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Friday, June 16, 2017

Fox Goes Rightwing Hate After Deranged Trump Hater Baseball Practice Attack

After this week's suicide by cop of the Republican congressional baseball team practice shooter, some on the right (very public figures) have embarked on what seems a case (or cause) for violence. The more visible of the lot happen to work at FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network). 

We really do not expect rational and nationally cohesive programming  from FOXPEN as the network isn't a news network; it has a business model which focuses on specific demographics (on the white male age 35 to death and in many cases his wife of significant other) while serving as the communication go to place for the Republican Party and America's conservatives. As is the case with all business mission and goals, its major focus is giving the customer (viewer) what they want: a basic requirement of all for-profit businesses. A model which leads to frequent far-right rhetoric, unabashed demagoguery and a consistent aura of anti-minority broadcasting. 

We are now speaking about the need to find common cause in Washington DC. Well, trust us, total cohesiveness will never take place as such doesn't fit the political stratagems of the GOP. What would the party be without that dedicated southern block of states which are an will remain red throughout our lifetime? What would the GOP be if it did not have a solid lock on far western states with an exception for California Oregon and Washington State? How would the party (consistently) win elections if it wasn't successful via pitting certain white voting blocs against African-American and Latinos? The 1970s "Southern Strategy" is as real and critical to the GOP as its white male oriented aura and over-the-top claims of Christian purity. All with over-the-top exhortations to violence throughout the Trump campaign. 

Take a look at a meme with images of people who were reported to have followed Trump's orders to hate on the press, hate on perceived non-supporter and people who were Trump supporters in general.

We readily admit cases of anti-Trump supporters harassing Trump supporters, yet we truly believe that cases are fewer and with much less violence. We will avoid capturing cases of Trump su[orters harassing non Fox News media for sake of time and web space.

We opened with comments about Fox News's mission regarding all things Trump, all things conservative and other related matters.  We offer a set of Facebook or Twitter posts with video and comment from Fox News demagogues as well as comment from the ever-present and totally irresponsible Newt Gingrich.

No liberal ideology isn't at the root of all things bad in our society. 

A quick consideration regarding Gingrich. He seems to have found cause to reverse his position on former FBI Director Mueller as Special Counsel in the Trump/Russia investigation.

Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down

Just over one month later!

Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. Look who he is hiring.check fec reports. Time to rethink.

Excuse the Gingrich exhibition. He is as credible as any Fox News host.
Fox News (as bad as it is) host Melissa Franics took on camera exception to Gingrich's demagogery.

So ugly, so dangerous and so divisive yet no surprise.

Fortunately, there are counter-voices in media. a few words from a true professional and a person grounded in rational thought and no FOXPEN contract.


Friday, April 28, 2017

Another FOX Guys Goes Carnal

Rational Americans do not consider Fox News an actual news source. Yes, my thoughts are rational Americans are not deep right TV viewers and rational Americans recognize Fox for what it is: an entertainment network replete with a plethora of behind the scenes sexual escapades....FOXPEN (fox Propaganda And Entertainment Network).

Sexual escapades? 

Exhibit One: Posted to YouTube in 2016

Anna Kooiman

More, why even wear any lower extremity garments?  Link.

Heather Neuert 

The Fox Show Outnumebred's couch is classic ratings booming

Gretchen Carlson walked away from Fox with a $20 million settlement after she secretly recorded Roger Ailes sexual harassment advances. 

Well, Ms. Carlson certainly played the Fox model to the max.

And, this one seemed to literally raise her skirt after direction from off camera.

Even after the Ailes firing with reports of $40 million in contract payouts, the network persevered with its apparent looseness with on camera exhibitions of flesh, snide carnal related remarks and a top host who has now been fired ($25 million payouts) for allegations of sexual harassment.  

Yet, that old adage has hit Fox News again. Basically, if you don't clean the gutters why even have gutters? Fox obvious fosters an atmosphere of "king-men", playing scantily clad women like revolving trophies.

Corporate culture is like corporations Ten Commandments. If the top subscribes to viewing woman employees as available meat, it tends to do that conservative thing of trickling-down though highly regard personalities who have network clout. 

Over the near past, Carlson commented on the radio show of her Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade about the Foxs policy of not wearing pants while on Fox News news sets.

After the O'Reilly firing, what did Fox do regarding their evening line-up? They place a well-known Fox operative in an evening slot. O'Reilly traveling henchman, Jesse Waters, moved into an available slot. Well, it took mere days for Waters to show his Fox News culture. And, he did so on the very show, The Five, which was recently criticized for implications of a leggy camera chair model and carnal excitement leading to a national erection.

Media Matters For America

BOB BECKEL (CO-HOST): Instead of cutting every fact I've got and just saying, and laughing it off, because it's -- you know, it's four to one as it is. You might want to take some facts you don't like, because a lot of them have do with -- 
ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): Alright, give us one. Just give us one. 
KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE (CO-HOST): All right, look at this -- waah, waah, crybaby. Call your camp counselor. 
DANA PERINO (CO-HOST): Poor Bob, no. 
BECKEL: Call your dressmaker, I mean -- 
GUILFOYLE: And give him a raise, that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. 
GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): You are giving America a raise.  
GUILFOYLE: Oh my god.

You might ask, what did Waters do?

The full interview replete with a Trump comment about a father who has a history of viewing woman similar to the Fox news model. 

It didn't seem the head of the International Money Fund found Trump's response with any level of veracity common sense. 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Obama, Hillary, 60 Minutes And Hateful Fox News!

            What a Small Person?
"It's the Same Old Song."  Fox News highly paid demagogues attempt to 'trash' 60 Minutes Obama/Hillary Clinton interview.

A few days before the Fox News Segment below Carlson Tweeted the following.

The administration boasts about sending women to the front lines on the same day Democrats push the Violence Against Women Act.
"Taliban" Carlson was in classic form.  Say whatever it takes to getting the revenue flowing via entertaining those who find his drivel satiating. Even the off-handed mention of a man beating his wife, is disgusting.  I should say disgusting to most people. Obviously Carlson does not see the horror in this drivel.  

Even more intriguing, I read nor heard any outcry of contempt form Fox News, nor Fox news viewers.  When people do not speak out against wrongs they are factually an enabler  Where are the sane Fox News viewers? I suspect I answered my question with the last sentence.

By the way, the video segment was broadcast on January 28, 2013.

Do you guys actually vote as do these people? 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fox News Covers the Libya Consulate Killings As Mindlessly As Other Coverage

UPDATE: The Atlantic as of this afternoon is reporting the developer of the film is not an Isreali. LINKED I; LINKED II (more on the film developer)
The long and the short of it!

The Atlantic is reporting on the killing of the Americans in an attack on the US Embassy in Libya.  The US Ambassador to the nation was killed (suspicion is suffocation in a rocket Propelled Grenade attack and fire), and three other State Department employees were also killed.

NPR reported this morning the attack on the embassy was incited by an American's mockery of the Prophet Mohammad.

The Atlantic piece includes the 13:00 plus minute video and comment about the now famously insane Terry Jones' (Georgia Baptist preacher) involvement in promoting the video.  Jones is not responsible for development of the film as has been reported previously.

The foolishness of a moneyed Isreali-American, and promotion via an insane American now have contributed to the deaths of four of our countrymen.

How about the insanity of the Right -wing propaganda network, Fox News,  handling of the killings?

Exhibit I.

Fox and Friends books and Obama hater, Author Bruce Herschensohn, who is hawking a book.  In this segment there was not mention of the Israeli American who produced the  video and who is now in hiding. (I assume the reporting is factual and not yet another example of Fox News developing false stories to draw viewers).

Exhibit II.

Doocy and Kilmeade have  Dr. Keith Albow, "Normal and Nuts" [quirky personality traits] guy,  as a guest in the segment. Albow fulfills his Fox News role in as ridiculous a manner as any I have ever seen.   Albow talks about a movie that is "free speech in this country".  In this country!  He ends the segment by labeling those who protest and nuts, and 'we are not". Well, yes, the attack was outside the realm of normal protest in our culture. It was also incited via the callous attack on an Islamic Prophet. What makes, them "nuts" and us "normal"? I guess what makes them nuts and us normal is Albow saying so.  He never once said one word about the psychological malfunctions of people who continue to incite regrading the Muslim Faith. The deaths did not take place in the United Stets, and yes the deaths are deplorable.

As I turned away from the Fox News coverage this morning, I recall Doocy ending a segment and as the show moved to commercial he commented, "..something needs to be done, they are burning our flag...."  Question for Mr. Doocy. What can president Obama and Hilary Clinton do beyond the actions they have taken so fa today? The incident took pale during hours in which we as nation slept. Early morning reactions from both Obama and Clinton have been swift and condemning.  Would the least credible of all television hosts recommend, nuking the nation of Libya?  Would he, as I am sure McCain and Lindsey Graham will say, insert troops?

I think we can rest assured the Obama Administration will take proper measures  where measures can be applied.

The one question that goes unanswered and unaddressed by the Fox New Propaganda and GOP Public Relations Network is, "What about the actions of the Israeli-American Real Estate Developer, should be addressed?

Have we returned to a time of the "UGLY-American" with all the world judged by our standards, values and mores`?   I truly hope not because we do not have a 'clean and sanitized' society to hold up as a model.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Daily GOP Ignominious: FOX NEWS Caught Again! Be Careful Fox Viewers

Fox And Friends
Do these two look like two people, "CAUGHT"!

Fox News is well known for creatively deceptive reporting of news and the network is the master of the 'false graphics".  One would think the network has employed the ghost of Andrew Brietbart or the mentally diminished James O'Keefe (fake ACORN PIMP).

A while I continue to have no surprises from any corporation owned by Ruppert Murdoch one would think Fox News would learn a lesson.   It is as if their producers and ads writers awaken some mornings with full intent to do stupid and criminally amateurish reporting. As I often quip, it is kind of like General George Armstrong Custer awakening that fateful day at the Little Big Horn and saying, guess I will go over there an annoy Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Gall (Indian chiefs et. al). For those producers and writers, like Custer, things just do not always workout according to plan.

This morning was , 'just one of those days'.

Huffington Post - MEDIA
Liberal watchdog Media Matters noticed a discrepancy in the figures:

fox and friends

The show's mistake was to compare the official unemployment figure in 2009 with the so-called "real" unemployment figure in 2012. That figure takes into account data which is not included in the official number, such as people who have stopped looking for work. Thus, it is always higher than the official figure. (Official unemployment is actually .3 percentage points higher than in 2009, while "real" unemployment is .7 percentage points lower. 
Fox News told Mediaite that a correction will air on tomorrow's "Fox & Friends."

Media Matters Video (Also linked in text above) Listen at the disgusting and mumbling Laura Ingraham.

As I am certain you have read the Media Matters piece on the latest example of Fox News manipulation the minds of their viewers,  I will end this screed with the following words.

  • Do they not know, we know these are intentional lies and misrepresentations.
  • Do they not know that they are being watched and monitored? 
  • Do they not care they being busted speaks to their professionalism? This is not an isolated case of outright lying.
  • Do they not respect their sycophant viewers more than the exhibition above?
  • Do they not care that propaganda has been employed by many deceitful people throughout history, and all of those people suffered sad ends?
  • Does the phrase 'Yellow Journalism" not bother the owners, managers and producers of the network?  the on-air personalities are not smart enough to question the data; if they did they would broadcast it as ordered.

If you are a regular viewer of Fox News, you are either so preoccupied hating progressive America and your president, or your have little respect for information that enters your brain.  In other word, maybe you do not mind being lied to and manipulated.

Do not forget the Fox and Friends on-camera robots will speak a retraction and correction tomorrow morning. I think I will catch the retraction view Media Matters. I will not subject my brain to Fox News in any manner or form.

....And The Band Plays On......