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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Huckabee Joins Hannity in Misleading Fox Viewers

The Progressive Influence frequently includes pieces about Fox News's consistent broadcast of misleading hosted exhibitions some may call news shows.  Yesterday's posts were no exception, at least two posts focused on the fallacy of Fox as a news network. Hannity drew top billing in yesterdays posts and he is highlighted in the Crooks and Liars piece linked below.

Fox News is not about the business of News. The network is a veritable propaganda machine for the latest GOP cause (of the day) and today that cause is the Affordable Care Act. The ACA with a twist of "fewer jobs." As you view the Huckabee segment below notice the perfect shotgun messaging. Messaging that is often well shy of credible. 

Of course, Fox will always insert subliminal messaging in broadcasts. The network serves very effectively in reaching the inner psyches of people who tune-in for daily doses of ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) red meat. Who better to deliver the Fox News brand of propaganda than Sean Hannity? Yet, Hannity does not stand alone. Huckabee runs a close second when it comes to outright misinformation, subterfuge and anti-Administration lies.  Both highly compensated propagandist are chief purveyors of Fox ODS. 

When considering ODS, both Hannity and Huckabee share a unique niche on a network that also employees or contracts Host, guests or pundits the follows:

Sarah Palin
Karl Rove 
Dick Morris 
Steve Doocy
Elizabeth (legs) Hasslebeck
Anna ( Super legs) Kooiman
Gretchen (former legs) Carlson
Bill O'Reilly
Bill Hemmer
Bret Baier
Great Van Sustren
Neil Cavuto
Maria Bartiromo
Dennis Miller
Bernard Goldberg
Brian Kilmeade

While, viewing Fox News even for two minutes is far too much for my liberal paradigm and my moderately progressive psyche, reports of  Fox shenanigans can be entertainingly dangerous to society.  Entertainingly dangerous? 

Huckabee provides the perfect example. He entertains audience LIVs (low information voters/people) while thrilling the larger television audience (the ultimate target viewers of Fox's conservative mission). The clip while focused on the Fox anti-ACA mission also touches into Fox's mission regarding of the US economy (jobs). Huckabee and his producers strategically booked a very low information (two degree) guest to tell her story replete with a non-verbal aura of a defeated innocent victim. The C & L analysis of the segment adds fuel to this weeks reports of Hannity's misleading exhibition

Fact-Checking Fox: What Real Journalism Looks Like

Ashley Dionne, a recent guest on Mike Huckabee's show, claimed that her insurance premiums would jump from $75 per month to $319 per month for her family. She proclaimed the act to be the "Unaffordable Care Act" and went even further, claiming her future and that of her children had been 'raped.' 
Unfortunately, someone forgot to mention to Ashley that her premiums were offset with subsidies, so she would really pay $223 per YEAR as well as receiving assistance with copayments. Oops. 
Last Friday Sean Hannity hosted a special on how the Affordable Care Act is hurting Americans. It's a claim we hear every day from Ted Cruz on down to your average right wing Twitter troll. Every time I hear it, I wonder how it is even possible that so many are in so much pain over a law that opens up the health insurance market to everyone. 
Evidently I'm not the only one with those questions. Eric Stern, a former aide to Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and one of the key people involved in Montana's exchange, took a hard look at the "regular people" claiming they were harmed by Obamacare. 
Stern called the people who appeared on Hannity's show to get more detail on their stories. Surprise! It seems there was more to every single one.
Read more 

Did you notice the danger after viewing the clip and reading the Crooks and Liars analysis?  If you did not recognize the overwhelming propaganda perpetrated by Huckabee and his producers, you should check it out again.  You might be susceptible to misleading messages easily assimilated in your scope of knowledge; messages based on misinformation.

Fox News managers and producers know most people lock into paradigms and do not expose themselves to the rigors of seeking information to validate other information. The network has a  fertile garden that will yield produce. We frequently accept what we have read or heard as fact. The process is analogous to a set of building blocks.  After years of building a misinformation foundation, accompanied by right-wing radio hosts, Fox simply broadcast blocks of misinformation towards a growing base of people who take their misinformed paradigms to voting places.  The Danger!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Obama Speaks Caution On Financial Crisis!

A President speaks to a recalcitrant House of Representatives!

USA Today

Obama, Touting Economic Recovery, Warns GOP Against Creating 'Chaos'

WASHINGTON — A potential federal shutdown looming, President Barack Obama on Monday warned congressional Republicans they could trigger national "economic chaos" if they demand a delay of his health care law as the price for supporting continued spending for federal operations. 

House Republican leaders were to meet Tuesday in hopes of finding a formula that would avoid a shutdown on Oct. 1 without alienating party conservatives who insist on votes to undercut the Affordable Care Act. Even more daunting is a mid- to late-October deadline for raising the nation's borrowing limit, which some Republicans also want to use as leverage against the Obama administration. 

"Are some of these folks really so beholden to one extreme wing of their party that they're willing to tank the entire economy just because they can't get their way on this issue?" Obama said in a speech at the White House. "Are they really willing to hurt people just to score political points?"

While there are many indicators of an improving economy, we focus on jobs. Jobs are at the very root of any economy. If one can argue the seriousness of "jobs" outside of Cantor and Boehners strategic use of the word "Jobs," we would love to counter the argument. 

Boehner and Cantor know just as do we jobs fuels the economy. Neither congressional leader wants to work with the Administration on providing impetus for jobs growth.  In fact, Obama has been saddled with the outcome of the 2010 mid-term elections. Elections that shepherded GOP legislatures throughout state government across the nation.  The election also led to a complete infestation of the House of Representatives with anti-government tea party members who have no interest in improving our economy. 

It should not take much effort in viewing the two charts below to see a 'flat line" of job growth since the stimulus was enacted. Some noted economist such as Paul Krugman argued from the start the $747 - $840 billion Stimulus (as approved by Congress) was too small for major and lasting impact. Krugman has proven himself prophetic. 

Before President Obama took office, the economy was losing 800,000 jobs a month. Now, we've seen 41 consecutive months of job growth and more than 7.3 million new private-sector jobs.

I recently read the following in a Forbes article:
President Reagan’s recovery from the sharp 1981-1982 recession, which resulted from the monetary policy that broke the back of the roaring 1970s inflation, recovered all of the jobs lost during that recession within 36 months. At this point in the Reagan recovery, jobs had grown nearly 10% higher than when the recession started, representing an increase of more than 10 million more jobs.
The article author appeared to have approached his work from the perspective of a very surface review of pure data without consideration of, or better yet, mention of factors that might contribute to his flawed comparison. He reached back to Ronald Reagan as a US president who brought the nation back from a recession.  He does not mention, the Bush Recession leaned over the precipice of a second Great Depression.  I did not find adequate supporting comment related to the nature and scope of the recession to which he compares Reagan and Obama.  He absolutely did not mention an Obama recovery severely hampered by the actions of state governments (economically beaten by the Bush recession). The author also seemed to avoid consideration of wholesale elimination of public sector jobs from states with GOP governors and GOP dominated legislatures. The following chart contrast Bush Era public/private sector job growth and decreases. Reagan had no such dynamic to contend with beyond his own firing of non-management Air Traffic Controllers.
We offer an even better illustration.
Do you think it possible the Obama Administration can have major impact of public sector jobs growth when the numbers are so heavily weighted towards state and local government administrations? 

Since we tend to blame administrations for jobs growth (a fallacy), we should look at the number of jobs bills from the 112th and 113th Congress. In January 2012, John Boehner went public with a claim that was as false as George W. Bush's 2008 claim of an economy that was "fundamentally sound." From the friendly confines of Fox News and Fox News's Chief facilitator Chris Wallace Boehner goes here.  ( Crooks & Liars By karoli). If you have a problem with Crooks and Liars, for some idiotic reason, you will find similar information here (Political Correction).

In August of this year, Tea Party (House Leader) Cantor also visited Fox News for a Sunday morning blast of, do not bother us with jobs growth bills.

The Washington Post Politics
"First of all, government doesn't create jobs, the private sector does," Cantor said on "Fox News Sunday." "Stop burdening our economy, that's what the purpose of these bills were."
A statement backed up by this graphic.
Yet, as the unemployment rate worked its way towards 11%, Cantor would often use the word, "Pathetic" as he threw stones at President Obama.   Yes, I am aware we are not to compare the Obama and Bush Administrators. After all, the Bush Administration for Republicans is ancient history as life started in January 2009. There is no previous history! A job's history as you are about to witness is nothing more than a Democrat oasis.  Is it any wonder the GOP has internalized an aversion to working to help create jobs? 

We at the TPI are not economist, we have a major aversion to "all things statistics," but we are believers in the power of pictorial representation of data.  Am I to view empirical data and blindly follow the path of agenda driven politicians on the Right We doubt there are even 100,000 people in the nation who are not aware of the extent to which plutocrats have bought the Republican Party.  Once paid, the party must deliver.

President Obama has every right to caution Republicans about political pandering at the expense of the US middle and lower income citizens. 

More on the Obama Economy  

Budget Deficit by Year 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crooks and Liars, Publishes On Societies Crooks and Liars

Crooks and Liars has published a poignant piece about John Nichols's apparence on the UP With Chris Show, MSNBC, Saturday February, 22nd.   It is becoming increasingly obvious the free world has been turned into a massive "money-farm" for those who "dominate by commercial and industrial interests" (capitalist bourgeois).  

Nichol''s references to PRWatch and the treatises of Pete Peterson, remind of the millions upon millions in campaign contributions of people who claim to long for 'small government'. Government poses a threat to the pipeline of money and power harvested like apples in an orchard made possible and nurtured from the toils of ordinary people like you and me. 

If you doubt a concerted crusade towards oligarchy, think for a moment.  Why would so many uber wealthy billionaires give millions to conservative candidates via highly compensated front-men?  Do you think they give for sake of making life better for others, the less fortunate?  Is it even remotely possible that you can twist your mind to not accept that government places restraint on 'money-grabbers?  Accepting the role of government is to accept that oversight of the sub-prime bubble and toxic assets might have been snuffed out before growing to that of a behemoth. A behemoth that literally contributed to the Bush 'great Recession as an equal partner to two wars and cutting taxes.  How about taking our questions and thoughts to social issues?  Women's rights, civil rights, food safety, workplace safety, and consumer protection, environmental safety are a few 'safe harbors' our of effective government. 

Nichols and his referenced work from Pete Peterson provide irrefutable evidence of a man-made evolution that must be slowed, placed in check and eventually eliminated.  People like Nichols and Peterson can work to slow the crusade towards oligarchy and billionaire malfeasance  only you and I can eliminate it. Our only weapon is the vote.  

When we run to the voting booths and push a button or activate a lever for a candidate like Mitt Romney, we literally feed the crusade towards oligarchy.   

February 23, 2013 09:26 PM 
John Nichols: 'Fix the Debt' Run by Billionaires Who Really Want Lower Taxes   By Heather

From this Saturday's Up With Chris Hayes, panel member and Hayes' fellow contributor at The Nation brought up a topic at the end of the show that we unfortunately don't hear too often on MSNBC, which is the fact that the "Fix the Debt" campaign is not really interested in "fixing" anything. They're funded by a bunch of billionaires that are pushing for austerity measures and who are really just interested in lowering their taxes.
Pete Peterson's PRWatch Link 

If we sit idly by and continue down the path we now follow; there is no good end.  Do you think for one second wealthy people have any interest in remaining part of the "group" who aspire to be like them.  No, they relish in their socio/income start and they defend it via elected officials.  

For those 47% folk that voted for Romney/Ryan know that "money-grabbers" do not fund hospitals, schools, municipal improvements, subsidize, farms, nor do they seek protection on behalf of citizens from greedy capitalist.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The long arm of "competent" law enforcement

She Lives

There are times when crimes are so egregious and violates federal law, criminals are often caught even after years of escaping justice. Many of you never knew the investigatory story related to the killing of Medgar Evers (a voter registration activist in Mississippi in the early 1960s). It took federal authorities and a "dogged" widower, to closed that case with the arrest and conviction of one Byron De La Beckwith.

Medgar Evers

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

– June 12, 1963) was an African American civil rights activist from Mississippi involved in efforts to overturn segregation at the University of Mississippi. He became active in the civil rights movement after returning from overseas service in World War II and completing secondary education; he became a field secretary for the NAACP.
Evers was assassinated by Byron De La Beckwith, a member of the White Citizens' Council. As a veteran, Evers was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.[2][3] His murder and the resulting trials inspired civil rights protests, as well as numerous works of art, music, and film.

(Note: The White Citizens Council is the very supremacist group that Haley Barbour said was good for race relations in Jackson Mississippi.)

The 1996 film Ghosts of Mississippi, directed by Rob Reiner, tells the story of the 1994 retrial of Beckwith, in which prosecutor DeLaughter of the US District Attorney's office secured a conviction in federal court. Beckwith and DeLaughter were played by James Woods and Alec Baldwin, respectively; Whoopi Goldberg played Myrlie Evers. Evers was portrayed by James Pickens, Jr.
Robert DeLaughter wrote a first-person narrative article titled "Mississippi Justice" published in Reader's Digest, and a book, Never Too Late,(2001) based on his experiences.

The murder took many years to bring to conviction, but conviction took place; Justice was served.

The following story is just such a case.

You may remember those arrests back in 2009 of three leading white supremacists — Robert Joos, and Dennis and Daniel Mahon — for the 2004 bombing of the racial-diversity office of Scottsdale, Arizona, that seriously injured the office's director and inflicted wounds on two other people. Even though the trail had seemingly gone cold, dogged investigators finally ran these domestic terrorists to ground.

Now it appears that the investigators' relentlessness is about to bring down one of the nation's most prominent white supremacists, according to the SPLC's Bill Morlin:

Tom Metzger — a wily, iconic racist ideologue who has for years espoused “lone-wolf” terrorism — could soon find himself facing criminal charges filed by the federal government he’s excoriated for decades.

Federal investigators, fresh off a related mail-bombing conviction in Arizona, may be pressing for what could develop into a major Justice Department criminal case against “Terrible Tommy” Metzger, as he likes to call himself. Court records filed in three states show the investigators strongly suspect Metzger provided the Arizona bomber with explosive-making instructions, knowing they would be used in the commission of a crime of violence.

At 74, Metzger, who now lives in Warsaw, Ind., has “celebrity status” as the founder of White Aryan Resistance (WAR), court documents say, and is a dean of white supremacists. He’s the last vestige of a generation of revolutionary racist leaders in the United States that included the late Richard G. Butler of Aryan Nations and the late Robert Miles, a one-time Michigan Klan leader and convicted bomber. While those two and many other racist leaders were charged in various criminal cases over the past three decades, Metzger has managed to avoid any serious criminal charges in his 40-plus years of activism.

That may be about to change.

The long arms of Justice can prevail, if considered important and doggedly pursued.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Did Santorum make a Freudian Slip (almost)?

Is this the candidate who quipped about President Obama's use of a Tele Promopter?"
I awakened this morning very typically, reluctantly, but clear necessary.  After a cup of my favorite java (Kenya AA),  my morning routine  got under way with a check my news sources.  After running through my standard linked super heavy weight news links (Huff Post, The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, The, Reuters, and yes,,, I noticed a partially hidden headline from the pages of The Examiner.  The headline led me to an article by Robby Sobel, writer for The Orlando Liberal Examiner, with the following headline:

Did Rick Santorum call President Obama the N-word?