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Sunday, November 3, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Boos?

...Yes, of course, the World Series Game 5 boos were a one-off anomaly. Bu, bu, bu, but the UFC? 

“To successfully create illusion, the first thing you need is trust, but to perfect an illusion, the false reality most (must) appear as authentic as the one it hides. Careful attention must be paid to every detail. The slightest of imperfections can, like a pin to a balloon, burst the illusion . . . and the truth behind the illusion becomes revealed.” 
― Emily Thorne
Have you ever experienced a false reality when you were wide awake?  Did you recognize hat false reality was centered around a lie? Humans actually do not experience false realities unless the reality is conjured up in a person's brain.  

Herewith is a humorous example of how one human being dealt with a form of false reality (based in a lie). A false reality (granted) induced by mission-related subterfuge, yet nonetheless a false reality.

And then there is the matter of Trump venturing outside of his red state rallies replete with boos...and cheers.  Can you recall ever hearing boos for a US President at a public appearance?  

Before we move to a series of recorded boos, let's explore Trump's media relations strategy.

Donald J. Trump
Trump's elder son took the mind-altering lie to another level with a bit of Trumpian profanity to boot.
Ok "don't believe your ears" strategy aside, now for a few Madison Square Garden clips. 
Andy Richter
Maybe one day the nation will be rid of the PT Barnum reality twisting Trump's.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Bob Woodward's Book: Fear And Trump's Reaction

How presidential is this?

 Trump in the Oval Office.

The presidential bully doesn't hold his scorn for only those removed from his cabal. He has been documented via the new Bob Woodard book as an insulter par excellence. Is there actually a surprise?

A CNN Chris Cillizza review of the book. Another CNN segment as Trump's has ordered a search and destroy team to find out who spoke with woodward.

Since we posted a few alleged comments from the upcoming Bob Woodward from Bob Woodward we think it is fair to capture and show how Trump has, to date, reacted to the book.

Isn’t it a shame that someone can write an article or book, totally make up stories and form a picture of a person that is literally the exact opposite of the fact, and get away with it without retribution or cost. Don’t know why Washington politicians don’t change libel laws?

Oh, the shame. Trump does care for the book to the point of mentioning the word "libel." Trump in 2013 commented on another Woodward book focused on then-President Barack Obama's administration.
Image may contain: 1 person, text

Well, how time changes perspective.  As we peeped at Trumps Twitter page for the post above, we ran across a reminder of the full measure and scope of Trump's delusion.

Almost everyone agrees that my Administration has done more in less than two years than any other Administration in the history of our Country. I’m tough as hell on people & if I weren’t, nothing would get done. Also, I question everybody & everything-which is why I got elected!  
6:20 AM - 5 Sep 2018
" Administration has done more in less than two years than any other Administration in the history of our Country."

Seriously?   We know Trump 's first thought is to always speak a lie,  but, we have to take a quick look at the statement above.  We need to look no further than President Obama.

The Guardian UK published a detailed accounting of Obama first two years int he Oval Office.  Granted Trump hasn't reached the two-year point in the Oval Office but he used the two-year barometer.

The Guardian UK linked here.

Let's sprinkle a few charts related to Trump's lie.

Image result for obama economy first two years

Image result for obama economy

As Obama took office, the nation was saddled with its most serious threat since WWII. GOP policy of de-regulation and crony policy administration coupled with American greed (via US banks) placed the nation on a precipice of an abyss with the potential to kill world economies. In fact, the Great US Subprime Bubble burst threw virtually all world economies into a state of deep recession.

Trump inherited the vibrant Obama economy and now he and his minions brag about the great Trump economy.

Huffington Post also posted a report to Trump's reaction to the Woodward book. Linked here.

Finally this......  (Trump has major mental issues the lest of which is delusional.)


Friday, January 12, 2018

Tracking Retirements From Congress (NPR)

As we move further into Trumpism and the catastrophic election of Donald J. Trump to the US Presidency, watching as his party is electorally averse to the worst president in US history.


Chart excerpt

House Republican Retirements

A record number of 32 House Republicans have already announced they won’t seek re-election. This list does not include members who have already resigned, if their seat will be filled by a special election before November.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Fla.1989NoD+5Clinton, 58%-39%
Dave Reichert, Wash.2004NoEVENClinton, 46%-43%
Ed Royce, Calif.*1992NoEVENClinton, 52%-43%
Frank LoBiondo, N.J.1994NoR+1Trump, 50%-46%
Darrell Issa, Calif.2000NoR+1Clinton, 51%-43%
Martha McSally, Ariz.2014SenateR+1Clinton, 49%-44%
Charlie Dent, Pa.2004NoR+4Trump, 51%-44%
Dave Trott, Mich.2014NoR+4Trump, 49%-45%
Steve Pearce, N.M.2002; 2010GovernorR+6Trump, 50%-40%
Ron DeSantis, Fla.2012GovernorR+7Trump, 46%-40%
Pat Tiberi, Ohio*2000NoR+7Trump, 52%-41%
Jim Renacci, Ohio2010GovernorR+8Trump, 56%-39%
Joe Barton, Texas1984NoR+9Trump, 54%-42%
Lynn Jenkins, Kansas2008NoR+10Trump, 56%-37%
Lamar Smith, Texas*1986NoR+10Trump, 52%-42%
Lou Barletta, Pa.2010SenateR+10Trump, 60%-36%
Ted Poe, Texas2004NoR+11Trump, 52%-43%
Sam Johnson, Texas1991NoR+13Trump, 54%-40%
Bob Goodlatte, Va.*1992NoR+13Trump, 59%-35%
Blake Farenthold, Texas2010NoR+13Trump, 60%-36%
Gregg Harper, Miss.*2008NoR+13Trump, 61%-37%
Kristi Noem, S.D.2010GovernorR+14Trump, 62%-32%
Jeb Hensarling, Texas*2002NoR+16Trump, 62%-34%
Todd Rokita, Ind.2010SenateR+17Trump, 64%-30%
Jim Bridenstine, Okla.2012NASA Administrator (awaiting confirmation)R+17Trump, 61%-33%
Luke Messer, Ind.2012SenateR+18Trump, 67%-26%
Bill Shuster, Pa.*2001NoR+19Trump, 69%-27%
John Duncan, Tenn.1988NoR+20Trump, 65%-30%
Marsha Blackburn, Tenn.2002SenateR+20Trump, 67%-28%
Raul Labrador, Idaho2010GovernorR+21Trump, 64%-25%
Evan Jenkins, W.Va.2014SenateR+23Trump, 73%-23%
Diane Black, Tenn.*2010GovernorR+24Trump, 72%-24%
Note: Asterisks denote committee chairs.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Morning Reality TV

Related image

It seems the nation's 45th President arose this morning with deep thoughts of electoral inadequacy and a need to confront growing sentiment and suspicions of his mental state.

Sady, we as a nation are being transformed into a huge reality TV audience with daily anticipation of, "what has the clown done overnight," 

A few early morning tweets are as revealing as another episode of "Breaking Bad." 

Take a read...

Brian Ross, the reporter who made a fraudulent live newscast about me that drove the Stock Market down 350 points (billions of dollars), was suspended for a month but is now back at ABC NEWS in a lower capacity. He is no longer allowed to report on Trump. Should have been fired! 

Is there a psychiatrist or a mental medical professional who can help the world understand why Trump spends so much time and mental energy disparaging a former political opponent? The nonqualified mind, as in my case, cannot avoid the prospect he suffers for election win "inadequacy" based on not winning the popular vote. Or, is he so driven by conflict and chaos he must perpetually duel with an opponent; even if an imaginary lingering opponent. 

Also, note Trump continues to use his patented dog whistle phrase" "Crooked Hillary." Consider Trump's track record of lawsuits settled out of court, charges of discrimination, Trump University fraud settlements, refusal to go public with his tax records and think of who is 'crooked."

Do you remember this?