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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MSNBC's Morning Joe Goes Ballistic (AGAIN)

What we have next is the very reason I gave up on watching MSNBC's Morning Joe.  Well, over two years ago I witnessed behavior from MSNBC's morning show ($100,000 per week) conservative show namesake that reminded of a spoiled children in a candy store. I have also grown great deal of disdain for his co host's demeanor with regard to Scarborough's acts.

If you need additional evidence of typical behavior for Scarborough, watch as his on air prop and dialog does not follow his script. You should also watch his tool  co host as she (outside of camera view)  seemed to touch Scarborough's leg in an effort to quell what she knew was coming, Moreover, what Brzezinski's face as she notices Todd is going outside of script.

Crooks and Liars (2014)

Joe Scarborough Goes Ballistic On Chuck Todd Over Sgt. Bergdahl's Father

Why does Scarborough so remind of Bill O'Reilly? Why is there an obvious undercurrent of anger just below the surface in so many conservatives. If you find the last statement a bit of a subjective perspective, try interacting with a few conservatism on social media. 

Apparently, this morning Scarborough forgot to take his meds.  The background for the segment was rooted in the Clinton Global Initiative (The Clinton Foundation) and recent conservative efforts to use the Foundation as a magnet for large contribution for foreign contributors. Contributors also include icons of conservative America

Tamp Bay Times Politifact ran a piece on the Foundation. My reading did not yield enough about the initiative to raise any ire. Actually, other than the fact all donation recipient organization spend significant funds on administrative costs, the Foundation seems to at the "end-of-the-day" offer a degree of global "good."

Despite revelations of significant contributions to the Foundation from conservative Americans, Scarborough seemed to desire an anti-Hillary segment that simply did not go according to Hoyle.

It seems Scarborough left the set still fuming with silliness and an effort to discredit his guests choice of ananlogy. He tweeted the following after the show ended.
 FYI, the Nazi comparison on our set came from a Churchill quote from 1943 when England was at the height of its fight against Hitler.
I will defer additional comment due to my comments in the opening of this piece.