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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trump And His WWE Moment

Two outrage the nation's 45th President went here with this twitter account.

Remember, that was the man you may have entered a voting place and placed a vote to elect.  

CNN's response to the utter silliness, espousing via humor violence and entertainment for us sycophants.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trumpism (Yes They Are Deplorable)

Image result for deplorable meme
A meme shared by Donald Trump's son is getting criticized for being yet another example of the campaign's alliance with the alt-right movement.
I would add another image to the meme posted by the Trump son.

Image result for megyn kelly gingrich deplorable

Of course, Trump offered much twitter praise to Gingrich for his "anger" aced tirade. It is amazing how the Right can not find any level of contempt for Gingrich;s behavior. Let's face it, Trump's bus ride audio /video contributed to the current state of inquisitiveness. Yet, there is an ever-present reality in Gingrich's act; he obviously read the memo regarding blame the media.  Where was the bale when all media outlets anxious handed Trump phone interviews for almost a full year.  Where was contempt for the media when Trump was wiping clean the 16 Republican candidate he faced in the GOP primaries? 

Going on offense regarding Trump's self-state predatory tendencies only re-reinforces the narrative of some on the Right are inherently misogynistic. 

Another set video broadcast least night serves to remind a nation of why so many feel Donald Trump is in fact a racist (to some degree) and the video offers another reminder. Many African-Americans have faced denied access to services throughout the course of their lives. Some of us are old enough to recall being denied a rental, when we knew full well the establishment had vacancies and would readily rent to a white inquirer.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell reminds of reports Donald Trump is of racist DNA and he was caught red-handed discriminating against potential apartment or condo renters who happened to be black.

If you watch a person or the person's spokespeople, insight into the person is readily discernible.