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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Your GOP: "Negro Problem"..Really?

What you are about to read is a mere echo of what we have grown to know about The GOP and conservative American core value.  You will read via the link below a published remedy regarding the officials racism.

If you are naive enough to believe the apology and the "relieved of duty, I hope you are not so naive you feel the remedial actions cure the problem. The problem is as real as Donald Trump carrying the 2016 GOP primary polling with a message that is almost solely based in bigotry and racism.  


“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”


The chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party was forced to apologize Tuesday after a local GOP branch posted about state Democrats' "#Negroproblem" on social media.

The 7th Congressional District GOP borrowed the term from a blog post they shared on Facebook and Twitter on Sunday, according to the alternative weekly Minneapolis City Pages.The blog post, written on the website Our Black News, was about the state's Democrat-Farmer-Labor party, which the author wrote had called for a "special session" to address the "Negro problem in Minnesota."
"MN DFL now propose a ‘special session’ to deal with their self-created ‘#Negroproblem," the posts read, according to City Pages.
The DFL party quickly put the The 7th Congressional District GOP on blast.
"You don’t have to look far to find ignorant hate speech masquerading as acceptable party messaging,” DFL state Chairman Ken Martin said in a statement, according to the report. 

“However, this is not the first time the Minnesota Republican Party and their affiliates have posted racially insensitive material.”
The local party had tweeted earlier this month about Muslims on welfare:

Only 10% of imported Muslims can stay off of Welfare. Obamalims are Deadbeats until they get AK47 in their hands 

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Black Lives Matters' Shaun King Object Of Conservative Yellow Journalism

At age 14
  Shaun King: ‘White man on my birth certificate is not my biological father’ 

Earlier today, I published this piece. It seems the flak is just starting to flow. And, the flak is "point-on". We are accustomed to Fox News taking its stories from the proven "yellow journalism" of Breitbart News. Now, we have CNN joining in the shark feast, while offering as shoddy a case of broadcasting as one can conjure-up. 

Why is Don Lemon so frequently at the center of the CNN Circus?  Well, yes of course, CNN is like Fox North when it comes to African-American on-air personalities. Who else would get the "fake black guy" story? His broadcast regarding a conversation he purports to have conducted with Shaun King was utter distasteful, ridiculous and virtually something akin to a "National Enquirer " article.  King's story is his story and no one had a right to invade his birthright personal experience.  Moreover, why couldn't someone stop shy of the American reality of "attributing the child to another man" to make life more comfortable and possibly much more smooth.  Let's face it the white mother and the African-American child is still not even close tolerant acceptance by all. King's mother made a choice, and after many years, her son's bucking the system, conservative media (especially CNN) virtually persecuted the man into figurative submission.

If you visited the link in the lede paragraph above, you saw raw American race baiting submission, and it is ugly.  

Media Matters has provided a though provoking probe into the "Whys" of the public persecution of the young activist.
A Black Lives Matter activist is now being forced to justify his race after national media fell for a false story fueled by Breitbart News, a conservative website with a history of reporting falsities.
An August 19 article on Breitbart News hyped "explosive new racial allegations" against Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, citing a June 29 post on Re-NewsIt!, a blog that appears to primarily conduct opposition research on black victims of crime, to assert that King misrepresented himself as black when he is actually white. Right-wing media seized on the story, and Breitbart News repeatedly claimed that King "has been lying to the public about his race" and "has two white parents" listed on his birth certificate.  
In an article titled "Why White People Seek Black Privilege," Breitbart's Ben Shapiro asserted that King "demonstrates one undeniable fact: being black in American in 2015 is perceived as a status symbol and an advantage."  
National media including Fox News and CNN highlighted the allegations against King, parroting Breitbart News despite its history of false reporting.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TPI Morning Gazette: Paul, Trump, Boeing, Breitbart, HSBC And More

Non-Progressive News

Breitbart News has done it again. The web based Right-wing propaganda outlet has flat out lied about comments from an Obama Administration spokesperson. One the lie was exposed, do you think Breitbart retracted the lie? You know the answer. 

What is the good of a propaganda network if its lies are corrected upon discovery?

They still haven't corrected it.
Posted by Media Matters for America on Tuesday, July 7, 2015
The Flag!!! Had the GO come down on this year ago, it would not be an issue. That "Southern Strategy" is backfiring like a 1950s pickup truck.


County Republican leaders say they were "disgusted" to see the flags flying alongside campaign signs for GOP candidates.
Posted by Talking Points Memo on Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Freakout Nation also reports... here.

No one on the Right does it like D'souza. What a ditz! Dinesh, say "Photoshop" three times and pass "GO."

Posted by Mediaite on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

US TOP 1% (ism)...and this man sent jobs overseas!
James McNerney retired a few days ago from his position as CEO of Boeing. Between 2005 and 2014, he raked in nearly $250...
Posted by Robert Reich on Monday, July 6, 2015

HSBC bankers staged a mock beheading.  Why does the world take so much from so few who control so much?Six Fired!

How to get fired from a bank...
Posted by Mediaite on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Paul Video
Drawing a parallel between paying taxes and being a slave is a very bad idea.So what in the world is Rand Paul talking about?
Posted by The Rachel Maddow Show on Monday, July 6, 2015
Trump continues his Todd Akin like rants with double-down racism!
Keep bloviating Donald! Keep doubling down on your ignorance.Please. We love it. ;)You're doing more harm to the...
Posted by "We're IN! 100% ALL IN!" on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Trump hires who, Trump manufactures men suits in Mexico, Trump manufactures ties in China.....Wait something coming from his mouth is all wrong and hypocritical.

Who'd have thunk a Donald J. Trump construction project would employ undocumented workers?
Posted by Mediaite on Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Krauthammer sounds-off on Trump racism without calling it racism. I recall similar watered-down conservatives rants against Todd Akins in 2011/2012.
The Word "Offensive" Is "Too Weak" for Donald J. Trump's "Barstool Eruptions'"
Posted by Mediaite on Monday, July 6, 2015
Jon Stewart joins in with an analogy for the ages.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Battle of the Year: Hayes Vs Stefano; Who Got Schooled?

Early in the week, the Obama Administration announced an extension for Americans who are in the midst of the ACA enrollment process via an extension to April 15, 2014 (Vs the actual March 31, 2014 deadline).

The deadline extension was reported for people who for whatever reason are immersed in enrolling for the ACA. I have read the deadline change would predominately benefit people who had attempted to enroll in the ACA and may have a record of their efforts. It was reported as not an open extension for all. I frankly suspect however, some will take advantage of the deadline change and start the process. But, I ask, how should the Administration handle people who for various potential reasons failed to compete the sign-up process by this coming Monday?  

Needless to say, right-wing media, conservatives and all who work for the vast Koch brothers network are seething about the deadline extension. Chris Hayes MSNBC, ALL IN, found out the level and scope of angst and ugliness as he invited a regional director from the Koch brothers Americans For Prosperity to sit in discussion.  Discussion did not ensue. 

Hayes sat with Jennifer Stefano and another guest (for the latter portion of the interview).  

Ms. Stefano joined Hayes and seemed to be primed for a classic conservative go-off.  She never answered the question related to why angst from the two week extension, she also failed to discuss any references to GOP refusal to enact Medicaid Expansion.  Since we know MSNBC provides on-air topics to guest (or some form of brief) , we know Stefano was not surprised with Hayes's questions. The real issue is, why not answer the questions. If she could not provide an answer her employers would find palatable, why not opt out of the interview? Yet, Stefano opted for a sports analogy we have all heard,"...a good offense if the best defense." 

Since I used a sports analogy above, allow me to say the following is the rightful domain and key responsibility of the show host. The host role: ask the initial question and monitor the segment for accomplishing the focus of the segment. So, let's say Hayes fired-off the opening and initial "offense" and possibly placing the guest in a defensive posture. It is a basic dynamic of "challenge" TV reporting or questioning when the guest is known to hold opposing views. Unlike many Fox News host/guest interactions resulting from carefully chosen and strategically placed (validating) conservative guest.  

Clip 1. The Question (39 seconds)

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