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Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: "Staggering Incompetence" (Trump's Mockery Of The Courts)

Image result for trump judicial nominee knows nothing

Trump Nominee for a lifetime appointment to the federal court system. Matthew Spencer Petersen was nominated to sit as a US District Court judge. While I am certain Trump never met the man, I am also certain the nomination is yet another example of Trump administration total disregard for the rule of law. The nomination also points to a reality of an administration working to destroy any credible claim of fair and balanced application of the law from Trump's inner core behind the scenes nation killers.

What follows is shameful and a top-level example of Trumpism.  We also feel it important to note some are appearing on television whit remarks of sorrow or embarrassment for Petersen. How shameful are they?  Petersen knows he is ill prepared to sit in a lifetime federal court judgeship.  He is a functionary who will willingly and wantonly work to instill Trumpism in lock-step accordance with any orders from the GOP for the span of his life on the bench. 

Sen. Kennedy: You can just raise your hand on this one, if you will, to save a little time. Have any of you not tried a case to verdict in a courtroom? 
(Petersen raises his hand.) 
Sen. Kennedy: Mr. Petersen. Have you ever tried a jury trial?Petersen: I have not. 
Sen. Kennedy: Civil? 
Petersen: No. 
Sen. Kennedy: Criminal? 
Petersen: No. 
Sen. Kennedy: Bench? 
Petersen: No. 
Sen. Kennedy: State or federal court? 
Petersen: I have not. 
Sen. Kennedy: OK. Have you ever taken a deposition? 
Petersen: I was involved in taking depositions when I was associate at Wiley Rein, when I first came out of law school, but that was… 
Sen. Kennedy: How many depositions? 
Petersen: I would… I’d be struggling to remember. 
Sen. Kennedy: Less than 10? 
Petersen: Yes. 
Sen. Kennedy: Less than five? 
Petersen: Probably somewhere in that range. 
Sen. Kennedy: Have you ever taken a deposition by yourself? 
Petersen: No. 
Sen. Kennedy: Have you ever argued a motion in state court? 
Petersen: I have not. 
Sen. Kennedy: Have you ever argued a motion in federal court? 
Petersen: No. 
Sen. Kennedy: OK. When’s the last time you read the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure? 
Petersen: The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure… I… In my current position, I obviously don’t need to stay as… invested in those on a day to day basis, but I do try to keep up to speed. We do have at the FEC roughly 70 attorneys who work under our guidance, including a large litigation division. And as a commissioner, we oversee that litigation, we advise them on all legal strategy, provide recommendations and edits to briefs and so forth and meet with them about how we’re going to handle… 
Sen. Kennedy: I’m sorry to interrupt you, but we’re only given five minutes for five of you. When’s the last time you read the Federal Rules of Evidence? 
Petersen: The Federal Rules of Evidence all the way through? Would, well, comprehensively, would have been in law school. Obviously I have been involved when I was associate, that was something we had to stay closely apprised of. There have been some issues dealing with evidentiary issues, that will cause me to examine those periodically in our oversight role in the litigation division at the FEC. There have been some issues dealing with evidentiary issues that will cause me to examine those periodically in our oversight role. 
Sen. Kennedy: Well, as a trial judge you’re obviously going to have witnesses. Can you tell me what the Daubert Standard is?Petersen: Senator Kennedy, I don’t have that readily at my disposal, but I’d be happy to take a closer look at that. That is not something I’ve had to contend with. 
Sen. Kennedy: Do you know what a “motion in limine” is? 
Petersen: Again, my background is not in litigation, as when I was replying to Chairman Grassley. I haven’t had to, again, do a deep dive. And I understand and I appreciate this line of questioning. I understand the challenge that would be ahead of me, if I were fortunate enough to become a district court judge. I understand that the path that many successful district court judges have taken has been a different one than I’ve taken. But as I mentioned in my earlier answer, I believe that the path that I have taken… to be one who has been in a decision-making role on now I’d guess now somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 enforcement matters, overseeing I don’t know how many cases in Federal Court the Commission has been a party to during my time… 
Sen. Kennedy: I’ve read your resume. Just for the record, do you know what a “motion in limine” is? 
Petersen: I would probably not be able to give you a definition right here at the table. 
Sen. Kennedy: Do you know what the Younger abstention doctrine is? Any experience with that? 
Petersen: I’ve heard of it. 
Sen. Kennedy: How about the Pullman abstention doctrine? 
You’ll see that a lot in federal court. OK. Any of you blog? 
Petersen: No. 
Sen. Kennedy: Any of you ever blogged in support of the Klu Klux Klan? 
Petersen: No, Senator. 
Sen. Kennedy: OK, let the record reflect everybody said “No,” Mr. Chairman. 
Chairman Chuck Grassley: Thank you, senator. The record will show that. 
Sen. Kennedy: Thank you, gentlemen. I wish we all had more time to spend together.


Friday, April 28, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Tax Guide, Trump's Jobs Numbers And His Coke Button

It shouldn't surprise anyone Trump is now deflated about winning the 2016 General Election (The US Presidency). It is not his cup of tea as the job involves far more than edicts from up high between sips of Coca-Cola, tweets and watching his favorite daytime TV shows. While he garnered the ultimate ego-blast via winning an electoral victory, Trump seems to continue to suffer via the stark reality he lost the popular vote by 2.84 million votes. He seems to be deflated, despite efforts to prop-up his first 100 Days of no major legislation passed through Congress.  It is a matter of fact Trump is governing via executive order without any level of shame for his past vilifying President Obama from signing (far fewer) such officials edicts.

Oh, the childish and manipulative hypocrisy!

As an example, CBS published a set of graphics related to Trumps first weeks in office. While the nation's 45th President claims significant governing accomplishments offer the reality of EOs. Actually, today Trump signed what will turn out in the long-term to be a kiss of death for Artic eco-systems. He signed an EO to which reverses Obama's prohibition against drilling in the Artic.  He has now signed into law 30 such EOs.


The image atop this piece speaks to the level of intellectual of some Trump supporters. Granted we see quite a bit of such 'nose-thumbing' at rational America, we would be remiss if we don't acknowledge recent reports of far too many former Democrat party voters who voted for Trump. In any case, As we approach that magic 100 Day milestone, Trump continues slow slippage into an abyss of perception so inept by those who count: the Us voting public.

Trump also can not help but suffers from the constant drain of serious and incessant security investigations of his scandal-ridden cabinet. 

Trumpism is truly weighing on the psyche and existential reality of the great society. We find ourselves hearing of Administrating lies on a daily basis. We are seeing an unraveling of a far too cozy relationship with Putin Russian operatives during the transition period after Trump won elections. Well, in reality, we are commenting about Trump officials who figuratively (money) slept with Putin cohorts and operatives goes back to Manafort in Western Europe and former US Army General Mike Flynn (seeming a Putin plant). Our psyches are tired.

We are tired of Trump's lies.

Example, Trump claims his Administration has created 600,000 jobs since Inauguration Day.
Trump's job creation, 100 days in CNN Money via @CNNMoney
Before we move away from Trumps pathological lying, we feel it critical to post a BuzzFeed list of Trump's top 100 Oval Office lies since Inauguration Day.  A list which is both historic and shameful. 

A Tax Plan?

We are weary of Trump's Tax Plan. Correction, we are weary of Trump's effort to published a double-spaced one-page sheet of paper with what one could only consider a spewing of thoughts regarding a non-developed plan Vs. an actual detailed plan. Let's be real, the man wanted something in the public he could call a pre-100 Day tax plan.  What an admission of legislative defeat?

The GOP and its commitment the failed Supply-Side economic policy manifest in steroids in Trump's Tax "guide."  

CNBC (quick video) Link 

How about a couple of revealing graphics from Pacific Standard Mag?

Notice the trend lines around 1980. Who was President as the two trend lines moved opposite its previous trending?

 Image may contain: 26 people, people smiling, meme and text

Politifact also took at run at Trump's economic teams lies about trump's tax guide and deficit neutral claims.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Yemen, "Fake News", Trump's Congressional Address

A President embarks on a war with all media other than conservative media and crackpot Youtube broadcasters. 

If you need an example, follow Trump's failed Navy Seal mission in Yemen. I have heard reports Trump authorized the mission of over dinner. I have heard and read other reports he wasn't present in the Situation Room as the mission unfolded.

Let's checkout an NBC News report from last night.


"Why at this time did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn't even barely a week into [President Trump's] administration?" Bill Owens, whose youngest son Ryan was killed during the raid, said. "For two years prior ... everything was missiles and drones (in Yemen)....Now all of a sudden we had to make this grand display?"  
A senior Congressional official briefed on the matter said the Trump administration has yet to explain what prompted the rare use of American ground troops in Yemen......

Once we lived in a nation with national leaders who subscribed to that age-old adage: "The buck stops here." Apparently, 63 million Trump supporters and 75 million third party voters inclusive of nonvoters, do not internalize lingering affinity for the bucks stops here. Their newly elected president certainly has no inner core with fissures of accepting he authorized the failed Yemen raid.

Watch a snippet from Trump's over the top out of character (for Trump) and minus any level of veracity Congressional Address on Tuesday night. MSNBC's Chris Hayes broadcast a segment regarding a US President who is so outside of the box, he has no box.

While the vast majority of Americans know the truth regarding a spineless president who won't accept his responsibility for the failed mission it is refreshing to find certain national media explored the horrors of the failed raid as well as Trump's use of the dead Navy Seal's vwife.  Vox linked, here.

Is there any wonder why the Trump White House is so consumed with labeling most of US media as purveyors of "fake news?"

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ann Coulter Leads The White Nationalist Charge After the Paris Terrorist Attacks (Trump Supporter)

Coulter AfterParis Attacks: ‘Trump Was Elected President Tonight’- Ann Coulter

Immediately after the tragic terrorist attack in Paris France, conservatives got busy like flies on a jar of honey blaming President Obama, railing about nuking the entirety of Islamic life and spewing other gyrations of racism. Ann Coulter, as usual, took up the top cheerleader spot (bones and all) with a racist affiliation and lauding of one Donald "Regress America Please" Trump.

Coulter's racism is embed in the AddictingInfo piece that follows. I find it interesting Coulter never speaks such language after all too frequent cases of racist attacks against African-Americans.  

AUTHOR NOVEMBER 14, 2015 11:15 AM
For most of the world, Friday night’s terror in Paris was agonizing and traumatic. On social media, people began organizing blood drives, arranging for shelter for those caught in danger, and millions tweeting things like “Nous sommes tous Parisiens” – we are all Parisians. President Obama expressed a similar sentiment in his address following the attacks. 
“Once again, we’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians,” he said. “This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.” 
Not everyone was feeling the spirit of shared humanity, however. Conservative pundits spent the night shamelessly exploiting the tragedy to further their talking points. And whenever there is an opportunity to “shamelessly exploit a tragedy,” Ann Coulter can’t be far behind. Sure enough, it took her no time at all to come up with obnoxious talking points and hurl hateful xenophobia – even while the attacks were still happening.
ANGER? We can't even deport 3rd world pouring in, committing murder, child rape, Ft Hood, 9/11 etc. It's not "adult" 
— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015 
Every year, the US imports 100K more Muslims to live here permanently. Rubio says he wants more. Why would anyone support him?— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015 
Can we all agree now? No more Muslim immigration. How is this making life better for us? But the mass immigration machine churns on …— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015 
What's the upside of letting millions of Muslims migrate to western countries?— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015
Needless to say, she couldn’t be bothered to spare a moment for the victims. She had an ax to grind.
Why does NO ONE say the obvious thing on TV?! It's insane. Don't want terrorism in US? Stop importing Muslims!— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015
In the hours that followed, reports confirmed that the radical Islamist group known as ISIS were taking credit for the attacks. So far it is unknown who the perpetrators were or where they came from. (Statements from ISIS simply call them “brothers” fighting the “Crusaders” in France.) There is absolutely no indication that they were among the group of refugees fleeing violence and starvation in Syria. In fact, as some observers dryly noted, those very same refugees are running from ISIS. For them, the attack on Paris is an all-too-common occurrence, that’s why they are leaving their homes! 
To people blaming refugees for attacks in Paris tonight. Do you not realise these are the people the refugees are trying to run away from..? — Dan Holloway (@RFCdan) November 13, 2015
But most embarrassingly of all, Coulter used the deaths of over 100 people to breathlessly plug her favorite Republican candidate: Donald Trump.
They can wait if they like until next November for the actual balloting, but Donald Trump was elected president tonight.— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015
Trump has been at the forefront of idiotic statements about foreign policy regarding the Middle East and therefore won over Coulter’s heart (or what passes for it). It consists of assuring his fans that he would “bomb the shit out of ISIS.” He doesn’t expand on it further other than to say he plans on making money after he kills everyone.
“ISIS is making a tremendous amount of money because they have certain oil camps, certain areas of oil that they took away,” Trump said. “They have some in Syria, some in Iraq. I would bomb the (expletive deleted) out of ’em. I would just bomb those suckers. That’s right. I’d blow up the pipes. … I’d blow up every single inch. There would be nothing left.
“And you know what, you’ll get Exxon to come in there and in two months, you ever see these guys, how good they are, the great oil companies? They’ll rebuild that sucker, brand new — it’ll be beautiful.”
Occupying a Middle Eastern country to take their oil reserves… what could go wrong?
Feel free to bookmark this page to refer back to when Trump’s campaign blows up in his face. Something tells me we won’t have to wait until next November to see it happen. After all, when has Ann Coulter ever been right?

Feature image via ABC News
If you think of dismissing Coulter as a noted conservative racist, thus relegating the comments to something of a one-off rant, think again. Trump is receiving support from the most disgusting among Americans: White Supremacist and White Nationalist. 

This past August, Buzzfeed ran a piece with the following headline:

David Duke On Trump: He’s “Certainly The Best Of The Lot” Running For President
 “I think he understands the real sentiment of America.”

After Donald Trump lauded Dwight Eisenhower's deportation of over one million people back to Mexico, Operation Wetback, Trumps racist army again raised its ugly head.

White Supremacists Are Thrilled Donald Trump Mentioned “Operation Wetback”

“This represents a milestone in the immigration debate.”

We realize that current conservatives poll takers do not give a damn about such reports. To be fair, we do not expect better from conservative America. Our efforts relate more to informing opened minded Americans who know America is not a nation void of people of color.  Thus, we as "good" liberals and progressives are about the business of reaching people who may take offense to a presidential candidate who so obviously courts American racist and one who is riding a tide of white privilege common to white supremacists and those who wish to extricate non-whites from the greater society.  If you think the last sentence is a bit harsh and doesn't represent your support for Trump (can company), ask yourself have you done your part in eliminating voter suppression; " ....extricate non-whites from the greater society."

You answer may reveal you as an "enabler."


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ben Carson Caught Plagiarizing? Even After Bush Gave Him Such An Esteemed Honor?

It seems Ben Carson is most assuredly your archetypal conservatives how aspires to high office. The man has been caught plagiarizing effect. Is the business of plagiarizing endemic to the GOP? I recall reading of plagiarizing the Left, but it seems conservatives are more inclined to 'go there."

Mediaite is reporting on Carson's false presentations or misrepresentation as such:


Ben Carson Caught Plagiarizing from

After calling attention to passages from Sen. Rand Paul’s 2013 book Government Bullies that were lifted word-for-word from a Heritage Foundation study, BuzzFeed is at it again. This time, the site is highlighting portions of potential 2016 Republican presidential Dr. Ben Carson’s 2012 book America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great. 
One source left un-cited by Carson was a website called, which apparently went online in 2002, but is currently down. But a cached page on on the history of socialism, contains a multi-paragraph passage, including the section below, that is repeated verbatim in Carson’s book:

Anytime you give to government the responsibility and authority to provide government-made jobs, old-age financial security, “free” health care, and “free” education and indoctrination of children, it will control the lives of the people who live under its jurisdiction, and individual liberty and freedom of choice are sacrificed.

BuzzFeed also found passages lifted from The Five Thousand Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen, a Liberty Institute press release from 2011, a CBS News article from 2010 and more.

“If it is determined that additional citations or attribution are required, the appropriate revisions will be made in subsequent printings,” spokesperson for Carson, Sealey Yates said in a statement to BuzzFeed. “Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.”

Read the full report with extensive examples at

[Photo via screengrab]
Carson's spokesperson responded to the report in the same manner as most offenders: fiend no knowledge of the offense

A day later, the truth comes forth, but with a twist: the inevitable lie. The perpetrators had no intention to steal passages...on multiple occasions!


Ben Carson’s Literary Agent: He Had ‘No Intention to Plagiarize’

Dr. Ben Carson‘s literary agent recently apologized for the neurosurgeon’s apparent plagiarism from a website called, but explained that it was purely unintentional.

“We know for certain that Dr. or Mrs. Carson had no intent to plagiarize,” agent Sealey Yates told The Daily Caller in an interview. “That was not what they were trying to do.” 
The plagiarized sections of America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great were recently discovered by BuzzFeed, in which they found multiple incidents where Carson pulled passages from different sources such as the now-defunct, The Five Thousand Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen, and at least five other places.
 Read more

Simply speaking, there is no way the "good doctor" and his wife did not know the full extent of their desktop fraud.

And, Ben Carson would be president!


Monday, August 25, 2014

CNNI International Host Still Off The Air

Rosemary Church has not yet returned to the late night CNNI broadcast. How long will the network have Church sit-out a problem she induced via mind-boggling and intensive live remarks.

Some observers point to a reaction from Church's co-host as an indicting nonverbal reaction. As about as much of a reaction as any news professional dare enact. 


BuzzFeed capture the moment and a moment it was for certain. Linked.

I have read mixed reaction to Church's moment of inadvertent insensitivity. A common sentiment among a select minority is, "Well, I don't think she meant any harm, think she was trying to help the situation." Ahhh, quite probably true. However, Church's remarks show the extent to which people (who are very much insulted from militarized authorities) have grown insensitive and callous to treatment at the hand of the authorities.

Her comments also show a deep lack of knowledge regarding the history of civil unrest control.  The BuzzFeed link (above) Simply nails the problem with Water Control of protesting citizens.)  If we think a bit farther to South African apartheid use of Water Cannons shine as ugly as it gets. Furthermore, many of the tear gas use and heavy handed arrests were perpetrated against the innocents.  Did we see any such raw acts as Cliven Bundy's tax evasion militia gathered in the Nevada dessert?  A few days of unrest that literally found snipers aiming refiles at law enforcement and a few days that spurned at least two potential mass killers. Yet, we did not hear one newscast host espoused heavy-handed treatment of those white people protesters. Ultimately, Church showed personal acceptance of the need to deploy heavy-handed measures, of which we do not deny in isolated cases. But, the use of tear-gas, sound machine weapons (from trucks) and Church's water-cannons,  did or would show how humans would handle a pack of "animals" or a military war zone enemy. 

Lack of knowledge and outright "don't have a clue" reality is as dangerous as the overt racist. How many post concentration camp Germans claimed they simply did not know?  Alas, they either knew and did not care, they knew and were afraid to acknowledge, or they lived as Ms. Church in a vacuum that never reached the inner core of her scope of knowledge. 

Ms. Church will be back on CNNI after a period of "cleansing" absence. CNN knows as do we all a few days or weeks will offer opportunity to forget Church's dumb statement.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rand Paul "Circles the Wagons"

When you were young did anyone recite following idiom to you?
"Discretion is the better part of valor."

Discretion is the better part of valour.  (British & Australian literary
also Discretion is the better part of valor. (American & Australian literary)

"Something that you say which means that it is better to be careful and think before you act than it is to be brave and take risks." 

If a person attempts to pass himself or herself off as something they truly are not; their ruse always backfires. 

Over the course of the past week, freshman senator from Kentucky and aspiring GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul has undergone a bit of a transformation. The senator may have transformed himself from one who exhibits unusual prickliness and moments of zaniness (only surpassed by his father, Ron Paul,)  to a figurative "circle the wagons" shallow man singing "Happy trails to you."  

Paul's troubles appear as tottering and loose ethics accompanied by what could be a very shallow personal values base. His problems with plagiarism via his own hands or from the minds and hands of his staff have resulted in a cataloging of speeches and writings that could serve as  prime material for a short novel. And, the story continues.

Most who visit the TPI are aware of the developing plagiarism reports focused on Rand Paul, but for sake of clarity we are re-posting reported infringements on intellectual property unbecoming of a US senator.

MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show
Rand Paul Plagiarized Speech From Wikipedia, Rachel Maddow Says
The Huffington Post  |  By 
Did Rand Paul plagiarize his speech from Wikipedia? It sure seems that way, as Rachel Maddow pointed out on Monday. 

BuzzFeed has extensively reported on Paul's communication subterfuge. We find it interesting Paul has not lashed out at BuzzFeed as he has Rachel Maddow. "The better part of valor....", If we go about life with the highest levels of ethics and values, mitigates the prospect of lashing out at reporting media would be at the level of nil. 

Paul's verbiage lifted from Wikipedia , as reported by Maddow, pales in comparison to that lifted for Heritage Foundation and The Cato Institute (both Koch funded conservative organizations) publications.  Both organizations have indicated they see "no problems" with Paul's use of their material in the manner it is promulgated the public. Of course not!

We cannot help but wonder if the organizations would have felt same if any Democrat from Congress had extracted, used and fail to properly attribute intellectual property.

Three Pages Of Rand Paul’s Book Were Plagiarized From Think Tanks

Three Pages Of Rand Paul’s Book Were Plagiarized From Think Tanks

While unfortunate, BuzzFeed has published more case of plagiarism from the Paul team.

Two segments from Rachel Maddow that clearly point to the fallacy of Paul's acts and his response to obviously cases of plagiarism (maybe not perpetrated by Paul himself).

Short snippet as a teaser 1:43 minutes

"John Wilkes Booth was right!"  "I celebrate John Wilkes Booth's birthday...!"  

The comments are not attributable to Rand Paul, but the comments show a clear mindset of a person who has been a close Paul adviser.  

Paul should have followed the idiom above...."The better part of valor."  His "duel" comment against Maddow was crass, self-revealing and narcissistic. 

The plagiarism charges continues. Maddow finished her reporting and analysis after the tease 6:35 minutes (a must see).

Paul's Circled Wagons (Andrew Kaczynski, BuzzFeed)

Rand Paul Speech Transcripts Disappearing From His Website

 Image not from Buzzfeed (image source linked via clinking image)

Speech On Rand Paul’s Website Quietly Updated To Include Footnotes

The senator blamed plagiarism charges on “hacks and haters.” He goes "Machiavellian", while actively circling the wagon against further scrutiny.

We are admittedly biased against the Senator from Kentucky for many reasons, but our biased mindset now has an element of astonishment regarding Paul's responses to ethics infractions, he alleges he did not commit. 

There are ways out of such predicaments. Yet, Paul opts for cavalier.

" Discretion is the better part of valor."