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Sunday, October 15, 2017

The GOP's Kochs At Work

If you need a reminder of the fallacy of GOP politician's frequent comments regarding turning human services and social programs over to the states know it is longstanding strategy akin to the functional spider web of a venous spider.

"The states" to the GOP us tantamount to shepherding policy into the slaughterhouse of GOP policy shaped by the Americans Legsistivaive Exchange Council (ALEC).    (The BackRoom video)

ALEX works its corporate proliferation of model legislation to GOP legislators at the state level.  We ask that you keep that word and that reality of "State" in mind as you read further into this piece.

First a revisit with ALEC.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a nonprofit organization of conservative state legislators and private sector representatives who draft and share model state-level legislation for distribution among state governments in the United States.[2][3][4]
ALEC provides a forum for state legislators and private sector members to collaborate on model bills—draft legislation that members may customize and introduce for debate in their own state legislatures.[5][6][7] ALEC has produced model bills on a broad range of issues, such as reducing regulation and individual and corporate taxation, combating illegal immigration, loosening environmental regulations, tightening voter identification rules, weakening labor unions, and opposing gun control.[8][9][10][11] Some of these bills dominate legislative agendas in states such as Arizona, Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Maine.[12]  Approximately 200 model bills become law each year.[8][13]ALEC also serves as a networking tool among certain state legislators, allowing them to research conservative policies implemented in other states.[10] Many ALEC legislators say the organization converts campaign rhetoric and nascent policy ideas into legislative language.[5] 
ALEC's activities, while legal,[14] received public scrutiny after being reported by liberal groups in 2011 and after news reports from outlets such as The New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek described ALEC as an organization that gave corporate interests outsized influence.[8][9] Resulting public pressure led to a number of legislators and corporations withdrawing from the organization.....

Source Watch 
About ALEC
ALEC is a corporate bill mill. It is not just a lobby or a front group; it is much more powerful than that. Through ALEC, corporations hand state legislators their wishlists to benefit their bottom line. Corporations fund almost all of ALEC's operations. They pay for a seat on ALEC task forces where corporate lobbyists and special interest reps vote with elected officials to approve “model” bills. Learn more at the Center for Media and Democracy's, and check out breaking news on our site

Support for ALEC

.....Trade Associations and Foundations

Corporate trade groups and other non-profit groups also make donations to ALEC of undisclosed sums. Examples include the NRA, the American Bail Association, and the American Petroleum Institute. There are also others listed here
Additionally, ALEC has received millions from right-wing foundations created by corporate CEOs or their heirs over the years and which advance a corporate agenda through donations. Here are some of the foundations that are or have been donors to ALEC:
The Charles G. Koch Foundation and Claude R. Lambe Foundation-- both are Koch Family Foundations that Charles Koch is centrally involved in. Charles Koch is the CEO of Koch Industries, the "largest privately owned energy company in the nation."[12] Other groups it has funded include the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, the Institute for Humane Studies, the Heartland Institute and the National Taxpayers Union Foundation. The Koch Associate program of the Charles G. Koch Foundation also provides ALEC and other groups with “Koch Interns” and “Koch Fellows.” Some Koch Fellows go on to become ALEC staffers, such as Jonathan Williams, Director of ALEC's Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force. Research from CMD and Greenpeace documents that the Koch foundations have given ALEC at least $600,000 in the past decade or so, and Koch Industries has donated an untold amount.
Of course, Source Watch lists many more associations of ALEC funding, but our piece is about the continuing misadventures of the GOP's Koch brothers and their behind the scenes maneuvers of the Wichita "oligarchs."


Read about the Kochs social/legislative engineering.

Crooks & Liars

Missouri's top GOP Senate recruit huddles with Koch network in New York

NEW YORK — Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley huddled with influential Republican policymakers and donors at a seminar hosted by the billionaire Koch brothers' advocacy group at a posh New York City hotel on Friday, less than a week after Hawley officially launched his U.S. Senate bid. It was the second time this year that Hawley…

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Charles Koch Goes On Sunday Show And Works To Manipulate The Nation

......he referred to himself as a "classical liberal."

Before we delve into the Sunday Charles Koch appearance on CBS, let's run a Koch brothers television commercial developed after the brothers caught serious flak for their involvement in dark money politics. Their reputation has also been tarnished by the very political movement they inseminated (with money): The Tea Party.  

The following commercial isn't a new ad spot, but it shows the extent to which corporate America and corporatists will work to cleanse how they are perceived by consumers and cleanse themselves of dirt to facilitate support from the political and social gullible.

We Are Koch

As we approach the 2016 General Elections, the majority of voters recognize Citizens Untied via the conservative Roberts Court has provided an open arena for dark (secret) campaign donations. Let's take a deep look and listen to two US dark money purveyors who I refer to as the Wichita Oligarchs: Charles and David Koch.

In December 2013, Rachel Maddow ran a segment on Koch influence that in some cases seem to be affixed to their choices of university donations.
MSNBC December 2013
Contributions have a price. The Maddow segment more than effectively delineated the core values of the Kochs. We will give you money, but we want deep involvement in decision-making critical to the day-to-day operation of university departments, names of stadiums et al. Imagine hand-picked stooges serving as executive managers of university department?  Moreover, Imagine hand-picked stooges sitting int he Oval Office.

Fast forward to the 2016 Presidential Campaigns. The Kochs have been more than verbose about their intent to spend $900 million on the 2016 elections. Kochs do not contribute to Democrats even remotely to the extent they contributed to conservative candidates. Yet, the Sunday interview with CBS's Anthony Mason included a Koch who was obviously on a mission which included lying for effect.

Did someone say "Special Interests?"

Charles Koch Is Not A Special Interest, According To Charles KochThis billionaire spends millions on elections but thinks he's representing average Americans
Posted by NowThis on Monday, October 12, 2015
"I fight against special interests."

In the summer of 2014, Senate Majority Leader attended the annual Koch brothers "oozfest" with contributions hat in hand. The Nation published an audio of a portion of the McConnell Koch suck up, but the audio quality is almost nil. The following link navigates to the audio tape which includes transcript comments. It is important to recall, McConnell spoke to conservative lawmakers, donors and strategist (including GOP political operatives). Caught tape what Mitch McConnell complained about roomful billionaires exclusive.

If you want to view a longer segment replete with David Koch as a questioner, check out the following audio with the narrative transcript

McConnell's comments certainly seemed to denote the Koch's as a money/contribution laden oligarchs.

Charles Koch on Scott Walker

Koch stooge Scott Walker dropped out of the 2016 Primary race after exposing himself as a minor league ideology propped up by Koch dark money. Walker was far less than an empty suit. He was more comparable to a Boy Scott without any badges. Charles Koch in the following linked segment actually stated (nicely) that Walker was a bush league poor candidate Why couldn't two men who have parlayed the "gift of birth: inheritance" into $40 billion plus each see Walker was a lightweight. The Kochs would buy the US presidency and would have placed the lightweight in the Oval Office. At the 1:34-minute mark, our reason for posting the specific segment becomes clear. Watch and listen as Charles Koch on Walker's presidential fizzle and imagine the real reason Walker dropped out of the race.

Koch Brothers Exposed: (55 minutes runtime....relevant, but does work with one item viewing. I broke it up). Example how do you feel about the Federal Minimum Wage sitting at $7.25 per hour. The Kochs feel the Minimum Wage is sufficient. They are international industrialist and worth a reported $40 billion-plus each. Of course, they wish to corner and cage employees with a less than a living wage.)

A Candidate for President?

During the interview (the full interview), Charles Koch referred to himself via the  word "liberal."  

Transcript linked here.

"I consider myself a Classical Liberal."

During the interview, Charles Koch uttered a few really interesting indications of a man who is very much detached for reality. He referred to himself as a "classic liberal." He also mentioned when prodded, strong support for the Tea Party, and reluctantly admitted the movement has a sickening (my words) element. The following segment includes the fact the Kochs donated a large sum to UNCF (The United Negro College Fund). Of course, they enacted the contribution well into their efforts to cleanse themselves of the label of "money laden special interests oligarchs" who consistently espouses political ideology that coincides with US conservatism. As delineated  above via Mitch McConnell the Kochs provide the model for all things conservative across the full scope of US conservatism. 

Charles Koch is absolutely no "classical liberal." 

Saturday, March 21, 2015


What do the Kochs want? They want to sit atop the federal government as oligarch with you and me scurrying around scraping for an existence as if living in a semblance of The Hunger Games.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I) - VT

What Do the Koch Brothers Want?

As a result of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, billionaires and large corporations can now spend an unlimited amount of money to influence the political process. 
Perhaps, the biggest winners of Citizens United are Charles and David Koch, owners of the second-largest privately run business in America Koch Industries. 
Among other things, the Koch brothers own oil refineries in Texas, Alaska, and Minnesota and control some 4,000 miles of pipeline. 
According to Forbes Magazine, the Koch brothers are now worth $80 billion, and have increased their wealth by $12 billion since last year alone. 
For the Koch brothers, $80 billion in wealth, apparently, is not good enough. Owning the second largest private company in America is, apparently, not good enough. It doesn’t appear that they will be satisfied until they are able to control the entire political process. 
It is well known that the Koch brothers have provided the major source of funding to the Tea Party and want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. 
What else do the Koch brothers want? 
In 1980, David Koch ran as the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential candidate in 1980.

Let’s take a look at the 1980 Libertarian Party platform.

Here are just a few excerpts of the Libertarian Party platform that David Koch ran on in 1980:
  • “We urge the repeal of federal campaign finance laws, and the immediate abolition of the despotic Federal Election Commission.”
  • “We favor the abolition of Medicare and Medicaid programs.”
  • “We oppose any compulsory insurance or tax-supported plan to provide health services, including those which finance abortion services.”
  • “We also favor the deregulation of the medical insurance industry.”
  • “We favor the repeal of the fraudulent, virtually bankrupt, and increasingly oppressive Social Security system. Pending that repeal, participation in Social Security should be made voluntary.”
  • “We propose the abolition of the governmental Postal Service. The present system, in addition to being inefficient, encourages governmental surveillance of private correspondence. Pending abolition, we call for an end to the monopoly system and for allowing free competition in all aspects of postal service.”
  • “We oppose all personal and corporate income taxation, including capital gains taxes.”
  • “We support the eventual repeal of all taxation.”
  • “As an interim measure, all criminal and civil sanctions against tax evasion should be terminated immediately.”
  • “We support repeal of all law which impede the ability of any person to find employment, such as minimum wage laws.”
  • “We advocate the complete separation of education and State. Government schools lead to the indoctrination of children and interfere with the free choice of individuals. Government ownership, operation, regulation, and subsidy of schools and colleges should be ended.”
  • “We condemn compulsory education laws … and we call for the immediate repeal of such laws.”
  • “We support the repeal of all taxes on the income or property of private schools, whether profit or non-profit.”
  • “We support the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency.”
  • “We support abolition of the Department of Energy.”
  • “We call for the dissolution of all government agencies concerned with transportation, including the Department of Transportation.”
  • “We demand the return of America's railroad system to private ownership. We call for the privatization of the public roads and national highway system.”
  • “We specifically oppose laws requiring an individual to buy or use so-called "self-protection" equipment such as safety belts, air bags, or crash helmets.”
  • “We advocate the abolition of the Federal Aviation Administration.”
  • “We advocate the abolition of the Food and Drug Administration.”
  • “We support an end to all subsidies for child-bearing built into our present laws, including all welfare plans and the provision of tax-supported services for children.”
  • “We oppose all government welfare, relief projects, and ‘aid to the poor’ programs. All these government programs are privacy-invading, paternalistic, demeaning, and inefficient. The proper source of help for such persons is the voluntary efforts of private groups and individuals.”
  • “We call for the privatization of the inland waterways, and of the distribution system that brings water to industry, agriculture and households.”
  • “We call for the repeal of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.”
  • “We call for the abolition of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.”
  • “We support the repeal of all state usury laws.”
In 2013, Republic Report published an infographic that is as timely as ten minutes posting original posting.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Koch Bros, Getting Richer While the World Burns

(Larger Version @ Republic Report Dot Org)


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Your GOP At Work..And A Shot Of Fresh Air

The nation has handed the GOP both Houses of the US Congress.  Make no mistake, the win in November was solely due to voter apathy regrading mid-term voting and irrational decisions from the democratic party (e.g., Immigration Executive Order after the elections). Nonetheless, the GOP has a grip the nation that will lead to a wrenching of the middle class and efforts to hand opulence to its money broker benefactors. 

While many Americans will trod along with little attention to the deleterious affect of the GOP laden Congress, High Information voters (HIVs) will stay vigilant.

Let's do a quick walk though of happenings in conservative America.  We also offer a bright light of hope at the end of the post.

A Koch coughs and spews contempt for average Americans.  He wants no more Minimum wage, yet he is personally worth $43 billion USD.  How pathetic is the GOP and Libertarians?

How many times have I written about Fox News and its obvious business model of giving its viewers what they want? The managers, and producers at Fox News are not unintelligent swamp rats. They are astute at manipulating the psyches of their viewers and in return they reap a hefty financial gain for Ruppert Murdoch. they also earn at the level of opulent, so disseminating current event propagnda (cannot call it news). is no surprise.

Check-out a couple of posts that address the Fox News broadcast (business) model.  The second inset is as shameful as it gets.

Post by Salon.

Every time Rand Paul opens his mouth the full extent of his ignorance exudes. 

Recall that time age old adage: "The fool that keeps his mouth is never discovered to be a fool." 

Every heard of Karma....Can you imagine a president of the US some physically deprived even when not intoxicated?

On the other side of the political spectrum!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Charles Koch Says Get Rid Of Minimum Wage Laws!

David and Charles Koch..they would be king!
One of the worlds most wealthy billionaires has come completely out of the "wage"  closet and declared eliminating the minimum wage will help the poor. Charles Koch has sprinkled a bit more oral plutocracy and "Hunger Game" rhetoric across the land. In essence, he commented the poor would be better off with no minimum wage laws on Federals Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Registers. (Linked below).

The National Minimum Wage is $7.25 per hour , equivalent to $15,080 per year (without overtime pay at 1.5 times the hourly rate...that Eric Cantor would eliminate).  The US Congress allowed the rate to sit at $5.15 per hour for approximately 20 years. US companies had to love the $5.15 rate, even though a vast majority of companies paid much higher minimum wage rates; a reality forced by labor (Unions) and pay rate competitiveness. Yet, millions lived with the minimum wage at $5.15 per hour until it was raised to the current rate of $7.25 per hour. In many cases state minimum wage rates are higher than the national minimum wage.  

How does the current minimum wage compare against income levels considered to be "impoverished?" 

About Dot Com
Federal Poverty Level:
For 2013, the Federal poverty guideline is an annual income of $23,550 for a family of four. This is the most commonly used statistic. Add $4,020 for each additional person to compute the Federal poverty level for larger families. Subtract $4,020 per person to compute it for smaller families. For example, a single-person household is considered poor if his or her income is $11,490 or less. These are the guidelines for the 48 contiguous states. Guidelines for Alaska and Hawaii are a little higher, since it is more expensive to live there. The Federal poverty level is updated every year to keep up with price increases in the previous year. For more, see How the Poverty Level Accounts for Inflation.
A quick question. Do you believe there are families in the United States with a one income earners earning minimum wage or close to minimum wage? Let's complicate the scenario with a family with three to four kids vs two kids. The answer is obvious and it is so obvious the family is impoverished.

The Koch Brother's net-worth compared to history of middle America's earnings is stark and illustrative of corporate plutocracy, greed and opulent personal gain at the expense of the masses. 


The Koch Brothers are an upper crust elitist (like Mitt Romney only far more wealthy) who have never wanted for anything. Their grandparents were instrumental in the Third Reich with the grandmother having connection to concentration camps. Their grandfather was reported to have worked in the Stalin Regime before entry into the United States and after showing evidence of anti-communism.".  The Koch lineage included a father who facilitated a inheritance in the billions (per kid), and he left them the mindset and paradigm that facilitated his serving as a co-founder of the John Birch Society. 

We assert the brothers, all three, are of one mindset. The mindset of the conservative billionaire with social views that may not have affinity for any demographic group other than white males and personal opportunity to earn more millions.

Charles Koch espouses eliminating the minimum wage to help the poor. we suggest his comments are the "Oxymoron of 2013."

Think Progress 
Billionaire Koch Brother Says Eliminating The Minimum Wage Will Help The Poor 
By Rebecca Leber on Jul 10, 2013 at 4:23 pm
A conservative mogul worth $43 billion says he knows the secret to helping poor people. According to Charles Koch, the U.S. needs to get rid of the minimum wage, which he counts as a major obstacle to economic growth. 
On Wednesday, the Charles Koch Foundation launched a $200,000 media campaign in Wichita, Kansas, with a hint of expanding it elsewhere. It is the Kochs’ biggest media buy since they promised to do more to “persuade politicians” after suffering losses in the 2012 election. 
In an interview with the Wichita Eagle published Tuesday, Koch said that the minimum wage is one policy he is working against: 
We want to do a better job of raising up the disadvantaged and the poorest in this country, rather than saying ‘Oh, we’re just fine now.’ We’re not saying that at all. What we’re saying is, we need to analyze all these additional policies, these subsidies, this cronyism, this avalanche of regulations, all these things that are creating a culture of dependency. And like permitting, to start a business, in many cities, to drive a taxicab, to become a hairdresser. Anything that people with limited capital can do to raise themselves up, they keep throwing obstacles in their way. And so we’ve got to clear those out. Or the minimum wage. Or anything that reduces the mobility of labor.
Read more

Charles Koch practices pure unadulterated sophism. His point may sound rational to millions who subscribe to his forms of Libertarianism, his far right conservatism, and his predominately white male GOP. His point is factually ridiculous in practicality and application. How about one basic question for Charles Koch?  Before we pose the question, we know that it could take years for pay erosion to kick-in once the minimum wage laws are stricken from the FLSA Registers. That is a given. Companies cannot and will not summarily "roll-back" wages like a Wal-mart Rollback sale.  The lowered wages will evolve over time and your younger loved ones or friends will suffer most.  Another perspective is embedded in my question.  

"Will Charles and David Koch order their corporations to across the board lower prices commensurate with lowering of the minimum wage?"  Of course, they will not order such. In fact, before the full impact of Charles Koch's ridiculous comments would be come reality, he would have passed on to a place beyond this life. Thus another far right demagogue corporatist would leave a legacy that could only benefit corporations. Part of his false premise would include deductive reasoning that   reducing costs will lead to lower prices. Of course, now sell me same land in the Florida Everglades, Mr. Koch!

I can actually visualize corporate strategies focused on rewarding executives for creative ways to lower wages after the defunct federal minimum wage.

After seeing and reading comments from Charles Koch,  is there any wonder Eric Cantor has gone public with asinine comments, and possible legislation about eliminating over-time pay? 

If you know of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and its support from the Koch Brothers, is there any need to seriously contemplate the logic of Charles Koch's point and Eric Cantor's servitude via marching to drums that benefit the mega wealthy vs the needs of families?