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Friday, July 14, 2017

Video Quick Hit: Trump The Chameleon, Fox News The Coverup, And Reaction From A Former Insider

It is late in the day on Friday, you are about to close off your workstation or office, turn off the PC, and head out to your weekend. WHy not take a peep at a couple of Trumpisms to end the week.

Let's move away from political humor to the reality of a party and a social /political base which has metastasized into a cauldron of deceit, lies, and nation killing "..isms."

Of course, you know Michael Steel is a life long conservative who is a contributor for MSNBC.

Our last post capture noted White House official (past Democrat and Republican administrations) commenting on the Trump Russian Meeting scandal and cover-up.

You know the Trump cabal is crumbling under the weight of its own lies when two Fox News hosts take great exception of Trump unraveling the nation.

Yes, it is ugly. 

I am increasingly hearing this: "The cover-up is often worse than the crime."  As we watch the Trump meeting scandal develops we must consider this: "The crime is likely worse than the cover up."


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trump Jr. Email Point by Point (Crooks & LIars)

Crooks & Liars

Breaking Down The Don Jr Emails Line-by-Line: It's Collusion

Whoa. Donald Trump Jr broke a well known rule - if you may be guilty of a major crime, don't post evidence against yourself ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I cannot even imagine what his lawyer is doing right now. Quitting, possibly? Junior just posted these 2 tweets, containing an email chain which he (stupidly) thinks exonerates him.…

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Did Fox News Mention Inciting Violence?

Crooks & Liars

Fox's Huntsman 'Asks' If Democrats' Criticisms Of Trumpcare 'Risk Inciting' Violence

As part of Fox & Friends' ongoing efforts to demonize any opposition to Dear Leader Donald Trump, cohost Abby Huntsman did her best to suggest that critics of Trumpcare are dangerous – while concern trolling about inflammatory rhetoric. Huntsman kicked off the propaganda by saying, "Lawmakers promised to clean up the fiery rhetoric on Capitol Hill…

Friday, June 23, 2017

Russia's Republicans (Alas Comrades)

Repost from Crooks & Liars

Why Is Russia Helping Republicans Win Elections?

Another week in the Trump administration, another shit storm of news. Republicans were busy redistributing wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthy by taking healthcare away from millions of Americans. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was preoccupied creating memorable optics with ordering Capitol Hill police to forcibly remove disabled wheelchair-bound protesters from the…

Monday, June 19, 2017

Trump's Information Machine Working Your Psyche (Polls)

A couple of days back we ran a piece with the following lede paragraphs and graphics. (Winning, Winning, Winning: Polls Don't Agree)

Image result for trump sinking America

The ship is truly sinking. 

Image result for trump sinking AmericaDonald Trump, as President, is suffering decreasing approval ratings along with related increasing disapproval ratings and Gallup has just published a piece regarding Trump's 
satisfaction rate/ level among Republicans.  Yes, the ship is sinking.


Satisfaction with Direction of US by Party Affiliation

A quick review of the graphic shows a dramatic drop in Republican satisfaction of their nascent party leader and president. In May, the rate was around 57 percent, half way through June the rate has dropped 17 points.

We knew when we ran the piece Rasmussen's right lean polling would offer Trump a prop up via reporting Trump with a 50% approval rating.  We also knew that Trump would dispatch his cadre of "presstitutes" to the airways (with an exception of MSNBC) to offer outright lies and misinformation about Trump's perception among the US citizenry.

Crooks & Liars captured the Mike Huckabee Fox News visit like no other media. Trump surrogacy is as shamefully narcissistic as any of the nation's 45  President across.  As we move through the early years of the 21st Century, it is amazing the depth, level, and scope of Rightwing manipulation of Americans who subscribe to conservative ideology. 

Crooks & Liars

Mike Huckabee: Trump Is A 'Remarkable President'

In another sycophantic segment, Fox and Friends has created a new presidential marker, "the first 150 days of Trump" (way to move the goalposts!) Mike Huckabee claims Americans should be saying, "Thank you, Mr. President." Trump hasn't passed any meaningful legislation within Congress on jobs or taxes, and outside of using executive orders, he's done nothing…

Saturday, June 10, 2017

GOP Talking Head Challenged (VIDEO)

I once read an article written by a writer in the home state of the GOP's Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). I walked away from the piece with to clear mental images. 

First Blackburn has yet to meet a camera she doesn't find appealing. As a former beauty contestant, it seems her fantasy of never-ending attractiveness is an existential reality. She is mistaken beyond explanation. 

Another point was Blackburn penchant for mouthiness. I totally agree. The one thing that is common among all GOP and conservative talking heads is their devotion to on-camera interviews strategy akin to the technique Mitt Romney used against Barack Obama during the 2008 Presidential Debates. Romney successfully, without question, Gish Galloped Obama into a first debate loss. Fortunately, the wily and ever-present competent Obama and his team prepared for the next debate; Romey never won another debate.

If you are a person who watches cable news you ay have noticed the use of the technique tweaked for use against TV hosts. You have seen the technique may be without recognition when you see conservatives guess (surrogates, pundits et al) on cable news shows talking incessantly without a pause. Incessant comment without a spouse isn't the critical issue. The issue is the talking heads know reach news segment has hard start and end times. They know the host generally can not extend the length of a segment and must follow direction from the booth to end the segment If the Gish Galloping talking head refuses to allow other points of view or refuses to allow the host to adequately performance a productive interview.  

Marsha Blackburn is the supreme Gish Galloper.  MSNBC's Chuck Todd must have prepared well for the babbling nonsensical Blackburn.

Crooks & Liars

Chuck Todd Scolds Marsha Blackburn Over Russia: 'Where Is The Urgency?'

Chuck Todd's interview with Rep. Marsha Blackburn started with a bang right out of the gate when he began with a question to her about James Comey's testimony yesterday and Russia. Chuck Todd was trying to get some idea of how Blackburn (and Congressional Republicans) feel about Russian interference in our election by mentioning Comey's emotional…

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

GOP Official To Contract Militia Event Security

Do you recall any instances in our history involving events with contracted "hot heads" anti-establishment as security enforcers?

I am old enough to recall many which ended in tragedy, but I recall one incident which was over the top unnecessary.

Dec 6, 2015 - A murder at a Rolling Stones concert effectively brought the ... when they hired the San Francisco chapter of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang ...

Death of Meredith Hunter - Wikipedia

Meredith Curly Hunter, Jr. (October 24, 1951 – December 6, 1969) was an 18-year-old African-American man who was killed at the 1969 Altamont Free Concert. During the performance by The Rolling Stones, Hunter approached the ... The Hells Angels had been hired to provide security for the concert in a deal that involved ...

As this week is passing into next week, we are seeing a foolish Republican politician in Oregon speak of hiring Oath Keepers to provide event security. While Oath Keepers isn't known as a hate group ,and the militia certainly hasn't developed a reputation for neo-nazism, the thought of contracting any us international militia for event security defies rational thought.

Lest we remind you of another far-right loon who has perpetrated racist oriented murders of innocent Americans while spewing uber nationalist bullcrap.  Link.

Crooks & Liars

Snowflake Portland GOP Chair Wants Militia Guards For 'Safe Spaces'
Multnomah County, Oregon GOP chair James Buchal told the Guardian yesterday that he's considering the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenter militias as possible security forces for future Republican Party events. Blaming "belligerent, unstable people who are convinced that Republicans are like Nazis," Buchal sees the stabbing murder of two men on a Portland subway by…

Sunday, May 21, 2017

US Media Lavishes "Presidential" On Trump

An American Shyster heads overseas for his first "presidential" trip outside of the White House and Mar-A-Lago and US media has a fields day. A fields day which involves normalizing that which has come to be recognized as the absolute worse US President in US History. 

Watch as Fox News's "Justice" Pirro attempted to shield her sycophant viewers from the reality of a Trump curtsy to the King of Saudi Arabia. Her hand signals took her right wing dogma far beyond reporting with a bias to the level of over the top propaganda. She offers fodder for feeding the gullible.

Now watch as CNN offers one of the most non-credible right wing talking heads the camera for pure insanity. Yes, CNN has a contractual relationship with Mr. 2012 "Blah People", Rick Santorum. 

How is it possible so many reveal the level to which their brains have devolved?

Yet, there isn't one across US media who has so subscribed to the lowest level of commentary. Do you recall a few weeks back when Trump lobbed a series of missiles at an empty airfield in Syria. Trump's team alerted Putin of the pending attack and the airfield was wiped clean of significant aircraft and personnel. CNN host Fareed Zakaria and a few others on the network publicly stated the attack validated Trump as "presidential." 

Yes they earn their millions from networks who earn billions off the minds of viewers seeking entertainment. The ultimate platform for American number one shyster: Donald Trump.

Crooks & Liars

Bob Schieffer Normalizes Trump: 'He Actually Sounded Presidential' In Saudi Speech
During a CNN appearance on Sunday, CBS News contributor Bob Schieffer asserted that President Donald Trump "actually sounded presidential" because he did not go off script during his speech to Muslim leaders in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. "Today, you saw a very different President Trump," Schieffer said following the speech. "He actually sounded presidential. You may agree…


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jared Kushner : A Sebaceous Cyst

As we watched Trump's run through his GOP opponents (a sad a lot as there were), and as we watched Trump win an electoral vote over Clinton, we all too frequently say ideas that should have been a red flag (not a metaphorical reference to the former flag of Putin's the Soviet Union).

Crooks & Liars

All In The Family: Looks Like Jared Kushner Is The New Focus Of Trump-Russia Investigation

In almost the same moment that the wheels of Air Force One went up, carrying the president on his first overseas trip, new headlines about the investigation of Donald Trump's Russian influence scandal started popping up - and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner appeared to be at the center of them. This baloney ain't kosher:no such thing…

Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump Appoints Who To The Vatican? (Seriously?)

If you need additional proof of Trump s a nation killer with a level of class which would fit in a tadpole pool, you have it with his appointment of Newt Gingrich's wife as an ambassador to the Vatican. Of all places, the Vatican!

Crooks & Liars published a piece about the appointment, so I will turn this piece over to C&L.

One point.  Does anyone believe Newt's wife will leave her blond helmet in the States?

Image result for callista gingrich vatican

Crooks & Liars

'Adulterous Woman' To Be Vatican Ambassador

Nope, it's not The Onion or Mad Magazine or a bad dream. But it is typical Trump. Put a school-looter in charge at education, put a polluter in charge at the EPA, put a racist in charge at the Justice Department. And put Callista Gingrich in the goddamn Vatican. Salon gets some details wrong, but all…

Monday, April 10, 2017

Crooks & LIars: BlackWater Operative Secretly Met With Russian Operative

Erik Prince Downplays His Meeting With Putin He Previously Denied

Erik Prince, the founder of the mercenary company Blackwater, admitted that he met with an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin during then-President-elect Donald Trump's transition. The Washington Post reported last week that Prince held a secret meeting with a Putin confidant in the Seychelles islands "as part of an apparent effort to establish a back-channel…

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

CNN Broadcast Their Chief Racist (No Host Intervention)

CNN has again entertained their conservative viewers with the most racists media contributor allowed on US airways. Harry Houck, former NYC cop, has well surpassed Pat Buchanan is an overt racist who should be denied opportunity to spew unqualified data to support his racism. We have captured and posted the CNN segment below. As you listen to Houck, try to retain the thought he quotes data which may have been influenced by "Stop and Frisk" policies which target blacks and Latinos. 


A non-bound show host would have requested more about the data Houck spewed. A real journalist (VS a host from a popular and elitists NYC family)  would have asked not only about the genesis of the data, they would have referenced the data with "stop & frisk" as a dark cloud over NYC police enforcement. By default and due to a lack of journalistic acumen Chris Cuomo facilitated Houck's racism.

“In New York City alone, blacks are 23 percent [of the population],” he said. “They make up 75 percent of all shootings, 70 percent of all robberies, 60 percent of all violent crimes. White only 3 percent. That is why there are more blacks in jail than there are whites.” 
After some back and forth, CNN commentator and former HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill weighed in, “Harry just went on national TV and said black people are prone to criminality.” 
“Well, they are.” Houck said. 
“You think black people are prone to criminality?” Hill asked. “You don’t mean to say that. I’m going to give you a chance to correct [yourself]. You don’t mean that black people are prone to criminality.” 
“The statistics here show this,” Houck fired back, pointing at his sheet of statistics. “What does this say?”

Houck has a history with CNN that seems to unfold when CNN needs an arch conservative (apparent racist) for comment.  In October 2015, we published this piece with Houck rationalizing cop abuse.  CNN found another opportunity to expose its conservative audience to Houck in December 2015. In February of this year, Houck was again booked on a CNN segment as the lone voice of that portion of the white America which feeds off social regressivism: Beyonce tour

Crooks & Liars also published a piece with a bit more detail with a closing remark which is the bottom-line on Houck. He should be closed out of US media. He is without question a racist and he is the product of a corrupt law enforce community which for decades abused minorities. Houck was again allowed on CNN to spew data without any qualifying of the data as being that of a police dept. which target black and Latino men.

CNN's Harry Houck Claims Black People Are 'Prone To Criminality'

CNN started the day with a feverish argument, thanks largely to their guest, the inflammatory ex-police officer, Harry Houck. Marc LaMont Hill, a regular pundit, a professor at Moorhouse College and reasonable person whenever Houck appears on CNN, first clarifies the problem. HILL: I think we have to reject the ninety-nine percent of cops are good…

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The TPI Gazette: Ben Carson Rambles On Fox News Plus A GOP Gallery Of Ridiculousness

Non-Progressive News...

While the GOP Primary field offers a gallery of candidates who represent regressive economic and social ideology, the field also includes two documented carnival barkers. Both Donald Trump and Ben Carson are performing at the level of very effectively in garnering attention and polling numbers from US conservatives who may wear the collective collar of "Tea Party." While Trump has major issues with "lying for effect" and developing a solid base of bigots and white supremacists (who are becoming overt in their support, pulls up a distant second when we consider outright over the top insanity from Ben Carson.

Carson often reminds of a robot programmed to speak and act in certain manner when faced with pre-programmed scenarios. When forced outside the programmed responses, he stumbles and rambles like a child caught with one hand in the candy jar.  His handlers have a candidate who in many ways reminds of a Sarah Palin with a brain. Yet, he is so far outside the reality of a viable presidential candidate he is often embarrassing.  I should also add, I firmly believe he suffers from some for of cognitive degeneration that results in whacked-out thoughts emanating from this mouth. 

Watch as Carson runs up against a Fox News host this past Sunday.  
After Crooks & Liars piece, give some thought to pursuing a few Twitter post (with links to other 2016 ridiculousness).

Crooks & Liars

Ben Carson Can't Name Any Of Our Allies For His International Coalition

On this morning's Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked Ben Carson how he would defeat ISIS and after a lengthy word salad response, Wallace tried to pin him down on detailing something real so he asked him who he would bring first into an International military coalition. As you'll see, Ben had trouble naming our allies…

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ben Carson: Conspiracy For The Fox News Viewer

Image result for ben carson quotes

Ben Carson as an innocent victim of US media (other than Fox News)?  Really?

Before we move to recent comments from noted conservative conspiracy mogul, Monica Crowley, it is important to peruse a few comments from Ben Carson.


Ben Carson's 9 most controversial quotes

It is important to state, not one of the Carson mental/oral foibles involved edited video tape. As the following strategy from the Right unfolds recognize Carson is handing media all it needs to fill hours of coverage (observation, analysis and reporting). 

While many will cover for Carson with comments about his "different and avant-garde" comments, the problem is much deeper ad significantly more serious. He aspires to be President of the United States. Regardless of one's perspective from any the opposite realm of perfectly balanced, his comments reveal thought processes which are so far outside the norm. He cannot be trusted to effectively lead. His words are manifestations of cognitive processes that are yielding communication that leads to either  head-scratching or attempts to defend his words.

Let's watch and listen as Bill (Mr. Cover It) O'Reilly and Monica (Allow Me To Conspiracy It) Crowley fills their conservative mission. But, let's do so with one leading thought: No one is forcing the words from Carson's mouth.

Crooks & Liars

Monica Crowley: The Media Is Out To Destroy Ben Carson Because He's A Black Conservative

Leave it to Fox News contributor Monica Crowley to come up with a conspiracy theory as a way to "defend" Dr. Ben Carson's remarks about the Umpqua Community College shooting. Right before she fear mongered about the Muslim "invasion" in Europe. On The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly set the stage for Carson's victimhood by saying…


Ben Carson At Popeyes: The Daily Show Touch

Crooks & Liars with The Daily Show's take on Ben Carson's fantasy regarding mass shootings, his over-the-top comments about robbery at Popeyes and Ruppert Murdoch's "real black guy."

The Daily Show Obtains Surveillance Footage Of Ben Carson At Popeyes

As we already discussed here, GOP presidential contender Ben Carson made an appearance on Fox this week, and basically laid out a little fantasy describing how he would react if he were ever confronted by a gunman. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah did a nice job of making a mockery of Carson for his victim blaming…

Sunday, September 13, 2015

GOP 2016: Scott Walker Cancels Event Appearance, Rumors Of The Koch (Money) Well Drying Up And Trump

UPDATE: The New Yorker is reporting the Kochs have given up to Walker.

Look. you cannot see the marionette strings!

Embedded image permalink

When I think of the field of conservatives who are vying for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination, I find little reason to wonder why Donald Trump is faring so well among conservatives. The field of candidates is almost comical and despite Rience Priebus's neutered management of the situation, the party's inner core isn't showing well. A fact that should not surprise and is indicated an ideology that is absent usefulness in circa 2015 America. As is the case with conservative ideology, people who subscribe are literally lost in a sea of regressive fantasy. They live in a social bubble and when coupled with numerous sources of mis-information America's conservatives are scrambling for a "hero." It seems Wisconsin's Scott Walker is not the hero of his past second place polling numbers.

As I think of Scott Walker, it is easy to see why the party hero is a New York City carnival barker who is rapidly showing the ridiculousness of reality television. Our penchant for seeking self-gratifying voyeuristic moments of fantasy television entertainment is slowly manifesting in poll results that favor Trump. An intriguing sidebar to Trump's impact on the campaign is his attracting polling numbers which equates to the probable loss of campaign cash to the more regressive of the 16 candidates.  There isn't one of the 16 GOP candidates who is more regressive than Scott Walker. And, Scott comes with another dynamic important to his money backers. He offers Koch brothers funded regression while sporting a Wisconsin gubernatorial track record that is literally unfathomable.

Have a look?

The economic record has resulted in a Walker slide down the approval ratings roller-coaster like a ride on Jackson, New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure, Kingda Ka. In late August, walker polled at 25% among a survey of Republican primary voters. More important, Walker recently polled among Wisconsin residents at the 39 percent level. Why would any worthwhile uber wealthy oligarch fund a veritable political loser?

Unsubstantiated reports of Koch brothers slowing the flow of campaign cash to the Walker campaign, have floated across the Internet over the past two weeks.  

Image via Screen Grab
"Remember Barack Obama had never run anything in government before, and we see what a lousy president he's been," Walker said. "I've run things. I've actually got things done." 
"If you want someone who will fight and win... and get results without compromising common sense conservative principles, then I'm the candidate," Walker told CNN's Jake Tapper in an interview that aired Sunday on "State of the Union."
Walker says he will fight. What exactly would Walker fight for or against. Would he undertake to rid the nation of all public service workers? Would he become a clone of Bush/Cheney's charge into Iraq by chasing and destroying the nation's labor unions? His ill-advised comments about being qualified to takeout ISIS based on taking-down 100,000 union protesters was indicative of a childlike mindset as well as a candidate reaching for the weakest of administration fait accompli.  Walker would fight for any and every issue handed to him by the Koch brothers as first priority and all other (conservative agenda) matters on a secondary basis.

If you have any doubt about the accommodating candidate for Wisconsin, watch as he un-artfully dodges CNN's Jake Tapper's efforts to secure an answer regrading special interest in the nation's capital.

Under the carnival tent of one Donald Trump and consistent campaign stumbles, Walker is fading among Republican candidates. When adjoined with rumors of dwindling Koch money, and a coming GOP debate we should be in for an interesting week in GOP politics.

Crooks & Liars is reporting Walker has cancelled an appearance in California. 

Walker Cancels Appearance At California Event

For months, Scott Walker was planning on headlining at the Republican state convention in California. On Friday, he suddenly canceled his appearance without explanation: Presidential candidate Scott Walker on Friday abruptly canceled his planned speech at the California Republican Party convention next weekend, according to someone involved with the event's planning who was not authorized to…

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

American "NO GO" Zones: Whites Only

The following is a long piece on an American most of us not only have little to no knowledge, ti is one of those pieces that may shake your paradigm on America as an "exceptional" nation.

Crooks & Liars

'No Go' Zones Were First Made In America

[Cross-posted at Orcinus.] Projection, I have observed more than once, is more than a mere trait of the American right wing, it's a conscious strategy designed to marginalize their opposition and open the field to nearly any behavior it chooses. One of the more revealing instances of this projection is the sudden rise of claims from…

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Duggars, Duggars, Duggars...We Have A Problem!

Duggars Tell Megyn Kelly That Josh Duggar's Molestations Weren't All That Bad

This story just gets sicker and sicker. Not only did the elder Duggars show up for the interview, they dragged along a couple of Josh's victims for the parade, too. Raw Story: Asked why they didn't turn their son in, Jim Bob explained that he was told by a friend that "government programs" were notoriously unsuccessful…

Monday, April 13, 2015


Rand Paul told New Hampshire audience the following: ..."fight for your right to be left alone." Wonder if he feels the same about Cliven Bundy's refusal to pay land taxes and his defiant stand against efforts to collect said taxes?

GOP Problem alert! 

As CNN's Dana Bash interviews GOP presidential aspirant, Rand Paul, a response to a question about gay marriage drew a conspicuously troublesome response. Paul used that favored GOP word: "states." 

States Rights is mere code for government differentiation the leads to discrimination. Recall the "States" during the Civil Rights Era of the 60s. Imagine states with legislatures ruled by Koch Brothers dark money with politicians subservient to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

"Well, no, the states will end up making the decisions on these things," Paul replied. "I think there's a religious connotation to this. I also believe people ought to be treated fairly under the law. I see why if the marriage contract conveys certain things, that if you want to marry another woman, you can do that and have a contract. But the thing is that the religious connotation of marriage that has been going on for thousands of years, I still want to preserve that."

Paul has gone on record in the past with his views that private business owners should not be forced to serve or provide accommodation to all who wish to patron the establishment. 

GOP Problem alert!

If the US (and voters) allows states to call the shots on fair and balanced life in the nation, our quality of life will deteriorate like a fizzled-out Alka Seltzer (Tm). We are seeing state legislatures reversing voters election preferences regarding LGBT Rights. We are seeing cases in a couple of states where legislators are forbid from using the words "Climate change." How about the reality of GOP governed states that are refusing life sustaining medical care via the ACA based in pure political obstruction?

Paul's continued affinity for states rights and the ironclad GOP lock-step commitment to state's rights spells doom for a comprehensive fair, balanced and equal nation under the law.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chris Matthews Jumps To Rand Paul's Defense From RightWing Operatives

Of all the admiration I hold for MSNBC's Chris Matthews for his stance against voter suppression and outright racism reaped on President Obama throughout his time in the Oval Office, I remain totally perplexed about Matthews's affinity for Rand Paul.

Matthews has avoided any criticism of Paul as The inimitable politicians squirmed around his plagiarism relations. If Matthews was critical of Paul's active participation in signing the Tom Cotton Open Letter to Iranian leadership, I missed that segment altogether. Additionally, I don't recall Matthews ever referencing Paul's stumbling and mumbling interview with Rachel Maddow. The interview in which Paul openly stated he would not have supported the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 due to his aversion for forcing "private" business owners in any way. Thus, he admits he would not have supported desegregation restaurants, hotels and other establishments available for public accommodation. As a matter of fact, after swearing-ff appearing on MSNBC, Paul accepted an interview on the network and Matthews ended the segment with (Paraphrased): "Our proximity of some issues is uncanny." The essence of the paraphrased remarks are actually disappointing if Paul's receives a review as the total (social and political) package. He is a liar, a shifty political Chameleon, who has admitted wanton inclination to "misinform" for personal gain.

Again, why Chris Matthews has adopted an affinity for Paul "The Younger" is totally perplexing.

Apparently, Matthews has literally taken-up the role of flag bearer for Paul. The following Crooks & Liars piece offers insight into Matthews sitting in on another MSNBC show, to wave the Paul flag. And, therein lies a credibility killer for a cable news host who works for a network that consistently has fewer viewers than Fox News and CNN. When Paul flops or suffers more character revelations, will Matthews go on air and admit to being duped as are many voters who habitually vote GOP. 

Before the full Crooks & Liars piece, let's take a quick read of Matthews and his flag waving. 

Love for Paul.....
I can see why people from both parties are going after this guy even on the very day he announces for president: he’s a danger to conventional politics in this country. He’s willing to challenge government intrusion in our lives, willing to challenge America’s intrusion into foreign countries, especially that sad, tragic mission we call “nation building.”
Without regard for Paul's history and his apparently inclination to lie, Matthews lays his neck on a political guillotine. Is it possible Mathews has failed to review Paul's voting record over his short spa in the US Senate? The MSNBC host has no way of knowing the veracity of Paul's utterances.

Crooks And Liars

Chris Matthews Rips MSNBC For Airing 'Goddamn' Right-Wing Ads, Then Airs It Himself

Chris Matthews went a little off the reservation on Thomas Roberts' show Tuesday, chewing on MSNBC and Roberts for airing an attack ad against Rand Paul, put together by the same group that Swiftboated John Kerry. TPM: MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts ended up under friendly fire on Tuesday when his colleague Chris Matthews launched into a…