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Thursday, October 4, 2018

"But he is so qualified" (Is He Really?)

Image result for kavanaugh roommate roche Image result for kavanaugh roommate roche
I am reading comments from conservatives with the new mantra of "but he is so qualified".  

Qualifications is a multi-faceted reality.  Does a documented liar denote a qualification? well, maybe for conservatives and Republicans (specifically )to lie is an admirable and desirable quality.  

Does a penchant to step outside the realm of courtesy and expectations also qualify/ We remind of Kavanaugh's posing questions back to Democrat Party Senators and his over the top exhibition of judicial activism?

Watch starting at the 50-second mark......

But let's get t the business of lying in a Senate hearing as it relates to his past alcohol consumption. drinking and his over-the-top love of "beer" is a far lesser concern than the ever-present lie form the nominee.

Courtesy CNN News

Brett Kavanaugh's Yale roommate tells @andersoncooper that when he heard his Senate testimony he "knew he was lying."

Outright lies in a judicial confirmation hearing and over and partisan judicial activists comments from the witness has become acceptable via Trumpism. 

Defending Trump And A CNN Fact Check

Image result for huckabee sandersWhile hosting a rally performance in the Great State of Mississippi, Trump offered up a mega dose in unpresidential speech making.  The backdrop of his performance is noteworthy for a number of reasons: pud applause as him maligned and mocked Dr. Ford, Mississippi fact cats and dolls standing behind 45, as a noticeable absence of Trump's "Blacks Love Trump" black guy.

The arena was classic GOP from the heart of the GOP Red State territory.  And Trump performed lie a stand-up comedian and bully while under the guise of local support for a women GOP politician. Watch as Trump thrills his sycophant audience.

Watch as one of the nation's most admired women defends Trump's bullying. Oh yes, according to Snopes dot com, a survey regarding the Most Admired somehow absorbed, Huckabee Sanders. And that speaks to the pitiful state of the United States. A person who lies for a living (and highly paid for the craft of lying) is considered by a large group of fellow Americans as Most Admired.
Now watch CNN's Anderson Cooper fact check the Huckabee's remarks and Trump's attack on Dr. Ford.
Trump will get his "get out of jail card" Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS. He will, via the confirming votes for the GOP and Democrats whoa re by name only Democrats, also have placed an alleged drunk and sexual assaulter on the Court.

But, do you think the nation cares?  We can rest assured the nation's conservatives are happy with the Kavanuagh proceedings.