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Friday, January 27, 2012

Brewer's lies not corroborated by Phoenix Mayor

I am going to perform a rarity right now.

I am going to open an article with a link from one written   yesterday. (See Below) The disrespect from Arizona Govneror Governor Brewer towards the President of the United States of America continues to ripple as a developing story.

Now, does anyone look threatened?  For the unseeing, seek out the finger, gaping mouth, and the chin.

Meet "The Ultimate Disrespect."   I hope you read the article, specifically the Update posted late last evening.  Brewer said 'she flt threatened" by the President of the United States of America. THREATENED!  Now, the picture above clearly appears quite the contrary.

I am going to borrow another link (embed) from Poltiicsnation.  Apparently, a couple of people who walked to towards Air Force One, do not agree with Brewer's assessment of the interaction.  The mayor of Phoenix said the story as told by Brewer is not accurate and the interchange was about the hand-off of a letter. 
Now, I must ask, "Who in the hell is Brewer to feel she can walk-up to the leader of the free world and the person elected by a majority of voters, (three years ago) to lead the nation, and hand him a flipping letter (of complaint).  Heads of state across the world who avoid such crass and unnecessary behavior.  But, as I wrote yesterday if you are one who holds the man in contempt for his basic existence, you will treat him differently.  No one can convince me that Brewer would have done same to George W. Bush or, heavens forbid, John McCain had he won in 2008.    Moreover, Obama would never had dealt with any Governor via handing off a flippin letter.  

It is almost impossible to argue the point that Brewer was not 'showboating' for the very positive press she is receiving from the 'silly and child-like' right that is manifesting in book sales.  How, convenient is the "I felt threatened" CODE language.  Reminds me of a scenario that unfolded too many times for coincidence. I remember a time when I worked at a place with an elevator system.  Every time a specific female employee was inside the elevator as the door opened with me standing outside, she "yelped". The ridiculous part of it all, If it were not for the yelp, I would hardly even notice the woman.  This "fear thing' really does manifest in some sectors, and yes you probably have seen, heard or maybe even experienced it. Brewer is using it as pure CODE.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

The ultimate disrespect!!!

As we move into the final year of President Obama's first term, signs of 3.3 years of utter disrespect, is culminating just as many predicted.

Here is the latest example of a (possibly) staged (camera ready) opportunity for the Governor of Arizona. Now, I am going to step out of character for a second.  The Governor of Arizona has proven over the past few years she is nothing more than a veritable "SKANK."  I am not one for such labels but after a few years of watching, reading and hearing form this Governor, I am hard pressed to find another noun which can also serve as an adjective.

If you are unfamiliar with the colloquialism, here is a visual image of a SKANK.

Please allow an opportunity to exhibit a SKANK, in its finest form.  The camera opportunity.