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Sunday, December 30, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: "I am proud to shutdown the government!”"

Do you recall a historic case of recent Trump carnival barking? 

If the leader paced his credibility in a sieve, why are we now awash in daily accusations of Democrat party responsibility for Trump's federal government shutdown? Answer: we are the perpetual victims of Trump's carnival barking and absence of forethought lies.  Our Sunday morning dose of utterly ridiculous demagoguery was served-up by Trump's White House talking head Kelly Anne Conway.

CNN's Dana Bash took a turn in the Trump information carnival via offering up airtime to the White House's number one presstitute (word salad slinger if you prefer). Yes, Kelly Anne Conway is a hired talking head who will deliver any message for a price.

When asked about the Trump wall shutdown and its related death of two immigrant children CNN, Conway spewed out the salad. The segment is five-plus minutes long; you may wish to skip around a bit to avoid overexposure to Trump's Shutdown defense.

While sitting in the friendly and facilitating confines of a Fox News studio, Conway visited Nancy Pelosi's vacation to Hawaii.
"The Democrats have to come back," (from Hawaii) "Nancy Pelosi needs to come back from Hawaii -- less hula, more moola for the DHS Customs and Border Patrol, funding our border security. They need to come to the table and do their job. A fully-functioning democracy demands that both parties come together and that the Congress and the executive branch work together."

And, where was Conway as she criticized Pelosi's vacation? In Florida, pray tell

How ridiculous the level and scope of chaos inherent in Trumpism?  If for no other reason our world and humankind will be far improved if Trump and company were no longer in the White House along with a few more of his cohorts indictment.

"...less hula, more moola....."  Did Conway actually go there?  I have yet to hear use country music line dancing to support her demagoguery. 

Before closing let's have one last visit with Trump's puerility-like White House spokesperson. Why Puerility? Lying to the extent Trump works his communications department reminds of the child who repeatedly gets caught stealing from the neighborhood confectionary. Oh, I date myself with use of confectionary. Nowadays such neighborhood retail stores have been replaced with Walgreens stores.

Watch as Sarah Sanders offers a job-ending set of lies before her departure from Trump's White House. She comments regarding the death of children at the US Southern border; children who were in US border patrol custody.

The lie as US Policy and practice.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

CNN's Dana Bash OfferedTrump Feed For Self Love

YOUR 45TH President 
Yesterday in response to a recently published book which questioned his competency and mental state, Trump hosted a meeting with congressional representatives. The 55-minute meeting was obviously staged to offer Trump an opportunity to appear as a viable US President; it failed overall with an exception for certain ratings hawking TV personalities who made the mistake of saying "Trump had revived his presidency. "   

Of particular note (and linked above), CNN's Dana Bash showed her level of gullibility and surface thinking via falling for the camera opportunity. Moreover, the substance of Trump's interaction with the members of Congress was shifty, seemingly insincere and laced with Trump's typical lack of understanding matters of state.

It seems Trump used one of his three-bedroom television sets to follow the CNN post meeting talk.  Let's assume her heard 

Immigration Meeting

.  Knowing what you and I know of Trump, can you find it possible he would take Bash's effusive comments and fantasize "letters from TV hosts?"  I am now guessing if you are the US President there exist a process r system t receive US mail overnight.

Crooks & Liars

Trump Claims News Anchors Sent Him 'Letters Of Congratulations' On His Open Immigration Meeting

During a press briefing today, as Trump read off a prepared list of what he believes his incredible presidential accomplishments are, like he always does, Trump claimed he received letters of high praise from a lot of news anchors over yesterday's open immigration meeting. Trump said, "Yesterday, we had a bipartisan meeting with House members and…

Friday, December 29, 2017

CNN 2; The "Presstitute" Zero (Fails)

Image result for janet porter roy moore If you have been on the International Space Station for a couple of years; if you have no access to electricity which facilitates viewing television, or if you are a deep and chronic Trump supporter who also cares nothing about political decency, you may never have been exposed to what we call the hired presstitute.

 "A person or media entity that misleadingly tailors news to fit a particular partisan, financial or business agenda". For more explanation refer to the following link.

The presstitute is a hired word-slinger (as was gunslinger of the old West) who receives a paycheck based on spewing totally biased or inaccurate oratory in favor of their employer. While Trump and the GOP have many such demagogues, Alabama's Ray Moore managed to find the ultimate presstitute (a top-level word-slinger with a terrible TV effect). Janet Porter is a prime example of the reality of GOP politics and a reminder of past demagogues who supported despots, the deranged national leader or dictators.

Take a look at the Alabama vote via the New York Times.

Doug JonesDemocrat671,15149.9%
Roy MooreRepublican650,43648.4
Total Write-Ins22,8191.7
100% reporting (2,220 of 2,220 precincts)

Note Moore lost the election by close to 21,000 votes.  Moore requested the vote not certify based on allegations of voter fraud in Jefferson County Alabama.  We should state, Jefferson County has the highest number of African-American voters in the state. Wonder why Moore would pick-on the votes in Jefferson County? If we consider a 21,000 vote loss, imagine the number of the 21,000 who would have to be counted as votes for Moore to reverse the reality of the vote.  Now, imagine a count in which not one of the 21,000 switched over to vote for Moore's opponent. Outside the realm of reality, correct?  Not in Roy Moore's world.

Watch sit for on-camera duty with two CNN show hosts.  The segment is a bit long bit relevant.

Another long segment later in the day with John Berman. Notice voter fraud was at the forefront of the Berman segment.

Are there any words beyond "shameful?" People like Porter are integral to politicians like Ray Moore. Trump has KellyAnne (Alternative Facts) Conway and Sarah (lie machine) Huckabee Sanders at the front line of his Cadre of Demagoguery. So, the presstitute will take their pay and serve well. The critical issue is are there actually so many Americans who subscribe to their zany lies and misrepresentations they presstitute will thrive and manifest as we move towards the middle of the 21 Century.