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Friday, September 29, 2017

Trump Lies: I Have The Votes To Repeal Obamacare

Image result for what is it when people don't mind someone lying to them

My normal practice is to not post MSNBC segments from Hardball, Chris Matthews. Well, as is commonly the case these days, Donald Trump has forced a change in my behavior as the nation witnesses the daily meandering incompetence of a president who lies more than he consumes his favorite drink (Coca-Cola).

During yesterday's Hardball show Matthews straight-up dealt with trump lies and for the first time Matthews spoke openly about the obvious: Trump has issues which should have precluded his inauguration to the US Presidency

The first segment is a bit long, but recognize we are dealing with US history never before experienced. If we are not diligent in pursuing the truth and recognizing Trump for what he is we run the risk of following the man into world oblivion.

MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews

No rational American should be at all alarmed by the graphic which follows. Trump is a pathological liar whose first thought seems to be to lie. Politifact performs running analysis of Trump statements. The man lied over 381 times from a total of 455 statements.

If you want details regarding the Politifact Trump file, here is the site link. The link is highly recommended viewing.

When a person lies as much as trump, it is, without question, a sign he disrespects any potential listener.  Imagine foreign leaders and citizens of other countries who listen to his manifest lies and misrepresentations. 

Are you one of the millions across the nation who doesn't mind being lied to on a daily basis?


Saturday, July 9, 2016

MSNBC And The Hyperbolic Brian Williams Continues To Entertain Conservatives

MSNBC is successfully (albeit it slowly) transforming from a progressive network with a decided and public "left" lean, to a network ordered to move "right" by its executive officer. Evidence of such manifest in the early morning hours via additional air-time for its flagship morning conservative commentary via the Morning Joe show and various programming cancellations. Other evidence includes Chris Matthews stepping up with many more conservative guests as well as occasional oratory which clearly appeals to his growing conservative audience. An irrefutable example of Matthews as an entertainer who 'plays' it both ways with increasing appeal to conservatives is evident in a 2014 Hardball segment. Matthews surprised a couple of his guest with what appeared a planned and well-positioned question about Obama's last two years in office.

Matthews pandered to conservative viewers.

Why would Matthews wonder about Obama folding up the tent and golfing (my words) through his last two years? Why would Matthews exhibit clear angst against the president because Obama refused to place more ground troops in the Middle East? Why would Matthews so publicly challenged Obama's leadership simply based on the reality Obama leads diametrically opposite of Matthews mindset? A mindset that found Rand Paul on Hardball air with Matthews ending a segment with a comment about how their minds have a common place in some areas. RAND PAUL? Matthews even postulated Paul was the "man to beat in 2016." RAND PAUL? 

It should be noted, Paul swore-off appearing on MSNBC a couple of years before his 2014 love fest from Matthews. You may recall Rachel Maddow's thorough exposure of Paul as an anti-civil rights libertarian who would promulgate and support private business owner rights over rights of free and open access. Thus, Paul would serve as a conduit to discrimination if access, housing and opportunity to exercise life-sustaining consumerism. Matthews also chose, for ratings, to ignore Paul's frequent run-ins with plagiarism. The MSNBC host also ignores Paul's history regarding association, 

Jack Hunter Neo-Confederate

Why would Paul so readily agree to visit with Matthews if he did not feel very comfortable in speaking in a safe setting?

Do you, by chance, recall a Trump telling Matthews he watches his show while also stating Matthews has a "good" show after an early GOP debate? The evidence of Phil Griffin's edict to move his network right shows like a far too tight fitting.

Let's jump forward to this past week's performances from MSNBC's Brian "I was there" Williams and his hyperbolic on-air comments. First, let me remind, Brian offered analogous comments about President Obama's first campaign speech with Hillary Clinton as comparable to a Richard Pryor stand-up performance.  Pryor was a great comedian who in his last few years adopted more social commentary in his stage performances, but I find Williams's analogy off-base in many ways. Obama's campaign speech certain wasn't meant as 45 full minutes of funny jokes nor any social commentary. Yet we must consider the nascent MSNBC audience. 

Williams also raised the ire of progressive social media after referring to the evening of attacks against Dallas cops as "urban warfare." While it has been far too long to recall, I wonder if Williams of any network newscast host referred to Waco, TX and Ruby Ridge law enforcement confrontations as "country-side" warfare.

Williams continue his growing tendency to reveal a degree of  (entertainment/journalistic) malfeasance in reporting via providing uninterrupted and unchallenged airtime in which Rudy Giuliani delivered yet another unarguably racist tirade. 

After a week of two videotaped shootings of black men by cops and after a week of the killing of five Dallas cops immediately after a peaceful protest, MSNBC via Williams felt the need to provide a platform for a man who intermixed the following comments on international TV. 

Huffington Post

Giuliani said this, “When you talk about Black Lives Matter, well you know, the black young boy who is killed by another black young boy is just as dead as a black young boy who was killed by the police officers.”

“I think the reason there’s a target on police officers backs is because of groups like Black Lives Matter. They make it seem like all police are against blacks.”

“When a police officer tells you something, do what he says. it doesn’t matter if you’re white or black.”

The Williams Segment (Crooks & Liars)

When media simply provides a platform for conservative demagogues who do not hesitate to offer biased and racially charged dogma, media becomes mere entertainment and a platform for propaganda. In the cases of right-wing propaganda from conservative tools, such as Giuliani, how is his rhetoric markedly different than that of Joseph Goebbels as he laid the communication and propaganda groundwork for the Third Reich. How many Germans relished in the skills of Goebbels oratory and ended the Second World War claiming they "did not know?"

How hard would it have been for Williams to have asked Giuliani about BLM as it relates to the early week killings of two "compliant" black men?  

Why do we find it a stretch to accept the reality of "BLM" commenced as we witnessed innumerable cop killings (via videotape)?  

Are we to actually believe that the dead don't matter?   

Are we so immersed in racial separation and indifference, we can not get into the reality of cop killings in black comments or against blacks is was beyond disparate when compared to the white community"

The Guardian: Police Killings of Young Black Men (2015)

Additional information from the Guardian.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Special Post: Democrat Party Ignominious Weekend In Vegas

Let's take a run (video run) through last weekend's Nevada Democrat Conference Circus. Ugly behavior was the color of the day last Saturday. It is amazing only a few months back we saw similar from the emergence of Donald Trump, and as we look further back, think about Ron Paul's supporters and their disruptions of events.

The Saturday event included uncommon levels of public exhibitions of childishness, physical altercations, shouted down speakers, and very child-like chaulking of the Democrat Party office building wall. Moreover, a leading state party officials, Democratic State Party Chairwoman Roberta Lange, has received physical threats.

What you are about to see is well outside the realm of rational and it seems to indicate a deep level of dangerous childishness.

Mediaite and many additional social media sources, as well as all television new outlets, have published or broadcast regarding the breakdown of civility. Mediaite's piece is important because it includes cogent and poignant comments from CNN's nascent CNN political director David Chalian

Real Clear Politics ran a piece focused on the actions of a Sander's campaign official who spoke openly about defying the Democrat party process.

Well, when your boss goes here what is a campaign official to do?

If you have been ion a space capsule, or if you so hate current event news you avoid any television network which might show video of last weekend's political discord, you should check out the following MSNBC segment. Andre Mithcell interviewed the fell 500 shy of seating available delegates seats.

Democratic State Party Chairwoman Roberta Lange

Andrea Mitchell and Nevada Party Chair Lange

Lange also sat for an interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews.  The segment is ten minutes plus in duration; worthy of skipping through the various pundit opinions. 


NV Dem Chair speaks out about threats, violence

Nevada Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange talks to Chris Matthews and Joy Reid about Saturday's convention that escalated into chaos.

Rachel Maddow  hosted the final MSNBC segment which  included a Las Vegas print media progressive writer and a Sander's supporter (who claimed innocence on all matters this past weekend).

While I often criticize the DNC Chair, Debbie Wassermann-Schultz, she has addressed the weekend embarrassment.  I actually think there is no good answer for what took place in Las Vegas.
The Slot published an intriguing piece regarding their calls to people who actually took part in the Democrat Saturday Night WWE event.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Goes Celebrity Worshiper And Spews Bigoted Remarks

As a diehard and committed liberal (progressive if you prefer), I believe in "fair is fair", and we report and comment accordingly.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews has again opened his mouth in developing a potential scenario should Donald Trump pull out of the Thursday night GOP Debate. Matthews spoke about the lack of interest in two Cuban Guys (Rubio and Cruz) debating on Thursday.  "Two Cuban guys?"  The comment was as bigoted as I have heard and, frankly racist, since considering Matthews frequently comments about his Irish DNA. 

Matthew's oral diarrhea flows far too much even for the nascent right lean of MSNBC.   Let's move past the fact the Thursday stage will also have debaters who are not Cuban, to more relevant comment about Matthews. During the past few years, I have personally heard Matthews quip and giggle about his perception of how President Obama would spend his final two years in office.   "A real Chief Executive?" It takes only minutes to seek and locate reams of information about President Obama as a Chief Executive.  Matthews played to his conservative viewers without regard from Obamas first six years with no cooperation for Republicans and Obama's accomplishments.  

I offer another example of Matthews as a former progressive who seems to seek a more conservative audience. The mush-mouthed host frequently refers to African-Americans as "the Blacks," and he often refers it Islamic terrorist "Jihadi Islamicists."

If those example of a Neo-con Matthews, it is worth noting he has more than once mentioned his psychic proximity to Rand Paul (on certain issues).  

Mediate published an early evening piece about Matthews latest flirts with right-wing viewers.  While some may not recognize the reality is Matthews exercised a decided degree of white privilege.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews bashed the idea of a Donald Trump-free Republican debateTuesday, asking why anyone would care about a debate between “the Cuban guys.”

“Who is going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys?” theHardball host said dismissively. “Who is going to watch a debate between Rubio, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Who cares?”

“You know they’ve been fighting in this interleague fight over who is the hawkish guy, or whatever. Who is going to watch that Thursday night?” he asked.

In 2015, Matthews said that he did not know if Cruz and Rubio, both of whom are Cuban-American, should even be considered Hispanic.

[Image via screengrab]


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trumpism, Cable Media, And The Pathetic State Of MSNBC

All electronic media is leveraging the circus political campaign of Donald Trump.  

From over the top (every breath and every inane remark) coverage through what appears as a procedural dedication to referring to he carnival barker as "Mr. Trump," while failing to use similar salutatory references to other 2016 potential candidates to excessive minutes of repeated coverage of the Manhattan bloviator.  Hillary Clinton is generally referred to as "Hillary."  Bernie Sanders (maybe via preference) is more often referred to as "Bernie." Ben Carson garners use of his career title of "Dr."  But, Jeb Bush is referred to as "Jeb" more often than common use of his full name. 

Did I keyboard excessive minutes and repeat coverage?

The (conservative ) Washington Examiner: January 2015 - July 2015 

If you have an aversion to charts and graphs, the Examiner offers table (list) viewing also.

I believe Trump formally declared his candidacy in June of 2016.  Yet, the graphic above indicates the degree to which the reality TV barker garnered media attention well before June of this year.

Form Jul6 16, 2015 through September 14, of this year MSNBC also joined the Trump viewer ratings opportunity.

The Wall Street Journal: one calendar viewing quarter.

The former predominate progressive MSNBC, beat all cable media to the 'draw' with its version of Trump groveling while ratings seeking. "Citizen Trump." 

What?  Trump has even won a GOP primary and the ever-changing and increasingly conservative MSNBC ran a special? 

Matthews nabbed an interview with Trump after the third GOP Debate.  I have posted the majority fo the interview in which The MSNBC host eventually challenged Trump on "birtherism."  However, my primary reason for posting the segment is Matthew's over-the-top inclination for star worship.  Notice at the 1:29-minute mark, Matthews broke from the interview to through sycophant praise to Trump's wife.  

How is it possible to avoid the perception fo star-worship and 'ratings plays' when a supposed multi-millionaire news media host schmoozed a candidate's wife?

The network is dying and Andrew Lack, NBC CEO, is the specific problem. Of Course, he following orders from Comcast and Universal while offering progamming that has devled into ratings hungry air-time with little other releancve. The GOP debate coverage was worse than pathetic and thyer was no psot deabte coverage of the recent DNC debate. 

While Fox News is the GOP communications division and CNN books far more conservative guests (politicians) and employs a cadre of Right-wing zealots (example, Harry Houck) comparable to none, MSNBC is also guilty fo salting its views with over cooked Trump Stew.

Obvious leveraging of Trump for ratings is an indication of the diminution of US electronic media.  I offer it is an inarguable point. If my posit has any basis, why would MSNBC bother to attempt to *icing* their abundance of coverage with a segment of Matthews spewing pure bullcrap.

Before we end the piece, take a look and listen to one of Trump's more pathetic spokes people. The Texas Tea Party anarchist wears a bullet necklace on national television. Is it possible to show as a more disgusting exhibition of Trumpism?

Is it possible to show such disrespect in a society of daily gun deaths?   StumbleUpon

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: GOP Debate 5 (The Shame Of It All)

Let's start our review of the GOP debates with the most unfathomable comment of the two debate four hour night: Lindsey Graham misses who?

From Lindsey Graham's obvious attempt to excite the debate (GOP) audience via his insane lament for George W. Bush what better way to capture a quick view of the GOP debate than a quick video visual of who talked and what they talked about.
Back to the main stage. Trump exposes a severe lack of knowledge of a communication's media, the Internet, he spends as much time using as sitting for a hair comb-over.  He doesn't understand even the basics of the Internet. Yet, he posits and declares his wish to have the Internet restricted in the United States. What ever happened to a GOP that formerly claimed the US constitution as their bible.

That was purely farcical and some in the audience let Trump know their thoughts about his rhetoric on the Internet.

The US economy is not a topic that garners even moderate comment from the GOP.  Evidence of an economy that may have moved into the realm of post-Bush healed.
Trump is the consummate politician.  He claims to have only exist as a politician for the past six months; no.... any and all CEOs, business owners and the uber wealthy are (in some form) politicians. This weeks' GOP debates again showed the extent our celebrity worship and silliness surrounding Trump's campaign for the GOP nomination. His actions were those of a spoiled child with nothing more than insults to carry him through two hours on the debate stage.

One example of his complete and utter unpreparedness for any political office was embodied in his response regarding the nation's defense "Triad." 

Check out the shallowness and the manner in which Rubio jumped to explain it while off-handed poking at Trumps lack of knowledge.  Trump stumbled; Rubio explained.

And, that is how an exposed carnival barker appears after being caught ill-equipped to answer a question.  For those who would say, it is too early for Trump to have such knowledge, wait until he wins the election and gets that first Security Briefing.  If you thought such your shallowness is also now exposed and you are caught walking into the Trump carnival tent.  If you and I know what the term denotes, certainly  we should expect similar from one who aspires to have his fingers on the Red Button. 

Trump was also exposed after the debate as a schmoozing operator as he sat for a few minutes with, MSNBC's Chris Matthews.  As Trump joined Matthews he spent strategic time praising Matthews ("...good show'), and lavishing a bit of praise on the MSNBC contributor who also sat on the platform ("This is is a real professional").  But, take a look at how Matthews maneuvered Trump into his past over-the-top racist birtherism

Speaking of "birtherism", Trump hasn't once commented about Cruz like birth-right.  Has Trump's avoiding the same questions against Cruz an indication of Trump's aversion to the African-American in the White House?


No review of Tuesday night would be complete without exposure of Carly Fiorina as the literally lying fraud of a candidate.  Her assertion of a string of general replaced by Obama did not make it pass even a basic fact check.  First of all, Petraeus was nor removed as a military general due to "not telling Obama what he wanted to hear." He was removed from the battlefield and given the Director of the CIA job and promptly lost that job due to his pillow talk and sharing defense secrets with a concubine journalist.

Special Atteniton on Fiorina via Politifact

Mostly False

"One of the things I would immediately do … is bring back the warrior class -- Petraeus, McChrystal, Mattis, Keane, Flynn. ... Every one was retired early because they told President Obama things that he didn’t want to hear."
— Carly Fiorina on Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 in a GOP debate on CNN

As reported via the Rachel Maddow Show, Fox News also sought to check on Fiorina's (fired the generals) lie. Note Obama hater Stuart Varney's team programmed one of Fiorina's generals; the segment didn't go as I am sure Fox News hoped.

Media Matters

There was yet another exmaple of the big oops from the GOP deabagte stage. Fox News's Brett Baier cornered Cruz for I am certain what Cruz thought was a sterling opportunity to overwhlem Baier's audience with smooth talk.  It didn't go according to Hoyle. Unfoertuanltey, the Baier segmetn is 3:46 mintues..skip through it. wehy expsoe yourself to that many minutes of Cruz's rhetoric.

  Double OOPS!

One other really intriguing tidbit about the GOP Circa 2016. The nation's number one uber wealthy contributor to "all things GOP, apparently met with four "top GOP candidates." Well, in the linked segment (10:45 mark to the 11:09 mark) Jeb Bush is in the group of four, but no Ben Carson.  Wonder why? (linked)

While there is much more regarding the Tuesday night show, but let's end with a few Fact-Check links.
PolitiFact_Live_fact-checking_the_Republican_Las_Vegas_presidential_debate Truth-O-Meter Jeb Bush 
The Fact Checkers Exhausted Trying Find Just One Claim Trump Made Thats True

Friday, July 10, 2015

Obama Accomplishments As Past Fodder For MSNBC Hardball's Ratings

Obama will be no one's Lame Duck. And, for Mr. Chris Matthews, Obama has led!

In October 2014, I was sitting in front of the LCD monitoring watching MSNBC's Hardball, Chris Matthews, My viewing of the cable network was to a much lesser degree than in past years for a few reasons.

First, Phil griffins order to "de-Left winging" his network was to put it mildly disconcerting and extremely disappointing. despite the apparent business case for moving Right or moderating its left Lean, the decision was one of great heartburn What has come of the network has validated the indigestion and led to far less viewing MSNBC.

In compliance with the "de-lefting," evening show (flagship) hosts are to the person broadcasting segments that are as akin to reality TV silliness. From Sharpton's frequent music entertainment segments, through O'Donnell's way too lengthy laments about "The Simpson's  staffing issues. Yet, nothing in the de-lefting equals Chris Matthews obvious sucking to moderate, blue-dog, and conservative viewers.

Matthew's obvious affinity for Rand Paul was the first sign of "need to stop watching" for me.  If you doubt my chagrin with Matthews, why would Breitbart News run a segment in which Matthews jumps to the defense of Paul?  Also of note, why is Matthews the only MSNBC host with whom Paul will share a camera and questions? During Paul's revelations of plagiarism and serials copying of speech text and written word of others, Matthews was noticeably absent in criticism. As Matthews finished an interview with Paul, I distinctly recall words to the effect their thought process were like to the point of scary (paraphrased).  It is impossible for the MSNBC host not have full knowledge of Paul's background regarding civil rights legislation, his serial plagiarism, and his admission of using "Mis-information" for personal gain. Paul is vying for the GO nomination isn't it possible he would frequently adorn what I call Paul "The Chamelon" act?

Image used to denote changing position to suit the listen. Not intended to denote looks or psychical similarity.
To solidify my point, I recall a news headline during at least one period of Nielsen ratings, that read Hardball ranked higher than The Rachel Maddow Show. Of course, the period ranking was a flash ranking, but a true indication of how Matthews's appeal to conservatives can carry a degree of corporate value.

Note: Matthews as he played to his pseudo liberal, Libertarian and moderately conservative audience.
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Do you think Obama is ready to change in his last two years and become a real chief executive, not just a really good speech giver, or an inspirational leader, but actually accept the job of running the U.S. government? Is he ready to take that job on every day, 24/7, I'm the guy running this place? Is he ready to do that?
When Matthews clones conservative short term thinking and to think with regard to flighty ratings based reporting, he falls to the level of zero credibility.   

The transcript of the linked segment did not include Matthews's giggling through a question of "Is anything going right for this administration." The short answer should have been, "we are not fighting ISIS with boots on the ground and we are far from suffering through a recession." Alas, no panelist spoke-out, but then they were not programmed to speak as such.

Matthews was obviously playing to conservatives among his viewers. He may have also taken a slap at POTUS based on his obvious contempt for Obama's lack of showing (what Matthews considers) force against ISIS. He occasionally performs on air protestations that surely warmed the hearts of conservative viewers. Warming the heart of conservatives without question helps Hardball's ratings, but leads to watchful and suspicious eye targeted on Matthews.

As a supposed journalist that I would refer to as a television news personality (pundit) who from time to time writes sales focused books. I am reticent to use the words historian regarding Matthew's books, as I am not certain the works contain sufficient historic passages for archiving as pieces of history.

While the quasi-progressive Matthews offers direct hits against US conservatism from time to time he should carefully review the president's full terms in office before chuckling through a segment that was so conservative focused Reince Priebus must have blessed the script. 

A few months after the slam Obama segment the state of the Union provided a direct affront to Matthew's pandering to the Right. Obama's 'go-foward' agenda was clearly delineated and the president has follow-through on just about all points and initiatives.

How can one consider Matthews pandering to the Right any differently than pandering if the person considers the Obama 2015 SOTU Address?

Business Insider published an intriguing graphic that delineates the craftiness and focus of the resident.

Well, little wonder the Congressional members on the Right rarely stood for applause!  If Matthews was of a state of mind to support more robust waging of war against ISIS, including boots on the ground, he may have left the SOTU less than excited. In fairness, I actually recall Matthews commenting about the robust scope of the 2015 SOTU.

If you did not clink the link above and sit through the full address with enhanced charts, the following CNN SOTU Address points are relevant showing we cannot expect a (golfing) lame duck president over the course of Obama's remaining months and years. 

2015 SOTU Key Points
2015 State Of The Union Points

Implementation of a minimum tax for 
multinational companies, which would 
fund additional tax breaks for companies 
that create jobs in or move them to the 
United States. Even bigger breaks for 
high-tech companies, and financing help 
for manufacturers locating in economically 
hard-hit areas.
• The creation of a China task force to 
monitor trade violations. Aggressive 
inspections to intercept "counterfeit or 
unsafe goods" from foreign countries.
• Support for partnerships between 
companies and community colleges to 
train workers for new careers, all coordinated 
through a single government program.
• Rewards for effective schools, coupled
with encouragement to follow their own
curricula and methods. State laws that
require students to stay in school until
graduation or age 18. Extend college tuition
tax credit and double the number of work-study
jobs over the next five years.
• Beefed-up border protection, combined
with a law to create a path for undocumented
immigrant students to become legal U.S. citizens.

• Support for partnerships between 
companies and community colleges to 
train workers for new careers, all coordinated 
through a single government program.
• Reduction of red tape that delays or 
halts infrastructure construction projects,
funded by money no longer being spent 
on wars
• Support for a mortgage refinancing program 
for all "responsible" homeowners, funded by 
"a small fee" on large financial institutions.
• Establishment of a financial crimes unit of 
investigators to crack down on large-scale 
fraud and protect investors, and a second 
unit to investigate abusive lending practices 
and institutional gambling on risky mortgages.
• Establishment of a financial crimes unit of 
investigators to crack down on large-scale 
fraud and protect investors, and a second 
unit to investigate abusive lending practices 
and institutional gambling on risky mortgages.
• A ban on "insider training" by members 
of Congress, and limits on elected officials' 
investments in companies they regulate. 
Lobby reform. Simple majority vote within 
90 days on judicial and public service 
• Reform of the tax code that includes the 
so-called Buffett rule, a minimum 30% tax 
rate for individuals whose income exceeds 
$1 million. No tax increases for anyone 
earning less than $250,000.
• A request for authority to streamline
the federal executive branch.

• Continuing international pressure on 
Iran to scrap its nuclear weapons program.

• Maintenance of a strong military while 
cutting the budget by nearly $500 billion. 
Legislation to protect against cyber-terrorism.

• Passage of tax credits for companies that 
hire veterans. Creation of a Veterans Jobs 
Corps to help cities hire former military personnel.

Since taking office in 2008, the president's record in accomplishing SOTU initiatives and proposals is good.  The Wall Street Journal archives a report card of progress towards SOTU speech proposals. The graphic is linked here and is a great quick view item. 

While we do not yet have a report card of Obama;s progress form his 2015 SOTU. We should also keep in mind Obama has worked thorough an impressive list of accomplishments without any degree of assistance, support or legislative practice from the GOP and Blue Dog Democrats.

Our work on this screed was not per se to attack or disparage Chris Matthews. The MSNBC host is a committed progressive and often tackles tough issues with full frontal attacks (on conservative pundits and politicians). He, however, sees to broadcast segments with intent that seems counter productive to all things liberal or progressive. The segment linked and embed above is a perfect example of our point. We knwo that Phil Griffin, has ordered a "de-Lefting" of his cable news network. 

Since we understand business, and the fact conservatives and Independents spend far more time soaking-up cable network entertainers cloaked as journalist, we understand the need for Griffin to seek more lucrative revenue opportunities. We simply ask for Griffin and others to stand tall from their yachts and private jets to accept responsibility when via their corporate edicts help to hand the nation back to the the GOP in 2016.