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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Fox News Facilitator Defends Use Of "Public Hangings" Jargon

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Documented US Lynchings

Earlier today we posted a piece with reference to FOX News as and propaganda an entertainment network. One should only hope the network is as reality TV as Atlanta Housewives, or the former Seinfeld (if you abhor or cannot relate to the metaphorical reference to the African-American dominate Atlanta Housewives).

As we reviewed a few Facebook posts think of the happenstance of running across a segment in support of the "public-hanging" Cindy Hyde-Smith for Mississippi Senatorial candidate?

As the Fox Host says..we bring it out to the couch.....

It is important to remember, there are millions in the nation whose family history may include lynchings as a means of Jim Crow suppression of African-Americans.  Actually, there is quite possibly an equal number of non-African-Americans who may find family history which includes the death of a member via the rope.  Of particular note, Abe Lincoln ordered the largest public hanging in US History and it was perpetrated against a group of Native Original North Americans. In all fairness, Lincoln also commuted the sentences of 264 native inhabitants via the same order. Nonetheless, the use of the words public hangings (AKA Lynchings) shouldn't find its way into any news or entertainment network. Unless, of course, the network is feeding a political base or viewership which finds the image acceptable.

Yet, Fox isn't Trump's only communications division. Sinclair Broadcasting is an equal member of the Trump media brigade and has greater potential for reaching you your neighbors, your kid, and your pastor. Watch and listen as one of Trump's Russian-born communications ministers spread the Trump gospel. The following segment has been broadcast in 24 new markets and could reach as many as two hundred within the next couple of days. what follows is pure propaganda and misinformation comparable to any created by the late Joseph Goebbels.

Alas, Fox News managers and producers are feeding the Right with doses of similar propaganda for so-called US Christians. Oh yes, and deliver the message with a bit of color. 

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Conservative Media Reaches In The Gutter For Irrational Sustenance

Conservative media so disrespects its viewers and readers.


Conservatives Spread Lie That Obama Was Late To Meet Pope, Work Selves Into Frenzy

Just moments after Pope Francis landed in D.C. and was greeted by the president, right-wing media was already being sent into an irrational rage spiral over something that never happened. According to conservative outlets, President Obama had been late to greet the pope, and made his airplane circle around the airport helplessly while the affront to the Catholic leader grew worse by the minute. It’s easy to see why the story got conservatives salivating; it re-affirms all of their preconceived notions about Obama: He’s “classless,” he’s rude, he’s narcissistic.

Here’s conservative garbage dumb Breitbart breathlessly explaining Obama’s tardiness:
As Pope Francis’s plane approached the landing strip at Joint Base Andrews, the pilots were asked to wait to land, perhaps because President Obama hadn’t arrived yet to welcome him.
And Breitbart’s little brother, the Daily Caller, blasted a headline that was even more to the point:
Pope Francis’ Plane Circled In The Air Because Obama Was Late
The story, however, was complete and utter bullshit.

The pope’s plane did circle over the airport a few times, but that wasn’t because Obama overslept. Instead, the holding pattern was a routine maneuver because Francis’ plane had actually arrived early. As the Atlantic noted (after first irresponsibly speculating about Obama’s delay):
In an earlier version of this note, I reported that the reason the plane started circling was that Obama and Biden had been running late to the greeting ceremony. However, as a White House spokesman subsequently pointed out, the Pope deplaned at 4 p.m., precisely as scheduled, and the president was on hand to greet him.
Press notes record Obama meeting the pope at the steps of his plane at… 4:05 pm. His flight had been “delayed” by 5 minutes and Obama had nothing to do with it.

Despite the issue of timing being cleared up in a matter of minutes, conservative media outlets have spread the lie around with reckless abandon. Neither the Daily Caller nor Breitbart bothered to correct their mistakes (although Breitbart edited their article to soften the accusation and hoped no one would notice). Other conservative websites have since published their own versions, despite now knowing with absolute certainty that this is, in fact, a blatant lie. WND, a right-wing conspiracy site, ran with the story this morning, and noted within that while the article’s own headline was probably false, it seems like something Obama would do so spreading the lie was justified.
The story of Obama’s lateness may have gained quick traction in the press in part because of his rather lengthy record of etiquette offenses on the national and global platforms.
This from a site that once claimed it had good evidence that Obama once married a Pakistani guy he met in college…

As we’ve seen time-and-again – remember the “latte salute” faux-scandal? – conservatives hold such an irrational, directional hatred of President Obama that any story, true or false, that helps them justify it to themselves gets major traction in the right-wing media. Better to cling to a false story that lets them stay perpetually angry than grapple with a reality that makes them look like blustering idiots. And with so much rage in their hearts, is it any wonder that the ability to experience a sense of shame was the first thing to go?

Feature image via White House/Pete Souza

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Grasping White Privilege: Time Has Come For Greater Attention, Understanding and Extinguishing

Bill O'Reilly has recently entertained his viewers with a sad commentary from one who is very wealthy and his wealth is without doubt a product of his opportunity to go where others dare to tread. He and Megyn "White Santa; white Jesus" Kelly, The Kelly File, debate "white privilege." O'Reilly knows whites have a majority rule upper hand in the United States. He is intelligent enough to know people flock together. Flocking breeds comfort among a group while inherent and equally puissant aversion to outsiders. 


O'Reilly knows the power of racially energizing his audience. Conversely, his audience relishes O'Reilly's false sermons while rewarding the demagogue with the highest news show ratings on cable news.   

As you will see and hear, his mission with Kelly was clear: feed the viewers a large dose of mularky via feigning there is not such thing as "White Privilege." 

Before the O'Reilly/Kelly talk-fest, check-out O'Reilly at his racist best and in full bloom white privilege. 
The Youtube poster developed the title for the segment. I would have focused on O'Reilly strategic use of the highly educated professor and progressive pundit as as fodder for his sycophant viewers via saying, "you look like a drug dealer." He did not call him a drug dealer. You will notice when Hill respond in retort to O'Reilly ("You look like a drug user"), O'Reilly fiend ignorance of "what that means." O'Reilly and his production team know statistics related to cocaine use, They know that whites consume far more powdered cocaine than black people. O'Reilly did not mention use of crack cocaine; a cheaper derivative concoction much more frequently consumed in the black community. He knew exactly what Hill meant, but his position of power on his show could not allow Hill to leave the segment with the guest's retort floating like a case of flatulence. After all, O'Reilly's remarks were aimed at tickling the racial paradigms of people who would accept his cheap characterization.

O'Reilly and Kelly on "White Privilege"

If you can stomach more O'Reilly, the net day he offered a doubled-down denial of white privilege while providing dessert to his frothing viewers.

In May of this year, Huffington Post published a piece in response to a Princeton University freshman, 's well publicized treatise of personal recognition and celebration of white privilege. 

"Why I’ll Never Apologize for My White Male Privilege"

Conservative media absorbed and relished in Fortang's treatise like a humongous celestial "Black Hole," While conservatives who infrequently visit the TPI may find the metaphorical use of the "Black Hole" against their grain in denoting the level of absorption Fortang received from the Right, there really isn't a better or more palatable analogy.

Fortang keyboarded his treatise as a kid just out of high school. Nonetheless, he was for a time right-wing media hero comparable to a victorious gladiator. Yet O'Reilly who never spoke-out against Fortang's treatise enacted his "no white privilege" crusade within months.  

Kristen Howerton's Huffington Post piece was as eloquent and point-on as it comes. The excerpt below provides a solid background for her assertion, the "fresh-faced' Princeton student, really doesn't understand white privilege. He claims a sad reality and wears it like a new pair of sneakers. 

But politics aside, 19-year-old Tal Fortgang wrote a compelling argument against having to "check his privilege," outlining the hardships his own family faced in getting where they are today. It resonated with a lot of people, and you know what? I understand why. If I believed that "white privilege" was a term meant to diminish my personal achievements... if I thought "white privilege" meant that I had to apologize for things that happened before I was born ... if I thought that "white privilege" meant that I need to be ashamed or embarrassed for being born white... if I thought that "white privilege" dismisses the very real hardships and challenges that I've had in my life... if that was my understanding of white privilege, I'd probably be a little resentful about it, too. 
But instead, I've taken the time to really understand the concept. I realize now, as I hope Tal can someday realize: white privilege isn't about me individually. It's not a personal attack. White privilege is a systemic cultural reality that I can either choose to ignore, or choose to acknowledge and attempt to change. It has nothing to do with my worth as a person or my own personal struggle. 
This is what I find so frustrating about Tal Fortgang's piece. He didn't take the time to learn what white privilege means, and instead railed against it in an essay that clearly shows his lack of grasp on the subject. And worse yet, Time magazine reprinted it. (No doubt they are basking in the glory of the pageviews on this one.) 
Here's what our fresh-faced Princeton undergrad gets wrong as he spends several paragraphs outlining the struggle of his own family:  the concept of white privilege does not deny individual hardships. Hardships can be circumstantial, they can be born into, they can be at our own doing, or they can be outside of our control. Some hardships, for some people, are related to race, and those who haven't experienced those particular race-related hardships hold white privilege. That doesn't negate the hardships others have faced because racial privilege refers only to issues of systemic racism. It doesn't mean that people haven't experienced difficulty. Nor do the hardships not related to race negate the very real discrimination some people have faced. (And ironically, as Tal outlines the discrimination his Jewish grandparents faced, he acknowledges the imbalance for them while glossing over it as a possibility for others.) 
There are many types of privilege: economic privilege, gender privilege, heterosexual privilege, and of course... racial privilege. "White privilege" is simply an interchangeable term for racial privilege, and refers only to race, not to other privileges a person may have been born into. This is what Tal Fortgang gets really wrong, because his essay assumes that white privilege refers to any kind of privilege. Not so. It's possible for people of other races to hold other kinds of privilege. They don't negate it either... we're not playing oppression olympics. When we ignore one form of privilege because another exists, we're being dismissive. 
Tal Fortgang is also incensed that he has been asked to "check his privilege" in conversations around these topics. And once again, he is railing against something he doesn't understand. The phrase "check your privilege" is typically invoked when someone is being woefully ignorant or insensitively dismissive of the oppression of minority groups.It's not because someone wants a white person to apologize for being white, or dismiss someone's opinion based on race. It's a way of reminding someone that they may not know or understand what they are talking about. It's a gentler way of saying, "You are kind of being a self-absorbed asshole and you should maybe learn more about the minority experience before you continue talking." And based on Tal's essay... yeah. I can see where he might have heard this phrase before. But here's how a privilege check usually works: 
If I suggested that black people were over-reacting about Trayvon Martin, I might be told to check my (racial) privilege. 
If I said that gay people should stop complaining about marriage rights because they are free to love each other and that's all they need, I might be told to check my (hetero) privilege. 
If I suggested that my kid's school should stop sending home paper assignments and just let the kids do their homework from their own iPads, I might be told to check my (economic) privilege. 
If I whine about the presence of handicapped parking spaces at a concert venue, I might be told to check my (ability) privilege.

Read more 

Howerton's piece was a detailed and well throughout response to a very young man who wears his perception of white privilege like a badge of courage or a medal of honor. She thoroughly dismantled Fortang's misconception while employing basic and logical examples to refute just about each flawed privilege brandishing point. The dismantling was accomplished without the need to explore privilege denied mission via the US Justice system. And there is no better example than the proliferation of killing of young black men and women with only scant examples of actual conviction when conviction were warranted.

Over the next few days, I am going to use the Ferguson Missouri Police officer killing of 18 year old Michael Brown to explore privilege and a serious miscarriage of Justice. 

As I move away from this piece, know that Bill O'Reilly knows white privilege and benefited from such privilege well before he was born. 


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Facebook Basket: Conservative Media, Right-Wing Demagogues And A Seceded Country Called "Reagan"

Conservative America is seriously devolving into an abyss of insanity. Fox News most brainless show (Fox & Friends) takes the prize for mindless gibber-jabber. We find Chuck Todd seeming to work towards a job at Fox News. The man is auditioning like no other. Todd makes George Wills audition and Howard Kurtz's auditions look amateurish.

The top of the cake (the icing) is a conservative brain-child nut case espousing secession with the resultant nation called Reagan.  

Shut Off Water For Poor Residents

Fox News Baselessly Blames Calls For Minimum Wage Increase For Drop In McDonald's Profits

New York Times Columnist Apologizes For Attending Fundraiser For Anti-Gay Legal Group

Chuck Todd Explains The Meet The Press "Balancing Act" And How Diversity Is A "Front-Burner Issue"

O’Reilly Goes On 47 Percent Rant, Claims Democrats Only Vote Because They Want Things

When you do not agree with conservatives they often reach for a place that reads: You should not be allowed to vote. Isn't that a care foundation of authoritarian fascism?

Now, this one is archetypal GOP. I would love to see the US south "REAGAN" collect taxes from a tax base with scant industry, high levels of welfare recipients, chronic numbers of the under-educated, the highest levels of medical uninsured, and high levels of unemployment. Afraid "Reagan" (the country) would need an Army. How would Reagan's Army deal with funding?

Reagan aide: South should secede and create a new anti-gay country — called Reagan!

Post by Salon.

You GOP voters have frightfully shallow and brainless media darlings.  Fox New should be an insult to your intelligence. Yet, the network garners major support from a large audience. Does that mean the nation has gone insane?

Remember business is based on giving the consumer what the consumer wants.  That means Fox news reports to the lowest denominator because of your consistent viewing. 


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

EBOLA: Fear And Loathing New GOP Shtick


We start with the Neo-American King of Racism, Larry Klayman.  Klayman so hates an African-American in the White House he doesn't bother to even cloak his racism.  

Klayman: Obama Must Be 'Taken Alive' For Bringing Ebola To America To Afflict White People

SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman on Tuesday, 10/14/2014 10:40 am
Conservative legal activist Larry Klayman has filed a lawsuit against President Obama for “providing material support and aid to international terrorism and facilitating terrorism” by not implementing a travel ban on people from countries facing an Ebola outbreak. 
Health experts have advised against enacting a travel ban, explaining that such a move might actually increase the risk of an outbreak, but Klayman has his own idea as to why the Obama administration hasn’t enacted a ban: anti-white racism. 
Klayman writes in his weekly column that “Obama has favored his African brothers over the rest of us by allowing them free entry into this country” and “relegating whites and others who are not black or Muslim to the back of the bus has become an invidious form of reverse discrimination. This was not right when blacks were subjected to this treatment, and it is not right now – particularly given its deadly implications.”

Does Klayman have a scientific explanation of how Oabma's strategy to infest white people with Ebola will be deployed without real prospect of infesting African- Americans, Latinos, Asians and Original First Nation native Americans? 

Would you like to see the impetus behind the recent surge in conservative media oozing over Ebola.  

Washington Post-ABC News poll 

While 65 percent of the respondents say they are concerned about a possible “widespread” U.S. epidemic, nearly 8 in 10 with a high school diploma or less education say they are very or somewhat concerned. Among respondents with advanced degrees, about 4 in 10 say they are concerned. Just over 6 in 10 white respondents say they are concerned, compared with 74 percent of nonwhites. And while majorities of all partisan backgrounds express concern about a U.S. epidemic, Republicans express significantly more worry than Democrats.
When the demagogue earns millions via spewing fear, EBOLA is the "Perfect Storm."

Let's Proceed (Governor).....

Top Republican demagogues have fields day with fear and death.  


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jon Stewart On The Dissolving Right! One Day The Right Might Just Go "Pfooof"

Conservative Media has gone insane. Certain conservative operatives have crawled into the 'good light' from antiquity to leverage his notoriety that you either do not know of have forgotten.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart on Bergdahl Beard (ology).

The Raw Story on the near extinct dinosaur Oliver North who facilitated sell of 1500 missiles to Iran as part of a cash deal to support the Contras.  Contras?  Yes, Ronald Reagan's war when he could find no other.

Jon Stewart rips Oliver North: Are you mad that prisoner-trading has ‘gone mainstream’? (via Raw Story )
Daily Show host Jon Stewart sarcastically commended Fox News on Wednesday for inviting convicted felon and former Army Lt. Col. Oliver North to comment on the U.S. deal to free POW Bowe Bergdahl — especially when North’s “commentary” included…


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Idiot!

The Daily Show, Napolitano, and conservative idiocy.

Last night, Tuesday March 11, 2013, Jon Daily sat with Fox News's Andrew Napolitano. The psychical revamped alleged judge (a Fox News staple), has carved out a niche in American society that is only acceptable and understandable when we add Fox News to the mix. Napolitano is an anti-Abe Lincoln(ite) who has issues with Lincoln's efforts to end slavery and how slavery came to an end.  

My knowledge of Lincoln does not support the prospect that I take an  exception to Napolitano's B/S, due to an affinity Civil War president. In fact, I have read Lincoln was factually a racist, but one who valued humanity and preservation of the Union beyond his personal social deficiencies. The man was not an abolitionist.

My issues with Napolitano align closely with the "neo-regressive racist rationalizers" who have proliferated like weeds since President Obama took office in 2009.  

The judge came on to the Daily Show set with a handshake and a KISS. A loud over-the-top cheek kiss, certain to have been heard in Europeand Asia. His effort was such an obvious and cheap "setting the stage" strategy to soften or disarm the witty Stewart. What happens to the customary show of affinity via the 'shoulder bump.' Even George W. Bush lays a shoulder in there from time to time.  I dread to think Napolitano was so wanting to avoid the appearance of anything common to progressives, he opted for a 'worldwide' kiss. If you think my assessment of a "disarming kiss" is a stretch, watch as the judge exhorts applause from a crowd, he obviously felt might not welcome. His exhorting arm movements were comparable to football players on the sidelines exhorting the crows for noise while the opposing team is on offense.  Therein lies the phony kiss; typical conservative shallow. 

He then moves to asinine rationale for being anti-Lincoln by commenting about how slavery was "dying a natural death."  Never has a highly paid mouth-piece spoke so callously and far-off base.   There isn't a person alive or archived in history who can, or could have, accurately state the death of slavery via natural death.  Early US capitalism was at the opposite end of that totally asinine and false reality. While, apparatus inventions (eg., The Cotton Gin) came to assist the agriculturally dependent US South, there is no way such apparatus could have provided large-scale physical labor. "No Pay" physical labor was literally the heart and core of southern mercantilism.  Is there a need to also address the purely heinous reality of slavery as commerce for many who earned a living via transport and trading in human bondage?  

Finally, before the Stewart two part video, allow me to harshly state a couple more points. As stated above the Fox News "staple", Napolitano, has simply craved out a niche that guarantees book sales, article and guest appearances (including a deep niche at the increasing racist Fox News). His use of slavery seems to denigrate the tragedy and seriousness of slavery in US History> His remarks certainly is over-the-top disrespectful to African-Americans with lineage and history rooted in slavery.  His use of slavery places him among a growing "neo-regressive racist rationalizers' and places Napolitano squarely in the realm of white privilege for profit.

What is the point of his positions in the grand scheme of things? I fail to see the relevance beyond conservative affinity for slavery mantra. An ironic point as the party is most assuredly infested with bigots and racist, is supported by racist media (radio and TV) and has a membership that is 92% white. Moreover, conservative America and the GOP long for times pre-1950, the movement is noted for short-term thinking, strategy, and short-term memory. What is Napolitano's point? I believe I answered the questions above.

The Daily Show.....

Part 1

Part 2

...AND THE BAND PLAYS ON.... StumbleUpon

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Public Sector Job Losses and Layoffs Send Unemployment Up a Notch

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online
Before we start, I ask "which political party is responsible for public service job losses"?  Which party won in 2010 an immediately went about cutting public service jobs?  Which presidential candidate has criticized the Obama Administration for its commitment top hiring teachers, firefighters and police officers? The  three questions is rhetorical. If you watch news other than Fox News, you know the answer.

The jobs report for the month of July included great news the nation' job seekers. People accepted jobs at a moderately higher rate than anticipated.  An economy that needs good news, received good news for the month of July.

As is the case since the latter part of the Bush second term, no economic good news stands alone without shadowy blast of bad news.

While the economy improved by 163,000 jobs, public sector lay-offs and people initiating job searches 'did a job' on the unemployment rate. The rate increased by a fraction of a per cent and with rounding  inched up from 8.2 per cent to 8.3 per cent.

Republicans have exclaimed nothing shy of elation.  Mitt Romney exclaimed, ".....  a hammer blow" for the economy. A "hammer blow"?

The GOP works its political magic via the lack of attention via people who pay attention to party mouthpieces.   The magic includes complete avoidance of data that led to the minuscule increase in the unemployment rate (inclusive of rounding).  The magic means absolute avoidance of issues related to declining public sector jobs.  While the number of public sector jobs lost in July was 9,000 the job losses must be considered part of the unemployment and jobs equation. The 9,000 public sector jobs losses may not have left the unemployment rate at the previous two months 8.2 per cent; yet, when the per cent  increase involved  rounding numbers, one can wonder 'what if'. A few images of job losses and employment gains since late 2009 should help to illustrate the point. (see below)

Romney calls the Stimulus "wasteful".  The GOP refers to the stimulus as 'not working"? GOP campaign ads include the same phrase. Well, the Recovery Act did not to work to their political gain. McConnell's  clearly declared a wish to obstruct the president's initiatives; of course the party would declare in economy saving stimulus a failure.  McConnell actually expressed a wish for higher unemployment rates via significantly more job losses.  The following chart addresses the impact of the stimulus on private jobs losses.

GOP mantra, "The Wasteful Stimulus" June 2010. 

Now, let's take a quick look at public sector jobs and private sector job growth or lack of growth.

MediaMatters [Business Insider, 6/8/12]
Wash. Post: State And Local Governments Continuing To Lose Jobs. The Washington Post created the following charts with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which show how monthly private-sector job gains compare to monthly job losses in state and local government:]