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Thursday, November 29, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: A Smorgasbord Of Ugly (VIDEO)

A Flag, A President, US Troops, And An Email Account

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The image above is stark, not phptoshopped, and the reality of the GOP, the administration, and American conservatism. Why ally the flag to the full scope and breadth of US conseravtism? Because we are not seeing nor reading any efforts to refute the Confederate flag with the party on the Right. While many will claim the flag as a mere case of an affinity for history and tradition, I offer the actual genesis of and meaning of the flag from the very developer of the battle field flag.

The following meme has been associated with development of the flag. While some refute William Thompson's work in development of the current versions of the flag, it should be noted the common denominator regarding the flag was racial superiority and human bondage.

An example of one of the memes described.

So, let's take the first picture above and extrapolate the visual to a nascent case of white supremacy along with comment about the current US President.

CNN is running a special series on hatred in the United States. 

What would a smorgasbord be without mention of this week's Senatorial run-off in the Great state of Mississippi.

 Image may contain: text

And the winner was ....the candidate who was hugged up with a local cattle rancher and a candidate who unabashed used "pubic hanging" as a campaign mantra. The US Senator elect Cindy (Hang Um High) Hyde-Smith. 

Elected in a state with this history.

Image may contain: text

From GOP politics to the holiday season and the Trump version of the White House Christmas decorations. 

Caution: what follows isn't a doctored image. 

The image doesn't represent anything regarding subliminal messaging. The image is what it is the 20198 version of Melania Trump's perception of Christmas. 

That said, I must still offer: Why?

A bit  of contrast.

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On a much more serious note.  A president who hasn't yet visited a US war zone to offer support to our troops and one who hasn't yet even mentioned the deaths of three US special operations troops in Afghanistan.

Image may contain: 1 person
The Pentagon has identified the three U.S. special operations service members killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan:
-Army Capt. Andrew Patrick Ross, 29.
-Army Sgt. 1st Class Eric Michael Emond, 39.
-Air Force Staff Sgt. Dylan J. Elchin, 25.

Fallen heroes unrecognized by a US Presdient.

Let's end on a quick meme run through General Motors, Presidential legal entaglements and a daughter's email.

Image may contain: 4 people, text 


And, we end another day in Trumpland and it is only 12 Noon.

We closed prematurely......A midday update.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

GOP Primary Wins, Cultism, And A Flag

Image result for GOP Cult
It appears conservative America has staked a claim in the Trump carnival. Trump's American and GOP won three primary elections last night and awaken to a departing GOP Senator, Kentucky's Corker, speaking about the GOP as suffering for Trump cultism.

Corker (Click blue link)

I must ask; where have these people been for the past few decades? Do they live in caves with no means of viewing a world beyond the GOP?  The GOP didn't become a cult-like entity with the ascension of Trump. The party was inseminated with cultism with Richard Nixon and his band of anti-democracy anarchist. What we see today is a metastasized political and social condition which is oozing well beyond the GOP. Conservative America is eating the fruit and coming from last night's primary results relishing in Trumpism no regard for social sanity. 

Let's take a quick look and review of last night's primary results.  The following 21-second video shows one primary winner literally embracing the Confederate Flag. Maybe you have no issues with the  Confederate Flag? Well, the flag used by racists and embraced by southerners who in some cases are not racist has origins in white supremacy.  It is also not the flag of the Confederate Army; it is the flag of a battle reported to have taken place in Tennessee during the Civil War:  a battle flag.   

How about five seconds with the creator of the flag?

Image result for who cREaTED the confederate flag

The first and most notable winner last night was a GOP candidate who openly embraces the flag and is known for his support of US white supremacy.


Corey Stewart, the neo-Confederate Republican running for Senate in ...

Watch the racist when caught on camera replete with a bigoted paradigm and the lack of mental acuity to represent his position.


Trump secured a win in Nevada and the winner is.....

Dennis Hof, Nevada's most famous pimp, wins GOP primary - ABC News


The outspoken critic of Trump, Nevada also went down to a Trump supporter.


During, the 2016 Presidental campaign did Hillary Clinton use the word "Deplorable (s)?"

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Four Star Kelly Responds With Thoughts Of A Civil War Compromise

Image result for confederate flag meaning
Regardless of your social or political ilk, you have to recognize protest about remaining statues of Civil War Era Confederate Generals is all about taking down the US the major shame of vestiges of a US past which seems to be resurfacing.

The ongoing fervor (take the statues down or leave them stand), has come to the forefront of a national racial and social divide. Over the past few years the divide has become something of a social tsunami as whit supremacist have taken-up the brandishing the flag as a symbol of defiance to a racially divers nation.  On the other side of the fervor are African-Americana entities and protester who recognize symbols of the US confederacy for what it was: a movement to preserve and defend white supremacy.  You need go no farther than the Confederate battle field flag which became the post Civil War shield of defiance and racial purity.

The "Confederate Flag" as it is colloquially referred to, was the flag used in battle by the Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War. ... The flag's look changed over time, as did its meaning.
If we take the WIKI definition to its next logical point, the genesis of the flag, we find reason for movements to take down the statues and removal of the flag.

Image result for confederate flag meaning

Some Americans simply do not find the proliferation of white supremacy, its adopting Confederate statues and the Confederate Flag as acceptable. Especially, with consideration of total evil which is associated with the flag and statues; of which we are seeing brandishing of the Nazi Third Reich flag by some white supremacists.

I ask, why would Trump's Chief of Staff facilitate Fox News's continued support from the US Confederacy? Is it possible millions of Americans Fox News also support white supremacy and Nazism for a perspective of "all good?"

The Statues

As we lived through a day when the largest presidential scandal in US history continues to unfold it is noteworthy to find Trump's dispatched stooge (Four-star Kelly) sitting on Fox News answering questions produced to deflect from The Day of The Indictments.  

Apparently, Kelly was asked about the Civil war via a questions about removal of Confederate statues.  He immediately opened with a diatribe about the virtues of Robert E. Lee (a distinguished Southerner prior to the Civil War.   

It doesn't take much to know Fox News. The network fulfills its role in support all things GOP in a most effective manner. Thus, the network also performs its share of anti-tolerance of anything nonwhite.  We also know Kelly didn't simply sit and allow even a softball Fox News interview fire question at him without a pre-screened questions (and probably approval to ask certain questions).   He and his boss knew the questions regarding Robert E. Lee was coming. Kelly's choice of answered while accurate as to Lee's reputation as an army officer, we also lead with support for white supremacy.  If that reads in a harsh manner, you only have to considered the flag posted above.

Kelly also touched to that well-known conservative social Nirvana of "states rights."  A sure indication of support for the most regressive of conservative political policy and practice.  

The coup de grace was Kelly's idiotic comments regarding compromise.  Compromise?  How could anyone in the Abraham Lincoln Administration find compromise with regard to human ownership and its associated human bondage (human beings as chattel)? What we the North and South discussed sanctioning  specific number of slaves via owner choice of some weird human bondage lottery?  

Fox News's newest show host, Laura Ingraham, started her time at Fox News  (The Ingraham Angle show,) promulgating propaganda. Kelly was a conduit to an end, appease white nationalist and white supremacist while deflecting for the days events.  If you missed it above, know Ingraham bundled her racist quest with a question which included George Washington and a church in Virginia.

Take another look and listen:

There is simply something very wrong with Fox News's use of slavery as a tool to advance their brand of conservative propaganda.  Above and beyond common Fox News's business model, high ranking White House staff are well beyond decency and normalcy to expose any end to slavery in any manner shy of forced cessation. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Racist Harassers Cry LIke Babies (Their Parents Failed Them)

Image result for cycle of racism

What we have here is the product of racist parenting and racist upbringing (schools, friends, socially regressive churches).

The people just below this image proudly harassed and African-American celebrating s child's birthday in a public park with full display and brandishing their Confederate Flags atop their pickup trucks.

The two below were convicted for parading hate (a new state law) while others awaited trial.

Image result for confederate flag creator quote

Now for the Texas Beach boy who harassed Muslim beach revelers with taunts of Trump.

Crying mugshot of 'racist' who can't handle being arrested over hateful tirade

Does such people not understand their lives have been shaped by parents, friends, and organization failed the early in life. 

Even though the font in the image below is a bit hard to discern, following the arrows will show the path these people traveled. The one arrow towards the lower left of the Cycle is not enacted the Cycle continues and perpetuates into future generations. See: The Stop The Cycle Arrow.

Cycle of Oppression

The crying harassers never saw the Stop The Cycle Arrow.

GETTYSBURG, PA - JULY 1:  Activists with Confederate flags gather at the Gettysburg National Military Park on July 1, 2017 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  The U.S. park service issued protest permits for three groups, including Sons of Confederate Veterans, and Real 3% Risen, on the 154th anniversary of the battle.  (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Courting White Supremacy and The Inimitable Trump

The day after the close of the Republican National Convention Donald trump dispatched his son, Junior,  to the heart of Mississippi to effectively kick-off his campaign. An inauspicious start if the candidate truly has contempt for his growing neo-nazi white supremacists following.

Confederate Flag Designer Said It Is A Symbol Of White Supremacy – Not Southern Heritage

During a recent Trump rally and exuberant racists decided he would purchase a flag outside the event and proudly fly the flag during the event.  The fool probably thought Trump himself set up the vendor booth.

Trump Fan Explains Why He Thought Donald Trump Would Be Fine with Confederate Flag

by Tommy Christopher | 1:40 pm, August 12th, 2016

There was a bit of a commotion at a Donald Trump rally in Kissimmee, Florida Thursday night when security and law enforcement personnel had to convince rallygoers to take down a Confederate Flag emblazoned with “Trump 2016.” 
Brandon Partin, the man who hung the flag, told CNN that he purchased it outside the rally, and explained that he thought that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would be fine with the display, because history:
Most people in our country don’t understand the full history behind the flag. So, I understand that the media and a lot of other people are going to turn it into something that it’s not, you know, say that it’s a racist thing or, you know, white supremacist. I am not a white supremacist. And it was about the North and the South. It wasn’t about racism at all. The North had African-Americans fighting for them and the South had them for them, too. So for people who spin it in that direction is just completely false.
…I think that on a personal level between my beliefs and Trump’s beliefs, I don’t think he would have a problem with it at all because he probably understands the history and that’s why we’re all here.
The Confederate Flag has loomed large in our politics, especially since the racist attack that killed nine parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina. Unde intense public pressure, Republicans supported various measures to remove Confederate flags from public display, but have since backpedaled on some of them. Trump himself supported the decision to put the flag that flew at the South Carolina state house “in a museum,” but has received widespread support from pro-Confederate flag groups.
Think Progress recently ran a piece which included dramatic evidence of Trump's manipulation of US racism and white supremacists ideology for political gain.

The carnival barking continues and the shame exudes fro the GOP.


Friday, July 31, 2015

TPI Morning Gazette: Trump'd, ACA; Fox News, War With Iran, Confederate Flag

Non-Progressive News...

Image Quick hit!
Did you contribute?

Trump...rise to a temporary "loss of sanity." 

Rand Paul has been cornered and asked about Donald Trump. His comment was very much in the realm of John McCain's crazies" remark. Will our hero come back with a retort about Paul's upbringing? Since, Trump pulls no punches, will he make the apples don't fall reference and go after Ron Paul as a racist and affiliate of white supremacist? Trump will proudly show he does to wear a toupee. Will he retort to Paul with reference to "the" toupee?  

Rand Paul is clearly fed up with Donald J. Trump.
Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, July 30, 2015
Fox News managers and producers stake a claim hat is so far outside the scope of sanity, it should surprise even Fox News minions.  There has yet to a war that did not also result in ruin for the nations that won the war. 
This is how it starts.
Posted by Media Matters for America on Thursday, July 30, 2015

For us Confederate Flag rationalizers: "Heritage?"  We find a flag anted outside a black Baptist church.  If you subscribe to such sad rationalization for displaying the flag....You are in fact an enabler of US racism.
Heritage my ass!
Posted by Eric Smith on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Trump focus group is revealing.

As you watch the segment think about a few items. Despite his spoon feed life of millions to billions, despite his education level and despite he would not spend ten minutes around such people in a social setting, they grab a fleeting reality. They care nothing about his overt racism against the nation of Mexico interwoven in immigration. Notice how they groveled around the direct question of racism. Didn't even contest the comments as racist. And yes, I suppose the lot are birthers.

Editor's Choice
AMA: ObamaCare a huge success?  Whatever happened to death panels?  How about the ACa as "Job Killer?"  Didn't we receive alarms from the GOP about increasing the cost of medical care? 

Something is paradigm is shaken!
Posted by Ring of Fire on Thursday, July 30, 2015

As we watch virtual weekly killings of the innocents, we offer a reminder of "privilege." 

Editor's Choice Appendage I

Editor's Choice Appendage II


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TPI Morning Gazette: Trump'd, Ben Carson, Veterans, Fox News,

Non-Progressive News...

Ben Carson
If you are in a position to listen to an audio of a candidate for the GOP nomination in 2016, take the time. I have long posited Ben Carson is inane. Maybe, one too many neuro-surgeries; in any case his mind is "full gone." He now states Planned Parenthood was chartered to eliminate Black People.

Carson's rhetoric is of course, ridiculous, but let's explore a couple of degrees of his insanity. First, Planned Parenthood provides service well beyond abortion. Are those services a cloaked operational reality to trick black people into facilities their facilities. Next, Carson's comments will certainly strike millions as an attractive prospect. Thus, Carson is suggesting a party with an anti-abortion platform would also provide a desired state of "eliminating Black People."  A bit in congruent in many ways.  Additionally, lest we forget, white women also seek abortion, from time to time.

Yes, Ben Carson is showing signs of mental degeneration. The former neuro-surgeon he has to come up with something to grab a piece of the spotlight from Donald Trump. Carson grabbed a debunked claim for a 2012 "crazy:" Herman Cain.

Politifact : "Cain claims Planned Parenthood founded for "planned genocide"
Said Planned Parenthood’s early objective was 
Pants on Fire!to "help kill black babies before they came into the world."  Herman Cain on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 in a talk at a conservative think tank

Right-wing Watch 
In an interview with Iowa talk radio host Jan Mickelson, Carson responded with outrage to an audio clip of President Obama saying “God bless you” during a speech to Planned Parenthood. 
“You wonder if he actually knows the history of Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger, who was trying to eliminate black people,” he said. “That was the whole purpose of it.”
Carson planned parenthood bent on eliminating black people

Generally speaking, the nation should have an expectation candidates for the White House secure their "news" from sources other than Right-wing media or right-wing nut jobs such as Herman Cain. 

Rand Paul (Yawn!)
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) vowed Friday that he would force a vote on defunding Planned Parenthood in the wake of a viral video that showed its top doctor discussing fetal organs.

Paul could seek to attach a measure defunding the group to a highway funding bill the Senate must pass by a July 31, deadline. The House has already passed a short-term fix, and the upper chamber is working to draft and move legislation quickly.

In his statement, Paul did not specifically point to the transit bill, but said he would “use all legislative vehicles at his disposal.”

The current battle between Donald Trump and John McCain continues. Since, we published a piece regarding the core of the fight between the two, we will focus on Fox News and its efforts to carry the flag for the billionaire carnival barker. 
Fox's Greg Gutfeld on contempt for conservatives not criticizing Trump.  WOW!
"What's wrong with you?!"
Posted by Mediaite on Monday, July 20, 2015
For New's latest addition, Meghan McCain, on Trump's comment about here father. Didn't you know her time with NBC would be short-lived.   
"One of the Grossest, Most Disgusting Comments I've Ever Heard"
Posted by Mediaite on Monday, July 20, 2015
O'Reilly tried extract a bit of rational thought and empathy for the nations number one corporatist carnival barker. Remember, the carnival barker is sucking you i to a show that is not worth the price of admission.
"Come On!" Bill O'Reilly Confronts Donald J. Trump over John McCain Remarks
Posted by Mediaite on Monday, July 20, 2015
What follows from Fox News' Fox and Friends is chronic ignorance and an insult to anyone with a modicum of a brain power and who keeps-up with news and current events. "Trump was criticizing McCain's legislative record, not his war record?" Really?

 Fox is getting desperate.
Posted by Media Matters for America on Monday, July 20, 2015
Before we will the crazy confines of Fox News, let's visit with one of the most wacky segments imaginable. we realize reality TV has move into its annual Shark Week exhibitions, bur we didn't expect Fox News to join-in he utter craziness. Maybe we over estimate the psyche of Fox News early opening viewers.
Fox’s Brian Kilmeade: Why aren’t we ‘clearing the waters’ of sharks so ocean swimming is safe?— Raw Story (@RawStory) July 20, 2015

Yes, the Fox and Friends "went there!" Do you think anyone at the network believes their audience might have knowledge of and empathy for oceanic food chains, and the value of predators in oceans that cover two thirds of Earth? Well, on second thought and with consideration of the Fox and Friends audience, probably the segment hit safe ears and brains. 

Jon Stewart returned from vacation with his version of "TRUMP'D"

Why are Republicans depriving our Vets of the opportunity to sustain life via proper food stuffs. A grouping of "Your GOP" who receive Far Aid while voting to cut aid to Americans in need. If you need a reminder, know that to the person these folks are wealthy elected officials.

Embedded image permalink

Republicans are also working against out Vets regarding other legislation.

GOP budget cuts hurt the vets againPosted by Funding Shortfall on Monday, July 20, 2015

Did someone say the Confederate Flag is a symbol of heritage and pride. Well, 50% correct. It is obviously a symbol of "White Supremacist/Nazi" pride.


Embedded image permalink

Heritage?  Pride? 

Editor's Choice

Monday, July 20, 2015

TPI Morning Gazette: Planned Parenthood, Confederate Flag, Fox News, Jobs

Non-Progressive News...

Fox News Anti-Immigrant ratings net

Fox News' most prolific situation demagogue regarding immigration. As your review the hot link below recall Kelly for her "White Santa; white Jesus" and her Pepper Spray rationalization with Bill O'Reilly
Fox News' Megyn Kelly lies in an effort to stoke up anti-immigrant sentiment.
Posted by Too Informed To Vote Republican on Sunday, July 19, 2015
Fox News should come under review from the FCC for improper licencing as a news network.

California Drought due to Obama?

Some people asked if Boehner was drunk when he laid the California drought squarely at the feet of President Obama. It is so obvious the GOP takes its marching orders, its direction and its "political speak" from its major constituency: uber Wealthy oligarchs who employ operatives to feed the lock-step GOP.
Maybe he should just cry all over the state of California and end the drought.
Posted by If You Only News on Saturday, July 18, 2015

South Carolina White Supremacist Stage Nazi/KKK Event

Embedded image permalink
The racist in fhe camouflage pants was very active in the protest

If you are a person who actually believes the rhetoric about the Confederate flag as a symbol of southern pride (only), you are the gullible or you are hiding your racism. The South Carolina state capitol has again proven it is the place for over-the-top exhibitions of racism and white privilege.

ABC News
White supremacists with Confederate flags chant "white power" and display Nazi salutes at the South Carolina Statehouse on Saturday.

Oh yeah....going on now~
Posted by Barbara J. Rosel on Saturday, July 18, 2015
A pro-Confederate flag protesters taunts black counter-protesters (Screenshot/YouTube)
A pro-Confederate flag protesters taunts black counter-protesters (Screenshot/YouTube)

Embedded image permalink

not an uncommon example of humanity in SC: Leroy Smith helps white supremacist to shelter & water as heat bears down.
Southern pride? Really?

When you cast your GOP votes in 2016, know you have this army as an ally. Also know that "ism' exist in bundles. Do you think these people are high on human rights, women rights, LGBT rights?

Planned Parenthood (The Video)

The popular Planned Parenthood 'doctored" video developed by a noted Planned Parenthood hater is making the Internet rounds. While conservative social media are running with the doctored project like a Dick Cheney or Sarah Palin camera appearance, progressive and other credible media are dissecting the project and responding accordingly. Most important the President of Planned Parenthood has gone public with an apology for the tone of the local facility manager who was duped by the video operative. She has also commented the video is not a true representation of its mission and operations model.  

Politifact has also run an analysis of the conversation via its Truth-O-Meter team.  Apparently, Planned Parenthood sells some tissues, but selling for a profit as the video indicates is false. But, there are political party leaders who have profited from abortion services. 

You may or may not recall as Mitt Romney approach his solid defeat by the Obama Team word got out the real profiteer from Planned Parenthood's abortions services was a company paid to take fetuses from Planned Parenthood facilities.


Mitt Romney invested in Stericycle, a massive medical waste disposal service company that disposes medical waste from Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics — waste that includes aborted fetuses — and attracts the ire of the pro-life community and establishment Republicans. The company received a $75 million investment from Bain Capital in 1999 which led to its emergence as a leader in the industry. Today, Stericylce has more than 485,000 customers worldwide. Its clients include hospitals, blood banks, and pharmaceutical manufacturer
SEC documents prove Mitt Romney invested in medical waste company that disposes aborted fetus from Planned Parenthood clinics.
By now we are certain the millions from Stericycle have been neatly folded into Romney's offshore (tax dodge) accounts, and the investment relationship has probably been severed. Point is, the Right should research and explore much more diligently to avoid revelations they would probably prefer to remain closeted.

Right-wing Pranks which are really not pranks

As we move away from the white supremacist/KKK event this past weekend, let's remain mindful of those who foster racial hatred and proudly display the Confederate Flag as a badge, icon or moniker. 

As you view the follow Facebook post notice the well known Right-wing demagogue feeds his minions view the flag and insane posts. I use the word insane in the context of people who are informed and who take such demagoguery for what it is worth: nothing. Unless, you are one who is so information deprived you consider Kincannnon a credible source of information. 

Checkout the following post graphic.  Do you see the level of insanity? 

Actual meme.

I think we can set the Facebook post aside as insane. Also if you did not visit Kincannon's Facebook link, here is yet another example of how he feeds his minions.


Your GOP and care for our Veterans

Arms on military bases stopped by Clinton? Think again! (Snopes)

Arms on military bases?

Claim:   President Bill Clinton issued an executive order disarming soldiers on military bases. 


Editor's Pick 

Andrea Mitchell hardly the progressive news personalty on the GOP and their nascent Frankenstein Monster Trump:
“[The GOP] did not stand up against him when he talked so abusively about President Obama,” Mitchell said. “Republicans candidates did not, collectively, did not stand up when he talked about Mexico and immigrants with such racial rhetoric. It was only when he attacked John McCain that the group [turned on him].”