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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Palin Gets Another Shot Via The Viewer Hungry Sportsman's Channel.

And this is supposed to be cool?
Guess if Don King can do it, so can
the like showboating Palin.

We are lucky our mindset is to avoid Chronic Palin Syndrome.  You and I know Palin is a false reality and a bundle of idiocy handed to the nation by a stumbling and erratic John McCain (and GOP/RNC). It isn't her fault she has been handed an opportunity to earn millions off the psyche of people who have infectious American conservative derangement. Yes, a state of mind that leads to this stuff.....

Rachel Maddow:Giuliani fawns over Putin's 'leadership'

Republicans & FOX News LOVE Vladimir PUTIN?

And being with the mental acuity to craft one;s own quips, and not playing a professional staff to provide beyond "quippy" remarks.

Well, it looks like there is enough derangement and  "Duck Dynasty" types who will sit and watch intellectual deficient entertainment for sake of a few chuckles.   

We offer a 30 second trailer of what's to come from the new Palin television show: Amazing  America with Sarah Palin.

Once the producers move through all of the gun-totting, killing animals, knifing fantasies and green screen projection of a glitzy American Flag, wonder if the show will include any minorities, LGBT and "binders of women?" One has to wonder how soon are the opening show will it take for a appearance by Ted Nugent. 

Rest assured, if President Obama took a stage with a super-imposed flag, Palin would throw a Fox News fit.