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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Senate Hearing And The Four Mockingbirds (The Fix)

After exposing myself to a bit of Republican theatrics this morning I have reinforced my without question bias against all things conservative and with the following statement remind myself of the fix is on. The four participating witnesses in the hearing were obviously lawyer coached to the max, and they also were not about to speak frankly about the prospect of being asked by Trump to assist in stifling former FBI Director Comey's probe into Trump/Putin and Russia.

Angus King frustrated and appropriately so. It seems the fix is on.

California Senator Harris

Harris's full questioning of the Deputy Atty General. It also includes the strategic (male)  dominance interrupting by the Committee Chair.

Sen. Mark Warner: "We've gotten no answer from any of you."
Particularly noteworthy.especially if you are a woman who doesn't subscribe to GOP gender servitude and barefoot in the kitchenism.

Herewith is a link to a Twitter feed offers almost total coverage of the key moments in the hearing and the segments are offered in brief. Daniella Micaela.

The hearing seemed to solidify, a form of executive privilege as these men clearly have something to hide.