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Monday, July 2, 2018

Trump Gazette: Trade, Presidential Standing, Lunatics, GOP Strategist Quits

The Gazette: Reading For High Information Voters Only

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt has stated publicly he has left the GOP and will vote for the party which fosters a more humane philosophy and practice (paraphrased, an actual quote will follow below).

I am not surprised with Schmidt's disdain and now forsaking his former party as the party no longer resembles what we older Americans once viewed in opposition, but with respect for conservative principles (other than lies about FISCAL CONSERVATISM). The party has never been the party of fiscal conservatism and certainly should not use that moniker outside of its gullible and dedicated base any longer.

While a simple Google search will yield a plethora of articles and images which delineate or depict the fallacy of GOP Fiscal Conservatism, I am going to post a quick glance chart (and link) regarding the false moniker. The chart is an excerpt from a reader's comment related to the article linked below.


 Image result for GOP fiscal conservatives?

Is fiscal conservatism dying in the USA?

More Debt on top of Debt...

Before we move on it should be noted Obama's spending in his first two years relate directly to efforts to dig the nation out of the nation killing Bush Great Recession. 

A President who really did not divorce himself from his money-making machinery.. despite clear lies he would do just that. The following video exhibition is over four minutes in duration, but for the High information Voter (HIV), the length of the video is mere food for understanding the true Trump.  If you are LIV (Low Information Voter) You may want to skip the video. 

Doesn't the nation really deserve better? The GOP and American conservatives have once again failed the nation at the voting booth and this time placed us all on the precipice of sure doom if Trump is allowed to remain in the White House.

Trade Policy Via Trump and his Economic Team

As we approached the 2016 campaign, I watched and listened to a couple of so-called; economic experts who would become the core of Trump's economic policy.

The most visible of the team.....

Wikipedia indicates Navarro never met with Trump during the 2016 Campaign.  Stephen Moore is a well known conservative economic mouth-piece and has suffered at least one major credibility blemish...

WIKI excerpt
In the 1970s, Navarro served as a policy analyst for the Urban Services Group, the Massachusetts Energy Office, and the United States Department of Energy.[11]
In 2012, Navarro directed and produced a poorly received[12] documentary film based on his book, Death by China.[13] The film was released under the same title and narrated by Martin Sheen.
Navarro's policy prescriptions include that "U.S. should be tough on trade, crack down on intellectual property theft, tax Chinese exports, combat Chinese mercantilism, [and] bring jobs home."[14]

WIKI excerpt
In the 2014 Kansas City Star opinion piece "What's the matter with Paul Krugman? Moore responded to Krugman's opinion piece "Charlatans, Cranks and Kansas."[14][15] Moore claimed that job creation had been superior in low-taxation states during the five years ending June 2009 following the recession. After substantial factual errors were uncovered in Moore's opinion piece, the Kansas City Star indicated that it would no longer print Moore's work without "thorough factchecking." [16][17][18]
As we watch the past few months of Trump's Trade decisions and subsequent reactions from key economic partners, something in Trump's economic White House is headed in the wrong direction.

Business Insider recently published a piece related to Trump's Trade policy and fears of a possible recession.

Did you think for one second we would leave the Trump's Trade (FUBAR) policy to one-piece from Business Insider. Here are a few linked pieces regarding retaliatory tariffs from Canada and China.

Texas steel pipe manufacturer becomes casualty of Trump's trade war

China is slamming the US with $34 billion in tariffs — here are the states that will be hurt the most

Canada hits $13 billion of US goods with new tariffs

Ultimately you know who will suffer most from Trump's economic decisions. You and I will pay much higher prices and Americans will lose jobs. It doesn't take a Harvard educated economist to understand how this will turn out.

Time dot com
 February 18, 2018
Worse President Ever?

.....a survey of 170 presidential historians puts Trump in dead last place – behind even James Buchanan, whom many historians blame for failing to stop the Civil War.

pdf. pages 2-6


Pardons as a Matter of his power

As part of Trump's king-like use of the pardoning powers of the US President, he pardoned known racist, conservative propaganda guru, and convicted felon Denish D'Souza. It isn't necessary to rehash the social terrorism of Desouza, but it is important to show the full scope of his inner core beliefs.
The Newsweek article about D'Souza social terrorism is a must (quick) read: linked.

When [pardoning power is used as a pathway strategy for exercising the power in the future, the nation experiences the pardoning of a literal conservative deplorable like D'Souza. It is clear, Trump planes to pardon certain of his cabal should the legal system narrow=in and focus of certain individuals.

Trump's Lunatics

Another Trumpeter is reported to have pulled a gun on immigration protesters: The Washington Post

Take a couple of minutes and consider Trump's Space Force: from the annuls of the twilight zone and echoed by his supporters.

Space Force: Trump's fantasy space military force. 

Trump to DOD: 'Immediately begin' process of establishing 'space force' as sixth military branch from CNBC.

Oh, the carnival baring fantasy.

Let's circle back up to the matter of Trump and the GOP as political entities and as President. Comment from a now-former GOP strategist.
Fmr. GOP Strategist @SteveSchmidtSES renounced the the Republican party saying he "will be aligned with the only party left in America that stands for what is right and decent ... the Democratic party."— MSNBC (@MSNBC) July 1, 2018
Standby for the next gazette. 

Monday, September 17, 2012


Cross posted from Hot Politics Dot Com....


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No wonder the conservatives love “2016: Obama’s America” (which brought in more bucks than any  conservative documentary, ever), by Dinesh D’Souza, right-wing darling and skilled quoter of right-wing talking points, and the author of the best-seller, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”  As Mary Sheehy Moe of notes, D’Souza asks viewers to “dig for the roots of Obama’s rage.”  D’Souza, explains Moe, “posits that Obama carefully cultivated an unthreatening black mask, the better to dupe us with. It worked. Glib and endearing, he got himself elected president. Then he implemented his sinister plan.”
What sinister plan, you might ask?  Why, the sinister plan to end the war in Iraq, provide healthcare to millions of uninsured Americans, keep the auto industry from being obliterated, adding stimulus to the economy to keep it from crashing, and, well, little stuff like making sure kids eat, helping students attend college, and making sure our young undocumented immigrants aren’t yanked out of classrooms and deported.
As D’Souza told Bill Maher, he uses “Obama’s own voice,” and lets “Obama tell his story.”  If the splicing and dicing going on in Fox News’ production room – and the Romney campaign – is any indication, “Obama’s own voice” no doubt bears little recognition to things the President actually said.
Bill Maher challenged D’Souza, saying, “You say he’s filled with rage . . . the real Obama, I’ve never seen do anything like that.”
D’Souza had a ready answer, that Obama’s rage is ” . . . vigilante rage, it’s a different kind of rage, sublimated . . . let’s look at an example, healthcare.  Obama had a plan, and the Republicans had a summit with Obama and they offered a lot of ideas.  Obama could have taken one or two Republican ideas and he would have had a bipartisan plan.”
When Maher reminded D’Souza that when it comes to healthcare reform, “The whole thing is a Republican idea . . . a Democrat idea would be at least a public option . . . This is a business-friendly plan .  . . It’s a big blow job to the insurance companies is what it is,” D’Souza was ready with another talking point:  ”Obama could have gotten some votes but he didn’t care because to him Republicans are the bad guys, so that’s what I mean, he campaigned as a healer . . . but he hasn’t governed that way.”
Maher admonished D’Souza again, reminding him that the second President Obama got into office, Republicans said they were going to block everything he proposed.
D’Souza – despite pretending to completely understand the man – admitted, “I haven’t talked to Obama,” but continues to insist that President Obama has based his life on the life of his father, a man he barely knew:  ”The same guy who hardly met his father wrote a 500-page book called ‘Dreams from my Father’ . . . ”
“How far up your ass,” Maher mocked, “Do you have to go to pull that out?”
Some of D’Souza’s talking points include the assertion that President Obama ” . . . sees America as the rogue nation in the world . . . I believe Obama is anti-capitalist . . . he has fundamentally altered the relationship of the citizen to the state . . . .”  Other assertions include the “Obama deficit” (much of which was left over from the Bush regime), and a refusal by D’Souza to acknowledge that Bush caused a good portion of the deficit the President has been battling since he came into office.  ”Four years later,” D’Souza says indignantly, “You’re still blaming Bush . . . . .”
And then there was D’Souza’s interview with Cenk Uygur, where he continued the assault on the President using well-worn and faded talking points: “Domestic spending has been growing promiscuously under Obama . . . ”
When reminded by Uyger that Bush left a boatload of debt, D’Souza pompously replied, “A president should take responsibility for the budgets that go under there . . . Obama has had a chance to leave his imprint both on foreign policy and on domestic policy . . . I’m suggesting that Obama wants to reduce America’s footprint on the world because he thinks we are stepping on the world . . . I think that Obama is using debt to saddle future generations with obligations to foreign countries, so he is a global redistributor . . . .”
D’Souza repeated the top lie on the right-wing wish list, that “the largest Bush deficit was $500 billion, the lowest Obama deficit is $1 trillion . . . 2008 America’s deficit was under $500 billion . . . We’re talking about a carry-over year and you’re basically trying to saddle Bush with an Obama deficit . . . Average the Bush deficits over 8 years and they don’t total the amount that Obama has had in 4 years in deficits . . . .”
Watch Uygur debate D’Souza, Parts I and II.
D’Souza says what staunch conservatives want to hear, and as most right-wing pundits and “experts” do, rarely shake hands with the truth.  D’Souza has never met the President, doesn’t know him, and is using as “factual data” other right-wing talking points.  It’s like the old journalism trick of reporters chatting casually and coming up with theories, then quoting each other as “unnamed sources.”
As Moe commented in her opinion piece, “Maybe it’s time to inquire into the roots of D’Souza’s rage.”