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Monday, April 2, 2018

Trump Swamp: Scott Pruitt's Evolving Scandal (VIDEO)

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Yesterday we published an update on Trump's swamp. The piece included a video regarding the latest member of his cabinet to draw scrutiny for abuse of power and privilege associated while serving in the Executive Branch of the US government. Scott Pruitt's issues with traveling at exorbitant expense to taxpayers as well as his DC ($50 dollars per night) rental for the wife of a known lobbyist.

Today's visit to the Swamp

ABC and Scott Pruitt's administration privilege (AKA Swamp)

The 'swamp' has a particular disgusting fissure which seems to point to overt white privilege and its ugly cousins bigotry and racism.

Media Matters has also revisited the proliferation of Trump propaganda via Sinclair Broadcasting.  We have posted (below) a short excerpt for the piece with a couple of associated video For the full piece click this link

Media Matters
Earlier in March, CNN obtained internal documents sent to Sinclair Broadcast Group’s local TV news stations requiring them to film and air short segments decrying “biased and false news” and accusing mainstream media figures of bias. In the script obtained by CNN, Sinclair reporters focused on mainstream press, attacking unnamed "national media outlets" for publishing "fake stories." At points, the script appears to echo President Donald Trump's attacks on press with cries of "fake news." (Though the final version of the script, as NPR noted in an interview with a Sinclair executive about the promotional spots, no longer included "the word national ... coupled to the word media.") Reporters at some of the Sinclair-owned or -operated stations shared concerns with CNN’s Brian Stelter, calling the corporate-dictated segment requirements “inappropriate” and “manipulative.”

Apart from disparaging statements about non-Sinclair news outlets, the ads mostly contain trite and inoffensive statements supporting responsible, “balanced” journalism -- and that’s part of the problem. As Stelter noted, “On its face, some of the language is not controversial. But that's precisely why some staffers were so troubled by it. The promo script, they say, belies Sinclair management's actual agenda to tilt reporting to the right.” One staffer told CNN they “felt like a POW recording a message.”
 ......three examples, from stations in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Nevada:
WPEC (CBS 12) in West Palm Beach, FL
WHP (CBS 21) in Harrisburg, PA
KRXI (Fox 11) in Reno, NV
If you have read this far into this piece, you must click the link (above) to the full Media Matters article
Local News viewers, be aware of your local Sinclair New affiliate. Viewing carries a penalty of mind shaping absorption of unfiltered and nefarious Trump propaganda.

Friday, March 30, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: The Golf, The Swamp, The Wall (Video)

If I were in the White House..... (Golf)

The Lie

The Reality

The Realit Carnival Barker

The Dissolving Administration
An example of how crass and insensitive Trump lives his life and how he harbors utter disregard for people. Chris Hayes interviewed the latest victim of Trump's leadership incompetence and his total disrespect for people who make the mistake of working in his "swamp".  The firing of the VA Head.

The Daily BIG Lie

Yesterday Trump precede his Mar-A-Lago Easter Weekend vacation with a campaign-like trip to Ohio. While addressing a group of so-called Union members (and supporters) Trump ran through a veritable grapevine of rhetoric, rants and silliness which have become as common to his life as President of the United States. From rambling rants about ISIS through railing about his call to his friend Roseanne Barr's TV show (the Real Barr as an ass)  and the ratings hit associated with his visit. Of particular interest, Trump grabbed a replacement project of a southern border fence left from the Obama years and claiming the work as the start of his "beautiful" wall. The original fence reaches back to the Clinton Administration and CNN reports a chain link fence on the location dates back tot he 1920s.

Great briefing this afternoon on the start of our Southern Border WALL!

Even for the pathological liar, Trump stretches the imagination. Even more strange: the unfathomable reality of Trump's supporter's acceptance and belief of every word of his carnival barking lies.

Today's visit to the Swamp

ABC and Scott Pruitt's administration privilege (AKA Swamp)