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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Christe Uses "Dude" With Kid; After Using "Boy" With African-American

Governor Christie then and now! 

Baby Huey
In March, the Governor of New Jersey, used of the word "boy" during a heated exchange with an African-American constituent.  If you missed the interaction  check it out below. You will notice the African-American town hall attendee did not refer to Christe as "fat", "rotund", "lard-ass", nor.... look left.

Since we reported on Christe's March 15, 2013 Freudian revelation, we would generally not return to his slippage, but we must make a critical point about Mr. Rotund.   First, a march 15,  town hall moment with Christe.

As Internet argument and discussion of Christe's racist rant ensued,  two things are worthy of reaching back to point out. It is important to note that most electronic media seemed to ignore Christe's racism.

Next, the day of Christe's rant, argument ensued about whether or not Christe used the "Jim Crow" word in angst, or was he simply using a colloquialism.  The argument seemed to subside when I asked the Christie supporter if he thought Christie would have used the word had he grown typically angry at a white male constituent.  Silence!

Well, let's put a nail in Christie's use of language, intent and racism.

Chris Matthews, MSNBC Hardball, apparently has an affinity for Christe's machismo and sleaze, both uncharacteristic of one who aspires to the White House.
"Governor Christie proves once again why you shouldn't mess with him."
Christe during another town hall used a colloquialism he could easily have used with the black constituent last month. As you view the segment, pay close attention to how Christe addressed the kid in the audience after he lays typical bravado on his sycophant supporters.  

Christe referred the kid as "dude"!  My argument after the first interaction in March was right along that line. Christie possess a mastery of language. He prefers language that gives off a Mafioso like aura and people "eat it up."  It is basically his shtick and it works for him.  In order to leverage one's shtick, one has to have the gift of language, appeal to audiences  and mastery of words and use of words.  If Christie could so effectively show his "cool side" with the kid, why was it not possible to do same with the black guy in the previous town hall audience? His intent was to throw a punch (verbal but still a punch). I often wonder if the Governor has other racially derogatory words in his psyche. His use of the word "boy" in the context of the town hall segment leads me to believe, yes he does has such a psyche.  One last point. I cannot locate video of Chris Matthews going after Christe for his use of the "Jim Crow" word "boy".  Before Matthews goes 'oozy" over Christe's machismo and vulgarity, he should also more closely scrutinize Christe's racist use of language.  These are the kinds of liberal (if Matthews is a liberal)  passage, albeit it humorous and inadvertent, that helps to smooth edges for dangerous political figures. Christe in action against another town hall attendee late last year.
bully.jpgKeith Chaudruc, left, of Madison, tries to get a word in (but he can't) as Gov. Chris Christie berates him at a town hall meeting in Parsippany on Friday.