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Friday, December 8, 2017

CNN Money: November Jobs Report

The November Jobs Report is out. The numbers indicate a strong economy with wages showing signs of growth in some sectors.
Employers added 228,000 jobs in November, while the unemployment rate remained at a 17-year low of 4.1%, the government reported Friday.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Who Is The Trump Presser (Almost) Interloper?

Real, Entertainment or Reality performance? 

When you saw the following spectacle, did you wonder, as did I, if it was a form of setup? Did you envision a reality show performance?  

trump alicia watkins

We are not asserting the setup was from the Trump camp. We are suggesting the reality show setup was the work of someone associated with the press conference, and that someone could have been the apparent opportunist who was invited to  the stage. One key question, how did the apparent non-journalist secure a press pass? If she was a "real' journalist how did her employer react to her obvious attempt to secure other employment? 

It seems the questioner is a "freelance" logger!  Really?

Check this out.

Pretty and black woman garners a stage appearance in the Trump reality show

It didn't take media long to dig into what appeared as a setup interaction. Three sources, CNN Money, The Daily Mail.UK and The Washington Post, have offered details related to the adventurous and opportunist who appeared at the press conference. 

Let's visit witn CNN Money first. 

The Washington Post

The reaity show continues. Do you think Trump would have invited a male questioner to the stage? Why is it when it comes to Trump, we seem to also find reality show-like entertainment?


Friday, November 6, 2015

US Economy Quick Hit: October Jobs Report

No verbiage necessary

October Jobs Report


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trump University: As Fake As Any Scam

....And many of you are falling for the same techniques and mystical wish for Trump as a super hero.

For the nation's HIVs (High Information Voters) Trump's much ballyhoo'd University has long been deemed a fraud. CNN has again exposed the carnival barker's multi-million dollar rip-off. Without names of people who admitted their gullible fall to the Trump's P.T. Barnumism, the CNN segment sufficiently explores Trump's fraud. 

The extent of Trumps fraudulent university has been explored by many media. My preferred pieces are posted on Mother Jones and Salon.

In August 2013, Money (Chris Cuomo) posted a news segment in which Trump, via the phone, responded to the New York State Attorney General's investigation into his fraudulent university. The phone call followed along the same lines as Trump's frequent accusations and characterizations of today's campaign lingo. The word "lightweight" resounds and rings as familiar jargon against anyone with whom he has issues.


Friday, January 9, 2015

McConnell Claims US Economy Thrives Due To The GOP!

Mitch McConnell the consummate carnival barker! 

It is easy to understand how conservatives accepts and ingest any and every utterance from GOP leadership. But when GOP leadership takes their lies to the greater population, they appear as Fox News-like demagogues.

Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader.

"After so many years of sluggish growth, we're finally starting to see some economic data that can provide a glimmer of hope; the uptick appears to coincide with the biggest political change of the Obama administration's long tenure in Washington: the expectation of a new Republican Congress," McConnell said on Wednesday. "So this is precisely the right time to advance a positive, pro-growth agenda."
 "After so many years...." 

"Economic data that can provide a glimmer of hope...."

We at the TPI strongly suggest economic data reflecting signs of economic improvement far out dates the liberal and progressive handing the November Mid-terms to the GOP.  US economic improvement started within weeks of President Obama taking office ad the word "sluggish" is GOP for "we will admit to no improvement. "

The following is a Fact Check dot Org representation of Obama by the Numbers. The graph is dated back to 2013, therefore some figures are actually no showing as good as 2014 data.


Beyond McConnell's feed his base rhetoric and lies, the real questions is what will the GOP do to further improve the US economy. Their first day push for the Keystone XL Pipeline, abortion restrictions ad sneak attacks on Social Security certainly are not legislative initiatives that will improve the US economy.

How does the Senate Majority Leader sit on camera and make such statements when a quick Google search exposes his rhetoric as if he worked for Fox News.

Embedded image permalink
Did McConnell fail to leverage his millions in investments during the Obama years? The question is a slum dunk. No, McConnell probably benefited from the Obama economy just as anyone who has investments in equities.

CNN Money has many illustrations of the Obama economy . I have posted a few fr perspective If you are a highly informed readers you already know the message from the graphics.

First, a look at how the US markets performed over the past five years compared to international markets.

"In other words, the U.S. has been THE place to be for investors."

global markets

The markets didn't actually show a spike once the GOP won both houses of the Congress. The charts below show a much more gradual market improvement that over time is shows progress towards the image above.McConnell's reading may lead his to believe the graphs denote "sluggish." I stand corrected, he and his staff are without doubt Fox News viewers and I am certain Fox has planted the word "sluggish" as strategy for conservative pubic figures. 

While the screenshot capture below shows a clear corrections between September 18 and October 26 of 2014, I cannot find any validation of McConnell false claim. The illustration shows clear improvement in US markets over the past five years. 

Markets since mid 2009

Image via Yahoo Finance Fireshot Capture screen shot

For perspective, today's market results should stand for your additional consideration. Of course, McConnell would avouch the New Congress as the impetus for the 324.07 plus Dow surge.

Prices: one day Dow
DateOpenHighLowCloseVolumeAdj Close*
Jan 8, 201517,591.9717,916.0417,591.9717,907.87114,890,00017,907.87

For brevity sake, I will avoid posting all common economic indicators (Housing, Interest rates, GDP, auto sales, manufacturing et al).  Each indicator would show gradual improvement since Obama took office and secure the Obama Stimulus Package.  

Basically, McConnell is playing the "Claim it and it is correct" fodder for those inclined to listen and believe him.


    Sunday, December 21, 2014

    The Number Of Uninsured Is Down! ObamaCare?

    ObamaCare is working!

    Since January 2014, the uninsured rate fell to 13.1%, from 14.4%. According to the September CNN Money piece the Center for Disease Control Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, surveyed coverage status of more than 27,600 people from January through March of this year.

    "This is probably one of the largest decreases we've seen," said Robin Cohen, a statistician at the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics.

    While the report voids attributing the increased in coverage ObamaCare, healthcare reform is shaping-up as it was conceptualized and developed.

    chart uninsured

    chart latino black

    chart fewer poor

    Is it possible the charts posted above depict yet another reason the GOP is opposed to the Affordable care Act? Once, we move past the fact the ACA was proposed and developed by Obama and the Democrats, We should recall the concept of  universal healthcare has received support form the GOP. In fact, Romney as governor of Massachusetts was the first governor to establish a form of healthcare reform program. 

     Time Decemebr 18, 2014

    January 2014 through September 2014...Perspectives that count. And, a chronology of US History in the 21st Century; under the stewardship of Democrats and with a focus on fairness for all Americans. 

    Huffington Post 

    Obamacare Uninsured 

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