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Friday, May 4, 2018

Trump Speaks To Reporters: We Didn't Expect Much...We Got Less

Trump started his public day with an obviously planned set of brief appearances to address the last few days of Trumpocracy. From Rudy Giuliani through the Special Counsel investigation he peppered reporters with incoherent, inaccurate and phony utterances. 

Once very bold shot of Trump lying was his cover for Giuliani.  He actually insulted the intelligence of a majority of Americans by stating his loose canon attorney had just started in the White House the day before his remarks to Fox News's Trump frontman: Hannity. Giuliani just started yesterday? How about two weeks ago.
"Happy to meet with Mueller, would love to....."?  Well, his lawyers know he cannot tell the truth, thus he will lie. Doesn't he realize the reality of why his lawyers tell him no to a sit down with Mueller?
"Go look at what I said....." OK, we live in an age of video capture. Let's go look. It should be noted the very same reporter who posed the question Air Force One, asked today's question.
Another blurp of Trumpism came as he responded to a question about sitting for an investigation interview with Special Counsel Mueller.
Trump's comments continued as he approached Air Force One to fly over to Texas for a visit with a major campaign contributor: The NRA.  

It is becoming increasingly difficult to sit for cable news shows due to 24/7 minute to minute coverage of Trump's traveling reality TV show.  The throughout-the-day segments wouldn't be as hard to stomach if the nation's 45th President wasn't such a pathological liar.  He has peppered us with so many lies, I am unabashed in stating I now view the man the same as the fabled Chicken Little.  For me, his aura and tendencies to lie surpassed Pinocchio as he approached his electoral win in the fall of 2016. Thr lying hs grown to the level of an expectation. and therein lies the danger.

Trump's tendency to lie as a first thought can only be described as a pathological condition. Trump's pathological lying is the very reason his lawyers are abhorrent regarding his speaking with special Counsel Mueller. Of course, Trump may be lying about his wish to sit with Mueller.