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Sunday, June 16, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: When The Polls Don't LIe; FIre The Pollsters

Image result for abc news trump

Watch at the 1:00-minute mark. Trump with ABC's George Stephanopoulos. After Trump's internal pollings numbers were leak showing he is training Joe Biden in all states, Trump plays the "Lie Card" Actually, he went off the record in the interviews an ordered a call to someone on his tea with a request for polling numbers. You will notice the cameras do not return to the limo interview. Or, is his behavior best represented by the word delusional?" 
"I don't believe those polls. There's no way [former Vice President Joe Biden] beats me in Texas," Trump told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday during an exclusive interview. "No, my polls show that I'm winning everywhere."
ABC's piece report Trump continued with his diatribe response to the point of using the "T" word (truth). There isn't a person in industrialized Earth who doesn't know that Trump is absent the ability, to tell the truth. (Washington Post April 2019)
"Nobody showed you those polls because those polls don't exist, George. Those polls don't exist. I'm losing in 15 out of 17 states? Those polls don't exist," Trump said. "I just was given a meeting with my pollster who I frankly don't even believe in pollsters if you want to know the truth, you just run a campaign and whatever it is, it is, but I just had a meeting with somebody that's a pollster and I'm winning everywhere, so I don't know what you're talking about."

On June 10th, 2019 The New York Times reported Trump knew was formed of the polling data and instructed his staff to deny the numbers.  

After working through the proceeding, you have to know what comes next.  Trump fired the pollsters. Crooks And Liars.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: The Ugliness Of Hate And The Pathetic State of Trump

Imagine That...

The Ugliness of Hate

The following Media Matters news segment appeared on CNN.  

CNN"S ALISYN CAMEROTA conducted a rather long segment with a young white man who seems to have awakened to the ills of white supremacy as ti manifest in American. He spoke of being radicalized via YouTube; the res is as follows (including the brief segment excerpt).
ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): How does a liberal young man become a follower of the "alt-right"? You're about a meet a man who says he was radicalized by "alt-right" figures via their persuasive YouTube videos. He believed their extremist conspiracies for years. But then he somehow deradicalized himself, and he's now working to help others get out. Joining us now is Caleb Cain. Caleb, thank you so much for being here to tell your personal story. I think it is so fascinating. So just to bring people up to speed, somewhere around, as I understand it, 2015, you were sort of at loose ends. You had dropped out of college, you were looking for direction. I think -- correct me if I'm wrong -- at the time you would describe yourself as liberal. And somehow online you found your way to these "alt-right" videos and websites. And then describe what happened. 
CALEB CAIN: Yes, ....... (The video follows)

The Pathetic State of Trump

Time to move to our ever-present lying White House occupant. If you follow any current events you know the nation elected a pathological liar. Therefore, we expect daily lies for Trump and each of his inner cabal.  The extent of lying from the White House is so pervasive, GOP members of Congress and false Democrats who site in the US Congress are finding themselves revealing the level to which they will also lie to the American people. As we move through the 360-degree essential reality of Trump and his congressional stooges and staff, there is another critical group which wears the same label of shame. US conservatives who facilitate Trumpism via overt and obvious willingness to accept any and every lie as well as tacit conservatives who are willing to ignore historic poor leadership form the GOP and record lying form Trump and company. 

The latest and most disturbing example of a Trump lie was offered to the world yesterday. While speaking about reports Kim Jong Un's brother was a CIA asset, Trump clear stated the prospect of such an operation would not be part of the manner in which he conducts business. Wouldn't you know, today he seeks to modify his comments with one of the zaniest yet validating statements he has uttered since taking office  His words clearly show he speaks with a brain which has a core in lying.

Watch and listen...

Did the headline in the Crooks & Liars piece read with the word "Bizarrely"?  Well, Trump topped that late yesterday.
Imagine that... literally inviting foreign involvement and meddling in US general elections.  

After such a statement any rational person should question Trump's recent adjective-laden criticism of Joe Biden.  A US president stooped to calling a potential election opponent, "dumb", "less mental", "not so good looking", and in some cases "sleepy". If Trump's remarks to ABC's Stephanopoulos doesn't show his criticism of Bide as something of a mirror reflection of the nation's 45thh, this linked CNN segment with Rick Santorum may remind of you

Speaking of CNN, conjure up and consider thoughts of an international news (and entertainment) network which pays conservatives to come on air to defend the wild manifestations and insanity of Trump. It is the existential reality of my use the word "presstitute." Santorum is a classic presstitute. 

And how did Trump's favorite news show handle his bumbling revelation?  Media Matters offers how Fox offers the ugly to its viewers. 

Another example of the most non-presidential person to sit in the White House was recently published via Snopes. "...cleanest air in the world."

This is an update to a post from earlier today:  Herewith is yet another example of the intellect form the Oval Office. Yes, he typed "whales" Instead of "wales". There is something about it that leads me to the prospect it wasn't a typographical error. Crooks And Liars.
Trump Ridiculed For His 'Prince Of Whales' Tweet

Imagine all of that.....

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Conspiracies, Conspiracies, Conspiracies (VIDEO)

Ali Velshi Names And Shames Websites Pushing Conspiracies On Florida Shooting Survivors

Fake News! That's what Ali Velshi calls, by name, those websites pushing conspiracy theories about survivors of the Florida School Shooting. (And of course Don Junior, who re-tweets that garbage on a regular basis.) Transcript: STEPHANIE RUHLE: Out of the tragedy in Parkland, we are now seeing a despicable and ugly part of tragedy. Conspiracy theories.…

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Blackmailing Republicans?

I will say, Lindsey Graham and a few others of late have certainly gone through a mind-change regarding Trump.

Sarah Kendzior: Trump Likely To Be Threatening, Blackmailing Republicans

Joy Reid asked Sarah Kendzior, expert on authoritarian regimes, about Republicans who strongly opposed Trump, yet now flatter him. "You wrote about Lindsey Graham explicitly, he is somebody who has admitted he was hacked by the Russians, had strong opinions of Russiagate. What are the not-so-innocent explanations for why he's changed?" Joy Reid asked. "There's always…

Saturday, December 10, 2016

YOUR GOP: McConnell Squelched CIA Reports?

America, we have a problem.....

Crooks And Liars Repost

McConnell Squelched CIA Reports That Russian Hacks Were Aimed At Electing Trump

According to a bombshell report from the Washington Post, the CIA concluded that Russia actively interfered in the election not just to destabilize our political system, but to actively elect Donald Trump. This conclusion was not something they just pulled out of thin air. Intelligence agencies had arrived at their conclusion in September, and briefed a…

Monday, February 8, 2016

Charges Against The Bundy Anarchists

If you have any interest in the latest American Bundy story, Crooks And Liars published a piece with charges against the wildlife refuge anarchists. Prosecution of these angry white cowboys" is the only way to lay a barrier against anarchist bullies.

Crooks And Liars

Read The Charges: Feds Indict Bundy Terrorists

The indictment of the Bundy militia unsealed In case you were wondering why the Bundy militia, or as they call themselves the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, were allowed to occupy a federal building on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Ore. for so long - we just got our answer. The Feds were building up a…

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rubio Attacks Obama with Dog Whistle Arguments While Avoiding His Party Opponents

After candidate Obama won the Iowa Caucuses in 2008, he delivered the following lines as part of his victory speech:

Obama’s started his apeech accordingly:

‘They said this day would never come. They said our sights were set too high. They said this country was too divided, too disillusioned to ever come together around a common purpose. But on this January night, at this defining moment in history, you have done what the cynics said we couldn’t do.’
The  Iowa Caucus process ran its course in this past Tuesday and it seems the essence of Obama's victory speech found ghost legs via Marco Rubio. ghost legs via Marco Rubio.
Rubio started his speech this past Tuesday night after finishing third in the Iowa Caucuses as such:

‘So this is the moment they said would never happen. For months, for months they told us we had no chance. For months they told us because we offer too much optimism in a time of anger, we had no chance. For months they told us because we didn’t have the right endorsements or the right political connections, we had no chance. They told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn’t gray enough and my boots were too high.’

The likeness is far too consistent to be happenstance. Interestingly, Rubio finished third in Iowa; Obama won the state in 2008.

It seems Marco Rubio believes he is running against the nation's 44th President, Barack Obama, who is leaving office in January 2017. The unhappy (about his job) Republican Senator from Florida spends far more time on the campaign trail firing disparaging remarks towards Barack Obama, then his actual GOP opponents. His consistent anti-Obama remarks stand in deep contrast to the manner in which he started his speech above. Plagiarism involves a degree of nefarious admiration and denotes a wanton likeness of the victim from the plagiarizer.

Rubio's' Obama obsession didn't slow this past Tuesday. He took great exception to President Obama's visit to a Muslim Mosque and spoke in as bigoted a tone as any remarks from Donald Trump. He accused Obama of "Always pitting people against each other." The only "pitting" President Obama perpetrated against us (some of us) was his audacity in running for and winning the Oval Office.

Maybe, I touched on a strategy in the last statement. Rubio is probably channeling Trump to secure a few more votes in New Hampshire's Primary next Tuesday.

Crooks And Liars published a piece about Rubio's Obama fetish (my word) and the futility of his "pitting" argument.

Marco Rubio Shows His Stupidity By Slamming Something Obama Never Said

Marco Rubio could hardly wait for President Obama to finish his speech at a Maryland mosque before laying into him for something he never said. Young Marco rushed out in New Hampshire to slam President Obama before anyone else could, accusing the President of being divisive. "Always pitting people against each other. Always! Look at today:…

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Marco Rubio and His A Third Place Victory Lap


As I was running from political coverage this past Monday night, I was distracted from my television remote journey via the site of Marco Rubio's Iowa Caucuses victory speech.  First and foremost the speech appeared strikingly close the context and theme of a past set of speeches from candidate Barack Obama.

Nomadic Politics

Borrowing from Obama: Marco Rubio's Not-So-Victorious Victory Speech | Nomadic Politics

Even more striking was the reality of having tune-in to what was delivered as a victory speech and facing the reality of a Florida Senator (who hates his Senatorial duties) actually didn't even come close to winning Iowa. He finished a distant third behind two candidates who may better represent today's GOP. Have we come to a point that a candidate delivers a victory speech by coming in third ahead of a field of weak campaign candidates?  The answer to the question: obviously.

Crooks and Liars

Marco Rubio Gives Victory Speech For Finishing 3rd In Iowa

Marco Rubio and many of the pundits from the Mainstream Media are absolutely tickled that Marco finished in third place in the GOP Iowa Caucuses. Marco was over the top ecstatic himself, and his 'victory' speech hardly reflected a normal victory. Senator Ted Cruz finished first with 28%, Trump came in second with 24% and Rubio…

Monday, June 8, 2015

How Much Doled Out to the Defense Industry? $8.5 Trillion

Crooks & Liars

Report Reveals $8.5 TRILLION Missing From Pentagon Budget (VIDEO)

Yahoo Money' The Daily Ticker is reporting that is has discovered a Reuters investigation that reveals $8.5 trillion – that's trillion with a "T" – in taxpayer money doled out by Congress to the Pentagon since 1996 that has never been accounted for. You read that right. While Republican politicians rush to slash food stamps for…

Friday, May 29, 2015

Hastert: LA Times Focuses Its Speculation UPDATE: CBC Reports PayoffsTo Hide Sexual Abuse

The Rumors People Were Spreading About Dennis Hastert In 2006

Crooks & Liars reports on LA Times narrowing-in on possible Hastert sexual abuse. You really had to know the speculation was leading in that direction.

LA Times: Hastert Misconduct Involves Sexual Abuse Of A Male

Anonymous federal sources are speaking to the LA Times, and the story isn't pretty. It also confirms why he is resigning hastily from the Wheaton College Center that bears his name as well as the lobbying firm he's been working for. LA Times: One of the officials, who would not speak publicly about the federal charges…

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MSNBC's Morning Joe Goes Ballistic (AGAIN)

What we have next is the very reason I gave up on watching MSNBC's Morning Joe.  Well, over two years ago I witnessed behavior from MSNBC's morning show ($100,000 per week) conservative show namesake that reminded of a spoiled children in a candy store. I have also grown great deal of disdain for his co host's demeanor with regard to Scarborough's acts.

If you need additional evidence of typical behavior for Scarborough, watch as his on air prop and dialog does not follow his script. You should also watch his tool  co host as she (outside of camera view)  seemed to touch Scarborough's leg in an effort to quell what she knew was coming, Moreover, what Brzezinski's face as she notices Todd is going outside of script.

Crooks and Liars (2014)

Joe Scarborough Goes Ballistic On Chuck Todd Over Sgt. Bergdahl's Father

Why does Scarborough so remind of Bill O'Reilly? Why is there an obvious undercurrent of anger just below the surface in so many conservatives. If you find the last statement a bit of a subjective perspective, try interacting with a few conservatism on social media. 

Apparently, this morning Scarborough forgot to take his meds.  The background for the segment was rooted in the Clinton Global Initiative (The Clinton Foundation) and recent conservative efforts to use the Foundation as a magnet for large contribution for foreign contributors. Contributors also include icons of conservative America

Tamp Bay Times Politifact ran a piece on the Foundation. My reading did not yield enough about the initiative to raise any ire. Actually, other than the fact all donation recipient organization spend significant funds on administrative costs, the Foundation seems to at the "end-of-the-day" offer a degree of global "good."

Despite revelations of significant contributions to the Foundation from conservative Americans, Scarborough seemed to desire an anti-Hillary segment that simply did not go according to Hoyle.

It seems Scarborough left the set still fuming with silliness and an effort to discredit his guests choice of ananlogy. He tweeted the following after the show ended.
 FYI, the Nazi comparison on our set came from a Churchill quote from 1943 when England was at the height of its fight against Hitler.
I will defer additional comment due to my comments in the opening of this piece.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Ron Paul In OathKeepers Movie!

If you have any lingering doubt about reports of Ron Paul's affinity for extremism (including white supremacists), rest your cognitive processes he has confirmed and validated the reality. Extremism is not a place where one visits and returns to the commonly shared middle of the road social strata. ir is a place of the heart and mind and manifest in behavior.

Do you recall reports of Ron Paul sitting in 2012 conference calls with white supremacists (eg. A, B, C) ? How about his vile Newsletter that had his figurative signature on every page. Of course, he denies penning the newsletter, but a close aide has belatedly reported he is hands-on such he would approve or disapprove articles.

Apparently, Paul has again skipped into another form of extremism. He accepted an on-camera appearance in an "Oathkeepers" movie. Even, if the appearance has genesis in compensation, people generally avoid that which causes their skin to crawl. We as humans seek ,or accept, that which is comfortable and that which fits our paradigm. The movie was developed by a noted anti-Semitic producer! All said, Paul has moved out of politics and via his actions validates all that was previously denied.

Before I turn the piece over to Crooks And Liars, a question comes to mind. As far fetched as the project, can you imagine Paul visiting the White House on an as desired basis? Unfortunately, Paul "The Younger" (Rand), has a collar adorned by his father. 
Crooks And Liars....

Ron Paul Stars In Extremists' New Movie

The Oathkeepers caught themselves a big fish when they interviewed Ron Paul for their latest film encouraging viewers to jump on the militia movement. "The power elite is getting ready for a war. Not a war on drugs or even a war on terror. but a war to protect themselves..." The voice overs, accompanied by scary…

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tom Cotton (R-AR) "WAR HAWK"

And the GOP votes against the majority
of Veteran spending bills.
The following is a brief piece from Crooks And Liars.  Tom Cotton (R-AR) has confirmed he is a over-the-top war hawk. Thus, he confirms himself as a tool for the defense industry. 

While Cotton and his political party appear great lovers of war and close friends to the defense industry, one should wonder how family of the members of the US Congress actually go to war. We can only assume that defense contractors executives have relatives who go off to war, but we shouldn't reassured of such.

Crooks And Liars.....

'Tehran Tom' Cotton Says Americans Don't Mind War As Long As They Win

Everything you need to know about 'Tehran Tom' is in one paragraph of an interview he gave Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic this week. Goldberg: Why do you think your general outlook is so disparaged, even in parts of the Republican Party? I don't mean the Rand Paul wing, even. I mean, I hear from Republicans…

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pence Gets Burned By Stephanopoulos And Seeks Fox And Friends For Safe Harbor

Social engineering via religion

The tsunami following Indian Governor, Pence signing the states Religious freedom law continues with no subsiding in sight. In fact, the tsunami is battering the governor and the state unlike any political push back Richard Nixon refused to hand over audio tapes from his days in the White House. Actually, Pence and Indian are receiving more flak than the GOP garnered for shutting down the US government at $24 billion and more flak than Bush Cheney received for their failed 'white horse' crusade into Iraq. 

Pence is squirming like an Earthworm exposed to on hot pavement during a 100 degree afternoon. From multiple appearances on Sunday Morning news shows through an inordinate number of supportive pundits willingly accepting invitations on networks they would ordinarily avoid (e.g. MSNBC). You may have run across few examples of damaging control post Pence's signature, but if you did not sit and watch the following two minutes you "haven't seen anything yet."  (I prefer the much more colloquialism iteration of the previous, "You ain't' seen nothin yet." but I will leave the previous structure for those with more formal preferences).

George Stephanopoulos during the course of an eleven minute interview expended two full minutes trying to secure a "Yes" or "No" answer from Pence. The ABC Sunday morning show host asked the governor if he felt the law could be used to discriminate against the LGBT. His lack of response was the epitome of telling. He will provide a direct "yes' or "no" answer to avoid a public statement he knows is a lie. Moreover, he has to maintain a stern upholding of doctrine from those who offer millions to to fund right wing social dogma. One simply has to satisfy their customers.

Let's take a few minutes to review how the Right goes about transforming our social world. The following ABC interview is in stark contrast to what you will see in the second video. That video is from a episode of Pence with (what an apropos show title int his case) Fox And Friends. Do you see a major softball interview forthcoming? Rest assured the softball is not this interview.

ABC's Stephanopoulos delivers hardball questions to a squirming and stuttering governor. 

Mike Pence Runs To Fox For Damage Control Over 'Religious Liberty' Law
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence ran to the loving arms of Faux "news" this Tuesday to do some damage control -- following his disastrous interview with George Stephanopoulos -- where he was lobbed softballs and allowed to play the "I have one black friend" card when pretending his state's newly passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act isn't intended…

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bill Maher Spoils GOP Pundit Anti-Obama Mission

Image added via The Pardu

Maher Spars With Conservatives Who Refuse To Admit Economy Improved Under Obama

I've been really tired of seeing this Kochhead Republican "strategist" Mercedes Schlapp all over the cable news shows in the last few months and turning up as a regular on Hardball more and more often, but I have to admit, I'd be a whole lot less tired of it if she received the same treatment she…

Thursday, March 12, 2015

" The 47" Scrambling For Cover!

The actions on Capitol Hill the past two days is nothing shy of intriguing.  Intriguing and a testament to the sadness of the US voter. If you recall the movie series the Keystone Cops (or the slightly more nascent Three Stooges),  you may have visions of the GOP (House and Senate). It is utter comical to watch many of "the 47" (GOP Senators who open letter the Iranian leadership) scramble for cover regarding their ill-advised traipse down: the "Stupid Trail and leads to Dumbsville."   

The reaction from the open letter signers is shear comedy. Let's run through a few reactions.


The Daily Kos

In response to questions about the letter.
" (to) tell the Iranians that whatever deal they make, the Congress of the United States will play a role," but "Maybe that wasn’t the best way." 
“It’s also symptomatic between the total lack of trust that exists now between we Republicans and the president,” he said. 
“This has established a poisoned environment here which sometimes causes us to react maybe in not the most effective fashion.”
What if the action towards Iranian leadership had been more drastic? The letter was the epitome of ignorant, but could have come the minds of its author in a much different manner. Let's stretch our minds a bit and think about GOP money-brokers who probably derived real glee from the (open) letter. Suppose they had ordered the GOP Senators to enact another manner of obstruction against President Obama.  Let's say a more nefarious or devious act. No Senator McCain, "it was not the best way!" Yet, you again showed your level or irascible: You signed it!"  

McCain will go down in US history as one of  "The 47." He also has a mark on US history as one of The Keating Five. 

Cornyn (R - TX)

NewsMax (not a fav publication)
"I know that the president is in denial and wants to reject Congress' appropriate role," Cornyn said during the 30-minute conversation in his office overlooking the Supreme Court. "All our letter pointed out is that our government isn’t a monolith, and that the president doesn’t wield all the authority and power under our Constitution — that we’re a government of separated and divided powers." 
He continued, "In particular, I think the important point was made that the term of any agreement [the president] might strike with Iran will not outlast his term of office, absent Congressional approval.

Corynin runs with deflection back to President Obama. A president who is accomplishing the duties of his office in the face of a reality that leads to nuclear war. Corynin's team came up with a response that completely avoids the fact we live in a world where news media, on-camera statements and even a press conference may have been far more cerebral and less historic.   

Corynin will go down in US history as one of  "The 47." 

Marco Rubio continued to show how very misplaced his is as a US Senator, by going macho with, He would pen another letter the very next day." The 'cocky' junior Senator proceeded t a war powers hearing and made a complete fool of himself.  While working from pre-set notes (and obviously accompanied by a lack of knowledge and an inability to listen) he went about using Iran in a manner contradicted by facts.

Fox News (by far my least consulted new source) excerpt:

"I believe that much of our strategy with regards to ISIS is being driven by a desire not to upset Iran so they don't walk away from the negotiating table on the deal that you are working on," Rubio, a Florida Republican, said during the hearing by the Committee, of which he is a member. "Tell me why I am wrong."

In what published reports described as a tense back-and-forth, Secretary of State John Kerry responded: "The facts completely contradict that."

"They want us to destroy ISIS,” Kerry said, referring to Iran. “They want to destroy ISIS. ISIS is a threat to them. It is a threat to the region. I think you are misreading it if you think there is not a mutual interest."

"I think this has been a misread by a lot of people on the Hill, to be honest with you,” Kerry said.

“There is no grand bargain being discussed here in the context of this negotiation. This is about nuclear-weapon potential. That's it. It is really almost insulting that the presumption up here is that we are going to negotiate something that allows them to get a nuclear weapon."

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter also shot back at Rubio when he brought up Iran and its influence in the president’s policies in Iraq and Syria.

Reports later in the evening indicated Rubio's office issued a statement that he misunderstand Kerry's remarks.  The interaction was more a case of being ill-prepared, attempting to deliver a macho statement and failing to apply mental processes to information contradictory his present position. 

Another of "The 47", and this GOP Senator would do it again!

Rand Paul (Senator Chameleon)

Embedded image permalink

Before we post a Crooks and Liars post regrading Paul, follow a moment of reflection. When we devote page space to Paul (The Younger)  we insist on reminding our readers of Paul aditited pathological penchant for lying. He has in the past, referred to his condition as "misinformation." We posit no words should be used for his pathology other than "Liar." While responding to a question from a University Of Louisville medical student, Paul spoke form his heart and inner core: "Misinformation Works!"

What follows is an insult to the intellect of any pre-teen, young adult and adult. 

Crooks and Liars

Rand Paul Says He Wanted To Strengthen The President's Hand - By Signing Iran Letter

The email hysteria continued today. First Matt Lauer asked Senator Rand Paul about the Hillary Clinton's email "scandal," and he essentially replied with the usual Randian response, we can't trust her, because she's a Clinton. Paul concluded, Hillary is basically saying, I didn't do the right thing then, but trust me now." Okay Rand, we can…

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Tea Party Media Operative and Performer Challenged Via Facts

Rick Santelli, open mouth yell the lies
One month after Barack Obama's inauguration as the 44th President of the United States, Rick Santelli CBNC floor reporter on the Chicago Board of Trade, performed the Mother of conservative rants on the CBT trading floor. His performance was possibly the first visual manifestation of what was to come via the Koch brothers Americans for Prosperity tea party movement.

If you have never seen the rant, spend five minutes or skip through the performance. 

 I have read headlines with a moniker of "Rant of the Year (2009)."  
The New York Times published a piece the day after the Santeilli rant. The piece included conservative support for the rant and comment from people who earn a living via media scrutiny and posit about our financial markets.
The New York Times, February 20, 2009
Yesterday Rick Santelli, who reports from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade the for CNBC, unleashed a rant against Obama’s newly announced housing bailout plan, intended to help some homeowners refinance mortgages and avoid foreclosure. The clip was quickly linked to and embedded in Web sites everywhere, and provoked intense reaction that pretty much broke along partisan lines.
Read more including the aforementioned comments

Santelli's rant was an awfully well crafted display of emotion against Obama Administration plan to assist people who were victims of the Bush sub-prime crash and the 2008 collapse of the US economy. Crooks and Liars editors must also have felt Santelli's 2009 rant was staged to provide impetus for the Koch tea party movement; linked here.

The well crafted visual,  replete with staged carnival barking, led to a movement that inspired high-end baby boomers to protest. Sales of the American flag surely quadrupled. Lawn chair sales sky-rocketed.  It is possible the mobile restroom company revenues went over the top to accommodate aging prostrates, bladders and urinary tracts.

NoTaxesNever before had America experienced protests from its high-end baby Boomers. It was a movement of movements for the early 21st Century and it was a major facade. "No Taxes" was the mantra; winning the US House and Senate was the underlying mission.

It was a movement that provided energy and inertia for conservative victories in the 2010 mid-term elections. The tea party capture and infestation of the US House of Representatives has become a major contributor to the current do nothing Congress, credit rating downgrades, government shutdowns and the (so-called) "Sequester." President Obama referred to the 2010 tea party victory as a "shellacking" for the Democrats. It was an existential "shellacking" for the nation, we simply had no idea at the time.

Apparently, Santelli embarked on another rant this week. Santell's target this week: Federal reserve policy. He was met head-on with a panel who placed credibility over rhetoric and performance.

Steve Liesman Destroys Rick Santelli 

A final question, because we need not comment beyond the video above.

Why do people on the Right (media in particular) to the person deploy wide-open mouth yelling and screaming when challenged or cornered? 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

US Terrorism, Facebook And The Tea Party

Americans Against The Tea Party , Crooks and Liars, RePost,US.......

US terrorist plain and simple.......and many Americans would not have shown one degree of apprehension against them for obvious reason. They do not appear as "THUGS."  I believe you get me drift!

They certainly are not Democrats!

Tea Party-Type Militia Terrorists Used Facebook To Plot Attack Against The United States (via Americans Against The Tea Party)
Homeland Security warned us in 2009 that right wing extremism is on the rise–something we are seeing in recent conservative pushes to overthrow the government. The report stated, among other things, that  “Heightened interest in legislation for…

Do you vote for the same candidates as these people? If so, can I convince you that you may also pose a danger to the nation.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Crooks and Liars Does Christe in Illinois (Crooks and Liars!)

Yes Chris Christe's political life is coming apart at the seams!

Illinois GOPers Fleeing Typhoid Christie (via
By John Amato February 8, 2014 9:45 am Republicans running for governor are fleeing from Gov. Chris Christie as if he has a transmittable disease. On Friday I wrote that Christie's trip to Chicago was a big test for him. Would the Bridgegate scandal…


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Media Serves As A Platform For The Right

Just after the 2010 mid-term elections, Ari Melber published a prophetic piece related to the extent to which reporters leveraged the 2010 "shellacking" into "the language of the midterms." Melber's focus was omission of the tea party from those reporting the landslide midterms vs the greater GOP, The GOP tea party infestation had not been sworn-in to the House and Senate, and reporters, within days of the election, set the stage for what has metastasized into a virtual GOP Sunday Morning news show monopoly. And, we sit and wonder why we hear and read reports of the prospect of the GOP gaining seats in the US Senate in 2014.  

Melber wrote for The Nation:
Elections have a way of setting agendas.

While the candidates elected last week will not actually wield power until January, the political world is already adopting the language of the midterms. 

That's especially true for political reporters, who frame the questions thrown at the White House's freshly shellacked podium. 

To get a snapshot of the new language, The Nation counted up the most frequent words that reporters used in their questions during three major post-election sessions. 

We used the day-after press conference with President Obama, a similar outing with press secretary Robert Gibbs, and a trio of Sunday talk shows—Meet The Press, State of the Unionand Fox News Sunday.
Below is a snapshot of the New Change created through the website Wordle.

Melbers work in now way related to what's to come in this piece, but retain the details of this cloud for a bit. 

It would be totally fascinating to see a cloud related to political appearances on the Sunday Morning news shows.   Steven Benen, MSNBC, has studied the predominance of the GOP on Sunday Mornings. The data reflects the essence of Melbers Wordle cloud a full three years later. Benen's data also reflects the very reason I have stopped watching the Sunday shows since well before President Obama's first election to the presidency.

Benen's review reflects the 2013 Sunday Morning winners. 

As indicated 10 of the top 13 Sunday Morning fixtures are Republican.

Read Benen's analysis and comment, here

It appears electronic media leverages public sentiments in developing news stories, booking guests and slanting stories. While MSNBC, sets on the Left of a political ideology spectrum, we find CNN and Fox News on the opposite point, "the proliferation of Sunday Ideology sharing." Of course, MSNBC doesn't present a Sunday Morning show comparable to those in the Benen reviews; NBC is a stand-in. The network serves as a stand-in for MSNBC with one major problem: David Gregory as Meet The Press host. Gregory is as conservative as any major news host and his broadcast also serves as a GOP ideology platform.

You recognize the danger, of course. Both Gallup and Pew Research published studies in 2013 showing people get their news from television.  Linked

If people get the preponderance of their Sunday morning news from television, and the major networks (via Meet The Press, Face The Nation and Sunday Morning, State of the Union, Ans Fox News Sunday) is their any wonder 47 % of the 60% of eligible US voters flocked to the voting booths and cast votes for Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan? How about the prospect of so Americans many finding fault with the Affordable Care Act on general principles well beyond website problems? If you think our absence of inertia on slowing climate change is due the fact no one really cares, think again. When was the last time you saw or heard a report on climate change from either of the networks delineated above? 


What do you think of the millions who actually believe the nation has a voter fraud issue? We fall for such because the networks occupy on-camera seats with people who are there to spread an agenda and to spread ideology. Heck, the only cases of fraud that made the media in 2012 from the right and which perpetrator was a white person.

If I may give another much more poignant example.  Let's visit the bayou bigots, Duck Dynasty, for a few minutes. The Arts and Entertainment Network (AKA A&E LIVS Network) [ LIVS Low Information Voters network], suspended Phil Robertson for bigoted anti-gay and insensitive (and inaccurately/indifferent) comments about the African American experience in the deep south.  

Robertson's GQ interview set the media ablaze and awakened the nation's Right comparable to the ACA and Benghazi.

First, Robertson is in his mid to latter 60s. I have read he grew to adulthood in the American South. How could he miss life as depicted to the right?

Robertson has also been reported via the Interent (NOT NEYTWORK NEWS) in the following manner.

Crooks and Liars reports that Robertson is no hypocrite as he was 18 years of age when he started  dating his current wife at age 14. 

As you know A&E (LIVS Network; Low Information Voters) network has reversed the Robertson suspension; he will be full-fledged head of the klan (excuse the pun) starting next week.  

We have commented on Robertson based on the absence of reporting character issues.  If I am not mistaken there are men in prison as you read this convicted of sex with under-aged girls. while there may be no scriptures related to sex with under-aged girls, we find it acutely disturbing Robertson platformed his comments with a version of the Bible in tow. Some, the networks have failed to report the 'full' Robertson story, we suspect many people who will 'thump' to church this weekend have no idea of his positing on guys getting them at age 15.  

Ultimately, the networks are failing the nation. We realize business is business and some networks are vying for viewership, we suspect others are like Fox News adopting and postulating political positions. The Benen data above illustrates the extent of right-wing monopoly of the Sunday News shows and networks like Fox and CNN are shaping our political paradigms. Their work on behalf of conservative America is as dangerous as it comes. 

When we consider the social mores and economic catastrophe of Republicanism, we have the right to feel media should take on a role of investigation and revelation. What we have today is promulgation of Right-wing punditry and demagoguery with network revenue commensurate with viewer ratings.  As we move farther and father to the Right!