Trump condemn when he has a current and past history of close association with the likes of:

Image result for trump inner circle white supremacists

And of course, you recall Trump was the leading messaging regarding the racist attacks on Barack Obama's citizenship as the 44th US President. 

Lets now play around with a related loose syllogism.

  • Major premise: All men are mortal. Minor premise: Socrates is a man. Conclusion: Socrates is mortal. (This is an example of Aristotle's famous "Barbara" syllogism.)
  • Major premise: Plants need to carbon dioxide to live. Minor premise: The oak tree is a plant. Conclusion: The oak tree needs carbon dioxide to live.
Image result for syllogism examples

Major premise: Whites supremacists and anti-Semites are major Trump supporters.
Minor premise: The Ku Klux Klan and US Nazis are white supremacists.
Conclusion: Trump is a favored leader of white supremacists and anti-Semites. 

US leaders of white supremacists and anti-Semites have for more than a century followed leaders who were referred to as "grand dragons."

Why would MSNBC's Chuck Todd join at least one CNN host in challenge Representative Jeffries use of an apropos metaphor regarding t/rump?  Why would Todd use the word "apology" when we have a man in the White House who has delivered the most heinous and disgusting attacks on fellow Americans?

The simple answer is the false belief that an occupant of the White House is due an artificial level of respect even when the occupant has proven to regard no one outside of his family with even an iota of respect. 

Even though what follows took place at the end of the Sunday Show, It seems Todd hasn't issued a comment about Tom Brokaw's foray into the ugly fissures of racism.

No matter Brokaw's intent, one's inner core values tend to eventually ooze to the surface. I offer such is especially true when given a platform such as Todd's Meet The Press. And especially when you have another well known Trump supporter sitting across the table in the form of MSNBC's Hugh Hewitt.

Do you recall Todd's remarks to an Ohio state official regarding the official's right to seek voter ID laws in his state? Only a conservative show host and ideologue would go there. Todd went there.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bob Woodard Gambles Legacy on Political Paradigm and A Lie

Bob Woodward
Getty Images 
Bob Woodward must have illusions of his days unearthing the goods on Richard Nixon's C.R.E.E.P. Team (Committee to Re-Elect The President) and the Watergate Building break-in.  He must have slept through  a period of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and its associated dream state with images of "Deep Throat."

WIKI NOTE: (for the young readers, the current event uninformed, Fox News viewers and  to maintain civility in my comments section) 
Mark Felt
Deep Throat is the pseudonym given to the secret informant who provided information to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of The Washington Post in 1972 about the involvement of United States President Richard Nixon's administration in what came to be known as the Watergate scandal. 
 No, Bob Woodward  there is no "Deepthroat" chain-smoking and whispering hints pointing to the White House. Your time in the lime-limelight and what you have done this week is comparable to a tired and worn-out Ted Nugent. Woodward's contempt of the president and all things Obama is obvious in his choice of words (of which he is a master of wordsmith) and manifest in his actions.  Woodward's days of the following image are days far gone without prospect of return. 

Watergate personnel diagram created by Woodward and Bernstein's research assistant Al Kamen
Watergate personnel diagram created by Woodward and Bernstein's research assistant Al Kamen, 1974. (Image,
Bob Woodward has literary and language acumen well beyond most people and he is linguistically capable well beyond most misinterpretation.  His motives were clear.  He was clearly practicing subterfuge, he was surreptitious and self-serving.  Let's not forget Woodward's sudden insertion on every imaginable televised news show since he spoke his lie. During one appearance he actually pulled an Andrew Breitbart and read of parts of the email STRING, that best fit his ploy.

His motive? Woodward's motive is clearly about money and exposure.  If he was able to pull it off he would have cause to pin yet another book.  He would literally have a Dinesh D'Souza like opportunity to make money.  The man is obviously a conservative and he is using his celebrity and his paradigm just as does other conservative money-grabbers.

The Atlantic Wire published a piece and a video of Woodward just before his ploy. The shell of a once credible and award winning journalist actually mentions Ronald Reagan the day after a Reagan appointee to the SCOTUS said "....the Voting Rights Act is a form of perpetuation of racial entitlements".   He mentioned George w. Bush; proof of a recent life spent in a dream state of unimaginable false reality.  He mentioned Clinton with utter ineffectiveness.

Watch the short video...

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