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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jeb Bush: "Misheard Megyn Kelly's Question!"

Jeb Bush says he would clone his brothers invasion of Iraq, and "So would Hillary Clinton." 

It seems Jeb Bush got caught with his pants around his ankles in a very uncompromising positions. Paying to GOP primary vaters.

The red chart bars above point to Jeb's idiocy. Of course, if you are among the red bar voters, you have you may share Jeb's insanity.

Let's do something conservatives literally disdain; let's take a look at data.

"What we know now...."

Estimate are Bush's invasion of Iraq cost the US 2 trillion USD. Other reports indicated Dick Cheney's Halliburton garner $39 billion via no bid war contracts. The National Priorities Project offers an running total counter of the "Cost of Wars."

In 2013, Mother Jones projected the real cost of the Iraq War.

Net outcome of Bush's Iraq War escapades?
One Dead Dictator: Saddam Hussein.

Probable foundation of ISIS!

Some conservative pundits have reported Jeb Bush stats he "misheard" Megyn Kelly's question. How is that excuse any different than Paul Ryan's "Inner City Culture" and "I was inarticulate."


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10th Anniversary Of The Iraq War..Will History Be Kind To Bush?

Jeb Bush thinks history will be kind to his brother. 

Time passes and people soon forget!
..and much more humane!
The 10 year Anniversary of the charge into Iraq is today. Before we reflect on the 10th anniversary of the Bush Crusade into Iraq, let's reflect for a few minutes with a segment from last night's Rachel Maddow Show. Of course, anyone who watches MSNBC during the evening hours have already watched the segment.  I plan to write more about the BBC video piece in a separate screed.

My reason for the insertion of the Maddow segment reaches back to Richard Nixon and the callousness with which powerful people play chess-like games with our young warriors, our economic stability, and our lack of attention to political manifestations of abusive and ruinous power. the segment is long.  If you cannot view it at your current set, consider viewing at a later time.  Of particular note beyond Nixon's hubris, pay close attention to  the pure arrogance and misguided rhetoric of a former member of the Bush Cabinet.  Pay close attention to the callousness of one Mitt Romney as he lamented about how the war in Iraq was winnable.  And, finally as you watch  the segment, think hard about a McCain/Palin Administration or better yet, Romney in the White House with  his "what ever you want wavering to Neo-Con hawks". And, here is the classic denialist headline and short video from no other than Fox News.  Have you ever heard, seen, or dreamed of anything so outlandish? For the record and in my opinion, Obama 'blew-it' when he escalated in Afghanistan. We can rest assured, however,  he will not practice pure hubris and subterfuge for entry into war.


Iraq a false reality and a costly one at that.

I truly hope we do not forget the deception and "hubris" associated with our entry into Iraq. As time passes more and more information is coming forth about the Bush/Cheney catastrophic charge into Iraq. Possibly 150,000 dead, hundreds of thousands injured or maimed, $2.2 trillion wasted including reconstruction at 60 million, and a "SURGE" that left 1,000 US dead and "do not fight us payments" to Al Sadir.  In 2007 the Iraqi people polled with results indicating the surge made things worse for them.
BBC: Iraqi Poll 2007; in graphics The latest of four opinion polls commissioned by the BBC and ABC has provided a revealing insight into the everyday lives, hopes and fears of people living in Iraq. EFFECT OF THE 'SURGE'"The United States has increased the number of its forces in Baghdad and surrounding provinces in the past six months. Please tell me if you think this increase of forces has made it better, worse, or had no effect?"

Graphic: security situation

The results of the poll reflect a great degree of dissatisfaction with the US "surge", with a vast majority of respondents considering the move to have made the situation in the country worse rather than better.
How about a few pieces related to the 10th Anniversary of the "Bush Crusade".
Samuel Ward, Liberals Unite

It Was 10 Years Ago That War Profiteers Took Our Country From Us (VIDEO)

Mother Jones

Charts: Bush Lowballed Us on Iraq by $6 Trillion



The Progressive Influence
Iraqi War Reconstruction study dissed....

The following from the PBS show Frontline, is both interactive and poignant.  Here is the link.

Yes, we reflect on a very sad chapter in US History and a time from which most in the Middle class or lower income strata will never recover.

Ten years have passed since that ill-advised attack on Iraq.  Ten years and the GOP is still using the ill-advised war to 'saber rattle' to titillate their "cling to the past"  base.  How silly does Condi Rice appear in the Maddow segment? How inane  irrelevant and desperate did Romney look and sound at CPAC?

"I am sorry I am not your president. " Romney told the quiet CPAC crowd. Well Mitt Romney as I reflect on the last GOP Administration,  I for one am not sorry about your not being president.  In fact, it would be ideal if you would simply drop from the public's eye.

As we commemorate the 10th anniversary of one of or nation's saddest days, we should not for get who took us to this commemoration.