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Thursday, January 23, 2014

"If Your Paycheck Could Talk!"

A stark reality! And, actual military needs that do not match the 2014 military budgets.

How often have you heard this? "....we cannot afford it.!"  

It is as common to GOP mantra as their over use of the dog dog whistle "voter fraud" (when there is no voter fraud). Once I asked a dentist if he believed we should have universal care, he muttered "yes," and much more clearly asked, "But, how are we going to pay for it."

Let's post a bit of perspective right-up-front. Perspective from 2011.

military spending

Do we as a nation really have to spend as indicated above?

Yes of course, we are pointing our fingers at defense spending. After all, liberals work to develop this page. Well, not all conservatives have history of hawkishness which contributes to our military industrial complex and the bar chart posted above.  There are, or we should say have been high-level republicans who have spoken-out.  We exaggerate, there has been one very high-level republican who spoke-out against militarism rooted in revenues for corporate entities and lobbying money to members of congress.  Take a look and listen (2:31 minutes). You will find no other Republicans who has or will speak accordingly. In fact, you will find democrats who also support the data posted above.

National Priorities Project posted animated video on how federal spending is influenced its various components. Components that show military or defense spending as appearing excessive and over-blown rot he level of defense over-kill. 

Attribution via Upworthy: "This little ditty was made by the folks at National Priorities Project. Many more videos can be found on their YouTube channel.

Are we via the GOP members of Congress, cutting Supplemental Nutrition and assistance Programs (SNAP). Programs that feed less fortunate Americans, children, in some cases our elderly and active military families? 

Are we not fighting battles related to the Affordable Care Act with barrages of GOP mantra about costs? Costs factored against insuring millions and ridding the nation of draconian insurance policies, is a non-issue. Humanity should rule. Yet, "humanity" does  not rule with the GOP, despite facing data as depicted above.

Aren't we as a nation living in a Transportation Jurassic Era regarding rapid transit when compared against other nations.

Costs!  A critical factor in everyday life, but take a few minutes and listen to an NPR segment broadcast during morning drive time (today): Linked. You will be astounded how consideration of people and customers took a back set to cost to corporations (which are passed on to us as customers) contributed to the Target's hack-attack over this recently past holiday season.  Cost!  Again, the example doesn't relate to federal government spending, but "costs" are driving the US into Jurassic periods that in the long-term hurt average citizens. 

We cannot afford continental rapid transit, we cannot afford to modernize our credit card charging systems, we cannot afford, we cannot afford.  

We approach our review of defense spending as delineated above. How about a look at how Fox News presents the issue to its viewers? 

Of course, we recognize that our deficits and national spending are in areas of serious concern. We are paying for federal malfeasance reaped upon the nation since the early 1980s.  If you will take a few more minutes and locate any data related to how we got into the fiscal mess we now languish through, you will clearly see it has been very one-sided politically.

People should seriously wake-up and recognize the GOP is dangerous to the nation.

"....we cannot afford it!" ...."Can we afford it."

We posit, we cannot afford to not afford it!