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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mark Cuban, Tim Wise, Crystal Wright, on "We Are All Bigoted!" (VIDEO)

Donald Sterling's racist validation (as it has been reported for many years) and more recent revelations continue to reach across the full fabric of our nation. Yet, another NBA Team owner backed-up his early concerns about NBA actions against Sterling with a more detailed explanation of his psyche.

Mark Cuban Dallas Mavericks Owner:  'I think we're all bigots.'

While I am certain you may have found Cuban's self-imposed support for Sterling reason forgiveness, I vehemently disagree. First, his support for the seething racist Sterling appears as a message to the millions who hold similar views that they are "OK."  It is OK to harbor such views, and by the way do not bother to work at being a better or different person. His words fall way shy of even adequately speaking about a problem he himself labelled as a lack of tolerance. The fact that he is so verbal in support of Sterling only leads to a form of condoning others to just live-on as a bigots without regard for their impact on others.  

Two points before moving into the central theme of this screed. Cuban's serious and blanketing stereotypical feelings about "hoodie-garb" and association with young black men, is simply horrific. Horrific in disregard for Trayvon Martin's family. (Of course, Cuban later apologized, but the apology these days is mere perfunctory without deep meaning and relevance). Cuban's stereotypical psyche reminds of this: the yellow shirt Publix store manager stalking two black teens.  

As I watched the manager stalking the kids, I have two thoughts. First, think of Trayvon Martin as George Zimmermann stalked him that rainy night, when his only crime was to seek munchies during a pro Basketball game half-time. Next point...... you and I have to wonder if the grocery store may have actually experienced theft from a white person while the manager stalked the teens.

Wonder if Cuban recognizes the dangers of his bigotry and racial intolerance?  His remarks lead me to believe he could fall victim to a Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer or a John Wayne Gacy. "Stretch" examples, but nonetheless with a point.

Of course, Cuban's remarks are receiving much scrutiny. CNN pulled together a panel for a five minute segment worth every minute of viewing time. Towards the end of the segment you will observe what seems to be a conservative pundit (and politicians) strategy in combating cogent arguments when caught ill-equipped to retort. However, we also shouldn't underestimate the importance of entertaining the conservative base.

Watch as the noted anti-racist educator, consultant and lecturer, Tim Wise addresses comments from "the Black Conservative Chic." Prior to Wise's opportunity to speak he sat quietly and very professionally as "The Conservative Black Chic" rambled on in support of Cuban's remarks. Rambling mind you that also reminds of Wright as a "Differentiator"* from those in the black community who view conservatoire America and the GOP in a very different manner. She not only took exception to Wise's use of data and statistics, she clearly joined  the "yellow shirt" manager from the video above in positing US prisons are full of black males (via implication) for a reason. Her comment and reasoning is both horrid and typically in line with millions on the Right

You will notice " The Conservative Black Chic," Quickly adopted the very strategy delineated above. Grab a concept, bundle it in conservative dogma and rail like an on the edge guest on the former Jerry Springer Show. As you watch the segment, think about what Wise may have said that warranted  "The Conservative Black Chic's" behavior.

"The Conservative Black Chic" Crystal Wright moves to a familiar place. 
(image screen shot via FireShot)

If you failed to see why Wright has monikered herself as  "The Conservative Black Chic," you viewed and listened to the segment with a blindfold and ear covers. Unless, of course, you did not bother to watch the segment.  

How GOP is it to lump black imprisonment to the paradigm black people commit the majority of crimes? How crass and typically white conservative is it to lay hoodie garb to Rap Music and lay that genre to black kids.  It would be completely impossible for Rappers to become billionaires via purchases from black kids only.  
Wright starts her rant with accusations Wise suggested she via his words might be "moronic." Wright's comments prior to Wise uttering one word, most assuredly spoke to her "moronic" mindset and equally idiotic conservative paradigm. But, when one monikers as Wright has monikered ("The Conservative Black Chic"), it is with clear intent to appeal to a very specific segment of the US population: the conservative. She also validates my assertion "African-Americans who claim conservatism literally hate the vernacular: "African-American."  

"Just call me black."  
"And, by the way, look at me I am so different than those people." 
"While I recuperate form being attacked by that clean-cut white man, I was at least mindful of the black kids across the street." 

Wright's on-camera behavior is becoming modus operandi from the Right.

Do you recall the following from another conservative show guest on the Chris Hayes ALL-In Show?
Complete Jerry Springer Show like performance! Yes, I use the word performance as intentionally as I am keyboardist this piece.  Conservative pundits frequently resort to similar defense mechanisms via actually enacting a familiar attack. Recall the age old football axiom, "The best defense is a good offense." Why deal with challenges via civil and intellectual point-counter-point when pushed into a corner when a "conservative go-off" entertains people on the Right?

We witnessed same this week when Senator Rockefeller (D) VA. mentioned the prospect political resistance to ObamaCare may fall into the pattern of obstruction. Obstruction that also includes Obama as president and "the wrong color." (1:24 minute embed below).

Rockefeller did not accuse Johnson of being a racist, Rockefeller spoke frankly and truthfully about that which has heard, he has observed and knows is a fact. Johnson knows same, but chose to deploy the "Defense is the best offences' strategy. He was fairly civil, but frankly very childlike and strategic in his ploy.


Senator Rockefeller, you and I have all witnessed clear evidence many on the Right have issues with Obama as an African-American sitting in that vaulted "white-male only" Oval Office. Alas, time passes slowly and change does not follow on the Right. The only Republican sitting in the hearing and defender of this party jumped to racism. He did so when Rockefeller stated a fact about some aspects of resistance to President Obama. If you are a conservative, you have also heard, seen it of sensed it. Yet, Johnson's antic received co-signing support from another noted GOP functionary: Joe Scarborough.

Johnson and MSNBC resident and chief conservative, Joe Scarborough, know full well each has heard resistance to Obama in part related to race. It is an existential non-reality to think that overt obstruction doesn't also have fissures into the president's race.  Mark Cuban should forsake his "moating" for Donald Sterling. Crystal Wright should "perform" much more professionally as a conservative mouthpiece pundit. Her commentary probably sent a message to the 96% of African-Americans who have disdain for the GOP a message that validates their concerns. She literally exercised "white privilege" (in her comment) while on camera as black. 

* The "Differentiator." The African-American who adopts a core conservative political (and social) core. There is nothing at all adverse about the Differentiator so far. The person also adorns layers of comment, actions and behavior to appeal to his/her 92% white GOP and false libertarians who dislike being called conservative. The comment, actions and behavior mirrors that of Wright as she asserts black imprisonment to higher crimes rates among black men. She doesn't bother with consideration of convictions rates for whites vs. blacks. The Differentiator knows white conservatives utterly love their existential reality. Most know they differentiate for various reasons, the more easily explainable and most obvious in Wright's case?  Checkout the sign on the door, "The Conservative Black Chic." 
(Images and text via Fireshot)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Tucker Carlson Speaks The Talk Of Segregationist Via The Mouth of a "BLACK CONSERVATIVE CHICK"

           Fox News host Tucker Carlson  

FOX News P.C. Police segment. Jim Crow?
“Hispanics and blacks tend to not be as good swimmers as whites, and many more black Americans and Hispanics, actually those kids don’t know how to swim,” Wright concluded. “This is just putting — it’s not good.” (Crystal Wright, editor of
"Conservative Black Chick?" Now, does that website title not speak to my long posited "I am different than them" comments.  People who expend so much time and energy working to show themselves as outside of a specific ethnic demographic, do so for obvious personal gain. (See CPAC Image above). I wonder if a website titled, "Conservative Chick" would provide equal numbers of hits with potential "money-grabbing" opportunities?  You and I both know the answer.

What we have here? Yet a rerun of white producers and hosts on FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network) scheduling black mouthpieces to do the dirty talk of bigotry and racism.  If you read here regularly, you know of the classic example of "caucasian message, black speak". 

The TPI April 5, 2013.

Bill O'Reilly once used the politically confused Juan Williams for "Color" commentary regarding getting on a place and being "nervous" (about people who appear in Muslim garb) as "Muslims." Color commentary is most definitely a intended metaphor! Williams allowed himself to be used for backing Bill O'Reilly's overt racism and Williams paid the price of termination from NPR. All Muslims do not wear "Muslim Garb" and most airline suicide bombers have not worn traditional muslim garb. Factually, most European Muslims do not wear such garb. That sheds considerable light on Williams' racism.

The noble diversity efforts from the Phoenix Recreation Department garners a similar reaction from FOXPEN. Did you notice FOXPEN ran the segment in their cheesy and childlike P.C. Police Segment. FOXPEN feeds their sycophants disparaging characterizations of efforts to diversify.  How better to increase the participant and skills levels of people who do not historically attract to water sports and basic swimming than poolside role models?

The National Public Radio's audio linked below is a good four minute listen. We have also posted an excerpt from the audio transcript.

NPR Transcript excerpt...

In Phoenix, A New Quest For Diverse Public Pool Lifeguards

Originally published on Thu March 28, 2013 5:57 pm (AUDIO to follow Click to listen)


From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Robert Siegel.  
And I'm Audie Cornish.  
It may not feel like spring yet in much of the country, but in Phoenix, it's practically swimming weather. And that means a new crop of teenagers training to be lifeguards. From member station KJZZ, Jude Joffe-Block reports the city is trying to add some diversity to that classic summer job.  
JUDE JOFFE-BLOCK, BYLINE: When 17-year-old Showna Wells goes to public pools to swim, she notices something about the lifeguards.  
SHOWNA WELLS: I've never really seen, like, somebody black like me.  
JOFFE-BLOCK: The city of Phoenix is trying to change that. This winter, city staff came to Wells' school, Alhambra High, to recruit new lifeguards. More than 90 percent of the students there are black, Latino or Asian. None of the teens who shows up to hear the pitch is on the school swim team because, like many under-resourced schools, Alhambra doesn't have one. The city's Melissa Boyle is aware of this. 
MELISSA BOYLE: As long as you can get from one end of the pool to the other with a tube and then without a tube, we'll work with you in your swimming abilities.
Read More 

"As long as you can get from one end of the pool to the other with a tube and then without a tube, we'll work with you in your swimming abilities."   
The comment gives a marked different message than "accepting people who cannot swim and making the personal a lifeguard. I read a shared arrangement If the applicant can swim in any way (one end of the pool without tube) the Phoenix recreation Department will provide training. 

Lifeguards require training regardless of race. How much of an open-minded leap is it to assume Phoenix will provide additional training for the minority lifeguards? 

Carlson and Wright have embody the essence of Right-wing resistance to all things 'fair and balanced'. Should young minority children have only whites to role model?  Would you find it acceptable if all heroes big, small, far and wide were black or Latino.  I strongly suspect not.  The two FOXPEN highly compensated mouthpieces speaking the very language of segregation and they do so with the most shallow examples of association. 

Let's end with more from Carlson and Wright and FOXPEN writers.

“This is the same rationale that propped up Jim Crow for 80 years, right?” Carlson opined. “You want to swim in a pool with people who look like you. You want to sit in the same bus or the same movie theater or use the same water fountain as people who look like you. It’s diversity.” 
“Segregation,” Wright agreed. “My parents grew up during segregation and they didn’t really like to be on the beach and at pools and seeing white people be able to use a different beach. Phoenix is making no sense, and they’re forcing some kind of segregation.”
Has FOXPEN become so obviously anti-diversity, it stoops to levels of Carlson and Wright's remarks? They no longer entertain their viewers with Anti-Obamaisms on a daily basis, they use regressivism much like conservative aversion to efforts for leveling the playing field in employment, housing, and public facilities.