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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Unbelievable Michelle Bachmann

Michelle Bachmann.

The GOP candidate goes on Fox News yesterday and clearly refused to answer an appropriate question (TWICE) regarding her ownership of a 'cure the gay' center.  Bachmann does not seem to realize that she is not running for a safe seat as a representative of the State of Minnesota. She is vying for the GOP candidacy for President of the United States. The United States of America is blessed as the most diverse nation on Earth. That diversity includes people from the GLBT community.

The GLBT community is a population that deserves the same rights as any other segment of the population.  They are group of people who are demographically highly educated and the community, in aggregate, are highly compensated as professionals and non-professionals. The GOP actually has support groups in the Gay community: 

Log Cabin Republicans  LINKED

GOProud                                   LINKED

Ultimately they are people and they are citizens.  
How can a person who aspires to the Oval Office, simply avoid discussion of a factual matter that affects that community?
Michelle Bachmann.

A candidate out of control who should consider moving to Twits to facilitate hiding an inability to communicate. I was introduced to this interchange via Chris Matthews, Hardball MSNBC.  I may be off-keel but towards the end on the interview something seems very much discombobulated.  In case a reader reads the highlighted (in red) comments below and do not walk-away with the very same thoughts that I am holding, read the comments with this in mind.

BACHMANN: "No, we won't. We won't get downgraded if we pay the interest on the debt." 

I came close to reducing ,via editing, the inteview to the highlighted area only (to save space).  I have learned that if one 'goes there' the RIGHT will quickly label one, as editing for effect.

Special Guests: Rep. Michele Bachmann

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: First, Republican presidential contender,  
Representative Michele Bachmann. Nice to see you.


VAN SUSTEREN: All right, breaking news. Just down the street, the White House tonight, talks -- not only did they break down, but apparently, the president got mad and left the room. And there's one Democratic congressional aide told us that the meeting ended with Majority Leader Cantor being dressed down by the president while sitting in silence. Things are getting very heated up.

BACHMANN: They are. I think the president has been used to getting his way, Greta, in Washington, D.C. Remember, one party controlled all levers of power so -- during the entire of the presidency for President Obama. This is new for him. Now he's finally getting some of the first pushback, and he's not used to it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, it's sort of interesting. Senator McConnell, Senator Kyl, both Republicans, said earlier today that President Obama needs to decide between his goal of higher taxes or a bipartisan plan to address our deficit. He can't have both. So it seems to me that these talks really are at a total stop. If the Republicans will not move, will not move on the tax issue, that's the end of it.

BACHMANN: I think, actually, it's more about what the people are saying because 69 percent of the American people right now are saying, "Don't raise the debt ceiling." Sixty-three percent are saying the country is on the wrong track. There's no appetite for continual government spending. There's no appetite for the direction the economy is moving in.

So I think it's the president who's out of step because, I mean, Greta, I'm on the ground. I'm in Iowa, North -- South Carolina, New Hampshire. There is no appetite for this, and I think it's the president who's out of step. And so I think that my fellow colleagues in the House are hearing what the people are saying from back home.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, you said something to me before the show started, which I regrettably didn't know, didn't understand, or whatever. I hate admit it. But explain to me because one of the things I asked you was about the Social Security checks...


VAN SUSTEREN: ... because we all care that people get their Social Security...

BACHMANN: Absolutely.

VAN SUSTEREN: ... military gets their pay.

BACHMANN: Absolutely.

VAN SUSTEREN: The president has sort of saber-rattled, saying the checks won't go out on August 2nd or 3rd. You told me that this comes out of a different fund.

BACHMANN: Right. There's a lot of pushback on the president's comments because the checks come out of the Social Security trust fund. That fund writes the checks for these -- for these checks for senior citizens. Those checks will continue to go out. And I think that it was irresponsible, frankly, for the president to suggest that they won't be going out. They will be going out.

VAN SUSTEREN: So that I understand, they are separately funded by our -- our payments, our FICA payments.

BACHMANN: You're right. That's correct.

VAN SUSTEREN: So no matter what, they're going to -- the revenue's still going to roll in for that. If the government shuts down on the deficit issue...

BACHMANN: Remember how this calculus works. You and I have jobs. And so out of our paychecks, there's FICA money that's taken out. That goes into the Social Security trust fund. It's a general fund. It doesn't just go into Greta account or a Michele account. It goes into a general account. Out of that account, the checks are written for our senior citizens in current real time.

The only problem would be if there's not enough money taken out of our checks to go into the general fund and we're short, then the federal government dips into the general treasury to make up the difference so that senior citizens get their checks. So the bulk of the money comes out of the Social Security trust fund.

It's always been sufficient to cover. Last year, there wasn't enough money, so they had to dip into the general fund. That may be the case this year, as well. But the bulk of the money is there to pay those checks.

VAN SUSTEREN: One thing I don't understand is that -- I mean, I understand the -- the Democrats don't want to do more cuts and the Republicans don't want any more tax increases. I understand that. The one thing I don't hear in any of these discussions is about waste and fraud. And I mean, I know that...


BACHMANN: ... everywhere! It's in every department!

VAN SUSTEREN: I know it's not going to solve our economic crisis. But there's an awful lot of waste, and I would think that it'd be so politically attractive to both sides. Why aren't they both talking that and looking for it?

BACHMANN: You've got your finger exactly on what people are saying to me across the country, too. They know there's waste everywhere. And they see the fraud. They see people that are milking the system. And they think, wouldn't you at least start there? Isn't that easy, Republicans, Democrats, independents, apolitical people? We all agree on that. Let's get rid of it.

But we're coming up to the brink right now, and I think one thing that politicians need to say, something that I'll commit to, is that if we come to a time of shutdown, I'm not going to take my pay. I'm putting my pay in a fund for military families because I think that the president can solve this right now by taking off the table the issue of the full faith and credit of the United States.

We have plenty of money coming in to pay off the interest on the debt. Take it off the table. And take off the military pay issue off the table. You know, if you have a spouse at home and their husband or wife are serving our military in the time of war, you take that issue off the table. The military shouldn't be pawns. And the full faith and credit of the United States shouldn't be pawns. Take it off the table and then haggle about the rest.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, one of the other issues that developed late this afternoon is that Moody's said they may downgrade our credit rating. If that happens, it's going to be -- it's going to cost us more money to borrow, and we all know we need more money to borrow -- or we need more money because we can't pay our bills. If that happens...

BACHMANN: But of course, that's dependent upon not paying the interest on the debt. That's a very small amount of money, relatively speaking. We can easily do that. I had a press conference today with Representatives Steve King and Louie Gohmert. We have a bill that will...

VAN SUSTEREN: So you don't care if we get downgraded?

BACHMANN: No, we won't. We won't get downgraded if we pay the interest on the debt. The president knows and Secretary Geithner know that we have sufficient money to pay the interest on the debt.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, why is Moody -- why is Moody's saying that to scare the country, then?

BACHMANN: What they're saying is that if we fail pay the interest on the debt...

VAN SUSTEREN: Then they will be downgraded

BACHMANN: ... we'll be downgraded.

< a href=>Read more If you dare
A video for the visual (but 5:00 Minutes long and I did not view to flag where the highlighted interchange starts. I refuse to listen to the entire 5 minutes.)

Did Bachmann exclaim: "No we Wont'..."  Did she within one minute completely reverse herself.
Ed Rollins, Senior campaign advisor, is gong to  be forced to microphone Bachmann and answer questions via the microphone with Bachmann repeating his (Rollins) answers.  If she will not use the 'inked palm' Palin technique, she sinks rapidly when challenged.   
Would you take advice from Moody's, China (our creditor) or Bachmann? 

Start Twitting Mrs. Bachmann.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The House of OZ VII- The Debt Ceiling Exposes Agendas

Take a look and a quick read of the linked item below...then consider checking out the quickie vids that I have pasted here.

The link is borrowed from the website, the Leftake author borrowed the work for the Daliy website.  

We are observing US governance at its worse.  The debt ceiling has been raised 40 plus time since 1940. It was raised twice in one year during a recent administration.  The Ceiling will be raised and it will be raised prior to the first week on August 2011.  

The Republicans say no to raising taxes on the nations wealthy as a strategy and practice for increasing revenue.  Democrats say hands-off social programs while agreeing to approximately 400 billion in spending cuts over a ten year period. I suggest that both parties dig deeper in spending cut proposals and open up on increasing taxes for the wealthy.  As stated above, the following link addresses a few protections that the Republicans are fighting hard to protect.  I have to ask, "for what purpose"? After you visit the link, you will probably agree with me.  If you do not agree and factor-in that not raising the debt ceiling can impact major programs that provide aid to the poor and affects military payroll as well as aid to the nation's elderly, then you are as callous about fellow Americans as are many in Congress.   Wait, a second before visiting the link. 

Rush Limbaugh is extremely wealthy as is the case with Glenn Beck.   It is well documented that Limbaugh owns a private corporate jet. I suspect same for Beck.  Now, think for a moment about the number of jobs these men provide as is the umbrella claim offered buy the RIGHT in their fight against raising taxes for the wealthy.

A video perspective....

April 15, 2011 comments from the POTUS.

June 29, 2011 The President's Press Conference

Texas Republicans speak out (Part 1)

Republicans speak out Part 2

While I feel that I am being a bit less than original with this work, I will defer in favor of more qualified minds and to people who have monster research teams working on this issue.

The following link relates to one author's opinion that not raising the limit in a timely manner is not pure doom.  The author eloquently and very adroitly states the case that Congress has a horrific history of managing spending.  Presidents, the military and other entities will place financial strains on the US Treasury as a basic standard practice.  It happens!!!!!  If congress truly has mismanaged the nation's debt,  Congress should move to right the ship via raising the ceiling and setting-off anew with measures to properly manage the nations debt going forward. 

The linked article is a bit long but it is most informative.

The Truth About the Debt Ceiling

The only problem that I have with the author's perspective is...we cannot be certain who is right.  The nation has witnessed many years of poor federal financial management.  I have no reason to believe that the RIGHT provides proper guidance, policies or practices in the financial realm. Both Bush and McCain declared 'our economy is fundamentally sound' as Lehman Brothers was falling into a financial collapse (and the nation soon followed).  We sat fat, dumb, and happy as the Bush Administration cut taxes while funding two wars. (He also squandered a balanced budget handed to him by President Clinton). Hell, I am sitting now with a refrigerator purchased via the $1200.00 refunded to certain of the nations' working populace. All the while, many of these same members of Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling limit without question.
( I digress for  a second....If I had any idea how 2007 and 2008 would have transpired I would  have refused the opportunity to replace   In some cases the Bush Administration literally hid war expenditures in hidden old refrigerator.) 
While I am certainly a liberal compared to all who claim the RIGHT, I am a realist. If the Republicans and the White House showed mature efforts to compromise on raising taxes (it is inevitable) and reducing government spending, I would not address the issue in any way.
Despite the fact that both the RIGHT and the LEFT have divide our nation into warring camps (with a large Independent population that is equally divided), the nation can clearly see how the RIGHT is reaping the rewards of years of moving the nation Right of Center. Those rewards at this stage are becoming horrific. How far can the RIGHT push with protecting the wealthy in America?  How many social programs will they hack while avoiding raising taxes.  Why are we hearing and reading about Medicare voucher programs and raising the Social Security eligibility age, when people who can afford to own private jets are not taxed relative to their means.
Open Comment the President Obama 
Continue efforts to work with the RIGHT, but stand and fight for the financial well-being of those in the nation who carry the preponderance of financial burdens via the IRS. Recognize that this issue along with other issues from the RIGHT are consuming valuable energy and effort away from jobs programs or efforts to reduce the unemployment rate. Your political opposition has little to no interest in working with you, thus you must treat them as an adversary with interest that directly support Americans of great means. Your interest must continue the fight for middle America just as was the case in all Democrats who have preceded your in the Oval Office.  I offer an example, President Lyndon B. Johnson as he fought for Civil Rights Legislation and National Education Legislation.
Open Comment to the RIGHT
Your agenda is clear, you are not working for the good of the nation's middle class and the nation's poor. You have used unemployment payments as bargaining chips for securing compromise that facilitated no tax increases to your ultimate constituents: the wealthy.  You have done so despite 2008 and 2009 unemployment data indicating 200,000 to 750,000 loss jobs as President Obama took office.  Yes, your party is culpable in digging the hold into which people fell and looked up to see you place a lid (of denial of benefits) over their lives.    Of course, unemployment worsened under President Obama but the economy did not instantly turn around on January 20, 2009.
You have an obligation to work with the White House on all measures that will impact the debt ceiling and voting to raise the debt ceiling.
A few questions and a comment:
Why did you campaign on a jobs platform but not one piece of job related initiative has been proposed from the RIGHT?
How is it possible to propose forcing future generations into a voucher system ($15,000) for medical aid, when if cost $800.00 to $1,000.00 for a frigging root canal. And, you do so at at time when our bodies start to require much more medical attention. 
Despite clear evidence that 'trickle-down' economics does not work, how can you hold-on to rhetoric that indicates that wealthy are not hiring because they are uncertain of tax structures.?
The body of evidence that exposes your philosophies and practices as contrary to the nations 'well-being', and you continue to fight for the RIGHTS of only the nation's wealthy and that of big business.
Your Journey to OZ, is showing signs of being very frayed.  You also appear to represent the "Lolliop Pop Guild" (Oh, no that would be collective bargaining)