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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Doomed To Nuclear Proliferation?

Re Post via Playthell G. Benjamin

The End of the World is Near!!!

a-terryfying-nuclear-explosionA Vision of Doomsday

Sixty Minutes Exposes the Doomsday Machine

God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign/No more water/The Fire Next Time!
This is an exceedingly strange political season where the bizarre has become commonplace.  For instance, a New York real estate huckster and transparent con man with no experience in government is threatening to defeat the most qualified candidate in US history for the presidency.  Yet the fact that there is no serious mention, let alone discussion, of the unique horrors of nuclear weapons and the growing probability of an accidental nuclear war is the strangest thing of all.
For despite the false sense of security most Americans enjoy, believing the end of Communism and the Cold War with what was Soviet Russia has removed the danger of nuclear holocaust, it ain’t necessarily so.  It is a comforting but dangerous illusion that could lead to a catastrophe which would put an immediate end to human civilization and eventually all life on this planet.
Far from being hallucinations hatched in the fevered imaginations of nervous Nellies, the danger of nuclear war is as probable today as it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis of the Early 1960’s; the most volatile nuclear confrontation since the introduction of atomic weapons into modern warfare with the bombing of Japan during World War II.
Anyone who doubts how close the US and Russia came to destroying the world in their fight for Spheres of Influence – portions of the globe located close to the territory of major powers that claim them as being under their influence – should see Robert McNamara’s film The Fog of War.  McNamara was the US Secretary of Defense during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the US Navy put a blockade around Cuba and challenged the Soviet fleet on the high seas to prevent them from delivering nuclear missiles to that small Island, which had been attacked by the US in a CIA led a covert action intended to overthrow the revolutionary government of Fidel Castro, known as the “Bay of Pigs Invasion.”  As a result of this US aggression against Cuba to prevent them from establishing a socialist economy they formed a military alliance with Russia and requested the missiles for protection.
Robert McNamara
PCC-53242 Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara. January 12 , 1961. DoD photo by Oscar Porter, U.S. Army. (Released)
He Presided over the Missile Crisis
The world came so close to destruction by nuclear war as a result of the confrontation the blockade provoked with the Soviet Union that even a half century later Robert McNamara had not come to terms with the part he played in this near catastrophe for mankind.  In his documentary film, McNamara tells us how he was ready to engage the Soviet Union in an all-out nuclear war and was obsessed with finding out if his counterparts on the other side were also ready to engage.  When they told him that they were also prepared to launch their nukes McNamara was profoundly shaken and contemplates the madness of it all.  The thing that perplexed him the most was the fact that highly educated sane and rational men were prepared to destroy the world!
The relevance of this frightening tale for us today is that we are on the verge of provoking a similar crisis with Russia through our insane policy of NATO expansion in Eastern Europe; even though the Cold War is officially over and the Communist Party has been banned in Russia. As I write President Obama is giving his final speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations extolling the end of wars between major nations.  Yet despite his lofty rhetoric, soaring eloquence, impeccable logic, and Solomonic wisdom the reality of US-Russian relations do not match his heroic optimism.
Even as the President speaks the US and Russia have thousands of Nuclear missiles targeted at the other’s cities and towns,  each armed with warheads over 50 times more powerful than the devastating bomb the US dropped on Hiroshima – the only time such a weapon was deployed in the history of the world.  To just stockpile such weapons is an unspeakable horror, but the fact that they are armed and on high alert – which is to say that they are online and can be fired by computers – is a monstrous crime against humanity.
General James Cartwright
Warning against the danger of accidental Nuclear War
When we consider the claim made by General James Cartwright, the former head of the US Strategic Command, which has responsibility for deploying our nuclear forces, that attempts by hostile forces to hack into our nuclear weapons system average ten million a day, our present nuclear strategy of keeping our land based Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles – ICBMs – armed and on high alert can only be considered a manifestation of collective madness. Since the hackers only have to get it right once!
This is why General Cartwright has been vociferously advocating disarming them and taking them off alert, pointing out that we are no longer in a cold war footing with Russia, where instant response from these missiles are necessary. The General, who knows what he is talking about, considers this policy dangerous folly that could instantly become fatal for the earth.  Alas, the fact that there is no discussion of this clear and present danger is irrefutable evidence of a flaw in human character that could well lead to the extinction of our species.
Thus the CBS Sixty Minutes feature story of October 18th,The New Cold War, should be viewed as a revelation; a final Wake-Up call to pull back from the brink of extinction; to turn away from the path to doomsday that we are presently trudging.  Done in the grand style of fact-based reportage that has characterized the journalistic product of Sixty Minutes, the report provides us an unprecedented look into the command structure of America’s nuclear forces.  It is at once enlightening and frightening, for it allows a look into the abyss and see how the world could end in a bang.
The report begins by taking us aboard the USS Kentucky, an Ohio Class American nuclear submarine, the most destructive weapon in the history of the world.  The Kentucky is twice the length of a football field and is armed with 200 independently targeted nuclear warheads – enough to destroy every major city in the US and Europe!
If it were an independent nation it would have more weapons than Great Britain – which has 160 operational warheads – and only 100 less than France, which is reducing its stockpile.  Canada, our neighbor to the north has none; it dismantled its stockpile in 1984 and repudiated their use in a treaty signed in 1998.  And China has around 260 warheads.  However, the US has 14 Nuclear armed subs in the “Trident” class such as the Kentucky.
Alas, the Trident submarines are but one leg of the US Nuclear “Triad” which includes intercontinental bombers and land-based ICBMs: Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.  Altogether the US arsenal stockpiles 6, 970 nuclear warheads and is second only to Russia, which maintains 7, 300 warheads.  Yet because of their explosive power the US arsenal is the most destructive force on earth.
In the Sixty Minutes report Captain Brian Freck, Commander of the Kentucky, explains the protocols under which he would launch his doomsday weapons, and he leaves no doubt that if these conditions were met he wouldn’t hesitate to shoot his deadly load. Viewers of this report should pay close attention to the casual way in which Commander Freck talks about taking an action that would set in motion a chain of events that would surely destroy civilization.
President of the United States Barak Obama visited Al Faw Palace on Camp Victory, Iraq April 7. This was Obama first trip to Iraq as commander in chief and took time to talk to the service members and civilians serving here.
Receiving big love from the troops in Iraq
Admiral Cecil Haney
Commander of the US Nuclear Triad
When we leave the Submarine and are ushered into the super-secret operations center of the US Strategic Command, where we are introduced to Admiral Cecil Haney, a very powerful man that virtually no one has ever hear of, including myself, despite the fact that I served in the old Strategic Air Command with a Top Secret security clearance under General Curtis Lemay, back in the day when the B 52 Strato-bombers were the heart of the US nuclear strike force, and I  have been studying and writing about the dangers of nuclear war for years…..often alone among American pundits.  By virtue of my Top Secret clearance I was privy to the war fighting plans of SAC, and serving under General Lemay –whose colleagues on the Joint Chiefs nicknamed him “The Mad Bomber”- during the heat of the Cold War, a hot war seemed a real possibility.
Cast from a different mold than the burly, crude, bombastic Lemay, Admiral Haney is an Afro-American officer and gentleman who is soft-spoken, slight of stature, and elegant of style and manner.  Yet he is the supreme commander of the entire nuclear Triad, a far more destructive force, and answers only to President Obama; who appointed him to his Command. Like the President, the Admiral has a very impressive academic record.
Haney grew up in Washington D. C. and graduated from the Naval Academy – which is harder to get in and out of than Harvard – and rose through the ranks based upon brilliant performance.  Although he says that President Obama would invite his advice in the few minutes he would have before ordering a nuclear attack, should they disagree he would have no hesitation in carrying out the president’s orders.  “I am a soldier and I will carry out the orders of my Commander-In-Chief,” said Admiral Haney.   After listening to these men who would be tasked with giving the order to incinerate millions of men, women and children discuss their mission with a near cavalier attitude I was reminded of the philosopher Hanna Arendt’s intriguing thesis about “the banality of evil.”
If America’s doomsday weapons were launched today it will be a decision made by two elegant, brilliant, Afro-American gentlemen: President Obama and Admiral Haney. The irony here is thick and obvious.  For most of my life, we were told “It’s a white man’s world,” but at this moment in time the fate of the earth resides in the hands of two very wise black men!  It is a dubious honor and a supreme irony that a society still so rife with racism that a morally deformed, intellectually lightweight charlatan and buffoon like Donald Trump could become a serious pretender to the presidency, buoyed on a wave of white racist resentment, could have invested such awesome power in these black men.
It is a power one associates with the Gods.  And what this Sixty Minutes report makes clear is that it is a power only the God’s should possess….no mortal – especially one as fatally flawed as Herr Trump – should hold the power to destroy the world.  Hence the paramount problem urgently facing mankind as I write, is ridding the earth of all nuclear weapons…putting the atomic genie back in the fuckin bottle!
In his acceptance lecture upon winning the Nobel Prize for literature William Faulkner assured us that whatever happens, come what may, mankind will endure.  This faith was echoed on the other side of the globe in a different tongue, by the great Chinese revolutionary poet and philosopher Mao Tse Tung, who led the mass movement that transformed China from a feudal to a modern society.  The Great Helmsman dismissed atomic weapons as “paper tigers” and declared “The Bomb will not destroy man; man will destroy the bomb.”   I hope they are right, and if I were a religious man I would pray.  But being a prisoner to reason and an ardent student of human history….I am not so sure they are right alas.
What I am absolutely certain of is that the mere existence of atomic weapons imperils our continued existence…and if we do not soon put an end to them they will surely put an end to us!   As things stand at this hour the preeminent experts on the question of nuclear annihilation at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientist have their Doomsday Clock set at three minutes to midnight! Which means the end of the world is closer than you think.
The Most Destructive Weapon in the World
A waste of wealth and technological
Double Click on link to see video and Transcript of CBS Report
Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
September 21, 2016

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Maddow On Putin (VIDEO)

As Russia, Syria and the United States move closer to an agreement on Syria's chemical weapons cache, many are positing.  The vast majority in the United States have no interest in a US intervention in Syria, despite Assad's heinous use of chemical weapons on his own citizens.  There was a time in the United States when such an act would have caused a major revolt to act against the Syrian despot.  

Time passes and our time has been influenced by the corrupted years of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld.  If we add Bush economic failures to our "Bushed-out Syndrome," it is completely understandable why so many will watch the gassing of people with no thoughts beyond, "it is not our business."   "It is not our business!"   

While understandable, based on recognition of eight years of Executive Branch GOP malfeasance rooted in self-interest, greed and incompetence, the compassionate mind thinks about the many instances of "It is not our business" ,which have plagued the history of mankind.  
I. Manifest Destiny and associate genocide against tens of millions of Native Original North Americans. 

II. Colonist who had no power to stop, nor inclination to speak out against the creeping slave trade. 
III. German citizens who sat and watched the carting-off of Jews, Jehovah Witness, homosexuals, and minorities (including Gypsies). 
IV. Pol Pot's killing fields.
V. Genocide in Rwanda (despite a clear intervention in Kosovo: Clinton). 
".....and we are doomed to repeat history if principled leaders do not stand tall." 

Thankfully, President Obama, Kerry and Hagel are principled enough to work behind the scenes. Their strategic approach to Syria included public threat to intervene militarily against future use of CW by Assad.  They acted ,despite our whining cries to just ignore it!

Progress is being made. We must always remember, the reality of potential actions if there was a GOP president in the White House.  And, those actions would have ensued two years ago and the actions would have included bombing Syria on behalf of the rebels.  There would have been no "detente."

Our contempt for standing against Syria also contributed to another dynamic.  We suffered an onslaught of, excuse this, "bullshit" propaganda and misinformation that appeared as part of Syrian or Russian social media mind operations (linked).  I am certain a good bit of the bullshit memes and articles were not of foreign creation; example was the Breibart Dot Com contribution to the bullshit.  The epitome of  sadness related to American acceptance of Assad's gassing his own citizens appeared as a historic act: Vladamir Putin and Andrew Rosenthal's, Editor New York Times, OP-Ed. Our report on the matter, here

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC TRMS, opined on the historic event. An event, I truly hope is buried never to return as the "Zombie" act of publishing the insulting OP-ED.

Rachel Maddow ......

Putin misjudged our contempt for war coming out of years of fruitless and unnecessary military action. He significantly misjudged President Obama and his advisers.  He possibly took incessant mouthing from "so-called" experts and pundits about our misguided approach to the problem. He may have believed most Americans buy into political and paid comments against the administration. And, (ultimately)  he misjudged our tendency to rejoin when attacked from a foreign nation. He may have fallen victim to the advice from the US PR firm, Kethcum, in believing such a OP-Ed would leverage unsubstantiated political comment about Obama as "weak." 

Alas, Putin may continue to hold the Cold War view his country is an international superpower.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Bombers, Warnings, Failures, and Maiming and Death (VIDEO)


Monday April 15th, 2013.
Could much of this or any of this been avoided?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Post bombing Twitter babbling seemingly without any conscious or concern...until Thursday of this week.

Is there any issues with the fact these men as boys came to the United States via favorable privilege (asylum) born of lingering vestiges of the "Cold War"? Millions are not allow to apply for "legal" entry into the United States. What was it about these Chechen immigrants set them apart from immigration for Mexico and Central America, Haiti, China, etc?  Immigrants (illegal or legal) from Mexico committed crimes against the US and US citizens.  I cannot recall one case of an immigrant from south of the State of Texas involving and I.E.D.!

As was the case with the Fort Hood shooter, there may have been signs of pending danger. We have no interest in pointing fingers at the FBI. Huffington Post has published a piece about reports of FBI knowledge of and monitoring of 

Tamerlan Tsarnaev,  the older marathon bomber (blue cap),  for years. Reports of warnings from Russian authorities, did not yield an intervention that worked to warded-off the April 15th, 2013 bombing.*

Somewhere between Russian security and US security, opportunity failed and people died. People across the world, people in the United States, and have yet another example of failed government with ultimate harm to ordinary citizens of a country.

The following images are very graphic. We contemplated not publishing the images, but our contemplation came to decision after another view of all images above. As I linked the video links at the bottom of this screed, the video with all the shooting bother me.  It bothers me because the authorities were closing on a 19 year old.  As I am a Consequentialist, I quickly moved away from that sadness to the images at the top of this screed. I then thought of our young troops fighting in foreign lands as a result of other attacks from those who would do us harm. Many are ages 18, 9, and 20 ish.

WebPro News Life has published a Reddit image of 

Tamerlan Tsarnaev after the shootout in which he was killed and run over by his escaping younger brother.

The image is still on the site in the WTF subreddit.

Naturally, the authenticity is called into question, and we have no hard confirmation, but TMZ reports: “Law enforcement sources tell TMZ it’s 100% authentic.” 
TMZ doesn’t actually show the image, but describes it in a manner that matches the image in question:
Tamerlan Tsarnaev death photo


Of course, we know the prospect of thwarting terrorism is often a matter of luck coupled with intel and countermeasures.  We are certainly joining growing criticism of the FBI (we do not know the extent of information from Russian security). 

Yet, we will make a couple of points. Some have seen the effectiveness of the FBI in stamping out homegrown revolutionary/civil rights groups (the original Black Panther Party for Self Defense) and COINTELPRO. The FBI also was extremely effective in assisting local authorities in 'bustin-up' public protest of the activist movement Occupy Wall Street.  The question that will go unanswered is why do our intel and security agencies lapse when it comes to terror that does not emanates for progressivism or liberalism. It is truly unfortunate we do not see evidence of like effectiveness in dealing with Nazi, white supremacist and militia groups. In fairness, we recall infiltration of militia groups over the past decades, but those infiltrations have not placed a damper on the record number of militia groups prevalent in the United States.  

Good information, competence  and willingness to stamp out danger, if in better form may have eliminated opportunity to post the images in this screed.  

*(FSB, Russian Internal Security, wanted the older brother investigated for ties to terrorist groups.  The FBI interviewed the older brother, but uncovered nothing reported worthy of further investigation.  The FBI has indicated the FSB did not give details about their concern for possible radicalism. MSNBC reports all FBI investigation stopped and the older brother journeyed to Russia for six months in early 2012.  Shortly after returning from Russia he opened a YouTube Account and posted video indicating Islamic radicalization.)