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Monday, March 16, 2015

A Quick Traipse Through GOPism.....

Boehner's rhetoric: unfounded and delivers an image of his lack of 'cred.'

Boehner delivers yet another 2016 strategy against Hillary Clinton.  

Cruz pulls typical Cruz family rhetorical and scares a child. One should wonder, however, why a parent would bring a child to any hard-core political townhall. GOP fear at work.....

A smorgasbord of US GOPism from The Blue Book


Sunday, January 25, 2015

60 Minutes Gives McConnell And Boehner a "Soft" Stage (Didn't Work Too Well)

The charade goes prime time. 

60 Minutes offered GOP Congressional leadership and opportunity to "shine" in the glory of last November's election wins.  They not only did not shine, they sat and spewed talking points ("patient centered medical care"; "ObamaCare costing jobs.") like Polly wanting a cracker while failing to thoroughly answer  question.

Watch as the two answer a direct questions from Scott Pelley related to GOP designs on repealing ObamaCare.

How about an alternative to ObamaCare since 20 plus million have received some form of benefit one way or another?

Whats your alternative? (Now Scott why did you ask that questions?)

The bottomline is...The Kochs are not supporters of the ACA, BIG Insurance and Big Pharma are not supporters and the GOP does not give damn about the millions who derive benefit from the law. Thus, the dark money is on the side of no ACA and that is an impetus to waste millions upon millions fighting a law that is working its way into all fabrics of our nation. Yet, the GOP Paleozoic dinosaurs continue to fight the inevitable.

The culmination of an interview from hell. "We have done everything we can to help this nation!" Really? How about wasting $86 million on repelling Oabamcare. How about a federal government shutdown that handed the national a $28 billion hit to GDP? How about a lowered credit rating via Stand & Poor's with Boehner stating on camera, he got 90% of what he wanted. How about not allowing a jobs bill vote over the full course of the Obama presidency? How about refusal to consider increasing the aluminum wage to benefit minority employees, women employees and older Americans who work to supplement federal aid programs?

Seriously how about this....The Daily Kos November 25, 2013.

The Caucus Room Plot
Newt Gingrich, "You will remember this will remember this day the seeds of 2012 were sown."
......on inauguration night, 2009, during a four hour, "invitation only" meeting with GOP Hate-Propaganda Minister, Frank Luntz, the below listed Senior GOP Law Writers literally plotted to sabotage, undermine and destroy America's Economy.

 FACT 2:Draper wrote the guest list included:
The Guest List:
Frank Luntz - GOP Minister of Propaganda
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),
Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX),
Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX),
Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)

Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA),
Sen. Jim DeMint (SC-R),
Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ-R),
Sen. Tom Coburn (OK-R),
Sen. John Ensign (NV-R) and
Sen. Bob Corker (TN-R).
Non-lawmakers present Newt Gingrich - Failed GOP candidate for President

CBA provided a 13:37 segment of teh broadcast. You may find it interesting. I personal found it a sham and Pelley was nothing shy of "soft" on the Republican congressional leaders.

All said, progressive American and the Democrats are singularly responsible for the 114th Congress. Milennials are reported to have voted at the meager leve of 13%, African-Americans stayed home and Latinos literally boycotted the vote. Democrats who convinced Obama to avoid addressing immigration until after the election doomed the nation to a 114th Congress bursting at the seams with elected official who are beholden to constituents with deep pockets, not the voters.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A GOP Sojourn You Should Consider! "VOTE BLUE in 2014"

Embedded image permalink

As we move through the early parts of the week, how about gamut run through American conservatism and GOPism. Time actually does not permit much beyond working to inform people of the dangers of returning the US to the GOP. So, I am going traipse through a few areas of GOP governance that can be called nothing shy of pathetic and ridiculous.

We have critical mid-term election a few weeks, and we have a nation killing general election in 2016. The rational person should be energized to avoid a past upon which the Republicans simply do not wish to reflect.  Yet, it is a safe bet the GOP will garner from 47 to 54 percent of the vote.  A safe bet despite all past data indicating that pathetic extent of GOP federal governance. 

Any reflective journey of the GOP must include recent GOP Senatorial actions to block a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act.  Yes, let's revisit the gender pay gap. 
The pay gap has lessened, but in reality there should be no pay gap. Can you imagine a world with men universally earning less than women? Now let's add a condiment to that picture. Men earning less with full support from the American congress and top corporate executives (Boards of Directors and corporate shareholders)! Before we move to another area of GOPism and unbelievable voter support across geographic regions, let's think a little deeper. Not only do the aforementioned power brokers members of congress and corporate elitist have history of supporting pay inequality, you and I play a key role.  How many years has the disparity between pay to men and women for the same or similar jobs been an issue?

From income disparity as a non-issue for the GOP, to the overwhelming pathetic state of Red state voters. People who vote GOP as a matter of paradigm as sure as they yell "USA, USA, USA" with any push back on GOP dogma. 

After the following brief Twitter embeds, take a look at a Huff Post piece with nine (9) maps that should cause voter consternation in the GOP heartland or should I say GOP 'homeland.' 

First off, poverty rates are a lot higher in the South.
poverty map
Source: USDA
In fact, as many as one in four Southern kids lives in poverty, compared to the national average of one in five.
And minimum wages are much lower.
minimum wage
This map shows how much money the 19 states that rejected Medicaid expansion will lose by 2022 as a result of doing so (assuming all other states participate).
This is particularly troubling because the South has several health crises on its hands. Like obesity.
Source: CDC

The existential influence of the GOP Southern Strategy has literally led to a veritable Stockholm Syndrome among Red State voters.

Now, let's take a stroll through GOP elected official corruption. Yes of course, Former Illinois Governor a Rod Blagojevich and former Illinois Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. are serving sentences in the federal prisons system. But, the amount and scope of GOP corruption as as many fissures as a Merkat colony tunnel system. While former Virginia Governor Bob MacDonald currently wears the GOP King of Corruption crown, others in his party share the court as if competing for the thrown vacated by MacDonald.  

One such example.....

Post by Americans United Against T-Bagging John Birch Society Shit Talkers.
Let's detour for a few minutes to the utter ridiculous!
Would you like to see a Texas Republican who is noted for his anti-Obama Derangement and following the GOP 2013 Summer Recess "Impeachment em"Town hall mantra? Check this guy out. Also not one of the ladies is a minor!

A party leaders disparages the unemployed, yet he did nothing over the past six years to assist people who may have lost jobs due to his parties economic malfeasance.

by Occupy Democrats.

Be afraid of the GOP! If you feel your vote in November has no value or if you have benefited from the Affordable Care Act, be afraid. From, the 6:04 minute mark to the end of the segment, Paul Ryan clearly declares doom for the ACA. His comments translates to your healthcare future should the GOP win a majority in 2016. He mentions "fundamentally flawed," he mentioned "patient centered" and he mentions "taxes." He never mentioned care for those who did not have care or those who required additional benefits for life saving medical benefits. He does not mention rebates based on insured premiums. He cares nothing about 24 million Americans who have in some way benefited from the law.

Ryan knows the dated information (below) related to healthcare CEO compensation.

The 2011 figures seem exorbitant, but there is more. My experience in corporate compensation and salary administration reminds me, CEO pay at the levels shown in the image hit company profit and lost statements along with aggregate top management team compensation. How can a political party so obviously run interference for such opulently compensated corporate elitist while turning their backs on people how need medical and dental care? Let's look from another perspective.

While the ACA legislates primarily in the realm of insurance coverage, take a look at an image related to compensation for four top St. Louis area hospital system CEOs. It is important to remind readers, St. Louis is not a Major metro area on a comparative basis.
One medium to small US Metro area!
What happened to the prospect of medical care serving for the good of the people?

Paul Ryan makes it clear the GOP will return to healthcare pre-2010.

Let there be little doubt, any sojourn through the GOP should send the rational person running to "VOTE BLUE."

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Twitter Tree! And A Facebook Bush to Boot

Paul Ryan couldn't run like Rand Paul, he simply ordered the DREAMers dispatched away.  How pathetic is the GOP?
Unarmed black male the victim of his DNA. Fox says he was armed "Cause he was big!" (Colloquial language very much intentional). 
Well, it seems the killer Ferguson cop has a bit of a history in a police department that was disbanded and revamped based on major racial profiling and abuse of black citizens. 
Oh, Fox News...Give it up! 

Trash is trash! I pay to have my trash removed form my property. Maybe someone should pay this guy to exit right.   
Apology not accepted, New York Times
OK, $84.6 million on frivolous repeal ACA votes, $24 billion wasted on the Ted Cruz US Senate government shutdown, and now $350,000 of a silly lawsuit.  when it is all bundled even ATT and Charter Cable would call it an "Obstruction Package." 
They open carry while a young black man is shot and killed in a Walmart while on a cell phone and holding a pellet rifle.

And to close the Tree..a Facebook post of pure psychosis and personal branding.

According to PSYCHOTIC Klayman, the administration is deliberately fomenting and ignoring “racially motivated crimes against whites,” while using Obamacare to “have whitey pay reparations to blacks.” -

Unhinged right-wing legal advocate Larry Klayman believes that President Obama and Attorney...


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Boehner Fills His Website With Lies About Loss of Jobs and Electric Bill Increases

We may as well get ready for outright lies from the Right. A President steps forward with the courage to the the right thing regarding the environment and the corporatist recoil to strike with lies.
The Truth-O-Meter Says:

Boehner says Obama's climate change policies will kill 224,000 jobs and surge electric bills by $17 billion every year

President Barack Obama’s administration unveiled tough new regulations on existing power plants that seek to significantly curb carbon emissions in the coming decades.
Moments after the proposal was released, it was widely panned by Republicans, who called it a continuation of Obama’s so-called "War on Coal" and said it would kill jobs, raise electric prices and hurt the economy.
On his website, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, put it in more direct terms: "The president’s plan would indeed cause a surge in electricity bills — costs stand to go up $17 billion every year.  But it would also shut down plants and potentially put an average of 224,000 more people out of work every year."
The details of Obama’s plan are extensive — the proposal is 645 pages long. So how did Republicans come up with such exact (and damning) figures so quickly after the proposal was released?
The estimates actually come from a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study that was released in late May. We took a look at it last week, and noted it made several assumptions about the June 2 proposal. We warned that the findings of the study would be relatively unusable if those predictions did not come to light.
And that’s what happened.
The Environmental Protection Agency announced a goal of reducing carbon emissions 30 percent (based on 2005 levels) by 2030. This is achieved in part by creating carbon caps for each state and providing options for them to reach their targets, including regional "cap and trade" networks, investing in renewable energy and smart grid technology, and eventually phasing out many existing coal plants.
But the chamber study that Boehner and other Republicans cite assumed that the Obama administration would want to decrease carbon emissions by 42 percent — not 30 percent — before 2030 (a number Obama first suggested in 2009 during the Copenhagen international climate change talks). When it comes to the pace for reducing CO2 levels, this is a significant difference.
This is a point even the chamber made to PolitiFact now that Obama’s regulations have been released.
"We were never saying those were the numbers for any scenario other than the ones that we put forward," said Matt Letourneau, spokesman for the Institute for 21st Century Energy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. "Now that we have a different benchmark, we’re taking a look at the rule and the analysis and the model and we’ll see what we can do (to update the study)."
Why don’t the numbers work? By assuming a much more difficult goal, the chamber also predicted that by 2022, the EPA (under a different president) will have to change course to meet the 42 percent threshold. The only means to accomplish this, the chamber concluded, was to force new natural gas plants to use carbon capture and storage technology. In September, the EPA said new natural gas plants would not need to include carbon capture in their facilities.
A large chunk of the chamber’s estimated costs of the carbon rules comes from the assumption that new natural gas plants will require carbon capture technology, which they say is 50 percent more expensive to build and also more expensive to operate. Therefore, their assumption that power companies face $478 billion in compliance costs — $339 billion from construction — is likely overblown.
Letourneau and Boehner’s office both noted media reports that said the 30 percent threshold could be increased before the final regulations are approved. (Of course, it could also be lowered, too.) There will be a 120-day public comment period before the EPA releases its final draft.
There are other criticisms of the chamber study. For example, it did not factor in the cost of no action, which the EPA said is significant.
The debate over the cost of these regulations will continue, and we do not dismiss offhand the idea that new regulations on existing power plants have an economic cost. For its part, the EPA says that the new rules will save consumers money on their electric bills and will spur economic growth that will surpass the expense.
But even if the regulations do have an economic cost, it’s misleading to quote estimates from a study that wrongly assumed a key piece of the EPA’s proposal.
Our ruling
Boehner said the EPA’s plan to regulate carbon emissions in existing power plants will increase electric bills by "$17 billion every year" and "potentially put an average of 224,000 more people out of work every year." Those numbers are based on a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study that came out before the EPA announced the regulations on existing power plants.
That study wrongly assumed the administration would set a benchmark of reducing carbon emissions by 42 percent before 2030. The regulations released June 2 actually put forward a 30 percent reduction within that timeframe. The chamber itself told PolitiFact its estimates are not based on the goals as announced.
But despite these serious flaws, Boehner used the numbers anyway. We rate his statement False.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Lock Step GOP, Pursues Flatulence While Fundraising!


Fifty six seconds .....

I often write about GOP "lock-step."  A common refrain related to solidarity across the GOP: "If Obama came-out in favor of a preserving life for eternity, members of the GOP would summarily commit Seppuku (AKA, "harry carrey").

Lock-step for any adult is an indication of forced or assumed behavior as it is beyond behavior learned in grade schools and in the military. Behavior in lower grade levels and the military served a purpose and for similar reasons. Post-Kindergarten children are expected to learn orderly behavior and often those lessons involve unison behavior. As a trainee in military basic training young recruits are forced into lock-step unison behavior for basically the same purpose: to acclimate to behavior focused on the good of the unit vs. the benefit to the individual. It is not a natural state as the human mind is constructed without common nukes and crannies that lead to natural "lock-step" behavior.

It is an interesting and hypocritical dichotomy to observe GOP members of Congress practice "lock-step" behavior. Isn't anti-collectivism a basic paradigm of libertarian rooted conservatism? Haven't we grown to know the GOP and conservative America as a movement and ideology with common aversion to all things even remotely resembling collective thought and associated behavior? Individualism is their alleged core belief and paradigm mantra; until it is time for lock-step behavior. Lock-step I posit is ordered by uber wealthy money-brokers.

Read more after break below


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi

Yes, you have seen those memes before, correct? Do they have any impact on your perception of the GOP and (some in) conservative America's dogmatic pursuit of an American tragedy: the September 11, 2012 attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The attack and its aftermath have become a literal "rebel yell" for the GOP, right-wing media and people who visit webpages and leave "troll poop."

The recent release of a White House email from White House staffer, Ben Rhodes, has provided a life-line for the GOP and their hopes to dissuade Hillary Clinton from seeking the democratic nomination in 2016.  The GOP has lost its $86 million dollar Boehner, Cantor, Tea Party, Koch brothers, campaign to repeal that Affordable Care Act. The so-called IRS scandal is not yielding election winning dynamics or impetus for the GOP. Leave it to the White House to blunder in releasing communication regarding efforts to manage Susan Rice's appearances on a serious of Sunday Morning news shows. A White House mistake, granted; a serious abuse of power cover-up, not at all.

"Benghazi" has the GOP as excited about the prospect of harming the Obama Administration and the leveling a mortal political wound to the former Secretary of State. A few days ago we also found some in the GOP have even less scruples than, we previously thought. The NRCC has offered a side of the GOP one can only compare to the well know fabled, "The Scorpion and the Frog."  The NRCC is using the Boehner Benghzai hearings for fundraising. 

If you are one who follows the GOP and its various surreptitious strategies for campaign solicitation and campaigns strategy, you may have run across this earlier in the week.

“You Can Become a Benghazi Watchdog Right Now.”

After you complete the form and hit submit, you are taken here.

Intriguing and as we think of the former Ambassador Stevens and three CIA employees, beyond shame even for the GOP.

When asked to comment on the NRCC fundraising off the spirits of people who gave their lives for the United States, Boehner effectively "took the fifth." Boehner not only evaded the question, he used the families of those lost in Benghazi as cloaking cover for his "lock-step," support the NRCC's crass recruiting efforts. Boehner is third in ascendancy to the US Presidency!

Former campaign manger and White House staffer, David Plouffe, tweeted. 
ACA working. Benghazi! Running a surplus. Benghazi! Unemp down to 6.3. Benghazi! Planet threatened. Benghazi! NFL Draft. Benghazi!
Plouffe's tweet sums-up the 2014 - 2016 GOP in a fish bowl. Boehner's choice to serve as chair of the GOP "Benghazi" Committee is South Carolina Republican Representative Trey Godwy, former prosecutor and tea party member of the House. As the congressman stood for an early morning interview with Joe Scarborough and crew, he released a Freudian Slip that sets the stage for the Boehner committee.

We have embed the end portion of the segment. Watch and listen as the imminent committee chair uses the word "trial."

If you are interested in the full interview, it is linked here.  Over the course of the week, Media matters has continues its closely monitoring of Fox News as the GOP "communications department" goes about is feeding derangement to its viewers.

Steve Benen of the Rachel Maddow Blog published a quick read piece regarding the NRCC and the GOP's Benghazi attacks fundraising.

As I contemplate becoming a $250.00 or a $500.00 "Benghazi Watchdog," I also wonder if the higher figure garners a heightened quality of "watchdog" equipment." As is often the case, we sprinkle a bit of validation with our pieces. If you really believe Gowdy will deliver fair and balanced hearing regarding Benghazi, check this out.

We have linked a few pieces. 


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Obama Aologizes, Clinton Leverages His Notariety And The ACA Suffers

Healthcare reform is taking "in-coming" fire and whether you like my choice of phraseology, the "fire" evolves around a "gotcha"  resulting from President Obama 's comments.


Now, to add fuel to the fire, Bill Clinton sat for an interview, answered questions regarding the ACA and Obama's "If you like your plans, you can keep your plans" comments and will be quoted for life for the following. 

Clinton's remarks will become fodder for sound bites, political advertisement clips and smudge against his wife as she moves towards the nomination in 2016. You may have noticed the specific and very abbreviated length of the CNN clip above. We have posted the full clip below. There is much more to the interview than the clip CNN and Fox News will run for weeks to come.  

If you watched the clip above, for perspective, you must watch the following clip also.

President Obama acknowledged misstatements made during run-up to the 2010 ACA vote. He has actually made the same statement well after 2010 as he finds himself forced to campaign for a law that is already on the federal register; campaigning due to severe and unrelenting obstruction from the Right (including libertarians). Bill Clinton said nothing beyond the president's previous signaling that he has ordered his team to explore relief based on his comments. Yet, Clinton has a way of saying things in a grandiose and self-serving manner. Why not comment while echoing or feeding off Obama's remarks about exploration? There are times when party (and the long-term good) takes precedent over the significance of what one thinks. In other words, Clinton could have phrased his ending remarks much more in-line with comments already stated by  Obama. 

Two points stand very clearly for me. I do not feel enamored by President Obama's apologize for his noble and frankly humane efforts to provide health coverage for millions who are not covered, and millions with deficient coverage while living on a hope. He chose to apologize, so be it, but he should also have been very direct about insurance company acumen in manipulating the consuming public. The president's MSNBC interview would have been much more palatable had the he spoken frankly about insurance company loopholes. Big Insurance pays millions in compensation and fees for legal analyses, and strategy to skirt, or leverage, law to its advantage. All corporations do same; no real revelation.  Since, the 2010 signing of the "ACA, insurance companies have accomplished what they do best develop: ways to produce gargantuan levels of revenue will minimizing their claims exposure. We posit healthcare reform is being placed at risk via a misstatement, Kochism, and insurance corporatism. 

Last night Chris Hayes, ALL IN, MSNBC addressed the issue as thoroughly as I have seen over the past two weeks. The following clip is a bit long, but as if often the case relevant information, relevance is sprinkled throughout the clip. (As I have previously stated, our ability to extract relevant excerpt from MSNBC clips has fallen victim to the new MSNBC website video tools that no longer includes sub-clip extractions).

Ultimately, the ACA is under attack and at the end-of-it-all, people suffer. People suffer while plutocrats, many conservatives and libertarians derived satisfaction from winning a political battle.

Here is the clip.....give it a run and see what you think.

As posted in the video segments above, Bill Clinton says, "....let them keep what they've got."  If you think for one second President Obama's (uninformed) misspeak is not a program (ACA) killer yet the GOP is using his remarks to do kill the ACA. Read what Boehner said late yesterday.    
The Weekly Standard....
"I applaud President Clinton for joining the bipartisan call for President Obama to keep his promise to the American people," said Boehner in his statement. These comments signify a growing recognition that Americans were misled when they were promised that they could keep their coverage under President Obama’s health care law. The entire health care law is a train wreck that needs to go. And while the two parties may disagree on that point, it shouldn’t stop reasonable Democrats from working with us to shield Americans from its most egregious consequences – like the millions of current health plans being canceled." (highlight via The Pardu)
Clinton's comments were not and are not being quoted as four minute comment ending in his opinion as stated above. He has given the GOP opportunity to 'blanket slam" the ACa (humane law) within the construct of their mantra and sloganeering:  "Train wreck"  "reasonable Democrats" "working with us" "egregious consequences."

"Train wreck""reasonable Democrats" "working with us""egregious consequences"

Comparable to what? 
No reform! 

Ah, after five years 
the GOP is in a position
to use the word 

"reasonable?" It does 
not fit well.

Translated, "Give us 
what we and the
Koch brothers want." 

Medical and Dental coverage for 50 million people who currently have no coverage should warrant serious two party exploration with doable outcome. "Egregious Consequences" is political mantra and nefarious use of 3 to 4 million people to deprive over ten times as many.

It will be interesting to see how often Boehner applauds Bill Clinton as we approach the 2016 General Elections. You will see nor hear any such applause.  The GOP has opposed every program, appointment initiative President Obama has worked to accomplish. Opposition and subterfuge started well before he was inaugurated; it was validated via the 17 member secret GOP meeting the evening of the inauguration. The party has since adhered to "one-term" strategy at the expense of all proposals and initiatives, and they have labelled health care reform, "his Waterloo." How can the rational person view Boehner's response to the Clinton's "sound-bite" without consideration of GOP commitment to destroying both the president's signature legislation (politically) and derailing health care/insurance reform (a lobbyist dream)? I have read comment from a member of the GOP about a desire to postpone the ACA until after the 2014 mid-term elections. Their hope is to use their gerrymandered districts (safe havens) and their strategy to win additional seats in the Senate. It is clear the conservative members of Congress wish to legislate out of the ACA and return millions to Big Insurance revenue. Yet, the GOP is not alone.

We now see democrats joining in support of legislation to force a reversal of the ACA regarding, "....let them have what they got." (according to Clinton).  Some Democrats in the House have gone on record in support of "Let then have what they got": John Barrow (D) GA and Mary Landeau (D) LA. We are certain their will be more, especially from Red States. It is ironic, more Democrat crossover has come from states with the highest level of impoverished and uninsured.   
The 26 Republican-dominated states not participating in an expansion of Medicaid are home 
to a disproportionate share of the nation’s poorest uninsured residents. Eight million will be 
stranded without insurance. Related Article »
All States
poor and uninsured
Not Expanding Medicaid
poor and uninsured
Expanding Medicaid
poor and uninsured
Colored by share
Sized by number
Adults ages 19 to 64, excluding residents of institutions and ineligible immigrants
All races
More than half of the nation’s poor and uninsured live in states that are not participating in the expansion of Medicaid, and the share among blacks is even higher.
How Different Groups Are Affected
Many workers who are poor and uninsured have jobs in the service industry.
Nursing aides, orderlies, attendants
Retail sales clerks
Waiters and waitresses
Laborers (outside construction)
Construction laborers
Truck, delivery, and tractor drivers
Housekeepers, maids, butlers, stewards
Percent of total
Number poor
and uninsured
Total jobs
in U.S.
The Most Common Occupations Nationally
A closing thought. 
I always knew Bill Clinton as the Secretary of Explaining Stuff, would initiate a trip-wire.