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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sham Politics

Sham Politics 

  1. a person who indulges in hypocrisy.
    synonyms:pretender, dissembler, deceiver, liar, pietist, sanctimonious person, plaster saint


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Hypocrisy is the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations, especially with respect to religious and moral beliefs; hence in a general sense, hypocrisy may involve dissimulation, pretense, or a sham. Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another. In moral psychology, it is the failure to follow one's own expressed moral rules and principles.

These are trying times when those who visit here express disdain for the videos and encourage more writing. Well, those readers (viewers) should volunteer to write here. Life is such the blog isn't how I spend my quality time.

I that order, I am going to pos tup the following video. The video needs no additional comments. The topic is GOP hypocrisy, spinelessness and shame exhibitions of US politics. 

Watch Your GOP......and their run-away president.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Public Thrashing Of The Unprepared And Disinterested (Leaks VS Putin)

Image result for senate hearingsShouldn't GOP committee members who poses questions at the frequent GOP public hearing spend much more time in pre-hearing preparation? The singular GOP mission yesterday was to move the dialog over to "Who leaked to the Washington Post?" Imagine the professionalism of he witnessed (drilled by the conservatives) to avoid asking the Senators a key question: "What would we have had the Washington Post not been alerted of Ms. Yates or my visits to the White House?"

Why do Republicans do this? First the short version.

Long version, if you prefer.

Another Texas lecturer got sent home for more homework via his target.

Ted Cruz and his turn at the whipping block.
Don't these MEN know those people seated behind Yates are probably lawyers or staff who worked to prepare her for each contingency?  

And, how did the White House react to the public thrashing via Yates?


Thursday, December 17, 2015

GOP Fifth Debate Quick Hit Via Rachel Maddow (VIDEO)

Post GOP debate Indigestion. 

Rachel Maddow and her team orchestrated the most revealing and attention grabbing Post debate fact check available.

We have posted the segment below, and will add additional Fact-checking as the sun rises tomorrow.

Suffice ti to say, there was little truth telling in the fifth GOP debate. But, what else is new?

A must watch follows,  If you saw the segment last night, watch it again to reinforce the reality of the need to work our fingers and minds to the nub to keep the GOP out of the White House.


Friday, November 20, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Xenophobia, Bigotry, Rcaism, The Devolving GOP "Autopsy", And Semper Fi

(Scroll down to stop autoplay video)

Donald Trump has mentioned Ted Cruz as a possible running mate once he wins the GOP nomination for the 2016 General election. As the Republican National Committee (RNC) and conservative America sits back and allows Trump to drag their ideology to new levels of disgust, the devolving reality is amazing in its likeness to Germany mid-1930s. 

Watch as Donald Trumps possible choice as a running releases his own brand of xenophobia and (yes) white nationalism. 
Another conservative myth goes down in flames.Posted by Addicting Info on Friday, November 20, 2015
Rest assured Cruz's brand of white nationalism despite his history of family immigrant status, pales to the performances of Trump. MSNBC recently reported on Trumps nascent refusal to say not to the development of a Muslim database and Muslim ID cards in an American future (If he is elected in 2016). 

Excuse the digression, but I must post the following. Semper Fi!!!
Hey , I'm an American Muslim and I already carry a special ID badge. Where's yours?
Embedded image permalink

Again I Digress

Why does Maddow continue to do the "Mr. Trump" thing when she fails to refer to any other candidate as Mr. or Ms.?  Media serioulsy fails this nation from all political slants.

End Digression

I have long posited a major reason Ben Carson could never (ever) win the GOP nomination for 2016 was his race. While Carson and other conservatives will fight like wolverines to disavow the reality of deep racism in conservative America and the extent of racism at the core of components of the GOP, the reality stands out like a Confederate Flag. Therefore, imagine any "black conservatives" (as they detest being referred to as African-American) winning the nomination and isolating an entire GOP voting bloc: the American white supremacist and their cousin white nationalists.

How about a Cornucopia of support for my last set of statements?

I believe I recall after the 2012 defeat of Mitt Romney, RNC Chair commission an evaluation and assessment of his parties loss.  The 100-page report including 212 concrete observation/recommendations) is embed below.   

The Washinton Post published the ill-fated report shortly after its public release. The document stands, today, alongside Paleozoic Era creatures (eg,. extinct and for the GOP forgotten)

The Autopsy of the Romney and GOP defeat and how to fix all issues.  Linked via clicking image below. 

The study and subsequent document should have been referred to as a Lobotomy Vs. an Autopsy. Current manifestations of GOP and conservative insensitivity of all things outside of white America is on-going and utterly stupefying.  

Only one GOP nominee appears to have a degree of sensitivity regarding immigration, refugees and the suffering of people of color: Jeb Bush. His modicum of sensitivity probably emanates from the existential reality of his Mexican national wife (the daughter of an immigrant).  The most of the remaining candidates (with an exception for Kasich) appears as firebrand haters who, in some, cases are using the plight of others as political leverage.  I will add none greater than Trump, Carson, Rubio, and Cruz, in the stated order. The latter three for obvious reason are particularly shameless in their use of refugees and immigrants for political gain. 

Let's end with an example of how conservative dimwits follow their leaders along a path strewn with hatred vitriol, shame, and disgust. In the face of a reality that points to US domestic terrorism is more prevalent from militia and white supremacists, one citizen took advantage of a community town hall meeting to express his full measure of racism nd bigotry. 

Hate speech closes Spotsylvania public meeting

Abbreviated version  (To highlight the total extent of bigotry) click here.

\ ...and the enemy is us!

Reince Priebus, "where art thou?" StumbleUpon

Friday, November 6, 2015

Taxman: GOP Plans Via Politifact (And The Taxman)

Taxman! Cos I'm the taxman, yeah I'm the taxman....

Says his plan would cut taxes without increasing the deficit.
— Donald Trump on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 in the third GOP primary debate.

Donald Trump's false claim that his tax plan wouldn't increase the deficit

Before we proceed allow a repost of the following to ensure you understand the basics of the so-called "flat" tax.

As you look over the following graphic, you may want to ask,"why would any US politicians espouse and campaign on a flat tax. Moreover, why would the GOP to the person seek to instill such a tax system in our nation?

Flat Tax


A system that applies the same tax rate to every taxpayer regardless of income bracket. A flat tax applies the same tax rate to all taxpayers, with no deductions or exemptions allowed. Supporters of a flat tax system propose that it would give taxpayers incentive to earn more because they would not be penalized with a higher tax bracket. In addition, supporters argue that a flat tax system is fairer because it imposed the tax on all taxpayers regardless of income.
In the United States, a progressive-rate tax system is used. In 2010, for example, people who earned up to $8,375 fell into the 10% tax bracket; people who earned greater than $373,650 fell into the 35% tax bracket.

In a progressive tax system, individuals who make more money are taxed at a higher rate. Many of the countries that have imposed a flat tax rate system on individuals and businesses, including Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, have experienced economic growth since adopting flat tax rate policies.
Read More at Investopedia.

  No personal income tax   Flat personal income tax
Flat personal income tax.png

The Tampa Bay Times, Politifact, recently published a review of GOP candidate tax plans. We have posted below graphics related to each plan. We highly encourage clicking the link to the Politifact page for much more detail. 

Herewith is a summary excerpt from the piece with brief snippets regarding each plan (with an exception for those who have not detailed a plan).

But many of the candidates’ own claims about their tax plans were not grounded in facts. What’s more, experts said, the idea that you could cut taxes without blowing up the federal debt is mathematically and politically impossible.

Donald Trump’s not-so revenue neutral tax plan

Trump, the GOP frontrunner, released his formal tax plan in September, which aims to (you guessed it) "make America great again" through a variety of tax changes:

The hole in Ben Carson’s tithe-based tax planCarson, the former neurosurgeon, has yet to release a formal tax plan. This is what he has proposed so far:

Marco Rubio’s tax plan and the working classFlorida Sen. Marco Rubio has seen an uptick in the polls thanks to his performance in the CNBC debate. He has proposed the following:

Ted Cruz’s growth promiseDuring the debate, Texas Sen. Cruz touted what his plan would accomplish for the economy. Here are some of its features:

Jeb Bush’s tax plan and the middle classFormer Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s proposal emphasizes streamlining the tax code. Here’s the plan:

We remind the Politifact link provides a rating for each tax plan claim.  Hint: Not one of the delineated plans rates above half-true.

    Let me tell you how it will be There's one for you, nineteen for me Cos I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman
    Should five per cent appear too small Be thankful I don't take it all Cos I'm the taxman, yeah I'm the taxman
    If you drive a car, I'll tax the street If you try to sit, I'll tax your seat If you get too cold I'll tax the heat If you take a walk, I'll tax your feet
    Taxman! Cos I'm the taxman, yeah I'm the taxman.....


Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday Morning With Your GOP (Video)

Yet another Sunday morning full of GOP presidential candidates. The Three Stooges would have been much more informative while providing far more relevant information.

Let's start with the obviously out of his league Ben Carson. 
George Stephanopoulos Baffled When Dr. Ben Carson Claims Energy Independence Could Have Led to bin Laden's Capture
Posted by Mediaite on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Transcript detailed remarks follow. The interaction even reads worse than the actual video segment. Select transcript comments. 
STEPHANOPOULOS: Donald Trump also suggested that George W. Bush has to share in the blame for 9/11 because it happened on his watch. 
What do you make of that? 
CARSON: I would probably ask him what he meant by that. I seriously doubt that he's saying that -- that George W. Bush is to blame for it. And -- but beyond that, I would ask him. 
STEPHANOPOULOS: You're the only Republican... 
CARSON: I certainly -- I certainly don't think so.
STEPHANOPOULOS: You are the only Republican, the only major candidate who opposed President Bush's decision to invade Afghanistan after 9/11. 
And I want to show what you said at the debate.
ABC ran the clip; the hosts took up the conversation:
STEPHANOPOULOS: That's what you said he should have done. 
But how would that have worked? 
How would you have gotten the moderate Arab governments to turn over Osama bin Laden in two weeks? 
He'd already been expelled by Saudi Arabia. He was already an enemy of those moderate governments.
Notice what takes pace during this exchange. Carson literally mixed talk of Afghanistan wth comment about Saddam Hussein.  
CARSON: Well, I think they would have been extremely concerned if we had declared -- and we were serious about it -- that we were going to become petroleum independent, because it would have had a major impact on their finances.
And I think that probably would have trumped any loyalty that they had to -- to people like Osama bin Laden. 
STEPHANOPOULOS: But they didn't have any loyalty to Osama bin Laden. The Saudis kicked him out. He was their enemy. 
CARSON: Well, you may not think that they had any loyalty to him, but I believe otherwise. 
STEPHANOPOULOS: So you believe that had President Bush simply declared energy independence, they would have turned over Osama bin Laden. 
How would they have gotten him out of the tribal areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan? 
CARSON: I think they would have known where he was. You know, there were indications, for instance, during the Clinton administration that -- that they knew exactly where he was but didn't necessarily pull the trigger. 
If -- if we could tell where he was, I'm certain that they knew where he was. 
STEPHANOPOULOS: But at that point, we had some idea, but we didn't know for sure. 
I simply don't understand how you think this would have worked. 
CARSON: Well -- well, here's the point -- here -- here's my point. My point is, we have -- we had other ways that we could have done things. I personally don't believe that invading Iraq was an existential threat to us. I don't think Saddam Hussein was an existential threat to us. 
It's a very different situation right now.
Now, we have global jihadists who want to destroy us and our way of life. 
STEPHANOPOULOS: But sir, I wasn't... 
CARSON: And that is a completely different situation. 
STEPHANOPOULOS: I wasn't asking about invading Iraq, I was asking about invading Afghanistan, which had been harboring Osama bin Laden. 
CARSON: Well, I was primarily talking about Iraq. You know, I wasn't particularly interested in going into Afghanistan but I do think that we should have taken aggressive action. And I think, you know, creating a base that did not require tens of thousands of our troops, that required a -- a group. 
And I think we probably have that number pretty close to right now, about 10,000 or so, and being able to use our drones and being able to use our intelligence and things of that nature, I think that's probably all that was necessary in Afghanistan. 
STEPHANOPOULOS: But, sir, when we look back at 9/11, 3,000 people dead on that day. We knew Afghanistan was harboring Osama bin Laden. Ninety percent of the American public supported taking military action, every member of Congress but one. 
If that is not a case where you would order retaliation, what is? 
CARSON: Well, I just said, I do believe that we should have taken aggressive action. I just don't think necessarily putting tens of thousands of our troops was the correct way to do it.
But, you know, we're talking about things that are in the past. We will never know the answer to that.
And we really need to be concentrating on what are we going to do now to deal with the global jihad threat. 
STEPHANOPOULOS: And you've said that you would maintain the military presence in Afghanistan, as President Obama announced this week? 
CARSON: Yes, I would. I think we saw what happened in Iraq when we precipitously withdrew. I don't think that we want to make that mistake again. And I'm very happy to see that we have a learning curve there. 
STEPHANOPOULOS: And just before I move on, though, I just want to be clear here. So you're standing by the statement that, had President Bush simply declared energy independence back after 9/11, that would have caused the moderate Arab governments to turn over Osama bin Laden? 
CARSON: I think they -- I think they would have been extremely concerned about what the ramifications of that would have been. And I believe they would have been considerably more cooperative.
Gifted Neuro-Surgeon, "yes"; ready for national leadership "No." 

A Sunday Morning smorgasbord of GOP ridiculousness.
Chuck Todd interviewed Ted Cruz on Meet the Press today. He surprisingly challenged Cruz with several inconvenient truths. At times Ted Cruz temporarily seemed like a deer in the headlights.
Posted by Join the Coffee Party Movement on Sunday, October 18, 2015
Jeb Bush continues to wave his brothers foreign policy and "Lept Us Safe" Mantra. Posted by NAME DELETED on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Andrea Mitchell corrects a GOP Benghazi Committee member who tried to lie about Clinton's email: "I cover the State Department. That is just factually not correct."Posted by Media Matters for America on Monday, October 19, 2015
Thank the Heavens the morning is over at Noon!


Saturday, July 18, 2015

McClatchy 's TOP GOP Rankings

Repost from.......

It is worth noting the author still doesn't consider Donald Carnival barker; Trump a first tier candidate. I wonder how Trump ranks today after his mindless attack on John McCain.
I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee

The GOP field is set; here's how they rank

WASHINGTON — The Republican free-for-all is about to become a 17-candidate scrum. Never in modern times has a major political party had so many prominent candidates vying at once for its presidential nomination. The 2016 field is all but set, as Ohio Gov. John Kasich will formally join the race Tuesday morning and former Virginia Gov.…

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Quick Traipse Through GOPism.....

Boehner's rhetoric: unfounded and delivers an image of his lack of 'cred.'

Boehner delivers yet another 2016 strategy against Hillary Clinton.  

Cruz pulls typical Cruz family rhetorical and scares a child. One should wonder, however, why a parent would bring a child to any hard-core political townhall. GOP fear at work.....

A smorgasbord of US GOPism from The Blue Book


Monday, October 28, 2013

A Time For Reflection: Cruz, Tea Party, GOP

Ted Cruz took his quest for the US Presidency to Iowa this past week. The GOP US Senate charlatan  garnered over $1,000,000 in political contributions during the 16 days of the GOP federal government shutdown.

Cruz spewing red meat in Iowa (a key general election primary state).

"Restore historic economic growth," he said.
"We need to come together." 
"And let me tell you, growth and principles are ideas that unify Republicans," he said. "They are principles and ideals that unify the evangelical community, the liberty movement and the business community. Growth and freedom are principles that bring together Main Street and the tea party."
It was the GOP's failure to stand together, he said, that killed the effort to defund Obamacare. 
"We didn't accomplish our ultimate policy goal in this battle, and we didn't because unfortunately a significant number of Senate Republicans chose not to unite and stand side by side with House Republicans," he said. "Had we stood together I'm convinced the outcome of this fight would be very, very different. But listen, none of us ever thought that taking on the Washington establishment was going to be easy." 
He added: "Right now I'm more encouraged than ever."
"It's not a question of purity," Cruz told the Register. "It's a question of standing for common-sense conservative principles that are shared throughout this country that have been part of the American fabric of every small town and every small business and in families all across this country." 
Cruz said every Republican presidential candidate who ran as a strong conservative won — Nixon in 1968 and 1972, Reagan in 1980 and 1984, George H.W. Bush in 1988, George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. And those that ran as an establishment moderate lost — Ford in 1976, George H.W. Bush in 1992, Dole in 1996, McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, Cruz said.
"After looking at that 40-year pattern," he said, "the D.C. strategists all say we need more establishment moderates because they haven't won in four decades, but next time, trust us, they're going to win. That's not a pattern to electoral success." 

Ted Cruz appeals to an element of the GOP that is void of direction, is diminished in common sense, and is an element that could deliver the United States to the cavernous arms of a growing US Plutocracy. Cruz speaks for and leads a segment of the GOP as vital to its current existence as the party's core constituents (e.g., the US South and big business). After a brief period in the US Senate, Cruz won over the (Koch) Tea Party and relegated the zany Rand Paul and the opportunistic Marco Rubio to back of the party status. It seems winning over the Tea Party and right-wing media (Limbaugh and Fox News) is all a future candidate has to accomplish on a GOP path to the White House.

The origins of the (Koch) Tea Party is well defined and is rooted the greedy shells of David and Charles Koch. Progressive media have archived Koch brothers Dr. Frankenstein like involvement in creating the Tea Party monster. The monstrous movement delivered the US House to the Kochs as incontrovertibly as lightning strikes sparked life into the Frankenstein Monster. As with the Frankenstein monster, the gift of political life for the party has led to political and social scourge for the nation.

Since, the 2010 mid-term elections the US government and the nation have devolved into a political quagmire unequaled in US History. Critical legislative progress ceased and publicly declared/surreptitiously plotted obstruction become modus operandi for the Tea Party laden 112th Congress. The legislative contrast between the 111th to the 112th Congress is stark and no other media illustrates the point better than Think Progress.

Think Progress on the pre-Tea Party 111th Congress (2008 - 2010)
....... There is no debate, however, that the 111th Congress passed a historic volume of substantial legislation, whatever one might think about the merits of these achievements. Historian Alan Brinkley told Bloomberg yesterday that “[t]his is probably the most productive session of Congress since at least the ’60s,” for an article outlining the historic achievements of this session:
For the first time since President Theodore Roosevelt began the quest for a national health-care system more than 100 years ago, the Democrat-led House and Senate took the biggest step toward achieving that goal by giving 32 million Americans access to insurance. Congress rewrote the rules for Wall Street in the most comprehensive way since the Great Depression. It spent more than $1.67 trillion to revive an economy on the verge of a depression, including tax cuts for most Americans, jobs for more than 3 million, construction of roads and bridges and investment in alternative energyended an almost two-decade ban against openly gay men and women serving in the military, and today ratified a nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia.
Read more 

The Tea Party Congress (House takeover, January 2011) and its obstructionist reality is depicted as follows via Gov Trak. During tough economic times, the nation was handed a congressional cancer that literally sapped economic progress from reality. 

Gov Trak Dot Org: Law Makers Who Aren't Making Law

The press’ quarterly report cards on Congress are out and the picture isn’t pretty. As The Huffington Post and The Atlantic Wire report, based on data from GovTrack, the current Congress has enacted fewer bills than any other Congress in modern history at this point in the legislative session. Just 21 bills have been passed by both the House and Senate and signed into law since the 113th Congress convened in January. What’s more, the number of bills introduced in this Congress – 4,753 – is also significantly less than past Congresses. 
The aggregate numbers, however, are only part of the picture. Individual members differ widely in the number of bills they have introduced; that is, bills they are primary sponsors of. On the one end of the scale are Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), with 60 bills introduced so far, and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), with 34, and on the other end, those who have introduced one or two bills. And then there are lawmakers who have yet to file a single bill this Congress – two senators and fourteen members of the House, to be exact. 
The members of Congress who haven’t filed a bill so far are an assorted bunch. The list includes House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), whose many administrative and procedural duties preclude him from being very active in proposing legislation.

While the Tea Party accomplished its mission, via stifling Bush Era Great Recession economic improvements and providing a solid basis for Obama obstruction, it's most significant travail was the election of Ted Cruz. The electoral horror was to the US Senate, not the Tea Party House of Oz.  His Frankenstein like meandering through the legislative branches in Washington DC has been both historic and comparable to Frankenstein monster village killings.
Cruz as Tea Party leader orchestrated a $24 billion larrup to our economy via the long anticipated GOP federal government shutdown. Yet, Cruz spoke typical GOP manta to his eager Iowa audience. 

"Restore historic economic growth," he said.
Let's take a deductive look at Cruz's mantra.

The political opportunist crafted a speech in which he declared the prospect of restoring economic growth after flushing $1.5 billion per day down the GOP toilet over a 16 day GOP shutdown period.  His GOP leadership provided a reported 25 percent hit to GDP growth for 2013.
Major premise: All Tea Partiers are Republican.

Minor premise: All Tea Partiers supported the GOP Federal Government Shutdown.

Conclusion: Republicans continue to seriously damage the US economy.

Ted Cruz's ascension to the most visible position in the Circa 2013 GOP, is both intriguing and politically disastrous for the political Right. While, right-wing media, the House tea party caucus and other publicly zany (Bachmann, Steve King, Mike Lee, etc.) GOP congressionals worship Cruz, the reality of his existence is a damaging to the nation as the fabled Frankenstein monster was to that little European village.

Ted Cruz’s Popularity Rises among Tea Party Reps, Falls among Others     
Tea Party Favorability Drops Across Party Lines 

Moderate Republicans Less Positive toward  Tea PartyGrowing Share of Tea Party Reps See Movement as Part of GOP    

Cruz and the tea party were primary sponsors of the GOP shutdown.  The Koch Tea Party seems to suffer under its own weight. This month's shutdown failed to stifle the developing Affordable Care Act and stop medical coverage for millions. Yet, many conservative politicians and 'whacked-out' right-wing media continue to laud the insurrection as a 'good thing.' 

Yet, there is hope for ridding the nation the GOP's latest Frankenstein monster, if the Pew Research survey is accurate.  Cruz is a crafty opportunist. The tea party faction of the GOP is not in aggregate as crafty and will fall to national angst.  After using his notoriety as '"the ObamaCare Fighter" to secure a solid hold on opportunity to share the 2016 primary stage with other 'zany' GOP politicians, Cruz will fall shy of solidifying a death hold around the throat of the US. 

Can you anticipate his demise?   Once, all bugs are fixed in the developing ACA, Cruz will suffer from its popularity. Cruz will also have to reckon with the fact his Tea Party platform will crumble into obscurity as the Kochs and other uber wealthy plutocrats are finding the tea party whack-birds in Congress unmanageable. Moreover, the public response to the GOP Government shutdown has the Tea party of 'front-street" as a deleterious entity within the party. Unless the party can shake its life sucking cancer (the Tea party), 2014 and 2016 could serve as historic elections.