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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Knowledge Movement And The Former Independent

Re-Post from Friend of the TPI.....

The Knowledge MovementThe Knowledge Movement
I used to be an Independent, but that was before the Republican Party turned batshit crazy. I'm not talking about fringe elements. The fringe elements are the normal ones. The nutcases are now the mainstream majority.

There were Republican Congressmen who got caught circulating a scripture praying for Obama's death and that Michelle be made a Widow. Pat Buchanan, who worked with Reagan, referred to Obama as "boy" and has voiced his white supremacist views on air numerous times.
It wasn't some subset gone rogue that colluded to "undermine all Obama's economic initiatives," it was the party leadership. Mitch McConnell, the Minority Leader got on national television more than once and was comfortable enough to say the Republicans' number one goal was to make Obama a one term president. This would be unthinkable and considered treasonous before Obama but as stunning as it is, not much has been said about it. They aren't even trying to hide their attempts to sabotage the economic recovery and block job growth.
"I don't want to help a black person by giving them someone else's money." ~ Rick Santorum 
"Obama is a foodstamp president." ~ Newt Gingrich 
"Obama is shucking and jiving." ~ Sarah Palin 
"Obama supporters want free stuff." ~ Bill O'Reilly 
"Dealing with Obama is like dealing with a tar baby." ~ Doug Lamborn
The racial slurs, some veiled, some not so much, are limitless and so is the line of sitting Congressmen, Senators, Judges and other Republicans making them.
Republicans have made their values clear as an organization, and those values start at the very top and permeate through the entire party. You cannot claim to be a part of an organization and separate yourself from the core values of that organization. 
Anyone that dons a white hood is wearing it because they stand by and believe in what the Ku Klux Klan stands for. No one looks at someone in Klan garb and says, "he may not be racist." The fact that he joined an organization created to enforce white supremacy means he embraces it or he would not be a part of it.
Likewise, if you see the Republican Party is about racism, corporatism, anti-middleclass, anti-poor, anti-woman, anti-worker, anti-jobs, then that is what anyone calling themselves Republican is about.
Once I saw the direction the Republican Party was going in I stopped considering them as an option. And me no longer considering Republicans an option, by default, made me no longer an Independent and pushed me into the Democratic camp. I never considered the Green Party because I'm a realist. And the reality is no Green Party candidate has a chance in hell of winning and voting for them would only help the Republicans by taking votes away from Democrats. 
So, for those that consider themselves Undecided or Independent, does this mean there is something about the current Republican platform you find redeeming that moves you to consider giving them your support? If so, what?