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Monday, July 2, 2018

Michael Cohen Never Knew Trump To Lie

Image result for michael cohenHave a look at total sycophancy.  Michale Cohen is coming out of the shadows with talk of Trump as legal matters (and new lawyers) cometh.

We heard about his comments regarding his loyalty to his family vs Trump, but what follows is a sure sign of messaging to Trump and his cabal.  
From our reading and listening well before Trump won the US Presidency in 2016, he is well known as a liar and manipulator. Since 2016, it seems his tendency to lie like as a first thought indicates a personal pathology. A pathology which is deeply ingrained to the point Cohen couldn't have possibly missed the ever-present lie. Therefore Cohen is lying as indicated via Jake Tappers, well-demonstrated non verbals in the video.

Cohen couldn't have escaped Trump's penchant for lying just as noted fact-checking organizations couldn't help but rate his statements "false" far more the "truth".  

One graphic stands above the rest as poignant visual representation f Trup and the business of honesty, or lack thereof.


What follows is no bell curve representation. The bars are well skewered towards various degrees of "False."

A few weeks ago the New York Times tallied Trump lies since taking office at well beyond 3100 instances.  If you check any of the linked fact-checking sites, you will find more evidence of the extent to which Michael Cohen lied to CNN's Jake Tapper.

10 Top Fact-checking Sites

Michael Cohen, really?  

I wonder if he would respond the same to similar questions while sitting with the Mueller investigation team.