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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Pool Cops Strike Again (VIDEO)

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Tough love but necessary

White Americans and the pool continues.

As we watched the summer 2018 phenomena of white people attack black people around swimming pools, we are reminded of the 1950s and prior decades regarding African-Americans visiting public swimming pools. Atually any swimming pool outside of an all black recreation center or neighborhood pool.

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Yesterday we published a piece with the following embeds.  Let's revisit. 

First. the pool cop.


If the report of a job loss left you feeling empathy for the racist pool monitor, you may also be a socially regressive Paleozoic American conservative. 

If you fit the characterization above, you surely do not want to watch this video (from a previous post).

Yet we digress, today's visit with the pool police is as follows.

The backstory from The Raw Story. Linked, here.

If you are not an utter racist or deep, deep bigot, you should wonder, as do we, what these people do between the middle of September and early May: the offseason for public pools and unheated outdoor pools. While the pools are closed, do they spend the winter stocking-up on their racism like a squirrel gathering sustenance (preparing) for the first snowfall? Do they sit and watch Fox News with percolating anger for releasing on the first black person who seems to rub the outside the realm of acceptable?

Here is how one elderly racist released her racist libido (or what remains of it). The kid in the video is selling candy. How many times have you run across girl scouts outside of department stores selling their cookies? Or kids selling candy as part of a school fundraiser.  Take it to another level what about the candy or cookies sold by the kid who brings the items home from school with clear goals and a mission statement? And, guess what, you jumped on the phone or speak with your coworkers about buying some of the wares.

The high-end Boomer who can not deal with this kid selling candy in public. As the world has it here was a hero who witnessed long enough to decide, he wasn't having it; he bought all the kids candy.
If you think for one second these are not examples of racism during tines of Trump, you are factually an enabler.