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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Voter Fraud? Better Chance Of A Lotto Mega Millions Win Or A Personal Lightening Strike

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April 10, 2014
— Dick Morris
(A former Clinton campaign official resigned from his post for patronizing hookers.)
Pensito Review
Dick Morris’ paid mistress said he had a fetish for toe sucking (info that goes into the TMI hall of fame) — and that he believed paying for her loving negated the fact he was cheating on his wife.

2007 Excerpt                                                                                                             
But in the Washington Post coverage yesterday, one name stuck out:

[Palfrey's attorney Montgomery] Sibley also filed notice that he intends to depose political consultant Dick Morris in a separate civil proceeding. Morris would not comment.
On the eve of the Democratic Convention in September 1996, Morris was forced to resign as head of Pres. Clinton’s reelection campaign after Sherry Rowlands, a call girl with whom he had a long-term for-pay relationship, sold her story to the supermarket tabloid “The Star” for around $50,000. In the article, Rowlands revealed that Morris had a fetish for toe sucking, a fact that will always have a place in the TMI hall of fame. 
She also offered a glimpse into Morris’ marriage that may have some saliency today, if his phone number does appear on Palfrey’s list:

Asked about Morris’s wife, Rowlands said: “I’m sure this is hurting her, and was not meant to hurt her. He’s the one who hurt her, not me. . . . He loves his wife — that’s why he would pay me . . . to come see him. That makes him feel he is not cheating on his wife. This is business as long as he’s paying for it.”
Shorter: It isn’t adultery if you pay for it.
It looks as if I digressed form the Voter ID and Voter fraud theme of this post. I must admit it is impossible to consider any words, thoughts of actions from Dick Morris without thinking of his off center sexual inclinations. We certainly do not past judgment on "toe sucking" nor are we reticent regarding patronizing prostitutes. But, Morris was reported to have been photographed partaking in the "lower appendage delights" on a balcony in New York City. Thus, the issue for me is his personal interaction judgment and personal values regarding his wife. So, for those who might linger on thoughts of my tendency for criticism, think deeper about a man who would take his lust for appendage delights to a balcony.

Morris's "one million cases" claim was relegated to typical Morris lying within hours of his utterance. Politifact found the comment:

 False If you want more on Morris's drivel and the level of false testimony, click this link

The intellectually inquisitive and informed know to seek information where information can be considered credible.  

Voter Fraud as an impetus for GOP enactment of Voter ID Laws. 

As we recently watched a Wisconsin Appeals Court upheld (or reinstated) a state Voter ID law, it is critical to accept the laws as GOP's strategy to restrict the vote of minorities the elderly and the poor. It is important to report on the fallacy of "voter fraud" perpetrated against, let's be more specific, black people and any group that falls in the cross hairs of GOP election suppression targeting. If you are a person who follows current events and voter news stories you know some GOP officials (at times women tea party officials) and well known conservative 'carnival barkers,' have posited women should also not have the right to vote. 

"And then they will came for me....."

GOP and its moneyed supporter's mission to counter dwindling support for the party and changing demographics contributes to false mantra such as that spewed by Dick Morris.  

On August 6th, 2017 Justin Levitt published a piece that obliterated Morris's demagoguery and shed more light on the underhanded tactics of teh GOP. Levitt's piece explores voter fraud in America from special elections through general elections. He even considered municipal elections. The number 31 stands-out in stark contrast to Morris's one million in Carolina (alone). 

'To put this in perspective, the 31 incidents below come in the context of general, primary, special, and municipal elections from 2000 through 2014.
You can visit the 31 incidents over the 14 year period via the Levitt piece linked here

Before we launch a few graphic related to a non -voter fraud problem, allow me to remind you over the past 6 years the only documented and nationally publicized cases of voter fraud or voter official malfeasance has been perpetrated by Republicans or employees of the republican election officials.

Roxanne Rubin, 56, a casino worker on the Las Vegas Strip, was arrested on Nov. 3, 2012 after trying to vote twice, once at her poling site in Henderson and then at a second site in Las Vegas. The poll workers at the second site said that she had already voted, but Rubin said that she hadn't and insisted on casting a ballot, which the poll workers refused to allow her to do.
If it is necessary to alleviate doubt, Rubin is a Republican.

In July/August 2012 Mother Jones ran a piece that depicted the non-reality of Voter Fraud. The piece delivers the message under a title:



Since 2001, nearly 1,000 bills that would tighten voting laws have been introduced in 46 states.
24 voting restrictions have passed in 17 states since 2011. This fall, new laws could affect more than 5 million voters in states representing 179 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.
In the past two years, 5 battleground states (Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) have tightened their voting laws.
As of April, 74 restrictive voting laws were on the table in 24 states.

Accusations VS Actual charges of Voter Fraud.

The cost of GOP Voting rights malfeasance!

Additional information for the hyper inquisitive:


Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: NewsmaxTrotsout Mr. Credible, Dick Morris, To Predict Doom For Dems in 2014 Mid-term Elections

Newsmax TV has rolled-out the inimitable Dick  Morris  for  Morris's first mid-term 2014 unqualified predictions. 

First, Morris in 2012 and Fox New Bill O'Reilly, The Factor, prediction of a win for Mitt Romney.

After the horrific wrong prediction, Fox News management fired Morris did not renew Morris contract after the 2012 election. If my memory serves me correctly, Fox News management also did not renew the contract of Sarah Palin and gave orders to avoid use of Karl Rove.   

Morris received an offer of employment at CNN and was eventually rehired at Fox in November 2013. Interesting tendencies at Fox, Sarah Palin was also rehired in 2013 and Karl Rove continues to appear on Fox news programming.  It seems the cast of Obama haters who draw viewers is very limited.

The severely non-credible mouthpiece has appeared on Newsmax TV.

Dick Morris Predicts Doom And Gloom For Democrats In The Mid-Term Over Immigration

Morris's reputation as a highly compensated talking-head is well documented via multiple sources. Let's take a look at a Media Matters piece from the day after the 2012 General election: Media Matters November 7, 2012  An election won by Mitt Romney's opponent,   President Obama, by THE (Morris) landslide.

An underlying theme is worth noting.  Media executives know Dick Morris's record of talk with no basis for his words. His misstatements and flawed and unsubstantiated asinine predictions as any media. Yet, conservative networks continues to book Morris. If the booking networks worked towards a real news business model such guest would not make the invite list and would never have a contractual relationship with the network.  

Conversely, if a network has a business model of feeding viewers propaganda and lies, Morris is factually a bright spot for ratings. Sadly, these networks with the latter business model and ratings focus seriously abuse the minds and psyches of its viewers. Even more sad, I suspect the networks viewers value anti-Obama, anti-progressive and ant-Democratic Party derangement entertainment vs an interest in US news.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quick Hit: Fox News De-Roves And Flushes the Morris


I offer a quick hit.

The New York Times

Fox News Puts Karl Rove on the Bench
The post-election soul searching going on inside the Republican Party is taking place inside Fox News as well. Fox News chief Roger Ailes, a canny marketer and protector of his network’s brand, has been taking steps since November to reposition Fox in the post-election media environment, freshening story lines — and in some cases, changing the characters. According to multiple Fox sources, Ailes has issued a new directive to his staff: He wants the faces associated with the election off the air — for now. For Karl Rove and Dick Morris — a pair of pundits perhaps most closely aligned with Fox’s anti-Obama campaign — Ailes’s orders mean new rules. Ailes’s deputy, Fox News programming chief Bill Shine, has sent out orders mandating that producers must get permission before booking Rove or Morris.

Of course, you read here and know the "Quick Hits' does not fit our reporting and comment model.

You know the 2012 General Election was a Fox News Tsunami.  When the network restricts bookings of two of its most frequent and most notable guest, the actions speak volumes.  I strongly suspect Ruppert Murdoch threw what some will call a "conniption fit"  after watching his network contribute to the false belief Romney would win the election via a landslide   Or, better yet, that Romney would win the election period.

As is the case in all of corporate America, someone must take the blame.  Why should a paid mouthpiece like Dick "pay me and I will say anything" Morris, receive a "flush" notice. He used his mouth for earnings because Fox News was willing to pay for his drivel.  I do not watch any media with an association with FOX news, but I strongly suspect not one on-camera host asked Morris the following. 

 "Well, Dick were do you have data to support your comments here? Are you surveying potential voters? Are you speaking with campaign insiders or do you have a mole feeding you information  You seem deadest on a Romney landslide."  Of course, no on-air personality asked such a set of questions. The Fox News audience does not require veracity, attribution, nor validation of the 'noise' they hear and see on the network. Morris used his Ronald Reagan  make-em feel good strategy to secure a paycheck.  

Karl Rove?  Fox has to accept complete accountability. The man is a 'flim-flam man. He has been involved in past GOP failures none of which match his failures in serving George W. Bush from 2001 - 2004. Yes, he facilitated winning elections, that some still question as credible, but when moved to the White House we should have known Bush W. was doomed, thus the nation would be relegated to doom. And, we suffered because of the many who fell victim to Rove's political acuity. 

Yet, Fox News purges in punishment.  

Cable news viewers who were intellectually gifted and socially open enough to seek information beyond the 5:00PM to 11:00PM news shows, did not watch Fox News for the very reasons the network now affects "special permission booking status." 

One last comment about Fox News, taking its air time and going away from Rove and Morris.  The network is again doing what conservatives do. They deal in the reality of the surface. They do not dig deep nor do they understand nor care that they contribute to issues (and leave trails). Trails that are easily uncovered via a bit of archive searching.

The problem with placing Rove and Morris, on "Cannot play in our pit" status?  Fox Executives (Roger Ailes and direct reports  are treating the rash without seeking deeper understanding of what causes the skin lesion.  If they look deep they will find themselves staring directly into a mirror and they may see their paradigm and business models are flawed. It is flawed all the way to Ruppert Murdoch and News Corp.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Morning Java: Fox Wallows Even Closer to a Pig Pen

Enjoy while the caffeine kicks-in!!!!!

A morning report to go along with your Sumatra, Kenya AA, Tanzanian, French Roast, Kona Coast, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Costa Rican, Espresso,  Moyobama Peruvian Organic, Indonesian Blend, Coffee Latte, Kauai Blend (often bitter), Colombian Red Lips, or your Folgers 100% Colombian. 

Some People Say!

OK, so "some people say" ......

We all know that Fox news is by fair the least noteworthy network in American media. Factually speaking I would rank the network less credible than any example of "yellow journalism" or any carte blanche  media in support of a totalitarian state. The network has won legal battles that sanctioned their right to present news with a bias slant vs actual reporting of news.  The network openly supports all things conservative to the point of actually formerly promoting tea party events on air.  As I viewed the edited segment above, I wondered if the network employs un-managed interns to write their scripts.

On a different front, the network blundered some kind of badly this week.

Earlier in the week we reported on the Fox News blunder in scheduling an interview with a Pulitzer Award winning Journalist. Let's say the interview did not go as planned and was summarily and hastily ended.  

The Propaganda and Public Relations Network could not take the on-air frankness sitting down.  MSNBC's The Ed Show and Ed Schultz ran a short segment on Fox News' response to their on-air blunder.

Now, we should see why Fox News has a dedicated list of mouth-pieces regularly scheduled to spew their propaganda.  We are reminded of why Fox News has been polled with results the network informs its viewers far less than other networks. Of course, it is too busy working on 'all things anti-Obama'.  When the programming included a very competent journalist and a person known to exhibit a high degree of cognitive abilities, the interview goes completely against Fox News.  Maybe the network should stick with the likes of Bernard Goldberg, Sarah Palin and Dick Morris.
Since we expend significant energy, keyboarding time and mental resources in writing about Fox News, we will simply end this piece here and now.

One last point about wallowing close to the pig pen. The wallowing generally leads to a serious case of "stink".

UPDATE: Ricks Speaks to Huff Post Live....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Morning Java: GOP Shame....Todd Akin and Dick Morris

Enjoy while the caffeine kicks-in!!!!!

A morning report to go along with your Sumatra, Kenya AA, Tanzanian, French Roast, Kona Coast, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Costa Rican, Espresso,  Moyobama Peruvian Organic, Indonesian Blend, Coffee Latte, Kauai Blend (often bitter), Colombian Red Lips, or your Folgers 100% Colombian. 

Todd Akin

After taking a 10 point plus drudging from his opponent Claire McCaskill, Missouri candidate Todd Akin again shows why his should share a cell with white padded walls.

You simply must watch this eight minute example of a family patriarch who is on the wrong side of a changing America. 

His starts with rationalization his loss via God's will (without directly saying such). He then moves through a dark path of complete nuttiness. If you did not already know of his loses, I will wager you will think, this man is speaking as if he was won the Missouri Seat.  

I almost wonder if he did not take his 'victory speech' and changed a few words. I Introduce clear evidence of GOP politicls gone way too far. The man mentioned a 'cover-up' in Libya!

These people are perfect examples of a dying species in America.

Dick Morris (stands alone with Ed Schultz comment)

It is so obvious, Morris 'B/S'd' his way through the campaign  he is highly paid to go on fox News and speak their propaganda. He is the perfect example of how and why 48% of voters fell for the Mitt Romney 'traveling road show'.
He admits this morning "...I was wrong".  And I suspect grinned all the way to the bank!

As you finish that cup of Java or that second cup, and as the caffeine sits-in, relish in the fact this nation has a Democratic Party and a strong progressive base to counter what is turning into a far-right move to complete authoritarianism. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FOX News: The anti-global warming broadcast network

Changes in ice thickness map
Changes in ice thickness (in centimeters per year) during 2003-2010 as measured by NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites, averaged over each of the world's ice caps and glacier systems outside of Greenland and Antarctica. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Colorado 
Full image and caption› Related animation 
Did you know Earth's Himalayan region is not suffering the same ice melting as other ice covered regions? Example Greenland is shedding its millenniums ice formations. The melting is contributing to rises in Earth's sea levels. A recent  extensive research project and subsequent study have yielded data that Earth's land ice has shrunk drastically over the past few years. 

MediaMatters reported yesterday on the findings of a major University of Colorado climate study. The Madiematters article relates to, yes, Fox News' continued misrepresentation of scientifcc data. One can only hope Fox News staffers simply do not understand scientific data and related reports. The opposite scenario, however is more typical.  Fox News is reporting on global warming as it reports on other issues the network feels supports progressive thought. The network seems to take empircal data and turns the data over to 'behind-the-scenes' spin doctors for creative and "obtuse" reporting from a conservaite angle. In other words they approach certain news coverage like, "....this cannot be, our managers and producers have a differing slant."  I offer one case-in-point recent reports from Gretchen Carlson and, of all people, Dick Morris, about Fox New's reports of 'doctored' jobs numbers for January 2012.  Yes, we know, plug  me in, pay me, and give me a camera with a microphone, and watch me work.