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Friday, June 2, 2017

Trumponomics Demagogue Called Out: "You Are On The Take."

GRAYMATTER ALERT (News for Sane Americans and a Warning)

Stephen Moore

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When you see this man on your television monitor, know two things.

First, you are going to hear as focused a right wing perspective on all economic commentary, equal to the left wing social commentary you will hear and see if you watch MSNBC's evening news and commentary shows. 

Second, Moore is a rightwing economic hitman who has a wide history of hiring himself out to deliver demagoguery without caring of outcomes. Outcomes which will always come from his apparent devotion to Supply-side (Trickle-down) econ theory as well as his longing for affiliation with the Koch bros and their deep deep wallets.

We have recent history of Moore deliberately distorting facts well before the Trump Administration's newly coined "alternative facts."  It is amazing how conservatives so pollute language. Alternative facts is nothing more than what used to be called the "lie." 

Media Matters Conservative Media's Favorite Economist Caught Distorting Facts
Media Matter also reported last month on Moore stumble into what seems an admission regarding Trumponomcs.  

CNN's Stephen Moore Accidentally Confirms Trump Was Lying About

CNN today. The network hoased a panel with Moore as a call-in on camera guest.  Well, it seems one noted economist and  educator has grown frustrated with Moore's incessant hitman messages. Yes the CNN's employment of the rightwing economic demagogue is duly noted. While Moore no longer works for the Trump campaign, we feel it acceptable to anoint Moore with that honored Trump Administration title: "presstitute." 
Economist Jeff Sachs absolutely went off against President Donald Trump and the White House at large for the decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord on CNN Friday. 
“It’s just unbelievable,” Sachs said. “Every word has been a lie for the last two days.”

‘You’re On the Take!’ CNN Guest Angrily Accuses Fellow Panelist of Shilling for Koch Brothers

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