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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson: Character Deficient Or Simply A Political Character?

In early December, we posted a piece that included an interchange between two conservative talking heads (SE CUPP and Katrina Pierson) SE CUPP Vs. Katrina Pierson (Texas Tea Party operative with a history of a brush with the law)., The callousness and flippant demeanor of the bi-racial tea party talking head is both shameful and indicative of what I perceive as the typical Trump supporter.
“You know what? So what? They’re Muslim!”

"So What" They're Muslim!"  As American as "Apple Pie?"

It seems Trump's callous and motor-mouthed spokesperson has anotgher crimp in here character: unemploymebnt claims.


Donald Trump’s National Spokeswoman Is A Welfare Cheat, Shoplifter


Katrina Pierson, the national spokeswoman for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, collected at least $11,000 in unemployment benefits while she was still working.
Pierson received these benefits from the Texas Workforce Commission between January 2012 and November 2013. At the same time she received this government money, Pierson was working as a consultant for Ted Cruz’s campaign for the U.S. Senate.
Receiving unemployment benefits while she was still working would seem to go against the grain of the message being pushed by Trump and the Republican Party, who have often been quick to blame minorities and immigrants for being on the government dole, supposedly taking up resources that should be going to white Americans (in reality, whites are the most likely to receive welfare benefits).
The spokeswoman, who recently made news in a CNN appearance where she wore a necklace made out of bullets and promised to wear one stylized like fetuses after gun violence prevention advocates called her out, also had an arrest for shoplifting. She stole clothing from a JC Penney store in Plano, Texas. She had her child with her.
Pierson made her name as a Tea Party organizer and spokesperson in Texas, working in the era after President Obama’s first election to push a conservative message across the state.
As part of that work, Pierson pushed the “Agenda 21” conspiracy, which claims that American lives are under threat from a sinister United Nations plot.
Under the UN’s aegis, she told the frightened crowd, Americans would be forced into crowded apartment buildings, and UN-empowered block captains would be “given police power over your neighborhoods.”
She appeared on Fox News, often to comment on racial issues from the perspective of a black conservative – something that is always in strong demand at the conservative news network – and once argued in favor of companies profiting off of the Martin Luther King federal holiday.
Pierson then tried her hand at electoral politics, mounting a primary challenge to Republican Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX). She wasendorsed by conservative figures like Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin and Joe The Plumber, and even had Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, on the campaign trail with her.
That campaign was a failure, and she lost to him 63 percent to 36 percent, despite his connection to criminal lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
After those failures, Pierson went to work for the Tea Party Leadership Fund, described in some news reports as a “scam PAC” for its practice of scaring conservative voters into donating money which then is heavily spent on administrative costs for the PAC and its top tier employees. One source told Politico that Pierson’s affiliation with that sort of money operation disqualified her from affiliating with the Ted Cruz presidential campaign. Too unethical for Ted Cruz, apparently.
Pierson again became a fixture on Fox News and other cable news networks, eventually finding an extremely prominent role as one of the faces of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
In that role she has advocated for Trump using nuclear weapons as president, while downplaying abuse and discrimination against Muslims.
Politico also reports that Pierson has plans for a clothing and fashion line, but it is unclear if she will pursue that venture while also riding the Trump gravy train.
Featured image via Twitter