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Monday, January 15, 2018

Quick Hit: Trump Denies Being A Racist; David Duke Feels Different


Saturday, August 12, 2017

David Duke Exhorts Trump To Join-In National White Supremcacy

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Earlier today we posted this piece regarding today's, white supremacists and anti-Semite Protest in Charlottesville, VA.

As the day has progressed and Trump reluctantly spoke about the matter (cloaked among other matters), David Duke spoke to his GOP Party leader.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

College Campus Visitor Embodies Trump's Paths For White Supremacists

When a credible information source reports on Trump's lack of veracity (eg. serial lying) it should draw a read.  He hasn't even taken office and the prologue to our future is bubbling over. Slate dot com: Paul Ryan says Trump's lying tweets mean nothing. Really? A serial liar about to be inaugurated to the US Presidency and the third in Constitutional Ascension finds the deplorable mental state, no big deal. 

A catastrophic consideration of national leaders who sets its leadership in lies, while stifling flawed and subservient US media is what can come from a less than informed populace. Trump has gone about staffing his white House Staff with at least one noted racist and Anti-Semite, Steve Bannon.  Bannon's mission in life over the past few years has been suing Andrew Breitbart's web pages to promulgate an ideology that reads like what follows:
12.7.16 - "We won. And we get to define what America means," white supremacist Richard Spencer said in a speech at Texas A&M. "America, at the end of the day, belongs to white men."
Noted white supremacist peddles his racism at a Texas university. It should be noted, other of Spencer's ilk are also visiting college campuses with the same message. While Spencer's visit was meet with hundreds in protest and the university did not support his event (as a public university they could not stop his show), but the fact is Trump's racist supporters have taken his election as a mandate for white supremacy. 

"The Republican Party is essentially the white person's party." 

While there are many who claim Republicanism who do not consider themselves racists, the reality is all overt racists claim the Republican Party (if they claim any US political ideology.) The party certainly offers a homogeneous opportunity for white supremacists messaging much like Joseph Goebbels successfully promulgated for Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. 

The connection between the start of this piece and the verbiage just above this sentence?  Of course, you are not a racist in your mind.  You do not believe that whites-plaining means superiority over others who are non-white. Of course, you don't believe such.  

You might suffer from the same indifference the German people experienced as Adolf Hitler used other national interest initiatives to advance the state of that nation while working effectively throughout at promulgating hatred that led to the murder of 11 million people.  Also know Hitler and Goebbels brand of racism did not stop at attacks on Judaism, just over half the final solution victims were Jewish.   

The connection is Trump's obvious affinity for all things white supremacist. His appointment of a leading supremacist and anti-Semite communications guru starkly resembles Hitler use of Goebbels to season 
the minds of mid-1920s Germany for hatred of the Jew.  Yet, I haven't connected the lead paragraphs to Trump's aura of social superiority for whites.  

If Trump can lie his way into the hearts of many million whites and ascend to the US Presidency the parallels to a world of Hitler should be obvious.  Has Trump even come down really hard with condemnation of his racist followers? The answer is "no."  Has he disavowed David Duke clinging to his coattails like a leech seeking a place to attach to the skin of an unsuspecting warm-blooded creature? In February of this year, the NYC Bloviator clearly stumbled regarding Duke's quest for his coat tails. CNN's Jake Tapper and Trump. Yet, Tapper didn't challenge Trump; thus the increasing criticism of US cable news. 

Since, we often do not click the posted links, the following passages from the CNN piece speaks volumes about Trump's attempt to avoid any connection with Duke.

The Anti-Defamation League had called on Trump to repudiate the support of Duke, the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and other white supremacist groups.

Despite what he said Sunday, Trump apparently did know Duke in 2000 -- citing him, as well as Pat Buchanan and Lenora Fulani -- in a statement that year explaining why he had decided to end his brief flirtation with a Reform Party presidential campaign.

"The Reform Party now includes a Klansman, Mr. Duke, a neo-Nazi, Mr. Buchanan, and a communist, Ms. Fulani. This is not company I wish to keep," Trump said in a statement reported then by The New York Times.

He had also indicated he knew of Duke during a Friday press conference, when he was asked similar questions and said: "David Duke endorsed me? OK, all right. I disavow, OK?"
The lie!  Where is the lie best promulgated: the media. If you haven't noticed Trump's attempts to stifle US media since the election and you are oblivious to talk from some (like chief demagogue Sean Hannity) about shutting down the White House press office, you are a walking case of susceptibility to Trumpism.  


Monday, September 12, 2016

Trump Deplorables Speak Out (David Duke and Walmart)

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You really must read the linked piece from The Left Wing Nation. A couple of Trump supporters spent time over the past few days demagoguing about black rapist at your local Walmart parking lot. 

David Duke and co-host Jay Hess, Trump "deplorables", worked as focused as it comes on inciting your psyche while blazing a path for a white supremacist laden nation. As is the case with Rush Limbaugh, if you are reading here (on the TPI) you would never suffer exposure to Duke;s white supremacy. However, the radio broadcast is critical in understanding how Trumps deplorables feed other deplorables.

David Duke: Hillary Wants Black Men To Kidnap White Women From Walmart And Rape Them

Oh noes! Hide all of your white women!

Need say no more!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: When GOP Politics Enable (Racism Blossoms)

When GOP politics enable...

Unfortunately, as politics go,so goes America.  

Have you ever shared time among a group of co-workers or a group of friends and noticed an intriguing human dynamics take shape without discussion, plan, or happenstance. One such dynamic is non-anointed group leaders. People as part of the group (without any voting) seem to move one of more of its members to that person others look to for formal or informal leadership and in some cases the person to literally follow. It evolves via common and normal interaction and it can develop without concerted efforts to advance the dynamic by the "leader . The dynamic is a natural evolution of, and is probably common to, any breathing species (animal, fish, bird). And, as human beings, any group which shares common life experiences and, or, who share a common ideology, will experience the dynamic naturally, if it is not established via common forms of appointment such as the act of voting.

Thus, we as human beings are ultimately influenceable and we are potential pawns or items of manipulation for the gifted orator or the crafty behind the scenes operator. Of course, we from time to time run across the person who is gifted in both behind the scenes interaction as well as gifted as an orator: Barack Obama.  A rarity indeed and certainly not the leader of our time of 2016 politicking; whom we are about to expose.

Yes, we are referring to Donald J. Trump, the nascent leader of the GOP and his success in providing a path for conservative America to come out of their bigoted and racists closet. If the characterization of "the closet" is a bit much for you, consider the following. Trump represents a political party and ideology which has been anti-civil and anti-human rights since the revolutionary times of the 1960s. It is a party of  comprised 92% white Americans. An even more glaring example of a party of social intolerance (if the word makes you feel better vs. bigots or racists) you should consider the number of African-American delegates at the recent Republican National Convention: 18 of the 2472 delegate seats. A fact that cannot be written off as circumstance or indifference from black republicans. The ascension of Trump to the top of the GOP is as natural as GOP no votes to any Obama initiative.

When GOP politics enable.

Donald Trump has a long history of discrimination against African-Americans. If we apply deep scrutiny to his actions and comments, it isn't difficult to find a deep core of racism. No, he will probably not support past acts of lynchings, killing to acquire black lands, nor would he stand to publicly declare white supremacy. Yet, his inner core of supremacy has been evident for many years and has been readily applied to people of color. New York Times OP-ED writer, Nicholas Kristof, recently published an opinion piece based on personal research focused on Trump's background as a developing billionaire. 

Is Donald Trump a Racist?

The answer is, yes Donald Trump is a racist who readily manifest his inner core. An inner core that has led to a much more robust support from white supremacists, neo-nazis, and the more common bigot.  

When GOP politics enable.

You are aware of David Duke's support for Trump.  If you are not aware of Duke and his resurgent white supremacist dogma head over to YouTube and type in the name "David Duke."

Duke aside, let's visit with the current national director of the KKK via MIC dot com.  
"Trump is espousing the ideals we've been promoting for years," said Thomas Robb, who took over for David Duke as national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1980s. "They're talking about [these ideals] at the Republican National Convention. It makes our position credible."
Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

The Ku Klux Klan's newspaper, the Crusader ( "The Political Voice of White Christian America!", published quarterly)

According to the national director of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) reports requests for his newsletter has skyrocketed. 
When GOP politics enable.
Robb, who took over for David Duke as national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1980s. "They're talking about [these ideals] at the Republican National Convention. It makes our position credible."
Other white supremacists echoed Duke's sentiments.

Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
I haven't been called a "kike" since leaving Soviet Union in 1989. Thanks to Trump-loving Neo-Nazis for the reminder

According to Robb, Trump's "fixes" for problems were preaching to a long-quiet choir. In June, Trump called for outlawing immigrants from places with histories of terrorism. In December, he recommended banning Muslims from entering the U.S. And in order to keep people from immigrating into the country, the first point of his proposed immigration reform calls for a wall along the Mexican border — a wall he believes Mexico should pay for.
"We called for the border wall 30 years ago," Robb said. "We never expected someone so outspoken on issues of immigration."
When GOP politics enable.

And, this is where it all leads.  Reince Priebus was finally forced to refute growing David Duke clinging to his party leader (Donald Trump).

Keya Morgan, Filmmaker, states he has studied Hitler for two decades and the likeness to Trump is real and, in my words stupifying. 

 Trump's influence on a large swath of the nation far exceeds love from white supremacists.

For child being aged woman and secondarily women in general. 
Just to remind people Trumpo said this about abortion and women . In case you missed it #SCOTUS— vlh (@coton_luver) July 25, 2016
How about the person who feels he has a right to force actions from another and when the person does not comply, he moves to Jim Crow racists oratory and acts?

Is it possible for you to overlook the comfort displayed by one of the GOP's most noted racist?  If you wonder about my use of the word "comfort", watch the total confidence and lack of shame from an elected member of the US Congress. In this age of open racism from the Right, labelling Trumpism as an aberration is a false sense of reality.

The GOP via conservative Ameican will go down in modern US history in a manner comparable to a developing Third Reich in the mid 1920s.

Did you really believe I would leave this piece without more regarding Trump as the consummate flim-flam man?

"The Art of the Deal?"


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Did Joe Scarborough And Crew Actually Deny Racist Support For Trump?

While I do not watch MSNBC's Morning Joe, I ran across a Facebook post reporting an early morning interview with Rob Reiner, noted liberal, and the shows chief conservative: Joe Scarborough.  It should be noted Reiner's predominate mission seemed to have been to deliver a message critical of media's failure to pin Trump down on his over-the-top demagoguery. He is correct. Ther is no network which is actually challenging the nascent GOP leader.  But, Joe's denial of race in politics is disheartening.

The level of denial regarding the role race plays in both US politics and our society was stupifying. One would think people who allegedly possess a higher level of intellect regardless of political affiliation have knowledge of growing racist support from Donald Trump and the GOP. Simply denying the reality is pointless and fuels the reality such so-called news shows and show hosts are merely purveying propaganda vs. true discussion of issues critical to the nation.

Right Wing Watch has published a piece regarding former KKK Leader and noted white supremacists support forum. As I think of Morning Joe segment context regarding racist support for Trump, it is impossible to phantom anyone in America living in a state of mind oblivious to Trumps support from white supremacists.  We offer an excerpt from the Right Wing Watch piece.

David Duke Hails Donald Trump For Thwarting The 'Jewish Supremacists Who Control Our Country'
Submitted by Brian Tashman on Wednesday, 5/4/2016 3:00 pm 

On his radio program today, white nationalist leader David Duke celebrated Donald Trump’s “amazing victory” in the Indiana primary, which allowed him to become the presumptive Republican nominee for president, hailing Trump for terrifying wealthy “Jewish extremists” and exposing the “Jewish supremacists who control our country.” 
Trump, who earlier this year briefly refused to reject Duke’s endorsement, has been a favorite of white nationalist leaders like Duke, who predicted that the GOP presidential candidate will rehabilitate the image of Adolf Hitler. 
The former KKK leader said that Republican elites have been working to undermine Trump just as they worked against him when he ran for governor of Louisiana as a Republican in 1991. He particularly took issue with Trump’s former Republican rival Ted Cruz taking money from a “Jewish leftist commie,” arguing that Jewish financiers are bent on “destroying the Republican Party” by targeting people like Trump and himself. 
“Jewish chutzpah knows no bounds,” he said. 
Read and listen to audio linked in the article title above. Crooks & Liars also ran a
 on Duke's Trump celebration. If Duke's support isn't positive validation of white supremacist support for Trump, how about support from a current leader of a faction of the US Ku Klux Klan
Many conservatives and far too many so-called progressives expand considerable energy avoidng the reality of US racism.  Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, as well as other on the morning set, know the reality of deeply ingrained racism in the US. Why deny the reality? Why deny all too frequent reprots of right-wing supprot for thye GOP?

The producers and hosts of the morning competition to Fox News' Fox & Friends, truly offered a segment that validated US media is no logner about the business of reporting and discussing news and current events. On the contrary, most cable media is about the business of promulgating political points of view and offering mind-altering points of view for anyone naive enough to buy into the bull crap.

Joe sat with his cast of conservative sycophant co-hosts and a conservative shill who called Obama a "dick", and effectively disavowed American racism. It was obvious show producers used "whatever you say Joe" Geist to set up the epitome of feeding conservative morning viewers. Additionally, Brzezinski's sitting through the segment with a smirk was as revealing related to her inner core as Joe's inane counterpoints.


Monday, February 29, 2016

Bad Ear Piece?

"I don't know anything about David Duke, I don't know anything about white supremacists."   Donald (apparent leader of the GOP) Trump.

When will America recognize Donald Trump is the epitome of the campaign liar? He has campaigned with a flair for bigotry against Muslims, false against Mexicans and a generally indifferent to other minority groups. He has garnered both the attention of American organized bigotry and has become the beacon on the nation's racists hordes.

Trump told CNN's Jake Tapper he didn't know of David Duke. He didn't know of white supremacy.

The Daily Mail UK
Another important question. when will conservatives learn as they speak there is always a microphone (with tape) and, or video.

The video embed (above) is, in part, revisited in the following NBC Nightly News broadcast. The segment also includes talk of a potential VP candidate should Trump win the GOP nomination.

Trump blames bad earpiece for his lack of David Duke disavowel

When will the nation awaken to what 1930s Germany must have experienced prior to World War II?


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ann Coulter Leads The White Nationalist Charge After the Paris Terrorist Attacks (Trump Supporter)

Coulter AfterParis Attacks: ‘Trump Was Elected President Tonight’- Ann Coulter

Immediately after the tragic terrorist attack in Paris France, conservatives got busy like flies on a jar of honey blaming President Obama, railing about nuking the entirety of Islamic life and spewing other gyrations of racism. Ann Coulter, as usual, took up the top cheerleader spot (bones and all) with a racist affiliation and lauding of one Donald "Regress America Please" Trump.

Coulter's racism is embed in the AddictingInfo piece that follows. I find it interesting Coulter never speaks such language after all too frequent cases of racist attacks against African-Americans.  

AUTHOR NOVEMBER 14, 2015 11:15 AM
For most of the world, Friday night’s terror in Paris was agonizing and traumatic. On social media, people began organizing blood drives, arranging for shelter for those caught in danger, and millions tweeting things like “Nous sommes tous Parisiens” – we are all Parisians. President Obama expressed a similar sentiment in his address following the attacks. 
“Once again, we’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians,” he said. “This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.” 
Not everyone was feeling the spirit of shared humanity, however. Conservative pundits spent the night shamelessly exploiting the tragedy to further their talking points. And whenever there is an opportunity to “shamelessly exploit a tragedy,” Ann Coulter can’t be far behind. Sure enough, it took her no time at all to come up with obnoxious talking points and hurl hateful xenophobia – even while the attacks were still happening.
ANGER? We can't even deport 3rd world pouring in, committing murder, child rape, Ft Hood, 9/11 etc. It's not "adult" 
— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015 
Every year, the US imports 100K more Muslims to live here permanently. Rubio says he wants more. Why would anyone support him?— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015 
Can we all agree now? No more Muslim immigration. How is this making life better for us? But the mass immigration machine churns on …— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015 
What's the upside of letting millions of Muslims migrate to western countries?— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015
Needless to say, she couldn’t be bothered to spare a moment for the victims. She had an ax to grind.
Why does NO ONE say the obvious thing on TV?! It's insane. Don't want terrorism in US? Stop importing Muslims!— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015
In the hours that followed, reports confirmed that the radical Islamist group known as ISIS were taking credit for the attacks. So far it is unknown who the perpetrators were or where they came from. (Statements from ISIS simply call them “brothers” fighting the “Crusaders” in France.) There is absolutely no indication that they were among the group of refugees fleeing violence and starvation in Syria. In fact, as some observers dryly noted, those very same refugees are running from ISIS. For them, the attack on Paris is an all-too-common occurrence, that’s why they are leaving their homes! 
To people blaming refugees for attacks in Paris tonight. Do you not realise these are the people the refugees are trying to run away from..? — Dan Holloway (@RFCdan) November 13, 2015
But most embarrassingly of all, Coulter used the deaths of over 100 people to breathlessly plug her favorite Republican candidate: Donald Trump.
They can wait if they like until next November for the actual balloting, but Donald Trump was elected president tonight.— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 14, 2015
Trump has been at the forefront of idiotic statements about foreign policy regarding the Middle East and therefore won over Coulter’s heart (or what passes for it). It consists of assuring his fans that he would “bomb the shit out of ISIS.” He doesn’t expand on it further other than to say he plans on making money after he kills everyone.
“ISIS is making a tremendous amount of money because they have certain oil camps, certain areas of oil that they took away,” Trump said. “They have some in Syria, some in Iraq. I would bomb the (expletive deleted) out of ’em. I would just bomb those suckers. That’s right. I’d blow up the pipes. … I’d blow up every single inch. There would be nothing left.
“And you know what, you’ll get Exxon to come in there and in two months, you ever see these guys, how good they are, the great oil companies? They’ll rebuild that sucker, brand new — it’ll be beautiful.”
Occupying a Middle Eastern country to take their oil reserves… what could go wrong?
Feel free to bookmark this page to refer back to when Trump’s campaign blows up in his face. Something tells me we won’t have to wait until next November to see it happen. After all, when has Ann Coulter ever been right?

Feature image via ABC News
If you think of dismissing Coulter as a noted conservative racist, thus relegating the comments to something of a one-off rant, think again. Trump is receiving support from the most disgusting among Americans: White Supremacist and White Nationalist. 

This past August, Buzzfeed ran a piece with the following headline:

David Duke On Trump: He’s “Certainly The Best Of The Lot” Running For President
 “I think he understands the real sentiment of America.”

After Donald Trump lauded Dwight Eisenhower's deportation of over one million people back to Mexico, Operation Wetback, Trumps racist army again raised its ugly head.

White Supremacists Are Thrilled Donald Trump Mentioned “Operation Wetback”

“This represents a milestone in the immigration debate.”

We realize that current conservatives poll takers do not give a damn about such reports. To be fair, we do not expect better from conservative America. Our efforts relate more to informing opened minded Americans who know America is not a nation void of people of color.  Thus, we as "good" liberals and progressives are about the business of reaching people who may take offense to a presidential candidate who so obviously courts American racist and one who is riding a tide of white privilege common to white supremacists and those who wish to extricate non-whites from the greater society.  If you think the last sentence is a bit harsh and doesn't represent your support for Trump (can company), ask yourself have you done your part in eliminating voter suppression; " ....extricate non-whites from the greater society."

You answer may reveal you as an "enabler."