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Monday, August 25, 2014

CNNI International Host Still Off The Air

Rosemary Church has not yet returned to the late night CNNI broadcast. How long will the network have Church sit-out a problem she induced via mind-boggling and intensive live remarks.

Some observers point to a reaction from Church's co-host as an indicting nonverbal reaction. As about as much of a reaction as any news professional dare enact. 


BuzzFeed capture the moment and a moment it was for certain. Linked.

I have read mixed reaction to Church's moment of inadvertent insensitivity. A common sentiment among a select minority is, "Well, I don't think she meant any harm, think she was trying to help the situation." Ahhh, quite probably true. However, Church's remarks show the extent to which people (who are very much insulted from militarized authorities) have grown insensitive and callous to treatment at the hand of the authorities.

Her comments also show a deep lack of knowledge regarding the history of civil unrest control.  The BuzzFeed link (above) Simply nails the problem with Water Control of protesting citizens.)  If we think a bit farther to South African apartheid use of Water Cannons shine as ugly as it gets. Furthermore, many of the tear gas use and heavy handed arrests were perpetrated against the innocents.  Did we see any such raw acts as Cliven Bundy's tax evasion militia gathered in the Nevada dessert?  A few days of unrest that literally found snipers aiming refiles at law enforcement and a few days that spurned at least two potential mass killers. Yet, we did not hear one newscast host espoused heavy-handed treatment of those white people protesters. Ultimately, Church showed personal acceptance of the need to deploy heavy-handed measures, of which we do not deny in isolated cases. But, the use of tear-gas, sound machine weapons (from trucks) and Church's water-cannons,  did or would show how humans would handle a pack of "animals" or a military war zone enemy. 

Lack of knowledge and outright "don't have a clue" reality is as dangerous as the overt racist. How many post concentration camp Germans claimed they simply did not know?  Alas, they either knew and did not care, they knew and were afraid to acknowledge, or they lived as Ms. Church in a vacuum that never reached the inner core of her scope of knowledge. 

Ms. Church will be back on CNNI after a period of "cleansing" absence. CNN knows as do we all a few days or weeks will offer opportunity to forget Church's dumb statement.