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Thursday, October 10, 2013


I am a huge proponent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA.....AKA Obamacare).  In fact, my thoughts on healthcare reform was universal, one payer, program from the federal government.  Universal Care did not come out of negotiations and congressional deliberations.  It seems things really do happen for the best.

The Obamacare software and server infrastructure for states that refused to setup ACA exchanges are experiencing major problems with enrollment. There is a lesson in the enrollment glitches and it points directly to the federal government, the Obama Administration, and the manner in which the feds go abut conducting certain business.

Huffington Post has just punished a piece about ACA problems as directly attributable to government tendencies to employ contracting firms and sub-contractors companies to accomplish critical 'business of the state (the nation)".

Obamacare Website Glitches Reveal Larger Government Problem

The Huffington Post  |  Posted: 
The website glitches plaguing the high-profile roll out of President Obama’s health care reform law aren’t just an Obamacare problem, they’re a government problem. 
The federal government spends more than $80 billion per year on information technology, but the resulting websites often take years to build and are glitchy once they launch, according to experts cited by the Washington Post. That’s because instead of hiring savvy Silicon Valley programmers -- like those who worked on websites for Obama’s campaigns -- to build the systems, the government tends to contract with firms that are better at securing contracts than they are at developing web sites. 
Last week when the government launched, the site where Americans can buy health coverage through the exchanges set up under Obamacare, few were able to get past error screens and long wait times. While White House officials stated a big reason for the glitches was overwhelming trafficIT experts told Reuters that the problems were more likely the result of a problem in the system’s design.
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There is really no need to have been under-prepared for the surge in interest in the ACA. The open enrollment date was announced over two years ago. What is it about federal governance regardless of party, that leads to our consistent experience at looking back and say, "We did not know. We will do better. Let's fix this."  

For those who will immediately move to Obama Derangement  Syndrome, history will reveal similar miscalculation and like cases involiving lack of strategic planning.  We may have find the Feds skimped on infrastructure for the ACA to mitigate flak from the Right.  We are a bit put-off the US government has turned so often to troublesome relationship with contractors.

Haven't we learned for the likes of spies like Edward Snowden? Didn't we see enough of contractor arrangement via the US/Halliburton "no-bid" contracts. How many times have we witnessed a federal official standing in front of a microphone with words of "looking back  and not being prepared. 

There is something behind the old axiom, "you get what you pay for." Use of contractors in our society has turned into gold mine for foreign workers and entrepreneurs with a revolving visa status that facilitates work in the US.  Why not spend money where it is critical?  Health care reform is one such area!

Can the nation get back to real employees in the future? These hired guns do not have full commitment and they may not possess technical competency. We appear to be wasting huge sums on employment and staffing critical jobs with contractors.