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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: White House Border Wall Kerfuffle (Video)

Pelosi and Schumer draw Trump into an embarrassing scene.

In June 2018 Gallup published poll results regarding trump's immigration policy and his "wall." The poll confirmed the common sentiment the majority of US voters, and for that matter, Americans have no interest in Trump's wall.

Bar graphs: Americans' views on four immigration policy proposals, June 2018. 83% favor/strongly favor a DACA recipient path to citizenship.

Needless to remind, but the nation also found Trump's family separation policy deplorable and bad US Policy.

As the Democrat Party will assume the majority in the US House of Representatives on January 3, 2019, it IS time for Trump to meet (and Pow Wow) with Democrat legislative leadership as the renewed government funding looms (in a matter of days).

Such a meeting took place this morning in part with cameras present. The camera portion of the press opportunity did not go well. Let's take a look and listen.

Skip to the 8:45-minute mark of the embedded NPR video and watch Trump literally threaten to shut down the federal government if he can't get funding for his (campaign promised) wall.

Minutes 8:45 to 9:00: Interesting how Trump inserts 10 "bad people (terrorists)" Caught entering the US in the past few weeks or months. He certainly didn't state a time frame as that would be or could be easily checked and the results added to Trump's growing number of daily lies. Of particular note, Chuck Schumer's use of recent Washington Post fact-checking which joins all credible national fact-checkers in reporting about Trump's lies.  (See Washington Post link Meet The Bottomless Pinocchio...) .Hooray for Schumer.

Minute 12:38:
Trump clearly proclaimed "If we don' have border security we'll shut down the government."

It shouldn't take a genius to discern Trump declared he and his party would shut down the federal government if he doesn't get his campaign promised wall. While cloaked in his definition of border security, the "wall' is his sole intent.

The nation shouldn't expect any level of presidential aura and demeanor from Trump. Yet, it is particularly noteworthy Pelosi and Schumer accomplished a probable mission of appearing as responsible legislators via seeking a "good faith" audience with Trump and Pence.

If our embeds didn't highlight the historical moment to its fullest measure, herewith is a YouTube version with specific references.

See this....tantrum

Is this a prologue to what's to come in January 2019?

And how did a morning segment of Fox News's (Legs and Thighs) Outnumbered deal with Trump's threat?  A rhetorical question to say the least.

A that is how Trump Media feeds his supporters. 

While we do to assert that all Trump supporters are Fox New viewers; we do assert that all Trump supporters are Fox News viewers.  A bit of deductive reasoning just shy of a full syllogism.  

Another media perspective on Trump's failed morning meeting.  MSNBC Hardball ran a segment with White House correspondent Eli Stokols and an insider report on Trump's post-meeting meltdown. Linked here.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rand Paul: The Perfect Storm Of GOP Bias and Bigotry

If you need a refresher on one of the nation's most well known and infamous libertarians.  We re-introduce Rand Paul. His recent appearance on CNN simply refocuses on his, and his party's social views. 

Paul is an accomplished individual rightist to the point of literally supporting 'segregation.' No matter how he speaks his beliefs and those of most libertarians, their "private owners" views sanctions an owners rights to place "Whites Only" signs at swimming pools and restaurants. He would find it OK to have "White Only" water fountains, and "rear-door service: at bus stations and train terminals. And is evident by the Koch's foray into a  North Carolina school district, and as a fellow libertarian, they would find no issues with "all white schools." 

In 2010, Paul attempted to skirt around his views on open access and fair access for all Americans. He, at the moment, must have forgotten he was being interviewed by a competent progressive show host vs. the "whine em up and let em ramble" entertainers on Fox News. Things just did not go well, and ends with a rambling garbled reference to early America. 

Maddow/Paul 2010 interview

Paul with Candy Crowley, CNN.  Paul speaks about GOP opposition to Immigration Reform with what has become the new dog whistle, " Border Security." He speaks for Republicans, and we find his comments typical regarding brown skinned people who wish to enter the United States. We do not find the same level of resistance to people who migrate from Eastern Europe. There are obviously no issues with people who will cross the border from Canada (if there was an issue with Canadian immigration). 

Paul, via his interview with Crowley, simply reaffirms the perception that the GOP has a solid undercurrent of bias and bigotry.  

"Border Security!"