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Saturday, December 20, 2014

St. Louis Prosecutor Knew Ferguson 'Witness 40' Lied Under Oath

And some of you actually believe ..."
  1. "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
A hard core Missouri Hillbilly! repost

St. Louis Prosecutor Says He Knew Ferguson 'Witness 40' Lied Under Oath And He Will Not Prosecute Her

St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch broke his silence on Friday saying that he knew that witnesses testifying before the grand jury after Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown to death, were lying and he will not prosecute them. McCulloch told radio station KTRS that he allowed witnesses he knew were lying to testify to…

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Michael Brown Murder Via Audio Analysis

Audio of Micheal Brown's murder.

There are times when evidence is relevant regardless of genesis. The following embed includes amorous compliments from a guy (Romeo) who unknowing ly captured Darren Wilson's execution of teen Michael Brown. After the one minute segment, I posted a Daily Kos piece that includes analysis and comment about what you are about to hear.

Re Post from The Daily Kos....
Note: I originally posted this on my blog and am re-posting it here because I think it's something that people need to know about.
As we all know, the grand jury in the case of the Ferguson, Missouri shooting death of teenager Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson recently decided not to indict Wilson for the shooting. As we should also know, there are well founded concerns that Bob McCulloch, the prosecutor in charge of the case, has a clear pro-cop bias, did not want to prosecute a cop, and took the case to a grand jury that could be steered toward not indicting to provide himself political cover.
Another thing that should be fairly obvious is that Wilson's claim that a wounded, unarmed person fleeing from a gun-wielding police officer suddenly decided to turn around and charge at the police officer seems like a fairly far-fetched scenario, but of course, something being unlikely doesn't make it impossible. Is it possible to actuallyprove that Wilson's story is inaccurate?
The answer, as I'll demonstrate here, is yes.
Let's look at Darren Wilson's account of that final encounter. On the day of the shooting, Wilson gave a statement about what happened; the statement can be found in this document. Wilson later gave a statement to the grand jury. Certain details differed between the two statements, but the broad strokes of what he described were the same. Because the initial statement was given when the event was fresh in Wilson's memory, it should be more reliable.
According to Wilson, after Brown began to "charge" toward him in the street,
P.O. Darren Wilson continued to give Brown commands to stop; however, Brown ignored them. Once Brown got within approximately 15 feet of him, P.O. Darren Wilson indicated he discharged five rounds to stop the threat. According to P.O. Darren Wilson, this did not slow Brown down and he continued to advance. P.O. Darren Wilson discharged two additional rounds; however, Brown continued to advance.
P.O. Darren Wilson stated Brown then leaned forward and appeared as if he (Brown) was attempting to "tackle" him. P.O. Darren Wilson then discharged one additional round to stop the threat. Brown then fell to the ground, ending the threat.
To summarize: Wilson claims that Brown was charging toward him, that Wilson began to fire his gun when Brown was about 15 feet away, and that Brown continued to advance without slowing down until the final gunshot stopped him.
Is there an objective timeline of these gunshots? Fortunately for us (and unfortunately for Wilson, had the prosecution actually been interested in prosecuting the case), there is. A nearby resident who was in an online voice chat at the timeobtained audio of all the gunshots fired in the street (that is, the two gunshots that occurred at Wilson's SUV were not included). Here is a visualization of the recording:
We can see that six shots (marked in red) were fired within a span of approximately two seconds. There was then a three second pause before the seventh shot was fired. The eighth shot came one second later, followed quickly by shot 9 and then shot 10. The total time was 6.572 seconds.
To reiterate, Wilson claims that Brown was charging toward Wilson throughout the time that Wilson fired these shots. It seems a fair assumption that Wilson's use of the word "charge" would mean that Brown was sprinting. How much ground can a sprinting human cover in 6.572 seconds?
Let's start, just for curiosity's sake, with the fastest speed ever recorded for a human on foot: 27.44 mph by Usain Bolt. At that speed, Bolt would cover 264 feet in 6.572 seconds.
Obviously, Brown wasn't an elite sprinter; he doesn't look to have been much of an athlete, period. So let's try to get a more realistic estimate. Your average human isn't going to have a record of their sprinting speed available. One place where humans are regularly recorded sprinting short distances is the NFL combine's 40 yard dash. In 2014, the fastest 40 yard dash time was running back Dri Archer's 4.26 seconds; the slowest was offensive lineman Cyrus Kouandjio's 5.59 seconds. Kouandjio's listed measurements are 6'6", 311 pounds, so he's of similar proportions to Michael Brown's 6'4", 292. Still, Kouandjio is an athlete, unlike Brown.
Every year at the combine ESPN's Rich Eisen also runs the 40 just for fun, wearing a full suit. This year he ran it in 5.98 seconds.
The average speeds: a really fast NFL player, 19.2 mph. A really slow NFL player, 14.6 mph. A 45-year-old non-athlete, 13.7 mph. Because these dashes came from stationary starts, these are lower than the top sustained speeds, but I'm more interested in a low-end estimate, so that's okay. Additionally, the National Council on Strength & Fitness says that "the average man can run about 15 mph for short periods."
Let's be really conservative and say that Michael Brown could only sprint at 10 mph. (For another point of reference to how slow of a "sprint" this would be, world-class marathoners can maintain 12 mph for two hours.) Even at 10 mph, he could have covered 96 feet in 6.572 seconds.
To summarize: Darren Wilson claims that he started shooting at Michael Brown when Brown was 15 feet away and charging toward him, and that Brown continued to advance without slowing until the final shot was fired. A conservative estimate of the distance Brown would have covered if he was continuously charging for the duration of the shots is more than 90 feet.
The bottom line: Wilson's description of the events is simply impossible given the physical evidence.
Now, one possible objection is, what if Wilson was backing up? A couple of problems with that: if Brown was really "charging" and already just 15 feet away when the shots started... imagine someone running backwards for six seconds at nearly the same speed as someone charging toward him, all while aiming and firing a gun... pretty preposterous, no? Secondly, according to the audio analysis expert quoted in the Washington Post article I linked:
Clark [Ralph Clark, CEO of ShotSpotter] said the recording has a three-second pause after the first six shots before the final four shots. His experts were also able to confirm that the shots were all taken from within a three-foot radius – there was only one shooter and that person was not moving.
Humans, of course, have far from perfect memories. If someone recalled a distance as being about 15 feet when it was actually more like 20 feet, or was a little off on the number of shots fired, I wouldn't consider that a serious issue. But this, this is far more than a minor discrepancy. Wilson's account of what happened is different on a fundamental level from what actually happened.
This is a huge problem. There's no disputing the fact that Wilson shot and killed Brown. The grand jury's decision not to indict essentially means that they believed Wilson's explanation for why the shooting was justified. If that explanation was clearly not accurate, there has to be a trial to try to determine what really happened and whether Wilson committed a crime.
What did really happen? This part is more speculative, but I think that this summary of the various witness statements, in conjunction with the physical evidence, is useful. It's clear that no witnesses agree on 100% of the details. This is not an unusual problem about this particular case. It's just the nature of human memory. However, if sizable majorities of witnesses agree about the answers to certain questions, it makes it more likely that those answers are grounded in reality. In this case, large majorities answered yes to the questions of whether Wilson fired at Brown while Brown was running away, and whether Brown had his hands up when he was fired upon.
Let's put this in the context of the objective audio record that shows an initial salvo of gunfire, a three second pause, and then a second salvo.
I'd posit that the scenario best fitting the evidence is this: Brown was running away with Wilson in pursuit. As Wilson (almost certainly a faster runner) gained on Brown, Wilson fired the first six shots toward Brown's back. Brown, realizing that Wilson was attempting to kill him, stopped fleeing and turned around. He raised his hands in surrender and began to walk slowly toward Wilson. (It's important to note that the blood trail did show Brown moved a total of 25 feet back in the direction of Wilson before his body came to rest in the street.)
I'm willing to give Wilson the benefit of the doubt and say that he probably didn't intentionally execute an unarmed, surrendering suspect, but instead was panicking. He fired again, hitting Brown. Now badly wounded, Brown began to stagger forward, lowering his arms and head. At this point, Wilson fired the final shots that killed Brown.
Do I know for sure that this is what happened? No, I don't, but I do know for sure that what Wilson said happened is not what happened. Note that in saying that, I'm not relying on any sort of wild conjecture or conspiracy theorizing. I'm simply comparing Wilson's statement to an objective record of the events, and showing that the former directly and dramatically disagrees with the latter.
Did Wilson lie? Here, I can't be certain. It's quite possible that he did lie, because he knew that firing at a fleeing suspect was a crime, and he didn't know that the events would be recorded to show his statement was false. But it's also possible that, after a highly traumatic event, his subconscious mind, not able to process the fact that he'd just committed murder, reconstructed the events in a way that justified his actions and that he came to honestly believe.
Either way, Wilson's account is clearly false, and the decision to not put him on trial is a travesty.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Ferguson Store Owner Spoke In August; Fox News Reported "Severely Beating"

Severely Beaten? 
As we move on into dissecting and developing the exoneration of Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson, information oozes to the top. A local news channel video from last August caught my attention. The video was broadcast within days Michael Brown's murder and included multiple comments about the store owner handing over the store security tape in compliance with police requests. More important, the owner of the Ferguson Market via his attorney stated no one from the market called in a 911 call of what some are calling a robbery. "Robbery!"

Wait until you hear the attorney's comments about who called in the 911 call. 

It did not take long for electronic media to pick-up leaked video and condemning comments of Brown's guilt in absconding a pack of Cigarillos. I stand corrected, Brown's store robbery of a pack of Cigarillos. If my memory serves me well, the leaks manifest within days of police walking-off with the store video.

How about another area of fixing the grand jury proceeding and public sentiment; "Wilson was badly beaten before he shot Brown."

Within days of the killing, Fox News grabbed the story and turned it over to the network's best propagandist writers and hosts. There is no Fox Host more appropriate for such flawed reporting than Megyn "White Santa; white Jesus" Kelly. Fox published a four minute clip of Ferguson Police Chief addressing the press and media with first-time official release of the killer cop's name. The Chief cop's statement did not include any information about alleged injuries to the killer cop. However, for the first we heard the the hyperbolic term: "robbery." His use of the word may have been within acceptable vernacular of police work, but the theft of the cigarillos more closely resembled "shoplifting."


         verb \-ˌlift\ 
         : to steal things from a shop or store 
          Full Definition of SHOPLIFT 
          intransitive verb 
          : to steal displayed goods from a store


noun \ˈrä-b(ə-)rē\

: the crime of stealing money or property : the crime of robbing a person or place

plural rob·ber·ies

Full Definition of ROBBERY

: the act or practice of robbing; specifically : larceny from the person or presence of another by violence or threat

Maybe the video showing Brown towering over the store clerk and appearing threatening facilitates cop and prosecutor use of the word "robbery." I posit the video is not descriptive of the total interaction as Brown appears to pass money to the clerk. He most assuredly did appear to throw his size and weight around as the video ends.

The Fox News segment included two additional points worth exploring. First, the verbiage comment that accompanied the lawyers video reads in part as follows:
Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries including a bone fracture near one eye and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department's top brass told 
“The Assistant (Police) Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side,” said the insider. “He was beaten very severely.”
Let's take a look at photos of Wilson at the hospital.


Well, I have suffered similar looks via shaving, shoveling snow and after swatting a mosquito from my cheek.

".....suffered severe facial injuries including a bone fracture near one eye and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun,....."  

Severe beating?

Within days of the killing, the process of freeing the murderous cop commenced.   

Read more from The Daily Kos (August 2014)

Another noteworthy comment from the store owner's lawyer: the 911 call was not made from the store or anyone connected to the store. More specifically, the owner's lawyer stated a customer made the 911 call. 

I recall another cop killing of a young black man in august of this year. John Crawford played video games in a Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart and made the grievous mistake of picking up and sighting a pellet rifle as he worked his way into the Walmart Sporting Goods Dept.

Mr. Crawford's murder was also a non-indictment case and someone other than a Walmart employee called the cops. In fact, the 'good Samaritan' who called the cops on the shopping Crawford was an ex-Marine. Before you click your heels and yell Semper Fi, know that Ronald Ritchie was discharged for "fraudulent enlistment" after a brief enlistment.

I should also report Ritchie's call to the cops also resulted in the death of a woman shopper who collapsed and died during the chaos. 

Citizens calling cops with such emergencies is as dangerous as allowing the Fox to guard the chicken coup. The 911 system the proper tool for calling-in emergencies, however when it used for alarmist calls that end in murder of young black men with no like reports of young white men buying by cop, there is a problem.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

An Unraveling Ferguson Grand Jury Ruling And A Flawed Prosecution

A couple of days ago I published this piece. The brief screed includes an intriguing Twitter GeoTag light-show as the St. Louis County Prosecutor handed the nation the results of the Darren Wilson Grand Jury late Monday evening.

The piece also includes my commitment to avoid Darren Wilson celebrity moments with a specific statement, I would report on findings as the Wilson case unravels. The case will unravel to a point a federal probe of the Grand Jury proceedings. The legal process enacted by the Prosecutor and local law enforcement officials will come under scrutiny despite, the reality Wilson will never serve one second in prison. 

Let's move into the unraveling. 

How many times have you heard Wilson shot Michael Brown from a distance of 35 feet. A key point as Wilson claims he was afraid of the "demonic" black man teenager as he was charging (with at least four gunshot wounds) and approaching a 21 foot safety zone. 

Detailed review of the distance the last 148 feet of Michael Brown's life.

It appears the "demonic" black man teen was well beyond the supposed cop safety zone and he was being chased by Wilson.

If you haven't witnessed the Prosecutors utter discombobulated legal charade, I offer a link (below).

November 24, 2014
St. Louis County Persecutor, Bob McCulloch, Press Conference after the Grand Jury ruled no indictment of 18 year old Michael Browns killer (cop). I will add my perception of McCulloch's dissertation in support of a desired Grand Jury ruling.

It should be noted McCulloch chose to hold the press conference at 9:00PM EST; bizarre at best considering law enforcement anticipation of major civil unrest. Another salient point, the Prosecutor appears to have not only staged a press conference at which he indicted key witnesses to the murder, there are reports he misrepresented information and case dynamics in support of the ruling.

Of critical significance, why would any law enforcement team hold a ruling until mid-evening? Could the prospect of anticipated civil unrest replete with looting have offered validation on East Ferguson as "an area" that require on guard are all times policing? An area in which the young Brown was a denizen, thus providing condemning eyes and minds paradigm fodder to support the ruling. There is nothing more attention garnering than young black people or desperately poor black people rioting and looting.

What a visual!

Such visuals garner disproportionate treatment in the media and incites negative reactions in the minds of condemners who then lash out with universal contempt for all protesters.

Oh  those crafty meme developers!
I posit the mid-evening press conference was staged for a specific purpose. The fact that the "on-the-ready " State Guard was not called-in to protect property is also perplexing and telling.

During the ruling justification press conference, McCulloch spoke of one witness he felt was credible: Witness 10. Apparently, most other witnesses were deemed non-credible and still otherswere referred to as liars. On Tuesday evening, Witness10 drew a apropos amount of review via the very competentBob McCullochstaff and Lawrence O'Donnell.

Witness 10 via MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell (14 minutes and worth every second).

Earlier today Public Broadcast System (PBS) published an infographic that resembles Chemistry Table. The table requires a level of persistence and study most will not expend as level of assimilating words and retaining visual relationships across a table faded into our age of 140 characters and web memes. PBS also provided summary (below). 

The chart above doesn’t reveal who was right or wrong about what happened that day, but it is a clear indication that perceptions and memories can vary dramatically.

Here’s a breakdown of the data we found:

  • More than 50 percent of the witness statements said that Michael Brown held his hands up when Darren Wilson shot him. (16 out of 29 such statements)
  • Only five witness statements said that Brown reached toward his waist during the confrontation leading up to Wilson shooting him to death.
  • More than half of the witness statements said that Brown was running away from Wilson when the police officer opened fire on the 18-year-old, while fewer than one-fifth of such statements indicated that was not the case.
  • There was an even split among witness statements that said whether or not Wilson fired upon Brown when the 18-year-old had already collapsed onto the ground.
  • Only six witness statements said that Brown was kneeling when Wilson opened fire on him. More than half of the witness statements did not mention whether or not Brown was kneeling.

As the unraveling ensues and develops, a few more cases of scrutiny and analysis are worth a quick review.

O'Donnell and guest performed more than credible legal and law enforcement analysis (9 plus minutes). If O'Donnell and his guest provided such a detailed analysis and passed the analysis to O'Donnell's viewers in less than 10 minutes, I can only imagine the depth and scope of additional legal analyses.

The National Bar Association filed a lawsuit for shooting documents, in August 2014. On the day of McColloch's press conference, the Bar expressed official dissatisfaction with the St Louis County (Darren Wilson) Grand Jury proceedings. It is important to remember, the proceedings have experience strategic leaks since received the case in late summer. 

My limited media viewing hasn't yet yielded one legal mind who has indicated total support for McCulloch's legal proceedings. From reports of his Grand Jury instructions, leaks, and associated proceedings to his unconventional capstone press conference, McCulloch's motives and mission aren't finding good legal landing spots.

The Daily Beast published a noteworthy piece of one writer's perspective on three unanswered questions about Ferguson. 

Unanswered questions and legal maneuvering aside, Darren Wilson Grand Jury transcript is also drawing scrutiny. A quick view of Wilson's transcript indicates a well prepared witness, to counter any item from witness testimony we all saw on cable news networks. If you have an interest in reading the now well traveled and viral transcript it is available here

My personal thoughts form the actual shooting the cop was well coached and prepared that included a convenient visit to a local hospital with accompanying lies of a fractured jaw.

If you need to see the after effects of a fractured jaw.....

The guy on the right appears to have fought through a professional MMA match and definitely has a fractured jaw.  The guy on the left.....

Well, I have suffered similar looks via shaving, shoveling snow and after swatting a mosquito from my cheek.

I will end this piece with a couple of Facebook posts that embody information supportive of an unraveling Grand Jury proceeding that should lead to some level of federal review.

Post by Salon.

A fitting close: Dorian Johnson Story 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fox Conservative Circus And A Peep At Conservatives Gone Mad

Just a quick hit!

Fox proves it is not a news network in any sense. Chris Wallace and production team prove he is no journalist.

These GOP operatives are nothing more than elected subversives.

Post by Salon.

Juan Williams "earns his keep" via his "ready to go" panel seat in sympathy for Wilson.

Post by Salon.

Peter King shows his is far from in-touch with reality. Was Darren Wilson's job to execute an 18 year old? According to King by comment he feel as such.

Post by The Rachel Maddow Show.

Gas Chambers? Really?


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Witness To Murder: White Witnesses To Michael Brown's Murder! What?

A few days ago I ran across the following Facebook posting.  The posting related to the killing of Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Missouri cop. It took me about 30 minutes to find the true essence of the poster's choice of a set of words and prose used to introduce the Globalgrind Dot Com piece.

"THIS was not supposed to happen! 

"Seek the deeper meaning!!!"

After reading the piece and re-watching the video, I was blessed with an epiphany. The Michael Brown execution by Ferguson, Missouri cop, Darren Wilson, was observed by two "white" contractors working in the vicinity of the murder. 

"Seek the deeper meaning?"  
"THIS was not supposed to happen!"

The video camera is reaching back to the Rodney King beating and a too frequently exposing police abuse. Police abuse that seems much like the early days of the the Third Reich and reminds of more recent US authorities heavy-handed abuse of people who lack privilege conferred to the majority race. Police are armed like National Guard units while hiring practices are lacking diversity and seemingly lacking requirements for any level of intellect beyond a Jack-In-The Box.

THIS was not supposed to happen! Seek the deeper meaning!!!

GlobalGrind can exclusively confirm those two...

Talking Points Memo published a piece this morning with more detail about the killing. Details that may not end as most cop killings end: buried via time lapse and District Attorney/prosecutorial covertureThe unstated reality of "Cops do not go to jail" should not exist as an outcome in the Michael Brown murder.

It is sad to think, white privilege (whether disparate, by design or gift) should not and cannot rule in this case. The somewhat common implied defense the black witnesses have a vested interest has been shattered by the reality of a contract fulfilled the day of the murder. All too often black murders means black witnesses who are more than not deemed not credible and biased as witnesses. But the Saturday contract workers laid the dynamic to rest? How often have your experienced workers fulfilling a contract on the weekend?  A defense attorneys nightmare: willing and fair white witnesses to the murder of the black teen by a cop.

"THIS was not supposed to happen!"

The white Americans who have contributed to two funds at a cumulative value of over $400,000 are guilty of the Ferguson Police Department and St. Louis County prosecutors in what I call "You kill em, we slab em, and the courts set em free." Those who actually promulgate false rhetoric about America as free of white privilege are as guilty of setting a path for Darren Wilson's freedom as those who believe the false prophets. Yet, the reality is far more dangerous. The false prophets know they lie and posit for a purpose. Gullible believers and followers are the ultimate victim and in large numbers they tether the us all along as victims. 

An illustration of the gullible. Think of the millions of unemployed without unemployment payments who have no income and who may, in the past, could not wait to get to the voting polling places to vote opposite the minority vote. They would pull that GOP lever with the satisfaction of a guillotine executioner with vision of having done their duty for "God, party and country." Need I posit farther on conservative non-support for extending unemployment payments for the excited voter's? A reach for an analogy, but the reality is the same. 

People are supportive of the white cop on black teen killer in some cases because the murder is so outside the reality of their lives as a potential threat, they feel no concern.  And yes, there are those who literally so devalue the African-American as a human being, contributing $26 or $50 USD is a worthwhile contribution to the confederacy or serves as their support for white nationalism.

The TPM piece should place the Darren Wilson fund contributors in proper perspective. They are wanton contributors for placing a killer of the teen on the streets fully armed and badged. Moreover, they have no worries about Wilson spilling the brains of their kids and loved one's. They are in fact privileged!



 “Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”

Video Of Michael Brown Shooting Scene: 'He Had His F**king Hands In The Air!