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Friday, January 31, 2014

"Power Of The Pen" In The Hands Of A Leader

If the signatures are hard to discern and you find it hard to follow which president was in office when, the following graphic from TPM visualizes current GOP "Derangement Syndrome" As phony as a three dollar bill.

New playbook talking point: "Obama as Dictator?"

executive orders

A president works for the good of the nation and obstructionist ideologues work against him.  

 " I will go it alone." The 34:45 minute - 34:55 minute mark and reoccurring throughout the speech.

Since the GOP seems to throw Rand Paul at every Obama public appearance, we thought we would focus on his response to the SOTU. Chris Matthews, Joy Ann Reid and former RNC Chair Michael Steele discuss GOP responses to the SOTU. Paul's response is of particular interest because he is visible with each and every opportunity to respond to the president.  You would think the GOP would offer up a far more intellectually gifted  and credible "rebuttal" spokesperson. 

The need to "go it alone," thus leaving an obstructing party holding a dangling rope. 

Let's take a look at close and specific look at how Reagan, Clinton and Bush W. dealt with "constitutional authority" as spoken by Steele.  

Administration of Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)

Disposition of Executive orders signed by President Ronald Reagan:

President Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
40 Presidential Drive
Simi Valley, CA 93065-0600

Years of Service:  1981-1989 

Visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
  • 1981 - E.O. 12287 - E.O. 12336 (50 Executive orders signed)
  • 1982 - E.O. 12337 - E.O. 12399 (63 Executive orders signed)
  • 1983 - E.O. 12400 - E.O. 12456 (57 Executive orders signed)
  • 1984 - E.O. 12457 - E.O. 12497 (41 Executive orders signed)
  • 1985 - E.O. 12498 - E.O. 12542 (45 Executive orders signed)
  • 1986 - E.O. 12543 - E.O. 12579 (37 Executive orders signed)
  • 1987 - E.O. 12580 - E.O. 12622 (43 Executive orders signed)
  • 1988 - E.O. 12623 - E.O. 12662 (40 Executive orders signed)
  • 1989 - E.O. 12663 - E.O. 12667 (5 Executive orders signed)

381 Total Executive Orders Issued
NOTE: The total number of Executive orders issued for each administration includes number-and-letter designated orders, such as 9577-A, 9616-A, etc.

Administration of William J. Clinton (1993-2001)

Disposition of Executive orders signed by President William J. Clinton:
  • Subject Index
  • 2001 - E.O. 13186 - E.O. 13197 (12 Executive orders issued)
  • 2000 - E.O. 13145 - E.O. 13185 (41 Executive orders issued)
  • 1999 - E.O. 13110 - E.O. 13144 (35 Executive orders issued)
  • 1998 - E.O. 13072 - E.O. 13109 (38 Executive orders issued)
  • 1997 - E.O. 13034 - E.O. 13071 (38 Executive orders issued)
  • 1996 - E.O. 12985 - E.O. 13033 (49 Executive orders issued)
  • 1995 - E.O. 12945 - E.O. 12984 (40 Executive orders issued)
  • 1994 - E.O. 12891 - E.O. 12944 (54 Executive orders issued)
  • 1993 - E.O. 12834 - E.O. 12890 (57 Executive orders issued)

364 Total Executive Orders Issued
NOTE: The total number of Executive orders issued for each administration includes number-and-letter designated orders, such as 9577-A, 9616-A, etc.

Administration of George W. Bush (2001-2009)

Disposition of Executive orders signed by President George W. Bush:
  • Subject Index
  • 2009 - E.O. 13484 - E.O. 13488 (5 Executive orders issued)
  • 2008 - E.O. 13454 - E.O. 13483 (30 Executive orders issued)
  • 2007 - E.O. 13422 - E.O. 13453 (32 Executive orders issued)
  • 2006 - E.O. 13395 - E.O. 13421 (27 Executive orders issued)
  • 2005 - E.O. 13369 - E.O. 13394 (26 Executive orders issued)
  • 2004 - E.O. 13324 - E.O. 13368 (45 Executive orders issued)
  • 2003 - E.O. 13283 - E.O. 13323 (41 Executive orders issued)
  • 2002 - E.O. 13252 - E.O. 13282 (31 Executive orders issued)
  • 2001 - E.O. 13198 - E.O. 13251 (54 Executive orders issued)

291 Total Executive orders Issued
NOTE: The total number of Executive orders issued for each administration includes number-and-letter designated orders, such as 9577-A, 9616-A, etc.

Administration of Barack Obama (2009-Present)

Disposition of Executive orders signed by President Barack Obama:
  • Subject Index
  • 2009 - E.O. 13489 - E.O. 13527 (39 Executive orders issued)
  • 2010 - E.O. 13528 - E.O. 13562 (35 Executive orders issued)
  • 2011 - E.O. 13563 - E.O. 13596 (34 Executive orders issued)
  • 2012 - E.O. 13597 - E.O. 13635 (39 Executive orders issued)
  • 2013 - E.O. 13636 - E.O. 13655 (20 Executive orders issued)

167 Total Executive orders Issued
NOTE: The total number of Executive orders issued for each administration includes number-and-letter designated orders, such as 9577-A, 9616-A, etc.

If you have a few more minutes, take a look at President Obama's EOs during 2013. Linked title below.

In 2013, Barack Obama published 21 executive orders, from EO 13635 through EO 13655.
These 21 executive orders can be downloaded in CSV/Excel and JSON formats. More information about our APIs can be found on our developers page.
Source document: Forward Progressives 
The Truth About Executive Orders Republicans Won’t Like Seeing

Source image: Democratic Underground

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bush Library Day Starts At Fox News

                                                    "Very Cock, eh"

Republican  and conservative media have been warming us up for the Big George W. Bush "orgasmic" opening of his Southern Methodist University Library.  As I have written today about the political correctness of the day, I will not repeat points made in the earlier piece.

Apparently Fox and Friends opened the Fox News morning with 'ooze', unmatched by both CNN and, yes, unfortunately MSNBC (performed its share of politically correct "ooze".
Media Matter captured the Fox News broadcast and as Media Matters does so well, sandwiched the segment among pieces of data that again placed Doocy, Carlson, Kilmeade and show producers in a bucket labelled "Propagandist".

The FoxPEN (Fox Propaganda And Entertainment Network) morning introductions for "Bush Day".

As George W. Bush worked his way through a day of accolades both undeserved and actually quite phony, it is easy to see how his comments on the Today Show could actually live someplace in his mind.  Bush may actually believe that history could possibly treat him kindly. His beyond reality brother certainly thinks history will be kind to "Dubya".  

David Gregory and Jeb Bush 


Did Jeb Bush actually say "Crack addicts  or "Heroin addicts"  Interesting when both George W. Bush and Laura Bush have some history with alcohol consumption.

Andy Card, the closet of Bush aides, spoke on Fox and Friends as well as other networks.  The interview above was so clearly focused on 'white-washing' a legacy it wasw an insult to the intellect of many Americans. Even, the GOP knows the 'hot potato' that George W. Bush still carries. 

Propaganda is easy to dispel for people who seek information or people who are open to empirical data.

Media Matters 

But facts undermine Card's claim. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the drivers of current and future public debt are policies from the Bush presidency:

A recent study from Harvard researcher Linda J. Bilmes found that the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will ultimately cost taxpayers between $4 trillion and $6 trillion, that the Bush-era tax cuts added $2.6 trillion to public debt from 2001-2010, and as noted  in September 2011, the Bush-era Medicare drug benefit came with unfunded costs of $7 trillion.

Furthermore, according to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Office of Management and Budget data, the Bush era saw the second largest annualized growth in federal spending since the Eisenhower presidency:

According to former President Reagan adviser Bruce Bartlett, when Bush took office, the CBO projected a $3.5 trillion surplus through 2008. Instead, Bush delivered a $5.5 trillion deficit over his two terms.
Yes, today was George W. Bush and the ever smiling Laura Bush Day.

It really is unfortunate that my memory and my psyche find little to celebrate as I think of George W. Bush.   For history to treat "Dubya" kindly, Mike Huckabee will have to serve as the Noble historian of the United States going forward. we all know how Huckabee writes US History.It cannot happen.

While I did not watch Fox News today with an exception for Shepard Smith in the evening, I am curious to know if during any commemoration throughout the day if anyone mentioned our war dead and those who still serve in wars started by George W. Bush.

For matter of principle, I found President Obama's comments today as distasteful as any. I will give a tip of the hat to Bill Clinton as he came close to satirical humor so deserved by  George W. Bush.

Check your memory America, when we let such people off the hook, they will repeat their actions.

"If we forget the past, we are doomed to relive it"

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Obama, Hillary, 60 Minutes And Hateful Fox News!

            What a Small Person?
"It's the Same Old Song."  Fox News highly paid demagogues attempt to 'trash' 60 Minutes Obama/Hillary Clinton interview.

A few days before the Fox News Segment below Carlson Tweeted the following.

The administration boasts about sending women to the front lines on the same day Democrats push the Violence Against Women Act.
"Taliban" Carlson was in classic form.  Say whatever it takes to getting the revenue flowing via entertaining those who find his drivel satiating. Even the off-handed mention of a man beating his wife, is disgusting.  I should say disgusting to most people. Obviously Carlson does not see the horror in this drivel.  

Even more intriguing, I read nor heard any outcry of contempt form Fox News, nor Fox news viewers.  When people do not speak out against wrongs they are factually an enabler  Where are the sane Fox News viewers? I suspect I answered my question with the last sentence.

By the way, the video segment was broadcast on January 28, 2013.

Do you guys actually vote as do these people? 

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Journey to OZ.. GOP policy ...succeeding (VIDEO)

The Road to OZ is not a road paved with Yellow (Gold) bricks. 

The Land of OZ
The Land of OZ  (The OZ skyline, and a place of conservative happiness and glee...Ah such a beautiful place. Few minorities, no LGBTs, just enough poor people for servants, Predator Drones have replaced chirping birds, thoughts of climate change are illegal, collective bargaining is non-existent, private schools proliferate, public schools are no longer funded, women do not dare think of an Equal Rights Amendment, the corporate CEO is worshiped on Sundays, the President of the United States is subordinate to the nation's CEOs, Women are forced to submit to intrusive physical exams through age 50, employers are allowed to restrict medical benefit coverage based on gender, presidential candidates demure and pander to 'kings of wealth', Pat Buchanan is the Minister of Information and Cultural Preservation, entitlement programs have been banned w/the elderly as the wards of the core family,  the SCOTUS 7 to 2 conservative,  Corporations are allowed to vote via designated executives, voter registers are randomly scrubbed to catch fathom voters,  national media is a monolithic FOX NEWS and a place where cognitive abilities are only exercised in gaining and preserving personal wealth...AHH such a wonderful place)

The Road to OZ journey through illustrations that point to one conclusion. Despite the Right's acumen at driving social divides among the voting public, despite the fact that Republican administrations are harmful to our economic well-being, and despite the GOP's cuddling with big business, ALEC, and 'uber' wealthy tells the real story.

The real story is a dire story of the journey that started with Ronald Reagan (the false conservative) and culminated with the sub-prime bubble in 2007/2008.  What you will view below is nothing shy of conservative (Right leaning political and social) policy (e.g.,plan). The data is neither coincidence nor happens-stance.  From the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and a SCOTUS with one or two too many judicial activist, the GOP Plan has worked like a well-oiled wheel.  The Plan is accompanied by the contribution of well funded  far-right moguls (e.g., Ruppert Murdoch and others) via media outlets that adroitly capture the minds of people via our natural mistrust of "things different'.  


Formula: Political acuity, sycophant developing media, a facilitating SCOTUS, conservative organizations funded by corporate America (ALEC), enormous infusions of money, innate mistrust of things different, all lead to our developing plutocracy.    [ Pa + Me + SCOTUS + ALEC]  X [ $'s + fear]  = votes: plutocracy (top .0001 % more powerful than the US Government]

GOP Policy has led to the following visualizations of the Journey.