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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trump'd Pastors Vs. The Congregation Leaders with Dignity

The 2016 GOP Primary campaigns have been turned into a third rate circus via a third rate reality show/WWE entertainer who happens to have earned billions via real estate and other mogul endeavors.  Since, you and I are fully aware of the level and scope of Trump's shameful approach to campaigning, we do not find it necessary to rehash his antics beyond that linked via Think Progress (below).

Our focus is the extent to which a group of black pastors, have accepted their role in Trumps circus. And, they are fulfilling their role as well as any circus attraction animal handlers and clean-up crew.  Despite overwhelming evidence, Donald Trump is a seriously flawed political candidate, certain of the invited pastors traipsed to his Trump Tower domain and either groveled like good "boys and girls" or they spoke out (only to be effectively rebuked).  

Let's start out review of the Trump visit with a couple of shameful exhibits that appear to benefit for the individual performers over the greater good of the pastor's congregations and the black community

Trump'd Pastors Part One:

Trump'd Pastors Part Two:

Black pastor backs trump Im no Uncle Tom Trump is a strong leader who will bring strength back to America

A response to this pastor is not only appropriate it is required. "Uncle Tom?" The characterization of "Uncle Tom" relates to perception rooted in actions and deeds.  Actions and deeds that derive from one's state-of-mind and manifest from the cognitive process.  I doubt there was one slave or bootlicking former slave who would refer to themselves as an "Uncle Tom!" The pastor's comments smack up against the reality of what we know of Trump, what we have seen of Trump, and what we can expect from Trump.  He and his wife are obviously beset with motive; we will leave that thought at that point.  During the segment, I heard the two folks are carrying the Trump jobs thing like black town cryers. How about Trump allowing a review of his hiring practices to see just how many black folk he has employed and in what position? The pastors proclaiming his himself a non0-Uncle Tom is as worthless As Trump lying about not mocking a physically impaired news reporter. 

All is not well regarding Trumps strategy of reaching into the black community via a group of pastors. While a number of "pastors" accommodated the nation's most verbose and animated presidential primary candidate bigot, some African-American pastors avoided the circus as if shielding its congregation from Lucifer & Company. One religious Bishop who attended the first Trump "black pastor" circus refused to again allow himself to become a spectacle. Another nationally recognize pastor from Baltimore Maryland refuses to follow the sheeple pastors along the Pied Piper path of Donald Trump. CNN broadcast a segment that included a Trump pulpit stooge and Reverend Jamal Bryant who diametrically opposed the groveling pastors.

While certain of the "groveling ones" exited the meeting for a staged on-camera Trump (star) worship session (first two embeds above), Think Progress joins other media in reporting on a not so loving forum.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, center, joins a group of African-American religious leaders to speak to reporters in New York, Monday, Nov. 30, 2015. Trump met with a coalition of African-American evangelical pastors and religious leaders in a private meeting at Trump Tower.

In the minutes following a closed-door meeting with black pastors on Monday afternoon, billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump touted the event as a huge success. More than 100 leaders of the black Christian community were in attendance, he said, and virtually no one asked him to change his often controversial tone regarding minorities and immigrants. 

“I thought it was an amazing meeting,” he said, flanked by about a half dozen pastors who said they would endorse the Republican frontrunner. “The beautiful thing [was] that they didn’t really ask me to change the tone. I think they really want to see victory, because ultimately it is about, we want to win and we want to win together.”

But not everyone who was present at the closed-door gathering fully agreed with Trump’s characterization of the event. Namely, Bishop Victor Couzens, who told ThinkProgress that the meeting was smaller and more critical than the candidate described 

I personally said to him, he needs to apologize. He needs to repent.

“That’s not true,” Couzens said when told about Trump’s assertion that he wasn’t asked to change his rhetoric. “We spent a lot of time just discussing the overall tone of the campaign. I personally said to him, he needs to apologize. He needs to repent.”

Couzens said he thought the meeting was largely respectful, and that Trump had good intentions. “My immediate reaction was that he overall is very engaged,” he said. “All in all, I do think his intention would be to try to build bridges across minority communities.”

But Couzens also said he was disheartened that Trump did not seem receptive to repeated requests that he soften his brash rhetoric surrounding Mexican immigrants, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the disabled community. Indeed, Couzens said the conversation “began to break down” when Trump was asked to apologize for several inflammatory remarks.

“I told him, you should apologize and repent — we’re called to own up to our bad behavior. That’s when his staff interrupted and said, ‘Why should he, why this why that,'” Couzens said. “He let his people answer for him. He didn’t seem to mind that.”