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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Rick Snyder Poisons Michigan's Seventh-largest City: Your GOP

History repeats with Michigan voters failing to understand: " Forgetting one's past leads to reliving the past."

A cost saving measures to draw residential water from the Flint River instead of the more costly water systems from Lake Heron, has reminded communities of GOP governance.

The majority of Americans who follow the news or current events know that Detroit, Michigan fell into a state of bankruptcy. While tragic enough, the failed economic state led to health risks that were prologue to a much deep health catastrophe as Michigan's Republican governor followed 'spending cuts' practices endemic to all thing GOP.' 

In 2014, Michigan's Governor, Rick Snyder, appointed an unelected "emergency" manager to work towards bringing Detroit back to solvency, or to at least (hopefully) provide a level of governing stability during times of economic disaster.  Water and the supply of water in metro areas around the state have been integral to fail GOP leadership; at the peril of residence who had (or have) no power beyond an ability to turn-on and turn-off faucets. 

ECO-WATCH published a piece this week which lays GOP governance open to scrutiny. and, you thought the GOP only "leads from the gutter" At the federal level!

ECO-WATCH'S CNN Excerpt (Linked as "Flint")

 On Tuesday, residents of Flint, Michigan were invited

January 13, 2016

What is Legionnaires' disease?
What is Legionnaires' disease? 01:03
Flint, an economically depressed city of about 100,000 people, started getting its water from the Flint River about two years. It previously bought Lake Huron water through the city of Detroit. The state government made that change to cut costs.

Soon after the switch, the water started to look, smell and taste funny. People complained.

It was discovered the water had high levels of iron, from the Flint River, and contained lead from hange to cut costs.

What You Need to Know About the Flint Water Crisis

Codi Kozacek, Circle of Blue | January 13, 2016


Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is at the center of criticism over a public health crisis in Flint, where a state decision to switch the city’s water source ended with lead-contaminated water. Here, he speaks to the Michigan Municipal League in 2011. Photo credit: Michigan Municipal League / Flickr
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is at the center of criticism over a public health crisis in Flint, where a state decision to switch the city’s water source ended with lead-contaminated water. Here, he speaks to the Michigan Municipal League in 2011. Photo credit: Michigan Municipal League / Flickr

A series of public decisions, driven by misguided management practices and ideological principles that backfired, converged during the past 20 months to poison the city’s drinking water and cause one of the most severe public health threats in the U.S. The extent of the risk to Flint’s residents is not clear.

Flint’s crisis is the third time during the administration of Republican Gov. Rick Snyder that decisions about water supply and water quality at the most senior levels of state government have put state residents in harm’s way. In 2014, again as a result of the governor’s decision to appoint an emergency manager in Detroit, drinking water services were cut off for thousands of city residents said to be in arrears on their water bills. But water services for many of the city’s largest commercial water consumers, which owed the city water department millions of dollars in unpaid charges, were not halted.

The Snyder administration, according to business owners and residents in northern Michigan, has been slow to respond to the threat of a major Great Lakes oil spill from two 63-year-old pipelines that transport 540,000 barrels of oil a day across the Straits of Mackinac at the top of Lake Michigan. An environmental law group in Traverse City, For the Love of Water, has argued that other existing onshore pipelines are available to transport oil to Great Lakes refineries and that Gov. Snyder has the legal authority to shut down Line 5 and prevent what the group called an “imminent risk.”

Read more at ECO-WATCH

A key consideration: the poisoning of Flint is the reality of voter apathy and voter inclinations to forget, GOP politics is overwhelmingly that of constituent groups not of the middle class and lower income strata. The basic GOP political paradigm is governance for the nation's Top 20%, with consequential tax cuts, budget cuts, and cut costs even in the reality of loss or damaged lives.  While the Michigan Governor was not in office as Detroit economically collapsed, his Republican inclination to enact inhumane budget-cuts has lead to catastrophe for Michigan's seventh-largest city.

Let there be no mistake the poisoning of Flint is a gubernatorial indictment of Rick Snyder and GOP political policy and practice.  In December 2015, The Rachel Maddow Show ran a segment that should be viewed by anyone who feels there are responsibility for the poisoning beyond the elected GOP governor.  The segment is a bit long, but I remind of a critical credo: Information is not a 40 character-sound bite process; it takes time and contemplation. Republicans thrive of Americans who do not enact that process, and who simply walk away from soundbite rhetoric inseminated with GOP propaganda developed to enact votes.

The Rachel Maddow Show

Flint toxic water tragedy points directly to Michigan Gov. Snyder

Rachel Maddow reports on the poisoning of Flint, Michigan residents when their water supply was switched, and shows explicitly how responsibility for the tragedy falls to Governor Rick Snyder and his radical, anti-democratic policies. 
Synder's Poisoning of Flint

The recent GOP Debate included politicians, an entertainer, and a virtual nut case former doctor who if elected would make Snyder's deadly cost-cutting measures seem pale in relation to their potential for nation killing.

On January 13, The Hill reported the Paul Ryan led House voted to over-rule President Obama's "Water Rule."