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Monday, December 31, 2012

Defense Spending: A National Tragedy

...all said, I suppose the US is prepared for the invasion of the Insects.   Why did I not realize the need for such obscene defense suspending!

If you visit from time to time or are linked via email notifications, you know we have long posited about the obscene levels and expenditures on Defense Spending.   Defense spending in the US is an untouchable Goliath that consumes 58 % of 2013 (Budget) Discretionary Spending.  Wile we realize consistent readers know discretionary spending, allow a moment for clarity and differentiation.

What is "discretionary spending"? What is the definition of the term "discretionary spending"?

"Discretionary spending" and "mandatory spending" are the two types of spending that make up the sum total US government expenditures on a yearly basis. 

"Mandatory spending" is spending that is automatically obligated due to previously-enacted laws. This would include things such as Social Security and the interest on the national debt. 

"Discretionary spending", on the other hand, consists of US government expenditures that are set on a yearly basis. This is money that members of Congress can adjust on a yearly basis.  

Examples of discretionary spending in the United States:

-defense budget


-Environmental Protection Agency

-Department of Veterans Affairs 

When looking to cut costs, lawmakers usually look to trimming discretionary spending. 

For those who are not aware or need a nasty reminder.

When you compare our military budget to the rest of the world, it looks like this, which is ridiculous:

military spending
Infographic courtesy Face the Facts USA Dot Org

The World spends on defense. Of particular note,  US allies generally spend more on education. One has to wonder why?  If you also wonder why, take a look at the second pit chart above and think for a moment about why the US defense budget is so astronomically out of sync with our historic adversaries. Of course, Israel is not depicted in the graphic.

Click for larger version

Yes, you have seen it all before. I post because of again awakening this  morning to hearing yet another republican speaking about cutting spending with a focus on Human Services programs. The GOP never will consider rational defense budgets.  Even rational Progressives sometime mentions "jobs" when the words defense spending hits the table. 

There is no sane justification nor rationalization for Defense Spending that consumes 57% to 58% (depending on source data) of the nation's discretionary spending. 

Only one political party serves as guardian of the 58% reality!  Members of that party also consistent vote to cut services to the nation's needy. They always vote to preserve subsidies for Big Oil. And, they crave to rid the nation of the Affordable Care Act that will one day provide medical coverage for millions who do not yet have said coverage. 

Whenever my mind goes to this topic and in comparison the items just above, I think in terms of those who vote at the 47%level for Romney/Ryan.  Are you really a Grim Ripper and do not realize such until you look really deep and ask a few questions?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Mid Week Visual Journey Into Spending (Defense)

Mitt Romney: 'I Will Not Cut The Military Budget'

Some special watched over the nation on November 6th the leading up to the Vote.  Now only would Romney not cut military budget he spoke of new aircraft carriers, more surface ships, 100,000 more troops and he hedged on comment about coming out of Afghanistan.

But, this work is not about the some to be forgotten Mitt Romney, it is about Defense spending without all the verbiage.  Just allow the images to sink-in.

Tell us about 'hands off defense cuts"

How about a look back to 2009

And we have members of Congress who will rail about entitlement programs vs defense spending! 

OK what is wrong with this picture. These troops are not in the state of Texas!

The ridiculousness of it all!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Take Medicare From My Grandma and Grandpa. Seriously?

The logic please?

We have a graphic like the one above. We have the Bush tax cuts link here.    And, we have GOP that will not consider oil subsidies, will not consider a small business tax cut (jobs bill) and a GOP that will not pass a bill related to full disclosure.

Some how things look very upside down!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children."

Children are cherished beings, military weapons are discard-able things.
I love quotes. 

They are snippets of the mind which are often shortened for poignant and cogent delivery of a message.  One of my favorite quotes comes for the "Father of Modern Day Conservatism". The Father of Trickle-down economics:

"Facts are stubborn things". Ronald Reagan. 

If you read The Progressive Influence you have seen the quote before. 

Since, I am on the topic of quotes and in the political realm, try this one on for size.

A thought for people who should care!

"The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children."

German Protestant theologian & anti-Nazi activist (1906 - 1945)


Dead Child’s Family Struggled To Pay Medical Bills After Florida Slashed Health Care Assistance

Joey Cosmillo via The Orlando Sentinel
A boy who nearly drowned five years ago passed away this week, after state budget cuts increased the cost of his care.
Joey Cosmillo almost died as a one year old after he fell in a pool, but was rescued and survived another five years with extensive medical assistance. Then two years ago, Florida lawmakers slashed health care funding for low-income people in favor of corporate tax cuts, and Cosmillo fell victim to the cuts.
According to his grandmother, the family struggled to pay Joey’s mounting medical bills, and the state assistance that used to help them wasn’t an option anymore:


GOP Senator: We Need ‘Child Labor’ To Fight Obesity Epidemic

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
At a recent town hall in Osage, Iowa, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R) responded to a question about the Labor Department’s stricter limits on child labor by claiming that they could exacerbate the child obesity epidemic by making kids less “active”:
Concern was raised about the proposed Department of Labor’s intent to greatly limit child labor on family farms.
“This farm bill will greatly affect our FFA and 4-H programs,” said Grassley. “Kids won’t be able to help on farms not owned by their parents.
It’s interesting that this child labor bill goes against Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative,” said Grassley. “How can kids be active if they are limited by this law?
Grassley represents a farm state that both relies on child labor and contributes to the national obesity epidemic through its production of corn products like high-fructose corn syrup. Iowa farmers benefit from billions of dollars in corn subsidies that allow them to put a glut of cheap, unhealthy foods on the market.
As for his Dickensian defense of child labor, that’s sadly par for the course for Republicans these days. Several GOP-led states have rolled back child labor laws. In December, seventy rural state lawmakers led by Rep. Danny Rehberg (R-MT) denounced the Labor Department’s new protections for the country’s most vulnerable workers. They argued that hard manual labor teaches children important “life lessons.”
Under current law,400,000 children working on farms are not protected from exploitation and dangerous labor. The proposed rules would forbid children younger than 16 from working with pesticides, timber operations, handling “power-driven equipment, or contributing to the “cultivation, harvesting and curing of tobacco.”
See More...


Saturday, March 24, 2012

President Obama needs to stand his ground on Medicare and Social Security


Late last week the Washington Post published a 'cannot stop reading' chronicle about the 2011 deficit/debt  "grand bargain" failure between President Obama, Speaker Boehner and House Leader Cantor.   The detailed accounting provides a punch-by-punch narrative of how our federal government works when it comes to major initiatives.   The amenable personality of President Obama was ever-present in the negotiations as major negotiation points (items) were bantered back and forth. On the other side of the "isle" Boehner and cantor appeared to have made an effort towards a 'grand bargain' deal; they were hindered in their progress via their self-inflicted Tea Party contingent. The high-level negotiations span the better part of a week (or two weeks).  Key to the negotiation items were the Bush taxes cuts, tax increase for the wealthy, Healthcare reform (peripherally) and entitlement programs. For a bit of flavor of the Washington Post article,  read the following series of excerpts.  The excerpts are not contiguous article excerpts.
 ...Excited and upbeat three days earlier, Obama now was stern and lecturing. According to notes taken by GOP aides, he opened by complaining about Boehner’s demand for $200 billion in Medicaid cuts, a persistent point of contention. Then he began to talk about taxes, saying the Gang of Six “makes things more complicated.” The White House would need more tax revenue or smaller health-care cuts. 


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Obamacons" turn back to Republicans?????

Exactly what is a Obamacon"?  Reuters has published an article that on its surface seems to serve as some sort of prelude to President Obama's Electoral doom.  Obamacons?
Known as "Obamacons," moderate Republicans helped make the Democrat's case in 2008 that he was a new breed of "post-partisan" politician who would work with both parties. Obama's youth and the narrative of electing the first black president also attracted Republicans to make a rare show of support for a Democratic candidate. 
"They were actually drawn to the sense of hope that he represented. They also liked the fact that he was black," said David Gergen, who has served as an advisor to Republican and Democratic presidents. 
Perhaps the most famous Obamacon was former Secretary of State Colin Powell, whose endorsement of Obama shortly before Election Day was a turning point in the 2008 campaign. Powell's staff says he has not decided who to support in 2012.
I believe the Reuter's writer's comments are somewhat factual and even more interesting. Interesting, from the perspective that people really do not factor-in the horrible opponents that candidate Obama ran against in 2007/2008.  How about a few words in acknowledgement that McCain/Palin was a ticket doomed to failure from the moment that McCain was given the nomination? When the GOP added Palin to the ticket, it gave a temporary uplift; the party had stepped way outside of this political model and nominated a woman as Vice President.   The political rise was thoroughly  surpassed by a historical political decent as Palin showed the extent that she  was not ready 
for  national office.