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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Presidential Debate III Fact Checks

After the following Twitter post embed, we will run through some third presidential debate fact checks.

"Nasty Woman"


US lost $6 billion unaccounted for in Iraq War?
Trump Hired Undocumented workers?
Who is behind US hacks?  Why would Trump even attempt to defend Russian hackers? Why?
Trump emphatically claimed he did not speak out against nonproliferation of nuclear weapons.
Just in case you did ot follow the embed regarding Trump's comments about nuclear weapons for Japan and south Korea, Newsy offered a piece early in 2016 with those very comments barking from his mouth.

Media Matters and last night;s comments. 
When Trump accused Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of lying about comments he had made supporting the spread of nuclear weapons to more countries, Clinton responded, “I’m just quoting you.” Trump replied, “you’re not going to find a quote from me. … I didn’t say nuclear” weapons. After the exchange, Wallace asked to move on to the topic of the economy.



MSNBC also offer 38 fact checks of the debate. Yes, Clinton was also fact-checked with a result less than full "Ture", but i am certain you can imagine the check-in was skewered to the Right.

Let's take a quick look and listen to a few before the posted page link (below).

Fact checking Trump's foreign policy claims via @nbcnews

Question:  Why do you think Trump continues to rail about not announcing military missions against ISIS strongholds?  He has been beaten up on the issue by a previous debate host. yet, he continues to comment about such in a war located I pure desert and flat terrain.  His lack of leadership relative to advise from experts is astonishing. 

Why 'surprise' isn't the only attack strategy via @nbcnews

Many news sources have or are fact-checking the debate.  Here is the promised link from MSNBC.

Life Hack offers a veritable encyclopedia of third debate fact-checks.