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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cantor: The Tip Of The Iceberg!

An indication of all that is wrong in US politics: Eric Cantor. The Majority Leader laid himself to rest.

NBC noted that according to FEC campaign finance reports, Cantor spent $168,637 in payments at BLT Steak and Bobby Van's Steak House in 17 payments up to May 21.                                                                                                                                                     By contrast Brat's campaign spent $122,793 in the race.                                                                                                                         Cantor also raised far more than Brat in the race. Cantor campaign raised $5,447,290 and spent almost as much — $5,026,626. Brat raised just $206,663.

The following brief cell phone video of House Majority Leaders Eric Cantor is a tip of the iceberg of his political demise. Cantor speaking in a private session with oil speculators in mid-May 2011.

Do you recall a few years ago the talk of the nation was per gallon gasoline prices in the context of accusation Obama was doing nothing to lower "gas prices." As GOP accusations of Obama negligence became mantra, Eric Cantor was about the business of securing money from Wall Street oil speculators. Cantor clearly referenced paving the way for the speculators (to earn copious compensation) while he as House Leader role would 'run interference' moats against consumer protection legislation.

The House Majority Leader eventually succumbed to a Libertarian professor in part for failing to interaction similarly with his constituents. He failed to host a town hall meeting over the past five years.  When Cantor would on infrequent occasion go before a camera it was in the this manner (The first 18 seconds are relevant)If you clicked on the linked video you probably noticed Cantor delivered that comment within weeks of his Chicago visit with oil speculators (video embed above). 

Anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of gas price fluctuation knows cost per gallon will rise and ebb cyclically over-time. The problem for most people and the advantage to greedy politicians like Cantor: most do not understand gas price fluctuation. Moreover, most have no idea about futures trading in the oil products markets. On the contrary, Wall Street speculators the futures market and so does Cantor. Thus the 2011 Chicago quorum recorded by Campus Progress staff writer and ThinkProgress Blog Fellow Micah Uetricht. Cantor was the consummate politician and the pinnacle example of all that is wrong in US politics.

Cantor scrambled around the nation hobnobbing at a Koch mansion in the Hamptons , attending quasi-secretive Koch brothers junkets (events) and on overseas junkets (some at Tax Payer expense).

'Maybe he should have spent less time in Davos and more time in Culpepper,' a Republican strategist told Huffington Post reporter Jennifer Bendry. Davos is located in Switzerland near the Swiss Alps. Cantor took a congressional delegation here earlier this year on the taxpayer's dime
'Maybe he should have spent less time in Davos and more time in Culpepper,' a Republican strategist told Huffington Post reporter Jennifer Bendry. Davos is located in Switzerland near the Swiss Alps. Cantor took a congressional delegation here earlier this year on the taxpayer's dime.

Cantor and company were officially in Switzerland in January to attend the World Economic Forum, but they were slammed at the time by news outlets on the left and the right for ditching work to hang out at the ski resort pictured here

Read more: Linked above (Overseas Junkets)

Cannot literally laid himself wide open for his eventual demise. He became unpopular among most who interact with the Majority Leader.   

While most call it a night this past Tuesday thinking "Immigration" had sunk the Cantor ship, it become obvious within hours, he actually succumbed to a form of self-laid booby-trap.

If Cantor was actually enjoying steak with a group of lobbyist while losing to the libertarian Brat, I again state Cantor eventually stepped on a landmine it took him over 13 years to plant. He lot track of where he planted his own demise.

Monday, April 28, 2014

GOP Districts Showing Signs of ACA Acceptance! OOPs!

The US House of Representatives, laden with tea party anti-government functionaries, has fought the implementation of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act since swearing 
into the 112th Congress in January 2011. The nation fell for the "game" of Koch brothers's well oiled (via funding) political operatives who took a Koch tea party dream to reality and functionality. The electorate handed President Obama and the Democrats "a shellacking," according to President Obama. 

The House of OZ, has accomplished much since 2011. The House has performed without question subservient to the Koch brothers and other conservative oligarchs. 
We have experienced an international Standard & Poor's credit downgrade from AAA to a nationally embarrassing lower rating. 
We have experienced a government shutdown so wanton by some in the GOP, and in Congress, since they took the House.  
We are still dealing with a Sequester.  
We have million not receiving unemployment payments because the GOP will not place renewal of the payments up for a vote. 
Opportunity for the first stages of national rapid trail has been thwarted by GOP governors.  
GOP governors have also deprived millions in their states of opportunity for life sustaining healthcare and the most glaring example deprives the elderly and the disabled: Medicaid Expansion. 
We can go on for an hour about the failings of the House of OZ.  We have yet to touch on the key point of this piece: Lagging interest in ACA repeal votes. We will get there in a bit.

It is important to remember the origins of our current state of federal governance. I am linking to a piece related to the genesis of a tea party that has literally taken the nation to a new low regarding aid to Americans who need aid and the lowest Congressional ratings in US history.  

Basically, the Koch brothers and all they do is bad for the nation. Plain and simple without lots of flowery words and fanfare, these men are dangerous to the greater good of the United States, and rest assured via their money, they would be Kings.  

We have developed this piece with concern for the reality that is starting to manifest. A reality we knew would be the eventual outcome. The Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare) is working its way into mainstream US psyche. It is a vital piece of legislation. Despite the humane benefit for millions, the GOP has adopted and developed strategy to deliver on a major Libertarian paradigm: anti health care reform.

The House has served the wishes of the Kochs and other oligarchs in a most heinous way. House speaker Boehner and Majority leader Cantor have enacted 54 repeal ACA votes. If you are not aware estimates are each vote int eh House votes cost approximately $1.4 to $1.6 million USD per vote. The math leads me here: 54 votes X $1.4 million per vote = $75.6 million USD!!!  

When will the nation learn and react to the fallacy of GOP governance?  If you need data to accept the premise of my question, find it here or the same piece here (ONLY for data brainiacs). Yet, we continue to place GOP officials in office, while too quickly forgetting the horrors of governance like that of George W. Bush. 

After five years of patiently watching the tea party and alleged anti-big government House literally waste millions on frivolous repeal the ACA votes, the inevitable is happening. The ACA is winning and shining yet another light on bad GOP policy and practice.

The Talking Points Memo is reporting (with effective charts) the extent to which Canto and Boehner have led the nation down a path that should end with each leaving the House of Representative. Since, they are safe in their districts, voters should as a minimum send them back to minor House leadership roles via giving the Democrats a majority in the House.

“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”

Obamacare Repeal Loses Support In Republican Districts (CHARTS)

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

In "tier 1 Republican seats" -- which the survey identified as the most competitive -- the poll found an 10-point swing among voters in the direction of "implement" during the same time period.
Read much more at TPM 

When Ted Cruz goes before audiences with ".....we should repeal every word of Obamacare." it is critical to know he is simply politicking. He knows the truth. He knows the GOP is losing the repeal battles to sane Americans who are seeing the good of the ACA.

I wonder how many SNAP families could have benefited from the $75.6 million wasted by Boehner, Cantor and their GOP House.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fitch Issues a Credit Rating Warning! Ameircans Know Who Is Driving The Train Wreck

The GOP keeps pushing.  

USA Today is reporting Fitch has issued a warning about the US AAA Credit Rating. As you read on, we ask that you keep in mind the federal government shutdown has been in the works for at least two to three years. Our research indicates it has genesis in uber wealthy plutocrats who sue political contributions (and only heaven knows other forms of enticements) to influence right-wing politicians.

Fitch issues warning on U.S. credit rating

Fitch Ratings said Tuesday it has placed its top rating on U.S. government's long-term debt on review for a possible downgrade, citing the drawn-out debate over raising the nation's debt limit. 
"Although Fitch continues to believe that the debt ceiling will be raised soon, the political brinkmanship and reduced financing flexibility could increase the risk of a U.S. default," the ratings agency said. 
The Treasury Department has said the emergency measures it has been using to manage the nation's finances under the existing debt limit will run out Thursday.

The signs are there and it appears the US House of Representatives (House Republicans) do not care. Boehner, Cantor and their tea party caucus are busily working to deflect their shutdown on Democrats and the president. Their failure in defunding the ACA has turned into an international embarrassment and has pushed the middle class to a cliff over and abyss of financing ruin.

If we look back a couple of days and a couple of news reports on the GOP Shutdown, the GOP mantra of "The American People" fizzles like most GOP presidential campaign.

Martin Bashir, MSNBC video segment. Linked

Nearly three-quarters of Americans disapprove of Republicans' handling of the budget crisis, according to an ABC/Washington Post poll released Monday. 
Disapproval of the GOP, which has risen steadily since just before the government shutdown began, is now at 74 percent, up 11 points from late September. 
A majority of Americans are also discontented with Democrats' role in the budget negotiations. But disapproval ratings for Democrats in Congress and for President Barack Obama, both of which started at a lower level than disapproval of Republicans in Congress, have remained largely unchanged in the past two weeks. Sixty-one percent of Americans now dislike congressional Democrats' handling of the crisis, while 53 percent dislike Obama's. Those are rises of only 5 points and 3 points, respectively, from before the shutdown began.
Republicans themselves are increasingly negative about their lawmakers. In the latest survey, Americans who identified as Republican were about evenly split on congressional Republicans' performance, with 47 percent giving them a thumbs-down. Sixty-three percent of "very conservative" Republicans, however approve
Other surveys have found similarly bleak results for the GOP. A Gallup poll last week showed the party's rating at a record low, while an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, also released last week, found that Americans assigned Republicans far more blame for the shutdown. The latter survey also found evidence of an "ideological boomerang” against the GOP, with support rising for a Democratic-controlled Congress, Obama's health care law and an expanded role for government.
Suicide is ugly whether committed by a person or a political party.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Boehner In Denial, The Dissident 23, Money For Some To End Shutdown

The self-proclaimed and the shadowy Republicans in Congress caught in a stampede of political posturing.

We know they are there: the overt and the shadowy. Some are hiding behind an opportunity for a secret vote.  All are like rare zoo specimens. They will vote to pass a Clean Government Budget Resolution, if given a chance to vote. We call the more overt of the specimen: "23 Men Out."  

Speaker of the House Boehner knows they are there. He also knows there are more in the shadows who have forsaken the failed GOP strategy born of David and Charles Koch.  Yet, Boehner takes an all to familiar position of knowing the truth, but acting out his role of none seeing ad subservient follower. He reminds of this guy when he claims,"There are not enough votes to ass a clean bill."

No Boehner "did not even get up this morning," but he knows the defund Obamacare strategy failed, and he is left holding his golf clubs and cigarette.

We have posted (below) an image of the Dissident 23, and we have published at least one piece over the past week showing how they are not part of the money trail associated with the defunding effort. 

Two quick MSNBC segments before we move to the Open Secrets Dissident 23 .

Let's have a vote!
Congressman Barton from Texas who apologized to BP for Obama's ire and seriousness regarding a BP clean-up spoke with Greg Melvin, MSNBC.  This guy is dweeb tea party personified.
Each clip above spoke to how Boehner could not help, but know he has managed a lost strategy. Notice how Barton attempted to move GOP issues beyond ObamaCare.

The Dissident 23: Sane and 'stand-up' Republicans. Look carefully. These specimens are few and very far between and could be dissolving towards extinction.

Re-Blog for Open Secrets and The Center for Responsive Politics: The Money Behind the Republicans who want to End the Shutdown.
 OpenSecrets Blog

The Money Behind the Republicans Who Want to End the Shutdown

The 23 House Republicans who have said they're willing to pass a "clean" budget bill and end the shutdown have, on average, received more in contributions from the defense sector, labor unions and the House GOP leadership than their colleagues -- backing that could play a role in their decision to break ranks.

The 23 lawmakers -- identified by the Huffington Post using public statements they've made indicating they'd favor an unencumbered budget bill -- have received an average of $14,530 in the 2014 campaign cycle from the defense sector. The average House Republican has received just $12,000 from defense interests. Defense has been hit hard by the government shutdown, as thousands of employees for contractors like Lockheed Martin and Boeing have been furloughed. Republican lawmakers from Virginia are especially vulnerable to the shutdown, as they come from districts heavily dependent on Pentagon contracts. Two Virginia Republicans on the list of 23, Reps. Rob Wittman and Randy Forbes, were the top recipients of defense contributions: Wittman received $66,850 and Forbes received $52,500. Other top recipients from this sector were New Jersey congressmen Jon Runyan, who received $34,800, and Frank LoBiondo, who received $23,800. Unions -- traditionally supporters of Democratic candidates -- have also contributed large sums to many of the Republicans on this list. Their average contribution of $23,022 is well above $6,280, the average amount they donated to House Republicans in general in the first six months of 2013. The top labor recipient on the list was Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.), who was given a whopping $106,500 by unions, many of which are in the public sector. Finally, many of the nearly two dozen lawmakers have received generous contributions from House leadership -- in contrast to some of the most hardcore dissidents who want to keep the government closed unless the Democrats make major policy concessions. Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) benefited most, among those on the list, from leadership PAC money, receiving a total of $92,195. Among those PACs that have contributed to him are House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)'s "Freedom Project" PAC, which gave him $5,000, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.)'s "Every Republican is Crucial" PAC, which gave him $10,000. The other top recipient of leadership money on this list was Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), who received a $10,000 contribution from Cantor's PAC as well.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Empty Chairs" (GOP Photo Op) ...Like Ryan And The Soup Kitchen Photo Op in 2012

Do you recall Paul Ryan's fake visit to a soup kitchen during the 2012 presidential campaign? If you fail to remember how Ryan and the GOP goes about their business we offer a couple of quick reminders: the now famous Ryan (and Family) Soup Kitchen visit.
A.) Soup Pantry with pantry executive comment.
B.) Anecdotal with family introductions and (not so complementary music dubbed over)

Did you notice that Ryan used his family as active participants in the rouse?

It appears the GOP (with Ryan at center-point) is at it again. The following GOP (shutdown) photo opportunity is about as fake a depiction of the GOP as I have ever witnessed.

The following memes came from Facebook pages. I find them both interesting, telling and very sad. We have very wealthy people who secure positions in Congress, the continue to enrich themselves. They do nothing beyond obstruct President Obama and progress towards a better society. They play child-like games in fighting for party platform items the majority of voters voted against in 2012. Did they actually attempt to throw-in the Keystone XL Pipeline?  They practice GOP mind and paradigm alteration on those foolish enough to buy the game. They do so as "high information" people watch with disdain and contempt.

As you view the memes, think about when you have ever seen Eric Cantor without a suit jacket?  Think again about the soup pantry, and you might find the source of this shenanigan. It has Paul Ryan written all over it, and it stinks.

"Empty Chairs" ( per Rachel Maddow).

Do you think members of the 113th Congress who sat for the picture really think as do most of us? Do you seriously believe their most important focus is the public? Of course, any Democrat who would be crass enough to join this charade photo op. could also show with millions in income. No worries, the chance of  Democrat pulling a charade like the following is nil. Party leaders would better control if a member of the Democratic Party the urge to "play the American people" so cheaply. 

If we exclude meme verbiage  we have the perfect picture for "low information" people.

Linked image

The next meme rendition is a bit colloquial regarding use of the word "Chicks," but it makes a clear point about the GOP.  The representatives depicted in the image are truly representative a party that is 92% white and very much male oriented and male dominated.  

Linked image

Rachel Maddow lays it out in very frank terms.

Full link:

Martin Bashir earlier yesterday, address the "Empty Chair" Ploy. We are pleased MSNBC did not provide audio for the segment (Cantor's oratory). High information people simply do not like to be played (manipulated).

Full link: http://video.msnbc.msn

The GOP is on a crusade that is as flawed as the Bush/Cheney US charge into Iraq.  The  ACA is law (constitutionally supported law).  The 2012 election was one by a candidate who signed the legislation into law. The ACA is benefiting millions and will benefit millions more as time passes. How can a sane person move beyond feeling the GOP is operating "according to Koch," in their dogmatic attempts to chip away at the ACA?
I hear the daily refrain of "we are doing what the American people want!" Well, actually no. The very polls that GOP members of congress use to support their charade also indicate, poll respondents have no interest in a shutdown federal government.

Since, the GOP uses the mantra: "We are doing what the American People want!" Why did they completely ignore the 92% of survey respondents who want background checks for firearms purchases and tightening the Gun Show Laws?

This federal government shutdown is a GOP farce and indicative of the extent to which the party allows itself to "brain fart."

Monday, September 30, 2013

Quick Hit: CNN POLL "Shut er down"


Other than commenting about my continued lack of use for John King, we will post this video segment without additional comment.

As the clock moves towards the GOP Shutdown.

Raising The Minimum Wage Is A Job Killer! And, Sarah Palin Can See Russia From Her House!
Well, here I go. I should avoid reading information that points a finger at conservative paradigms as deleterious to the good of the greater society. 

The GOP as functionary operatives of "all things" business is as reliable as the 24 hour clock. Does it surprise anyone conservative leaders of the US House resists any consideration of raising the national minimum wage? If that surprises you, you should stop reading here and now; save the time.

We also shouldn't be alarmed with House Leader Cantor's personal mission as killer of Over-time Pay. Imagine a wealthy political leader as a proponent and driver of taking Over-Time Pay away from the American worker? As is typical Cantor reasons that the quality of family life has suffered from working mothers being outside the home. Really!!! He proposes supplanting pay for hours worked over 40 hours per week with "Comp-time" (compensatory time-off). Really!!! The proposal seems written by corporation in the American Legislative Exchange Council and handed off to the House Leader.  If the legislation originated in the Koch brothers sponsored ALEC, I cannot help be wonder if the instructions included behavioral suggestion like:

 "When you speak of this piece of legislation always appear empathetic to the family, have ample numbers of mothers standing nearby and do not use humor."  

How crass and in-your face are GOP efforts to support their major constituents: Big business? 

The reoccurring kerfuffle surrounding the minimum wage since President Obama mentioned the need to increase the wage to $9.00 per hour has a led to conservative and GOP "derangement" second only to Obama 2008 election win. 

Raising the Minimum Wage is a jobs killer!

In February of this year, Adam Ozimek, writing for Forbes published a detailed piece about conservative visceral considerations regarding the minimum wage. 

To start, let me use two very broad, definitely overly generalized views of the poor that nevertheless would loosely apply to many. Conservatives view poverty as a problem of the poor not working hard enough. Or perhaps they view them as having too high of a discount rate. In either case they think poverty at least in part reflects the choices of the poor to use lower effort than they could, and their low pay reflects a fair return on their effort. 
Liberals in contrast view those in poverty as generally working hard, but having some combination of low marginal product and perhaps having their wages held down by monopsonists, or “too much” labor market competition, or something giving employers “too much” power. Or perhaps liberals recognize that some of poverty is because of low effort, but that low effort is endogenous to a lack of opportunities or resources at a young age, or perhaps facing too low of market rewards. 
These different frameworks imply different optimal welfare policies. For liberals, the best policies are simply transfers. For conservatives, optimal welfare incentizes “better” behavior. While a liberal would be willing to give an unconditional weekly transfer as welfare, a conservative would prefer that the worker be incentivized to work harder and actually earn the transfer with more labor productivity. 
So given that conservatives want the poor to work harder and earn their welfare, there are a few ways to achieve this. EITC provides higher marginal pay which incentives more hours of work. But surely for many workers it would be more optimal to “work harder” or “smarter” with hours of work unchanged. This is supported by the fact that for a given worker most of their lifetime increase in wages comes via higher productivity per hour rather than just more hours. Better to incentivize a form of earnings growth is sustainable over the long-run.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Morning Java: GOP Makes Shutting Down The US Governmet An Official Strategy

Enjoy while the caffeine kicks-in!!!!

How about some "Obama Derangement Syndrome" to go along with your Sumatra,  Kopi Luwak IndonesianKenya AA, Tanzanian, French Roast, Kona Coast, 'Black Ivory' [Thai Elephant Dong],  Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Costa Rican, Espresso,  Moyobama Peruvian Organic, Indonesian Blend, Coffee Latte, Kauai Blend (often bitter), Colombian Red Lips, or your Folgers 100% Colombian.
                                 Coffees of the World

Need say no more!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

MSNBC and GOP Economic Fallacy Plus Conservative Economic Folly (VIDEO)

It really is not hard to convert from a low information person to one who is informed and insulated from GOP and Fox News propaganda, in other words: "high information." The following relates to GOP economic fallacy and conservative economic reality. We offer the piece as a dual purpose mix of Obama economic performance and callousness from the GOP. 

(Each chart linked to source...good reads. CLICK chart)

Forty-seven (47) percent of the 60 percent of eligible US voters voted for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  As those voters cast those votes, they literally voted for the entire GOP platform and GOP economic policy all the way back to Ronald Reagan. While facing such obvious and empirical data about the impact of long-term GOP economic policy, people will flock to the voting booths and pull that lever or push that button. They existentially and figuratively, an uncommon mix, enact flushing a toilet on their own livelihood.  While the GOP harbors the vasts majority of Top 20 percent voters, there are millions upon millions who are so indoctrinated and guided by social paradigms, they follow GOTP Pied Pipers into a middle and lower income strata slaughterhouse.  

Such voters are dangerous to the common good of the greater society. They cast votes against humanity and walk-away thinking they have given the finger to minorities  LGBT people, and, yes, in many cases the poor. Some are even low information enough to think they have voted against "spending." MSNBC ran a few segments within the past 36 hours, which delve very effectively into the psyche that drives Right-wing propaganda. 

The segments are a bit long, but each segment is relevant from start to finish. 

Ed Schultz, The Ed Show

Al Sharpton, Politics Nation

Now for a 1:34 minute segment of the hypocrisy, insanity, and callousness of GOP leadership.  These two men, Cantor and Boehner, spent part of their five-week vacation hobnobbing at exclusive TOP 1% events.  While, we recognize the majority of the TOP 1% gives less than a damn about people with less means, Cantor and Boehner as so allured by money, they brashly attend and speak at such events. They do so while cutting programs that feed the needy. 

Melissa Harris-Perry, MHP

There is nothing like an image, or two, to drive home a message.
If we take the image legend below, parse it at the 15% bar, and view the associated mapped image, we have to wonder if the GOP has gone insane.  Or, if they are driven by orders from their funders.  As you view the various shades of brown, starting at the 15% bar, think of people you know who are unfortunate in their need for food assistance. It is also more critical to see many of the more brown states are GOP voting bloc states. 

In fact, you and me are just mishap away from the need for SNAP assistance with the loss of a job, natural disaster, or as we grow older.
Contrary to your belief the GOP mantra of "Food Stamps" is a a strike against poor black people, we offer.
If you are elderly and receiving food assistance via the SNAP Program, may the heavens help you, your GOP does not care. 
To close our "double entendre" (none appreciation for the economic improvements from Obama, and GOP callousness towards the poor and less fortunate-even if temporary, we ask.
"Who elects these people?" 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Connect The Dots USA: "United We Bargain, Divided We Beg."

 "United we bargain, divided we beg." 


OK, we all know the GOP and many conservatives literally hate collective bargaining (unions).  Is it a leap to realize many industrialist are denizens of Top 20 percent through Top 1 percenters and occupy the upper echelons?  Now, take the deduction to the next level, is it  a leap to think those industrialist would be anti-union? 

As depicted below, we are experiencing with yet another major policy change given to the nation by one Ronald Reagan.  If you want to really see something horrid check out the following include Top 1 percent piece.  I have focused on two graphic representations for a point. First, we have to know income disparity is tied to the nonproliferation of collective bargaining. Name a president who proudly and summarily dealt a blow to collective bargaining via a past air traffic controller's strike.  Yes, you  are correct!


What you have viewed above are matters of GOP Policy. Supply-side economics, "trickle-down", has one significant flaw: it did not trickle. Reagan-nomics was "voodoo economics" and a policy insemination from the GOP.  Yes, we were inseminated (to keep it clean). And, the policy facilitated erosion of the middle class via erosion of collective bargaining. As unions proliferated, many non-union companies developed, maintained, and enforced polices based on competitive union benefits and pay. If collective bargaining is a 'goner', as the GOP wishes, do you think it could be like fishing in an "alcohol lake."  If we continue to see erosion of collective bargaining, Cantor's elimination of over-time pay reaches reality. 

Connect The Dots USA

If you’re a worker bee, unions are your friend. Our only leverage against the rich and powerful is in our collective numbers. United we bargain, divided we beg. 
When the middle class was strongest after World War II, 35% of the workforce was unionized. Unions fought for the 40-hour work week, paid vacations, health benefits, the minimum wage, child labor laws and safe workplaces — things we all take for granted now. Back then, even folks who weren’t in unions respected them because they understood that unions were increasing the standards and norms for ALL workers.
After three decades of Republican union busting and bashing, only 12% of the workforce is unionized (6% in the private sector). You can also see on the green line how the income share (% of all the income generated in the country each year) of the middle class generally has tracked down right along with union participation. Meanwhile, the income share of the Top 1% went from 9% in 1977 to more than 23% in 2007 — about the same share they were taking right before the 1929 Great Depression.
Is it any wonder workers have crappy wages and no power? Claims that unions are the cause of our economic woes just don’t fit with the facts (the graph would be going the other direction).
 "United we bargain, divided we beg." 

Connect's statement above is all to poignant.  We think in the very same terms with the GOP as a collective political entity. We also extrapolate the passage to conservative America. We do so not out of angst, we do so because they flock to voting places and pull levers for candidates like McCain/Palin, Romney/Ryan. Michelle Bachmann, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, Scott Walker (WISC.), Steve King and (shamefully) Gohmert of Texas.  We shouldn't be so specific  we should be more universal on the matter. We do so because the GOP is 100% anti-collective bargaining;  that affects you and me.