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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Palin And Nugent: White Privilege At Its Very Worse!

President Obama from a The New Yorker interview for publication on January, 27th.
USA Today...
"There's no doubt that there's some folks who just really dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president," Obama told The New Yorker in its Jan. 27 publication.
Obama also said "there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I'm a black president."
Sarah Palin on Monday (A day of celebration of the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.). Let's be clear and without equivocation, despite hatred on the far-right and among may conservatives  Dr. King has become a beacon of light in US History. is place in our history is set and cannot be taken away via regressivism for many whites (and black conservatives) who want to return the US to the days of Jim Crow.  Before we move-on we think of ten state axiom: "Isms travel in bunches."  Regressivism will each into every fabric of our society and you shroud be able to see signs that the 92% white male GOP is on a path of "difficult" return. The GOP "War on Women" Is pronounced and spreading on a daily basis.  Conservative contempt LGBT people is as obvious as January following December on the Roman Calendar. 

For those who troll around for idiocy, you may twist and interpret the calendar for sake of throwing silliness about, via reversing my comment; December follows January in the Roman Calendar.  If that makes you feel better or allows you to avoid troll silliness to placate your ego.   The salient point conservative elitism and oppression towards major swaths of the population are as real as the Roman calendar.

Even if you did not celebrate MLK Day in any way the central point is you probably did not go out of your way to exhibit overt racism.  Overt racism in may cases directly from a deep inner core of people who have been raised to believe they are superior to another based on culture, race, ethnicity and gender. People who believe such and simply refuse to extrapolate their twists social and psychological deficiencies, simply allowed the day to pass and enjoyed their day off.  If you were scheduled off for the national holiday your did to report to work. I will wager very few MLK and civil rights haters petitioned their bosses to protect MLK day by showing up at work.  Yet, few dared use the day to show the level and scope of their overwhelming ignorance and personal forms of racism. 

We start with one who raises her head with each photo or "attention" opportunity to remind her sycophants she is out there. Sarah Palin shows why the nation is blessed McCain/Palin were not voted into the White House. She slithers around like a camouflaged opportunistic Boa Constrictor lurking to strike. Yet. She strikes without gripping fangs, she strikes with her personal branding handed to the nation via her asinine nomination for the VP slot on the 2008 ticket. And, that branding guarantees income flow for appearances and book deals during the most opportune period (e.g., elections, certain holidays, and major political speeches). 

Here is a example of an opportunist's lurch to snare the minds and psyches of people who actually listen to her.  
The Daily Kos...
"Mr. President, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and all who commit to ending any racial divide, no more playing the race card," Palin wrote on her Facebook page on Monday, the national holiday marking the civil rights icon's birthday.
President Obama has appropriately and very infrequently spoken-out about issues of race when such issue warranted comment for a president of the Unite States. He has never once, spoken his perception of GOP obstruction to his administration and obvious personal hatred from many on the right to his race. He has done so, and he was right in his assessment and equally correct in speaking-out as he moves away form the presidency.

Obama is not a person who allows himself to ramble about sticking his foot in his mouth with zany misstatements. Hence his heavy use of pre-written and teleprompter aided speeches and comments. 

We digress....  The one time he spoke extemporaneous was his comments about "keeping your health coverage." and we posit he may very well have actually believe the law was written as such. President Obama may have made the grievous mistake of failing to completely recognize the extent to which corporate America feeds itself (all corporate major stakeholders) at the expense of customers.  He certainly underestimated the skill and acumen of corporate lawyers who scrub through laws for corporate leverage and advantage. Let me assure you it happens on a daily basis; the very reason corporations employ and retain highly compensated lawyers.  

Nonetheless, Obama has never once attributed GOP obstruction and conservative hatred to issues of his ethnicity. He has now spoken frankly about the fact there are people who are not ready for an African-American as president. He also carefully worded his remarks to touch on the reality some Americans are fond of Obama as president and with some consideration of his ethnicity. 

Let's take a quick look at Palin from an unknown author via via Facebook posting. We deleted references to children from the following anecdotal depiction of one who feels she can counsel Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America. 

Sarah Palin (Note: the author was kind in omitting references to "Refudiate" and references to "Paul Revere.")
  • Used the Canadian healthcare system for doctors and medication­.
  • Married, More children who followed in her footsteps.
  • Mayor of Wasilla population 5000.
  • As mayor she appointed a town manager because the job was too hard.
  • The current mayor said that the only busy day was Tuesday when she had to sign 100 checks for the workers.
  • Gave a no bid contract for a $20 million Hockey stadium and as quid pro quo the developer built her a mansion for free.
  • Left Wasilla in 20 million debt.
  • Ran for governor.
  • Won due to the power of the wink and fabricated history.
  • As governor she addressed a group of secessionists that her husband was a member of.
  • They planned to secede from America and saw it as the enemy.
  • Apparently watched the skies to see Putin flying over.
  • Was for a bridge to nowhere before she was against it.
  • Set a state record for ethics violations.
  • Was chosen to be the running mate for John McCain. Destroyed any hopes of McCain winning by destroying any shred of credibilit­y he had. Which was not much to begin with.
  • Quit as governor midterm to help America in other ways.
  • Confided in friends and family that being governor was hard work and boring.
  • Had a book ghost written written with her name on it.
  • The book was proved to be full of inaccuracies and poor me the victim anecdotes.
  • Became rich.
  • Became a critic on all matters Obama.
  • All proved to be irrational and unhinged babbling.
  • Endorsed several politicians in 2010, most lost and the rest were voted out in 2012. So not much value in her endorsements.
  • Became a Fox pundit where she snipes and whines and is as unfair and unbalanced as the rest of these happy campers.
  • Claims to be a patriot but secession will do.
  • Used the million veteran march to showboat and used them as pawns in a petty, partisan petulant, rabble rousing performance in high farce.
And to round it off she race baited the president on MLK day a day about MLK and not a day about her.

A few illustrations of Obama's patience and reticence regarding issues of race before we offer an even more racist and vile example of which we speak.


Palin babbles about the "race card."  We guess, in addition to seeking attention for books sales and personal for -fee appearance, she choices to ignore the overwhelming and disgusting exhibition of racism from people who have issues with Obama as President. "Don't play the race card" comments when we live in a world delineated in the images above validates Palin's lack of intellect and her penchant for leveraging opportunities to provide revenue for her "brand." 

We offer another example......

Mediaite (via YouTube)

MediaMatters on the Network and public forum that supports overt racism and far-right demagoguery.
Nugent made the comment during a January 17 interview with at the 2014 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show), an annual gun industry trade show that draws 60,000 firearms industry professionals. Nugent was representing the Outdoor Channel, which airs his hunting show Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild. Nugent and Outdoor Channel recently announced a multi-year endorsement deal where Nugent will make "talent appearances on the network's behalf at top consumer and industry trade events." In announcing the deal, Outdoor Channel's CEO said that Nugent "symbolizes everything that is right in our industry."
We will place the person above in true perspective, if you have an additional 3:40 minutes.  Linked; longer HD versions Linked. Of course, the CBS interview and analysis do not touch into issues of race, they are posted to address the mindset of people who earn copious fees, garner attention, and are provided platforms for what can be described only as racist. 

If Nugent's comments above are not clear, recognize people to whom he speaks clearly understand his word choices. Referring to the president of the United States as a "mongrel" places Nugent's remarks in a much darker chasm of the  racism than those spoken by Palin.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines mongrel as "a dog with parents of different breeds."

Do you find it intriguing fifty plus years from his birth Barack H. Obama is being personally maligned related to race? He is being maligned by people who fit the very paradigm to which the president spoke. They hate that he is president! We posit it is impossible race is not a guiding impetus for hatred from the two right-wing nut cases delineated in this screed. And, the two nut cases are mere tips of an iceberg that people really should admit. 

Someone should remind Nugent of the downfall of one Craig Cobb, renowned white supremacist, who has fallen on tough times since his DNA indicated he is not as pure of race as a personal guiding principle and foundation of his racist paradigm (and preachings).

I often wondered how Craig Cobb allowed himself, in his blissful ignorance, to accept a DNA test.  His ignorance and lack of education guided the white supremacist directly into a trap that he should have known was in his path. The links also includes the rants and raves of a noted black separatist who often also comes across as a racist. 

Here is the DNA "hook" abbreviated segment:

Here is the one minute segment in which the DNA results were broadcast across the globe:

It would be great to see if Ted Nugent would sit for a DNA test? The underlying reason for development of this screed relates to overt exhibitions of "white privilege" and illustration of the "Fabric Of Oppression."  

The Fabric of Oppression

The Circle of Oppression

Since we referenced it above, and if you have read this far, you might find the following evidence of how people grow to adulthood with bigotry and racism emblazoned in their psyches as thoroughly as the ability to speak.

Cycle of Oppression

Both Palin and Nugent via their repeated forays into issues of race exemplify privilege not shared by people have '"conferred privilege' simply as a birthright.  


Monday, June 17, 2013

Flake, Stevenson, Race and the GOP! Reince Priebus, "Where Are You?"

Tanner Flake Twitter: Arizona Senator Jeff Flake's Son Is a Level 10 Racist
Newly elected Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is no stranger to GOP regression and intolerance. Flake's son, Tanner, was recently revealed as a racist and a homophobic internet bully. Tanner Flake has repeatedly used racist and homophobic epithets on his Twitter (@tflakey); the account has been deactivated.  

Flake has gone public with a stiff apology and nice words in an effort to mask the true genesis of his young man's racism/homophobia and over-the-top bullying. The senator's apology and efforts at public relations fails miserably. 
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) "I’m very disappointed in my teenage son’s words, and I sincerely apologize for the insensitivity. This language is unacceptable, anywhere. Needless to say, I’ve already spoken with him about this, he has apologized, and I apologize as well.”
Let's take a quick look at Tanner Flake. You will find the pixelated words posted as Number 2 in the game results.

Flake posted screenshots of games revealing his username, "n1ggerkiller." 

In YouTube comments, Flake has repeatedly called other users "n*****" and "f****t" and referred to Mexicans as the "scum of the Earth."

Racism, bigotry and extreme bias are not DNA inherited psychological deficiencies. They are environmentally assimilated in the psyche of young people and that assimilation starts in the home.

Diversity consultants and behavioral sociologist fully support the fact that racism and its lowly cousins, bigotry and extreme bias, are not the product of birth. They are clearly the product of upbringing and environment. After those initial doses of environmental bigotry, the psychological deviation are re-enforced via friends and school. From that point the developed paradigm is incorporated into the individuals psyche for life, unless the cycle is broken as depicted below.

PolicyMic published an interesting piece regarding young Flake and his dad. It would be easy to simply label Tanner as product of his environment (As will show in a bit), but the social deviate and his dad could easily avoid the 'collar' via people who practice indifference, or people who similarly have and exhibit the very same social deviation. The problem goes much deeper than excusing the young man of racism and homophobia. Tanner is the product of a mindset that seems to have a strong hold in the GOP and conservative America.

The mindset is so systemic to the GOP, I continue to wonder about the motives of the "Black Conservative," as they prefer to be addressed, in subservience to American Conservatism. The word subservient was chosen carefully and with deep thought. The so called "Black Conservative", never once speaks out publicly about their abhorrence to such exhibitions. As supposedly intelligent people, they know that young Tanner's racist foundation was set as he grew to his teenage years. Yet, the "Black Conservative" again remains closed lipped and quiet, when they could do themselves and their party well by speaking out against overt racism.

Rather than fault Senator Flake for his son's homophobic or racist beliefs, we should look at the senator's own record on gay and race-related issues. Flake supports a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and an amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. He has a 0% rating from the Human Rights Campaign. He has a 0% rating from the NAACPHe has a 7% rating from the ACLU 
Granted, interest groups and congressional votes are not perfect metrics for personal ideology, but they are better measures of his beliefs than his son’s Twitter. If he should be faulted for any actions, then, it should be for his own.
Read more 

Now, a quick peep at how such foundations telescope in full blown problems for the greater society.

Clearly young Flake is the product of his environment and evidence of yet another offspring of American conservatism. As depicted in the first graphic above, Tanner never received that necessary intervention to "BREAK" the Cycle of Oppression.

You might think the Cycle is a heavy burden to for such young man (with no real experience beyond puberty) and you might think Tanner has learned from his overt racism.  Well, that is a key consideration as one considers the Fabric of Oppression from which the Cycle is a key component. Do you think young Flake would have grown to be less bigoted or racist without an intervention?  What happens if young Flake becomes a lead person or supervisor should he secure employment while in college? Or, worse yet, let's imagine his racism and homophobia going unchecked throughout his young life and becomes as solid as granite as his full mental processes take shape.  Do you think for one second he would be fair to employees of color or LGBT employees, if he as a manager would even hire other than white employees?  We have enough of those people in conservative America.

If the last sentence alarmed you or if it did not surprise you, here is  another example of that of which I just wrote.

GOP Rep Joe Heck apologizes for son: Obama, “spear chucking’” says, ‘faggot’ and ‘n*gga’ on Twitter

Rep. Heck
Rep. Heck
June 13, 2013

Just yesterday Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) apologized after BuzzFeed caught and posted his son’s homophobic and racist tweets. And now Nevada Rep. Joe Heck’s teenage son has done the exact same thing, joining the ranks of homophobes, racists and sexist assholes.
Heck apologized for his son’s tweets in a statement to BuzzFeed.
Just yesterday Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) apologized after BuzzFeed caught and posted his son’s homophobic and racist tweets. And now Nevada Rep. Joe Heck’s teenage son has done the exact same thing, joining the ranks of homophobes, racists and sexist assholes.
Read more 
It is important to not only look at the root cause of racism and bigotry and a clear foundation in conservative America, it is equally critical for people to understand the following. People like young Flake and young Stevenson do not develop to full adulthood without carrying another "ism." They are also generally afflicted with gender bias that can lead to full misogyny.

UPDATE: If you need a bit


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Benjamin T. Moore Jr: Religion and The Genesis Of Female Opprerssion?

               Leads The Pardu Forewords The Pardu    

Foreword from The Progressive Influence's The Pardu  

Benjamin T. Moore delves into a topic that has plagued mankind for millenniums.  Towards the end of the piece, he moves into female intelligence and that of her male (species) counterpart.  I have long posited and opined that the female of the species is, in aggregate, much smart than the male of the species.  Over the millenniums,  mankind's institutions have been used to relegate the 'fairer and smarter' gender to a state of semi or full oppression.  It is hard to lay label to the human mores` regarding man's oppression of women, because so women many do not even recognize that they have been 'placed' in a position within the society. A position that suits many very very well,  "That's just the way it is".  That very paradigm has existed and flourished for thousands of years.  I am personally pleased that I live in a  time of challenge against the paradigm.  Challenge that once proceeded well towards a path of equality for both genders.   

I feel we are at a cross roads of yet another challenge. When a political party so longs for a time when  the 'white male' was the icon of all life and all others are subservientthe challenge is renewed in a form of 'false universe'.  That 'false universe' is upon us and can be broken only through understanding the false paradigm, recognizing its controlling fissures, and application of remedy (resistance and replaced with a proper state of mind).  At least this is the case in our society. In some worlds, the oppression is so sanctioned by religious doctrine and dogma, it will never give way to less oppression against the fairer and smarter sex.

While, I am very reticent to foray into the business of religion, as Benjamin T. Moore knows religion to a far greater extent than me,   I do see evidence of support for his premise and recognize the relevance of his prose on the topic.

Here's hoping Mr. Moore does not mind this personal screed related to his topic.

Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

  Benjamin T Moore Jr

Any thinking person must realize that human beings are binary creatures. The continuation of our species requires the combined contributions of the male and female. Indeed it is this aspect of human reproduction that has created more than a little consternation for the evolutionary model. To wit: what advantages were gained by gender differentiation? The most efficient form of reproduction is fission. A single cell splitting and becoming two cells and so on is not only efficient, but positively guarantees its continuity even in the face of harsh environmental challenges. Where there is one, there will be two and so on. 

The requirements of gender based reproduction increases the probability of extinction. Should a species diminish to only one of it's kind, that species becomes extinct with the death of the individual. If the species diminishes down to two of it's kind, but they are the same gender or the female is past the age of being able to conceive, that species becomes extinct. Some have theorized that gender developed as a way to increase genetic diversity. Few would argue the advantages of genetic diversity. However, there are other ways of increasing genetic diversity that are probably equally as effective. A virus transmits it's genes into anyone it infects. In point of fact, modified viruses are used as carriers in genetic engineering. They carry a gene payload to the cells of the organism being modified.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sensitive Topic: White Privilege and White Guilt..A Mere Exploration

The following article is a cross post from the progressive website posted an article a few days back that relates to issues of race. Before, you click off this diary I can assure you that it could be a read worth of a few minutes.  If you are one who does not care for long reads, go ahead and click off. The Addictinginfo link was posted in a noble effort to generate comments or dialog about a topic that few in the nation will discuss. The topic is not often discussed on the LT ( and I, as a member, am not the most comfortable with the topic. I have been involved in but one dialog related to 'privilege' since joining the site 1.5 years ago. That dialog was with my friend SPIRAL.

The author of the article delves into the topics of: White Privilege and White Guilt. Needless to say but I will say it anyway the article generated two comments.  One comment was written by me and I took 'the fifth' based on a lack of space for proper exploration of the topic.

I am going to post the author's work here (in part) and a link for the article.

Let me first state that I do not believe that any white person in the nation should expend any mental energy on the business of 'white guilt'. Privilege on the other hand is another story.