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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Cruz Places An Identity Stamp On The GOP!

For the love and memory of Jesse Helms.......

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are both tea party darlings. The newly elected US Senators have a few of things in common:
1.) They are both inclined towards anti-civil rights legislation and equal rights for all. 
2.) They are very delusional to the point of absurd. 
3.) Both are from the "new south" (same as the old south).  
4.) Each knows "white privilege", relishes it and both are committed to life as it was pre-Civil Rights Movement. (Paul is a convenient racist and Cruz an obvious segregationist).  
Rand Paul is well-known for uncontrolled drivel which generally leaves his oratory tied in knots and filled with incoherence. Ted Cruz on the other side of zany has been known for brash in-your-face tea party oratory with a cutting edge.  As the two move towards 2016, they are expanding their fiefdom opportunities with pure and bloody red meat for their writhing (small) hordes of conservative low information voters.  It is unfortunate, but many of those same voters are relics of a by-gone era or the socially  deprived and brainwashed offspring of Momma and  Papa dinosaur. 

Paul and Cruz as speakers for Capitol Hill "defund Obamacare" event.  Looks a bit sparsely attended.

Tea party activists gather on the Capitol grounds on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013, to press their case for defunding
 the Affordable Care Act (WSJ Photo by Allison Prang)
Both Paul and Cruz gave rousing speech appearances at the event. Despite Pat Robertson's delusional rally cry of thousands headed to Washington DC., Cruz, Paul and Mike Lee energized a few hundred die-hard teapublicans.  The crowd size may have been of little significance; cameras provided enough impetus for their tired branding chant of "de fund Obamacare."   The refrain is almost as effective in the long run as the Civil War Confederate Army's rebel yell. 

Ted Cruz via his typical quirky style must have decided to take his rhetoric to another level.  He has clearly decided to dispense his Dr. Jekyl Mr. Hyde by-day-by night persona for a fully charged "Freddy Kruger slash em 24/7" campaign model.  After a mere eight months in the US Senate, Cruz has declared the distinction of top Senate racist.  He has even out paced the all time and long running racist and sexist Jeff Sessions of the Great State of Alabama. The Texas Senator turned former Senator Trent Lott's ill fated public oozing over the retiring Senator Strum Thurmond into a mere gnat-like irritation.  He fired off what amounted a full libido-driven diatribe of wishing the US Senate was seated with 100 members like Jesse Helms.  Helms needs no introductions.  I would be hard-pressed to deny the prospect Helms was not a secret Grand Poopa in his region's Ku Klux Klan.  A thought we do not often level without serious forethought; especially towards a member of the Congress.

While MSNBC hosts covered Cruz's deeply personal revelation, we are posting a segment from Al Sharpton's Politics Nation. 

As a matter of representation in his district, the inevitable question comes to mind.  Does Cruz's publicly proclaimed level if affinity for racism serve you well?  He has effectively admitted he will not serve as a representative of African-Americans in his district.  Is his district solely made-up of whites?  If he longs for the ghost of Jesse Helms, it isn't much of a leap to find he also will not serve other minority constituents as a full representative.  Ultimately, and even though it is far too late based on his six year term, are people in his district best served by an admitted worshiper of one of the nation's must avowed racist senators.
Lest we forget others in the GOP.    We await comment from that proud group on "black conservatives" who would boldly proclaim a lack of understanding when faced with 96% African-American support the nations progressive party. We await comment from Reince "voter suppression" Priebus, RNC Chair.  Will the color blind Bobby Jindal dare position himself opposite Cruz's turf: appealing to the overt racist and white supremacist in the GOP? How will "the rotund one" from New Jersey  play against  an opponent who has staked his social claim and vision for the GOP?  Santorum can shelve his "Blah People"  almost code.    Newt Gingrich can now move his rhetoric from janitor high school kids and food stamp sloganeering to full fledged race baiting demagoguery.  Of course, he must wait for now as he is employed by Fox News Jr.: CNN. 
Yes, after eight and one half months in the US Senate, Cruz has staked his claim and spoken his vision for the GOP.   We await reaction from GOP leadership.  If there is not reaction, is it possible the party finds Cruz's wish palatable  Even George W. Bush worked to rid the US Senate of Trent Lott after his Strum Thurman accolades.  Will the New GOP allow Cruz to identity stamp the party, or will the party react. We suspect the party will not react. ....AND THE BAND PLAYS ON....

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

US Congressional Gold Medal For Four Girls Killed Long Ago By US Terrorist

As we look back on the Civil Rights Movement of the late 1950s and 1960s, we do so with special recognition of four people who's lives were taken in a most senseless manner (terrorist bombing of  a church) and for the most despicable of reasons (racism and oppression).  They died solely based on issues of race and the struggle for equal rights among Americans. Sadly and ironically, the four people never took part in a protests, never raised a voice in anger, never asked for equal rights.  they were far too young! Their only mission on one fateful morning was with gleeful thoughts of "Youth Sunday" at their church.  

If the young people were actively involved in Youth Sunday events, think of how they may have spent their Saturday night before bedding down.  It is possible one or more of the children rehearsed hymnals as a member of the Youth Choir? Imagine time spent in grooming hair on an individual basis. Yes, hair grooming for young black girls for Sunday Morning service is without a doubt an exciting experience that is shared across the African-American Community.  How about the basic excitement of what to wear and what their friends will wear on Youth Sunday?  And, we know very well each of those young girls thought of the nature of the Sunday service. 

We acknowledge four Civil Rights Heroes equal to none other.
From left, Denise McNair, 11; Carole Robertson, 14; Addie Mae Collins, 14; and Cynthia Wesley, 14, were killed in the bombing.
The victims of the Youth Sunday Church Bombing.  
Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley 
The Sept. 15, 1963 bombing of
the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church
Thoughts of the Civil Rights Movement often focus on the efforts of activist like:  Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralph Abernathy, Andrew Young, John Lewis, Joseph Lowry, James Meredith, Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks, James Farmers, Roy Wilkins, Whitney Young,  Bayard Rustin, Jesse Jackson, Walter Francis White, Rev. Jesse L. Douglas, Sr. From another perspective there were others, equally notable ,but more outside of peaceful activism.  We also give special mention to: Malcolm X (Malik Shabazz), Stokley Carmichael, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Fred Hampton, Angela Davis, H. "Rap" Brown, and other who represented civil rights activists who stood opposite non-violent protest and practiced various forms of civil disobedience.  

Of course, we will not screed farther without referring to the link below: Civil Rights Martyrs. We acknowledge with deep sympathy and respect for people who gave the ultimate sacrifice. People who truly via their spirits and marks on US History won't allow rollbacks of social gains garnered via their deaths. 

Lest we forget!!!!!!! These four young girls will be given Congressional Gold Medals. You will miss a serious historical perspective if you do not listen to the 7:30 Minute NPR audio segment. PRICELESS!

Congress Honors Victims Of Infamous Alabama Church Bombing

On Tuesday, Congress will bestow its highest civilian honor — posthumously — on the young victims of a deadly Alabama church bombing from the civil rights era. 
The Congressional Gold Medals for Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley come 50 years after the black girls were killed by a Ku Klux Klan bomb.

Birmingham Post-Herald photographer Tommy Langston arrived at the Trailways bus depot in Birmingham just in time to shoot this iconic photograph of Ku Klux Klan members attacking a man they believed to be one of the Freedom Riders on May 14, 1961.

Post image for WORTH SEEING: A collection of powerful images of the Civil Rights movement   

Civil Rights Martyrs



Sunday, April 21, 2013

The "Founding Fathers", The Pauls, The US Constitution

Eric Smith has a page on the TPI

We are posting this here for a few days prior to posting on "Eric Smith' Comments and Screed" Page.  I must address the phraseology "Grounding Fathers' prior to the Eric Smith read.  If you have visited here and read other pieces related the Constitutional Convention,  you know the TPI does not use the phraseology "Founding Fathers". The words are commonly accepted and easily understood, so use of the phrase is a personal aversion when I write. We more often refer to the the Continental Congress and its 79 actual crafters of the US Constitution as "Crafters of the US Constitution". Some prefer to refer to the "Crafters" as "Framers". It should be noted one of the nation's worse presidents prior to ascension while serving as a US Senator is responsible for the words "Founding Fathers". Warren Harding coined the phrase as Keynote Speaker for the 1916 Republican National Convention. 

Why does the developer of the TPI not used the phrase?  No civilized father would sanction human  bondage (the 3/5s persons) nor would such a man practice slavery.  The Constitutional Convention was comprised of 70 state and territory representatives, 55 were active in the Convention, 39 actually signed the US Constitution. 

Sixteen owned slaves,
Twelve presidents were slave owners,
Eight owned human beings while serving as president,

Thus my contempt for the phrase "Founding Fathers". 

Re- Posted from Eric Smith's Notes

Eric SmithThe Founding Fathers as Frauds or the Great Libertarian Lie. By Eric Smith  

by Eric Smith (Notes) on Sunday, April 21, 2013 at 1:42pm
There is a great lie being told to the America these days.  In fact, this lie is one of the whoppers of all time.  It is a lie being told by Ron Paul and his son Rand.  The lie they're telling us is that the Libertarian Party is for Liberty.  It is not  for  the "Liberty" that the Libertarian Party is speaking of is the "Liberty" of White Supremacy; it is the "freedom" of a Master Race to do with all other races & peoples as it see's fit; their individual freedoms be damned.

The Libertarians say they want to return America to the days  immediately following the  American Revolution; to have our national Constitution interpreted as our Founding Fathers interpreted it.  I've got news for you, when it comes to Liberty, our Founding Fathers were frauds.  They didn't believe in freedom so much as wanting to be  free of being oppressed by the British government.  They objected to being treated by King George III the same way they treated everyone else who was not white, Protestant, or male.

Our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, came about because the white males in the American colonies wanted freedom for themselves and only for themselves.  If it were otherwise then the words "All men are created equal" would have read "All people are created equal" instead.  If creating a Land of Liberty had been our Founding Fathers true intent, then the slaves would have been immediately emancipated and all the former slaves and women of voting age would have been given the right to vote.

If our Founding Fathers had not been frauds; if they had been what they said they were, then subsequent Amendments to our Constitution freeing the slaves and making the elective franchise universal for all people regardless of race or gender would not have been necessary for they would have been included in our original Bill of Rights.  If the Founding Fathers had not been frauds and been what they said they were then the United States would never have needed to fight a Civil War.  There would never have been a need for a Woman's Suffrage Movement or a Civil Rights Movement.

Why, because these issues would have been settled when this nation was originally founded.  They would have been settled if our Founding Fathers had not been frauds.  They would have been settled if, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the night of April 3rd, 1968 America had been what "it says it is on paper."  We can say we are for anything but our words  mean nothing if our rhetoric is not equal to our reality.

If you are for Liberty then you are going to do whatever is necessary to ensure that everyone is free; even if it means denying the freedom of some to deny freedom to others for the only ones who are unworthy to be free are those who feel that others are not as worthy of being as free as they are.

The Pauls and the Libertarians argue that they are for Liberty and that they believe that people should have the right to deny those very Liberties they say they are in favor of to others because of their race, their gender, their religion, and their sexual orientation.  How else can we take their argument that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was an overreach of Federal authority and that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was a "racial entitlement" other than proof positive that Ron & Rand Paul and the Libertarian Party are the very same thing those Founding Fathers of ours they so revere were; frauds?

Don't repeat this nonsense that our Founding Fathers were merely acting in the spirit of their times.  The full humanity of people of color and women was just as "self evident" in their time as it is in ours.  They, like the Libertarians of today, simply chose to ignore that reality because that reality did not jibe with their feelings of racial and gender superiority.  If these people really believed in Liberty; if they really felt that women and people of color were not their inferiors, would they have denied them their human rights?  No, because they would have rightly seen these denials as a direct contradiction of that Liberty  they said they were for.

Constructing our Constitution in such a manner so as to make it possible that these rights they were denying to people of color and women could be given to them at some future time through Constitutional Amendments was a tacit admission by our Founding Fathers that they were frauds; that they were wrong not to include  these  universal rights in our nation's founding documents.  What's more they were smart enough to realize that if they did not include in our founding documents mechanisms to give those rights they were then denying to people of color and women, that everyone around the world would see right through their lies and recognize the fraud they were perpetrating upon the globe.

The many freedoms our nation now enjoys came about not because of our Founding Fathers but in spite of them.  They came about because if they had not made it possible for future  generations of  America's  oppressed to be made free then they themselves would never have been freed from the yoke of British tyranny; the French would never have fought on our side and the American Revolution would have been crushed before it even really began.  The Founding Fathers proclaimed Liberty for All but they did so with the fingers of one hand crossed behind their backs because they knew that that was the only way they could secure Liberty for themselves.

The Founding Fathers were frauds, period.  They lied to the world and the world fell for it.  We just lucked out in that Dr. King was right when he said "truth crushed to Earth shall rise again for no lie can live forever", that lie of course being that Liberty can exist where some some people are more free than others.  It can't, no matter what Ron & Rand Paul and their Libertarian Liars would have us believe.  There is simply  no such thing as Freedom for the Few.  Freedom can only Freedom can only exist where there is Freedom for All.  It is as simple as that.

Eric Smith also publishes on We Demand That Democrats Fight Back and Bag The GOP Facebook pages